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Previously 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire', this completely different forum is ready to welcome many more people into it's midst! We have many fun and mostly original games, friendly returning members who are more than happy to help, chat sections and a Role-play in the planning phase. How could you not resist this amazing forum? Come and check us out and you might just find something you like, and if you don't you can suggest improvements to make our forum just the way you imagined it. Come and check us out!
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7/26/2015 . Edited 1/2/2016 #1

What do you all think of the name 'Wings of Fire- Tribes United'- Submitted by Dreadflyer

1/9/2016 #2

Nice. Good name.

1/10/2016 #3

Thanks Random. I think that I will make it that. It also leaves a fair bit of room for what the Role play could be about.

I'm thinking a new threat from another world and the tribes unite to fight against it? What do you think? Thanks for the name Dread

1/10/2016 #4

sounds good! the threat from another world... aliens? or, say a more advaanced version of dragons? more advanced scavengers? Just throwing ideas around. :)

1/11/2016 . Edited 1/11/2016 #5

Also, could we do a story game? as in, person 1 writes 1-10 words of a story, person 2 continues that with another 1-10 words and so on?

1/11/2016 #6

Firstly, I was thinking New advanced group of dragons would have be cool. Secondly, would have to make the rules really clear. Instead of word limit, how about a sentence, and it has to be about dragons?

1/11/2016 #7

Finished the Invite PM!

Hi there (Insert profile name),

Are you looking for a place where you can chat to fellow Wings of Fire fans? Well look no further, 'Tribes United- Wings of Fire' is the perfect place to do so! Previously known as 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire' we have recently been rebooted, we are now a completely different forum!

With the re-boot we have begun planning a shiny new role-play which is nothing like you have seen before! Completely unique to our forum, it will be starting as soon as we get enough members.

Speaking of our members, we are few in numbers but we are all super friendly and ready to help out newbies with all aspects of the FanFiction community. As well as showing older members around our shiny new forum.

We currently have three games and are planning to add many more in the coming months. Our games are mostly original and unique creations of our member's crazy imaginations.

If Roleplaying and games aren't your thing, then there are a few dedicated chat threads where you can just chat about anything as well as a thread dedicated to talk about the wonderful Wings of Fire series.

If none of this appeals to you, there is a Suggestion thread where you can suggest more topic threads to make the forum more appealing to you.

If this has persuaded you to join our forum then please follow this link, read the rules and join! If not than please continue to enjoy your fabulous day, and I apologise if the PM disrupted your day. I also apologize if you have received this message before, as my members and I are unsure of who we have PMed before.

- Tiger

Just remember to add the link here: to the word 'link' as done above. Also, yours won't say Tiger...

1/11/2016 . Edited 1/11/2016 #8

Nice PM.

Yeah. the rules would have to be pretty tight to keep it a) age appropraite to 10 year olds, as you said in the rules, and b) to keep it from being mostly written by one person. The 1 sentance per person is a good idea to solve that. :)

1/12/2016 #9

Well, if you can come up with a name for it, I'll happily add it. It could be fun.

1/12/2016 #10

Random: What if every 50 posts the story ends and a new one begins? General rules, no double posting. Do you think we would need any others?

1/15/2016 #11

Sounds about right to me. I think that would be all we would need. DOn't have any ideas for a name, though.

1/17/2016 #12

Neither, I'll keep thinking though

1/19/2016 #13

I posted the new game Random! It's going to be great fun once we really get into the swing of things! Also, I have noticed that we probably have a few more female members joining than male, do you think that the forum appeals more to a specific gender? If so, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP.

1/20/2016 #14

The forum seems pretty balanced right now, although only nine members.

1/20/2016 #15

I know, I just often notice that sometimes girls seem to be joining mire and as I am a girl I wanted to check that you guys thought the forum was equally appealing to both genders.

1/20/2016 #16

Also, what do you guys think of a Monthly writing contest with prizes?

1/20/2016 #17

1) The game looks great!

2) Seems pretty appealing to me. Just chance that there's more female members, in my opinion.

3) A writing contest sounds good! What would the prizes be?

1/21/2016 #18

I was thinking a) deciding the next topic for the contest and b) an extra RP character?

1/21/2016 #19

Sounds good! :)

1/22/2016 #20

Do you think there are any other good prizes?

1/22/2016 #21

RP planning needs to be finalized as we now have enough members to actually start.

1/28/2016 #22


1/30/2016 #23

So what did we have so far?

1/30/2016 #24

I think we had all the dragon tribes uniting to fight off a new group of more advanced dragons. I guess that we would have to work out where exactly these dragons come from and why they are more advanced. :)

2/1/2016 #25

That's good Random.

3 other things:

1. Do you think we should bring back the ranting thread?

2. What about a thread where we just talk about songs?

3. The poll!!!!!

2/15/2016 #26

1: Yes, that would be great. The ranting thread was good. :)

2: I wouldn't use it, personally, as songs generally don't interest me, but it's a good idea. Most people on the forum have posted in the sing song game thread, so I think it would be popular.

3: How many people have voted?

2/17/2016 #27

Last I checked, Skyfire...

2/18/2016 #28
Spark The Rain-Nightwing

Sorry I'm so late, but, where did the poll go? What section is it in? I kind of lost it...

2/18/2016 #29
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