Good Warrior Names
Hello cats! This forum is for you people to tell me what you think are good warrior names and I'll leave a comment on HOW I like it, IF I like it, WHY I like it, and so on. I promise not to be harsh...No, really!
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Shandril Wielder of Spellfire
Kay you request names and I give them to you. I'll check this once a day. Hope I can help! I enjoy helping people with names, not sure why.
12/23/2007 #1
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire
I'm going to put up a few to get people started, so...Rosepaw! Just the ones I think are best are going to be put up. Rosepetal Rosethorn Rosebird Roseblossom Rosesong Rosefur That's it for good names! Now here is the worst name: Rosenose Idiotic, but possibly good for parodies.
1/4/2008 #2
Tasteless Rain
Here you go... Name;Firepaw Appearence;Ginger she-cat with green eyes and a black tipped tail. Personality;Very jumpy and happy. Likes to play pranks. But she has some moments one she can get realy serios. She gets sad and walks away when others ask about her family and things like that. Other times she just gets mad. History;She was once a BloodClan cat but she came to join ThunderClan. Some times she has very blood thirsty moments and starts fighting like crazy... Scars; One across her nose. A chiped ear.And Another across her tail. I acualy like Rosenose! Its cute!
1/9/2008 #3
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire
I like Rosenose too, but it rhymes. Kay now for Firepaw: Fireflower Firetail Firefeather Firesong (I don't know why but I like anything with Song in it.) Firepetal (...not so good.) Firepelt (again...not so good.) Fireshadow (Yah know, this might work. She does have a black tail-tip.) Firefall Firesoul I can't seem to come up with anymore, probably because I keep thinking of Fireheart. And my warrior Flamingspirit.Or my other one called Fireyfall. Speaking of which, Firefall might work.
1/11/2008 #4

Um... okay, I hope this gets answered someday...

Name: Shadowpaw

Coloring: All black except for the bottoms of her paws, which are a bright ginger. Her eyes are fiery orange.

Personality: Very smart. Also very playful and curious, loves to sneak up on her friends. A big fan of the wierd, she is friends with most of the outcasts in the clan. She loves to hear about the Warrior Code and Starclan. She sympathizes with Shadowclan a lot (not a common trait in Thunderclan). A little self-absorbed, it just doesn't occur to her how she could be wrong. She refuses to be a part of any conversation involving kittypets and has a strange aversion to glass and windows as well as rivers and clear water that resembles glass.

Clan: Thunderclan

Names I WILL NOT accept:




Shadowflower (don't know why you would pick this one, but you might.)

I only want original names, please. Thank you!

7/11/2008 #5
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire

How about : Shadowraven





I thought about these names because she seems to have a kind of flighty nature, but as I know that Shadowflight is a pretty common name, I thought up the other ones.

7/11/2008 #6

Thank you for your suggestions! I probably won't use them because I got som other ideas as well, but maybe other stories will have these. I like Shadowsky and Shadowfall. Feather is too common an ending and Shadowraven seems a bit cliched. I like them though!! Thank you!!

7/11/2008 #7

I need help!

Thunderpaw- big orange tom with white paws; kind and caring

Windpaw- black and white tom; loves to run

8/30/2008 #8

Sandystormy, how about Thunderheart and Windpelt?

8/31/2008 #9
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire

Also for alternate names,

Thunderstrike and Windstreak

8/31/2008 #10

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Toodles.

9/1/2008 #11




Appearence: Pale gray she-cat with a ginger tipped tail. She has blue eyes, and is very small.

I'm thinking of her warrior name to be Dawnwish or Dawnshine...

9/6/2008 #12












9/7/2008 #13

Personally, I have a she cat named Dawnsparkle, so I like that name.

9/7/2008 #14
Amethyst Asheryn

Sedgepaw - small, black-and-white tom with green eyes. Unerringly loyal and a little bit naive, and also a little bit on the excitable side. he's also kinda easily distracted.

Please, not Sedgeflight. *grimace*


9/7/2008 #15






9/8/2008 #16


Gender: Female

Appearance: Silver she-cat with a brown slash across her face


9/14/2008 #17
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire

Gah, sorry i'm a bit late in answering...


Brambleslash (obviously...;)

Bramblemoss (not my best)




So, those are ones that seem good.

9/14/2008 #18

Thanks for Bramblepaw! If you don't mind I have another...



Fast silver she-cat with darker stripes and long claws

9/15/2008 #19
Shandril Wielder of Spellfire

How 'bout...

Razorwind Razorclaw Razorstreak


Razor's a hard one... but I hope this helps!

9/17/2008 #20
WolfGirl Forever in Heart

k I think I have some good names....

Starsong- tabby she-cat with a silver pelt

Dawnpetal- pale ginger she-cat

Runningheart- grey tom

Wildstorm- brown tabby tom

Icenose- black and white she-cat

2/8/2009 #21
Diana MoonxGlampers

I don't think this thread is open anymore, but I wll rate these names.

Starsong- The prefix is impossible. What would happen if she became leader? Starstar?

Dawnpetal: Petal is an odd suffix, but it's not a bad name. It is original.

Runningheart: No. To over the top, and it doesn't make sense.

Wildstorm: Wildkit? Repeat that over again. Wildkit. Wildkit Wildkit. NO. -headdesk-

Icenose: Good name, but way too common now.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but that is the way I rate names.


2/8/2009 #22
WolfGirl Forever in Heart

sorry......please see if these r better

Fernclaw- brown tortoiseshell she-cat with light patchs of white

Duskclaw- light grey tom with black flecks

Mossnose- tortoishell she-cat with patchs of brown and black

2/8/2009 #23
Diana MoonxGlampers

No need to be sorry, your new. I understand.

Fernclaw- I like it. it's nice and has a good flow.

Duskclaw- I just rated a Duskclaw, it's a good name. Goes well with the description.

Mossnose- I love this name, but I may be biased since I like the prefix Moss.

These were a lot better. You are already improving!'


2/8/2009 #24

Petalheart Nightcloud Brambleclaw Lilytooth

Petalnose Nightrose Brambleberry Lilypad

Petalfrost Nightheart Bramblepelt Lilypetal

Petalstorm Nightpelt Brambledrop Lilystream

Petalsong Nightwind Brambletooth Lilynose

Petalwing Nightfur Bramblethicket Lilyheart

Petalwind Nightclaw Bramblethorn Lilythorn

Petalnight Nightsong Bramblestripe Lilyspot

Petaltail Nightshine Brambleleaf Lilytail

Petalclaw Nightblaze Bramblespike Lilystem

A Whole Collection Of Warrior Names!

2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #25
Diana MoonxGlampers

Some of these names were already in the books so if I don't rate a name, it was already in the books, and it was unacceptable.

Petalheart- Acceptable if she has a petal shaped spot near her heart, or if she is courageous in battle.

Lilytooth- Odd, and over the top.

Petalnose- Okay.

Nightrose- Pretty good. Nice flow.

Lilypad- -pad is an odd suffix, and it's pretty unoriginal.

Petalfrost- If she had blue eyes it would be acceptable.

Nightheart- Much too common.

Bramblepelt- Boring.

Lilypetal- See above.

Petalstorm- I like this name.

Brambledrop- Interesting suffix. I'll give it that.

Lilystream- I actually love this name. I've seen it before.

Petalsong- Good.

Nightwind- Common, but good.

Lilynose- Okay.

Petalwing- LOVE IT.

Nightfur- Boring.

Bramblethicket- Weird.

Lilyheart- See Petalheart. Its a nice name with a good flow.

Petalwind- Weird.

Nightclaw- Unoriginal.

Bramblethorn- Love it.

Lilythorn- The suffix and prefix sort of clash.

Petalnight- Weird.

Nightsong- Good, but common.

Bramblestripe- Weird.

Lilyspot- See Petalheart.

Petaltail- Pretty good.

Nightshine- See Lilythorn.

Brambleleaf- I like it. I've never seen this combination before.

Lilytail- Weird.

Petalclaw- Fine.

Nightblaze- Good.

Bramblespike- Same thing as Bramblethorn.

Lilystream- Weird.

If you post again please post descriptions.

2/11/2009 #26

Tigerstripes- Dark ginger tom withe yellow eyes and unsusual black stripes.

Frostspot- Black she-cat with blue eyes and a big white blotch on her back.

Dappleheart- Beautiful Tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. Known to be a rencarnation of Spottedleaf.

Blazefang-Dark ginger tom with emerald green eyes. (Also the name of one of my fav. authors here)

Icestorm- Pure white she-cat with light blue eyes.

Robinpelt- Brown tom with green eyes and white paws, tail-tip, and belly.

Echosong- Silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white paws and tail-tip.

2/12/2009 #27
Diana MoonxGlampers

Once again you used a name from the book ): have you read Firestar's quest?

Tigerstripes- This is a fine name but Tigerstripe would be better. It makes sense why he has a plural though.

Frostspot- Good name.

Dappleheart- Sounds more like the reincarnation on Dappletail -coughs-

Blazefang- Odd. Too over the top.

Icestorm- Boring, but good.

Robinpelt- Fine.

2/12/2009 #28
Terra Young

I have one: Ivywing.

2/13/2009 #29

There really shouldn't be a difference between warrior names and medicine cat names.

They all should describe the cat's personality, appearance, and skills.

2/13/2009 #30
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