Good Warrior Names
Hello cats! This forum is for you people to tell me what you think are good warrior names and I'll leave a comment on HOW I like it, IF I like it, WHY I like it, and so on. I promise not to be harsh...No, really!
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Hiems Caelum

@Endless, i have a cat that i can't think of a warrior name for. Warning a long history!

M i s c h a - Small dusky brown she-cat, green eyes. She is a former kittypet. An apprentice of ThunderClan, Thornpaw, was captured by a twoleg who hoarded cats. He quickly notices that none of these cats are well fed and they are all incrediby skinny. He meets a heavily pregnant she-cat (Mischa) that turns out to be roughly the same age as him, she is heavily pregnant and very skinny. Mischa and the apprentice grow very close and when she gives birth he vows to always be there for her no matter what. When one of the hoarders cats escapes he goes in search of the clan where Thornpaw came from. He brings help to rescue the cats in the twoleg nest. Thornpaw's sister Icepaw is one of the cats that has come to rescue them, he tells her that he has to find Mischa. Mischa is suckling her three kits when Thornpaw and Icepaw come to help her get them out. Icepaw sees Thornpaw nuzzling the she-cat affectionately and it is clear to her that he loves the kittypet. The leader of ThunderClan decides to take in all of the elders and queens because it is the middle of newleaf and the forest is rich in prey. Some of the elders decline and one of the queens decides to join a band of other toms and she-cats from the house instead. Mischa goes to live with the clan and Thornpaw tells his mother that he thinks he is in love with the she-cat and wants her to stay in the clan. Mischa's kits are all too ill and weak to survive and sadly die. The other cats from the hoarders nest decide to leave the clan and ask her if she wants to come but she declines and accepts the leaders offer to join the clan, she trains as a warrior and shows a great skill in hunting, she is very sensitive and always tries to help. When her, Thornpaw and Icepaw become warriors Thorn___ asks her to be his mate and she accepts, after she trains her first apprentice she finds out she is pregnant and moves into the nursery. She was accepted by most of the clan and all the cats treated her as if she was forest born.

Please tell me what you think of the story as i am thinking of posting it on this website. :)

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Dreams of Screams

A long history? Did you see my post on Rowan's name rating forum? XD

Mischa seems like a a very good she-cat. Dusky brown would probably leave you to name her anything along the line of Dusk-, Dust-, or Fawn-, but I really don't like this names for a she-cat. . .Maybe Oak-, Ivy- Flower-, Vine-, or Leaf-? With her name, she could be anything, because remember, they know her personality and eye color. I'd say the names I just picked out are good, espeically Vine- because it isn't really used as a prefix because of the fact cats aren't green. XD. Anyway, judging by her personality, she is like most queens and she-cats, though maybe stronger mentally and physically because of how much she's been through. I'd say that Vineflower would work, or maybe Fawnheart? Vinepool sounds good also for her strength and maturity (as I see it) as well as her strength. I really can't say much, though maybe Oakdusk or Vinedusk would work for her dusky fur? I am sort of missing some of her personality, so I can't really go off of much.

Oh, and if you want to turn this into a story, go right on ahead! It defintely gives us readers a break from those boring prophecy/power stories, and not many write about kittypets. I would defintely read this story, and so would many others. =)

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Hiems Caelum

@Endless, thank you for rating her. Maybe if I gave her long legs then Vine- would work better because i love Vineflower. Or maybe Fawnflower? Duskflower?

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Military Mechanic

Hello there, my lovely mentor. Can I get some help on some cats?

(chapter four of Six Styles) Greyrain - a light grey she-cat. She has bright green eyes and, above everything else, tries to be a loyal cat. When she was younger, she fell in love with a tom in another Clan. She loved Icepelt with all her might but, a moon before she gave birth, he left her for a cat in his own Clan. Heart-broken, she raised the kit on her own. Though difficult, she told her daughter, Frostkit, about her father....Only to be scorned and hated. Now, on in years, she is once again getting ready to kit -only this time, it is soley to provide her sick and waning Clan with more warriors. She knows that she will not survive the kitting.

Frostkit - a pure white she-cat with bright green eyes. As a young kit, she longed for her father. To know who he was, where he was, and what he looked like. After her mother told her, the day before she became an apprentice, she became a rather bitter cat. She feels that her mother is undependable and untrustworthy, mating with someone in ShadowClan. She is a rather gentle and friendly cat when it comes to the rest of her Clan, however, and is a great hunter.

(upcoming story 1)

Sunbreeze - a pale golden she-cat. She has dark gold tabby stripes and large, green eyes. She loves to run and explore and will often shirk her duties off to do so. Her Clan view her as undependable and irresponsible, though she is a loyal cat. She would never leave a Clan-mate behind. A brilliant tracker and hunter.

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Dreams of Screams

Like I told you, Vine- is a rare prefix, so Vineflower sounds like the best way to go. =)

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Hiems Caelum

Thanks for all your help! I'm gonna upload the first part of the story tomorrow. :)

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Dreams of Screams

GrayrainI love the name. You managed to slip through the loopholes of the rules and make an awesome name without having to get yelled at! =D Grey- or Gray- is a common prefix, yet still not at the whole 'Oh-my-gosh-change-it-before-my-eyes-bleed' stage yet, so you're good. It fits her fur color, which is light gray as you told me, so thanks for following that rule again. =) -rain is a suffix uncommonly used, and because it wasn't used in the books, most are uneasy when they see it. I, however, find it very unreasonable about what they thing, and will gladly allow it. Oh, wow, I love this cat. -rain fits her history better than her personality, though I must say, it fits those traits as well. She must have been quite sad when Icepelt left her, and her leader must have noticed this, and in return she was named Greyrain.


Frostkit is a very good kit with a lot of personality, I must say this. Frost- is obviously for her white fur, which follows my rule. Frostfeather and Frostwhisker come to mind because of her friendly and gentle part of her personality and her hunting skills. When it comes to her bitter part, I'd say that Frosttail, Frostfire, Frostflame, or Frostfang work well. Oooh, and Frostvine =)


*sighs* This name, if I must say so, is good, but complicating. I argue with myself on this, and any cat who was named Moon-. You see, Sun and Moon are supposed to be sacred to the clans, like stars. With this, Lawlclanners told everyone not to use it. But lately, those who have a hard time not using it, argued stating that Erin Hunter used it with Moonflower and Sunstrike. I realize this as well, and so I agree with us normal people, that it can be used. At the same time, however, I agree with the Lawlclanners in that it isn't very smart to use it because of the sacred meaning. For me, Moon- is something you never use, yet Sun- didn't come up until the third series, so you're okay to use it. Just don't name many cats after this prefix to avoid some series conflict. Anway, even though it is is a complicating prefix, it fits her looks, which is a good thing, and -breeze would go toward her love to run and explore, no? And her hunting skills as well, I see. I like this name, and you should use it. It fits her really well. =)

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Dreams of Screams

I'm back =)

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Fell's Apprentice

Hey here's one for you:


Affiliation: Shadowclan

Description: Black tom with dark green eyes, slightly longer than average claws

Personality: Terse, fairly quiet,and generally anti-social, but enjoys hanging out with his friends and is extremely loyal to them although he couldn't care less about anycat else. A fierce fighter and very militaristic. He is very observant and intelligent as well as sarcastic, morbid, and dark, although unambitious. He specializes in stealth and firmly believes in the heavy use of Stealth operations in Shadowclan warfare.

History: The story behind the "snake" suffix is that on the day of his final assessment he was bitten by an adder and very narrowly survived. He is fully healed now though and eager to prove it in a fight.

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Hiems Caelum

@Endless, I've got a few names for you:

P i n e n o s e - Black she-cat, amber eyes. Pinenose is fun to be around and enjoys cheering her clanmates up. She is the clans best hunter and tracker because of her excellent sense of smell. She is kind and warm-hearted but she is scared of being hurt which is why she is scared of choosing a mate. She is well liked among her clanmates and there is a tom in her clan that she is very close too but she just doesn't want too get hurt.

D e w b r e e z e - Silver tabby she-cat, gentle blue eyes. She is very fast making her a good hunter. She is gentle and caring but also quite shy. She is careful of who she makes friends with because she doesn't like the idea of fighting a friend which is why at Gatherings she stays with her own clanmates but she enjoys talking to queens from rival clans because she wants to know what it's like being a mother.

Oh and what personality would a cat need to receive the suffix -brook?

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Dreams of Screams

Panthersnake Herm... I love the name! =) It's really cool. Panther- isn't one often used, and some might argue that cats don't know what they are. In reality, the four original clans were TigerClan, LionClan, and LeopardClan, so you'll have to watch carefully when using this prefix. I can't say much about his suffix, since he was named not because of his personality, but because of what happened before his warrior ceremony. His slealth could go toward his name, so it would work there as well. Good name! =) I give it a 9/10.

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Dreams of Screams

PinenoseVery interesting name. Pine- is one of those names where it probably shouldn't belong in canon cats. Pine trees or pine leaves (nettles) are ususally green or light brown, so this wouldn't work for your cat. Unless I'm mistaken, which I probably am since I'm not a huge contury girl. XD -nose would go toward her hunting and tracking abilities, no? That would make since, in which case, the suffix works perfectly. I give this name an 8/10


I love the name! It's very unique. Dew- fits her fur color perfectly, even her eye color, no matter if it isn't supposed to. XD -breeze would be because of her speed, and shyness. I like the name, and I give it a 10/10

I picture -brook as the kind and gentle, though also mature and intelligent. Probably long and sleek and probably in RiverClan. Respected and looked up to, as well as very motherly.

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Hiems Caelum

@ Endless, thank you for rating my names.

Pinenose - Yeah I know Pine- should be for light brown/reddish-brown cats but I just thought I'd be different.

Dewbreeze - I'm glad you like it. I know her eye colour shouldn't be there but I prefer to go off the Erin's guide where any coat colour can have blue eyes.

-brook, thank you I love it as a suffix but I didn't know what personality fit the name. I have a few prefixes for the name but I don't think they sound right.

Goldenbrook, Silverbrook, Morningbrook, Mistybrook. - which do you think is best.

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Dreams of Screams

Goldenbrook and Morningbrook are such good names. They sound so nice! =)

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Hiems Caelum

Thank you, I like them Morningbrook the best. Thanks for all your help! :)

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Please give names _____-tiny gray Tom with bright green eyes Dovekit-long haired pale gray she cat with white paws chest muzzle ear tips and tail tip. Icy blue eyes. She is quiet and patient and distant from the crowd. Please don't use -frost, -flower or -cloud
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Hi, Endless. :)

I don't know if you could do this, but could you help out with rogue names? I have a story planned where a Clan is basically made of mostly rogues and kittypets. Their warrior names are entirely planned, but I'm really uncreative for coming up with their past names. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then could you rate them?

F l i n t h e a r t - former rogue. A dark gray and black tom with green eyes. Flintheart was one of the most determined cats in his new Clan and he was always striving to improve his and others lives. He is a rather strong hunter and fighter, leading him to be highly respected in his Clan. Although he was not the chosen deputy, he does not hold a grudge and just enjoys being a part of the group. (I was thinking of just naming him Flint, but that's rather uncreative)

R o w a n s t r i k e - former rogue. A dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. One of the more fierce she-cats in the Clan, Rowanstrike has sharp claws and a tongue to match. She never backs down from a good challenge and is always first to leap into battle. She sometimes doesn't think before she leaps and gets injured for it, but she never regrets her decisions. (Again, I was thinking of Rowan, but that's my name and being uncreative sucks. xD)

D u s k c l o u d - former kittypet. A russet coloured she-cat with bright green eyes. Duskcloud can be rather quiet and shy, although was firm in her decision when she decided to join the Clan along with her three kits. She would die to protect them, although prefers to stay away from the fighting. When she does talk, she's sweet as can be and makes friends quite easily.

F r o z e n w h i s k e r - former rogue. A sleek white and pale gray tom with blue eyes. Although rather cold at first, hinting at his name, Frozenwhisker has definitely warmed up to his new Clan, especially when they accepted his kittypet mate, now Duskcloud. He is, for his suffix, an excellent hunter and extremely sarcastic as well.

M o r n i n g b i r d - former rogue. A skinny cream she-cat with golden eyes. She is swift, as she has long legs, though isn't quite comfortable around so many cats quite yet. She is very intelligent and always has sensible ideas to contribute, no matter what the situation. Morningbird is always underestimated for her lean appearance, yet packs quite a mean punch.

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Dreams of Screams

I'd love to come up with rogue names! =)


I love the name! =) For his rogue name, I'd suggest Nox (latin noun for night) for his dark gray and black fur. Ilex {E-lix} (latin word for holly bush) for his green his and dark fur. Maybe even Leal for his loyalty. =) I know, I know. I'm basically just taking names from a translator. However, I can get some cool names there like Jactur, Matar, and Ira. Plus if you don't like the name just play around with it. =)


I love the warrior name! =) For her rogue name, I came up with Veara {V-ea-ra} (original name: Serba, meaning rowan). Secra {sec-ra} (original name: Screo, meaning hawk). I can't come up with much else, because her mother obviously gave her this name so it must go off of her looks, but I like the names I came up with. =)


I love the name! =) Kittypets are different since us silly human named them. XD So how about Crimson (again, we're silly humans, we don't realize personalities), Chip, May (or Mae), or maybe even Rose? There's also Annie, Beauty, Katniss, Belle, Brownie, Cocoa. I could go on an on. It might actually depend on what type of owners she originally has. If she had a family with lots of kits, her name probably woudl be Brownie, Chip, May, or Coco(a) because kids just think of names like that. If her owners were old people, however, Rose, Mae, Beauty, Belle, and Annie come to mind. Just saying. =)


Hmm, I would suggest (Velar: spanish word meaning fog/mist), or Nix (meaning snow in latin). I'm drawing a blank on what else to name him, though both of those names sounds good. =)


I love the warrior name! =D Serpent would be a good one if she came from a harsh lifestyle or she's just solitary. Though she's not very MEAN, so I guess the name wouldn't boe so good. . .I think Rosa would be good, because there are many cream roses. Also, Melle, which is honey in latin, I think. =)

Well, sorry for the very unuseful names. =( But if you want me rate the warrior names I will. =)

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That was actually really helpful. I'll probably end up using most of the names you came up with!

Thank you so much! :D

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Military Mechanic

Thanks for the advice earlier! I'm currently writing a one-shot for the challenge about defining what being a warrior means. Think you can tell me what you think of the names?

Silvercloud - a sleek, light silver she-cat. Her chest, throat, underbelly, and forelegs/paws are white, as is the tip of her tail. She has dark blue eyes. Her kit means more to her then anything, and she is forever proud of her. The other three kits of her only litter were either still-born or died of green-cough. She is a gentle thing though, when put to the test, can get a tongue as sharp as her claws.

Stormhowl - a large, well-muscled dark grey tom. He has rather shaggy fur, especially on his chest and the backs of his hindlegs. Dark green eyes. There is nothing more important to him then loyalty, both to the Clan and the leader. He is also very loving towards his apprentice. A fierce fighter and someone who is not afraid of speaking out in defence of cats he deems innocent. He risked death by WindClan leader when his own leader, Troutstar of RiverClan, was accused of killing a WindClan kit. He defended Troutstar, guarding him constantly until the other tom was proven innocent.

Fireleap - a heavily scarred ginger tom. His left hindleg is twisted and cannot move right though, out of respect and pity, he is still allowed to be a warrior. When he was younger, he was one of the quickest cats living in the forest. Then, one day, he was captured by a group of rogues bent on driving RiverClan away from their camp. He believes bravery is everything and refused to answer questions - maw closed until his Clanmates found him.

Leafpatch - a white and light brown she-cat. The brown splotches are now riddled through with grey, as she is an older thing. She enjoys gossiping with the kits and apprentices who come to help take care of her. She is a former queen herself and misses being in the nursury.

Gingerleaf - a lithe, pale golden she-cat. She has dark green eyes and no other distinguishable features, save for her heart. She is very level-headed and calm, though her heart often leads her astray. As a kit, she longed to be a medicine cat but there were no openings in her Clan. Forced into the life of a warrior, she struggled with fighting other cats. Hunting was her strong suit - and on one hunting patrol, she found a mange coated she-cat half-dead on her territory. So she brought her back to the camp, insisted she be taken care of, and took charge of Frost's hunting-share; as the former rouge is unable to do so herself.

Willowkit (i need a warrior name!) - a pale silver she-cat. She has white dapples across her flanks and large, green eyes. She is the only living kit of her litter. Even as a kit, she longs to be a great warrior. She wants to make her mother, her idol, proud. So, over the course of her life, she does everything she can to achieve that. And, like her mother always told her, she does so by listening to her heart. Fighting is her strong suit, though lacks the ability to think her battle strategies through. She is rash - if she believes something is the right thing, she will stand by it no matter what.

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Hiems Caelum

@ Endless, these are my cats. Can you give them warrior names please, can I have a few suggestions please.

S u k i - Long-legged light brown tabby she-cat, amber eyes that are darker towards the centre. Her pelt is light brown with tabby markings (spots and stripes). Her underbelly is a dark cream colour with brown spots.

Suki is very loving and enjoys being outside, she is adventurous and has a very elegant frame. She is fast and very good at hunting, she is going to have kits in the future (I'd like a queen name for her please).

C a s s i e - Small black-and-white she-cat, huge amber eyes.

Cassie is very very nervous, when someone knocks the door she hides for about an hour. She is very affectionate to those she knows but to strangers she keeps her distance.


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Hiems Caelum

@ Endless, I have some queens that I would like you to rate please.

Cherrydawn - Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Cherrydawn hates fighting and doesn't like taking part in battles, she is good at hunting but her true love is mothering kits. She has had two litters of kits and she is still only young. Whenever she isn't nursing kits she will leave them with other queens and hunt for the clan. When she has no kits she will stay in the nursery with the other queens but takes part in patrols. When she decided to be a full time queen she knew she would not give up all her warrior duties. She enjoys hunting and patrolling so when she can she will always get involved. She doesn't want to just be another mouth to feed either or a lazy cat. The clan admire her for having both the responsibilities of a queen and a warrior. (Basically she is nothing like Ferncloud or Daisy).

Morningbrook - Long-legged beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with round green eyes.

Morningbrook is gentle, caring, and warm-hearted. She is very intelligent and picks up on things quickly. She is well liked among all the clans because of her personality and she is currently expecting her first litter of kits. She is a good hunter and likes nothing more than feeding her clan. She is okay at fighting but it isn't her strong point. The leader approached her on becoming deputy but she denied saying although it was an honour she believed she still had a lot to prove to her clan-mates. She is a good mother and very proud of her kits, her mother is always bragging about her abilities which annoys her because she wants to earn their attention. She is gentle with her clanmates but can cause a painful battle wound.

Snowpetal - Very beautiful blind white she-cat.

When she was a newly made warrior she was caught out in a storm while hunting near Snakerocks (she's in ThunderClan). A snake spat its venom into her eyes and although the medicine cat tried, she was unable to save her sight. She didn't want to become and elder and be useless so she decided to become a full time queen. The cat who had loved her since they were apprentice's supported her through out the whole drama and they became mates. She decided that she would become a queen so she was producing warriors for the clan and helping in her own way. She is an excellent mother and loves being around her kits. She has to ask the medicine cat what colour they are which can sometimes upset her but she always powers through and doesn't let her blindness bring her down. Her mate loves her deeply and visits her whenever he has free time. Whenever she goes to gatherings her mate or the other queens guide her around, she is well liked among all the clans because she is strong even after her accident and has kept her good sense of humour, when she has kits the other queens each help her keep track of where they are so she doesn't worry. She sometimes gets bad dreams about her attack but she pushes them away.

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Dreams of Screams

O.O Sorry guys! I haven't been checking often because I didn't think there were that many cats! Sorry!


I love the name! It's very uncommon, because of it's prefix, which is good for you. =) Her silver fur represents the Silver-, which is sadly underused because of the stupid Lawlclanners that destroyed it. My thinking is, wasn't a main character called Silverstream? So, yeah. =) I allow it. Anyway, cloud would go toward her white chest, throat, and under belly, as well as her forlegs and paws (and the tip of her tail). I also see this prefix used for her gentlness and yet she is still sharp and able to talk back. =) I give this name a 9/10! =)


It's a very uncommon name, so of course, as always, I love it! =) Storm- is over used, I must say this, but with every prefix, there are a lot of suffixes which cane make the overused prefix interesting. You followed my rule by making him a dark gray tom, and I think also it fits his shaggy fur. -howl isn't often used because it wasn't used in the books I don't think, however, because cats most know what 'howls' are, I think that it words. Espeically your cat, what with his loyalty as well as his call for the inncent. Even though it is a dangerous trait, I love it on this cat, which makes me even happier to give your name and cat a 10/10! =)


VERY uncommon name due to the fact not a lot of people use the prefix as a simble of their love for the main character in the book (which I think is stupid) as well as the fact that -leap was just only introduced in the last few books. With this mind, I continue on saying that Fire- is a very good name for him, though I expected this tom to be a she-cat honestly. Now that I look into it, I can see it, but at first glance that's what I expected. =) Anyway, -leap would go toward his once quick body and his determined attitude. I would belive his personality would have once been that of a very hyper kit, no? Or maybe even one with lots of potential? I give this name a 10/10! =)


You are on fire today! (or whenever you posted this .. XD) I love this name and matching these two names together makes it unique and rare! =D Leaf- is one that was not often used during the earlier years of the fandom because it was most commonly used as a suffix in the books. However, that has changed, and though it isn't used often, it isn't rare either. I'd say that the light brown in her coat would represent leaf, like in leaf-fall time where they are orange or brown. =) -patch would represent that the leaf color is only in patches, and because of the lack of use for this suffix, I can't say much more about it. =( But I will still give this name a 10/10


Common name, but not overly used. Anyway, Ginger- would represent her golden fur, which makes me happy because I just do that when people take the time to follow the rule of nature. =) Anyway, -leaf would go toward her green eyes, as well as her level-headed calmness which brings on her maturity. I'd say that this name fits her perfectly and I absoltely love this cat! =) 9/10


Yay! I love Willow-! =) Well, being a pale silver, you followed my rule, and you know what? I don't even have to think of this name. Willowflame or Willowfire would suit her just fine for her rash personality yet will to fight. =)

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Fell's Apprentice

Thanks! Panthersnake is actually my warrior name. ( I'm interested in working with venomous snakes for a hobby/career, so I figure that I'm gonna get bit eventually and I made the cat's history match it.)

6/29/2012 #84
Crooked Souls
What about Sunshadow- a Ginger she cat with blue eyes and a white forepaw. She was born right as the sun started to come up. She is quiet at times, but when around friends is hyper and energetic. She is sometimes kind of dark, but in a joking way. She is loyal and kind to those she cares about and very rude and almost cruel to those she dislikes. She is excelemt at stalking, staying silent and hidden, and can walk right behind you without you even knowing, like your shadow. She is the mate of Leaffang, who she used to hate with a passion. She doesn't have or want kits. Or Leaffang- golden Tom with blue eyes. He is the color of a birch leaf in autumn, the season he was born in. He was born at the same time as his mate, Sunshadow, whom he always loved but always hated him. He is funny, loyal, caring, a bit naive, and an excellent fighter, feared by all the clans. (he is based on Legolas, hince the "leaf" part of the name.)
6/29/2012 #85
Dreams of Screams

Hmmm. . .I think the name is perfect so long as it works for you. I mean, Sun- isn't used often, and I prefure Morning- or Light- becuase it keeps Lawlclanners away from my story, but other than that it's great! Sun and Shadow really relate the unique personality she as as well as her fur color, which has followed the rules.

6/29/2012 #86
Hiems Caelum

@ Endless, I know I've put a lot of names up recently but I'm devising a fanfic that I want to be perfect and I want all the characters to be amazing.

Redhawk - Dark ginger tabby tom, green eyes.

Redhawk is very strong and incredibly loyal. He is one of the clans best fighters and will do anything to defend them, he is fiercely protective of his mate and he is extremely proud of his kits, he is bold in battle and jumps straight in at his leaders command. He will not break the warrior code and if any cat challenges his leader he goes straight to her side.


6/30/2012 #87
Dreams of Screams

For Suki (love the name, by the way), I'd say that Tree-, Pine-, Nettle-, Vole- or, because she'll have her eyes open, Fire-, or Flame-. Maybe even Sand-? With her underbelly, I'd say that -spot -leaf, -snow, -flame, -fire, -spark, -whisker, -nose. So you can play around with those suggestions, though I personally like Nettlespark/flame/fire. This would be warrior though (sorry, just noticed the queen part XD) I think Sandspot, Sandsnow, and Sandwhisker would be nice if you needed to be queen name. =)

For Cassie (I love this name too. =)) Night-, Snow-, Shade-, Flame-, Fire-, would work, and or the suffix. . . -night, -whisper, -shadow (if she's not from the original four clans), -shade, -fire, -flame. I think Nightwhisper, Snowshade, Shadefire, or Firenight work for this. =)

I love this names, and I think they're going to go far! =)

6/30/2012 #88
Dreams of Screams

CherrydawnInteresting name, I must say, and I have certainly never seen it before. Cherry- is something not often used, and I honestly don't like it much because cherries imply red or pink, and cats can't be that color. However, that's just my prefrence, and since it's used in the books, you're free to use it. And since it's a ginger she-cat, I don't mind. =) Hmm. . .as for her suffix, I'd say that's pretty much prefect since my other suggestions are very overly used. In this case, -dawn would represent being so bright at such a young age, as well as being a strong warrior along with her kits. It's a perfect unique name that I think will attract a lot of attention.


Not very common and a bit uncommon, but I think I've seen it before. . .whatever. I really like it when people use Morning- because those stupid Lawlclanners say that it's not right even though it clearly states in the earlier books that it is. Anyway, for this tortoiseshell, it would work if she had black/gray and/or ginger/brown within her coat. That's all I care about, becaue it's my rule. I think you basically discribed the cat best suited for -brook to. Intelligent, but gentle, and also strong and honorable. I have nothing more to say, because the name is just so perfect for this cat. 11/10! =)


I love your names! They're so unique! Snow- is used so many ways now it's hard to tell whether it's uncommon or not, but either way, with this suffix it's unique. Anyway, Snow- is good for her white fur, and it followed my rule. -petal is very good for her, becaue it is a queen name and it's like representing the fact that yes, she did fall, but she is still beautiful, and she will always brighten up everyones mood as well as make kits for her clan. It's perfect! =) 10/10.

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Dreams of Screams

Okay, this cat, I must say, is awesome. At least his name. Red- would before his dark ginger tabby pelt, which works and follows the rule of nature, and -hawk would be because of his loyalty, strength, boldness, and basically his deputy personality. For his, hawk works, and with the green eyes, I'd give this name a 10/10! =)

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