Wings of Fire- Tribes United
Previously 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire', this completely different forum is ready to welcome many more people into it's midst! We have many fun and mostly original games, friendly returning members who are more than happy to help, chat sections and a Role-play in the planning phase. How could you not resist this amazing forum? Come and check us out and you might just find something you like, and if you don't you can suggest improvements to make our forum just the way you imagined it. Come and check us out!
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1. No swearing, this includes c**p as well, if you are caught swearing you will be given a warning, if you get to three you will be temporarily suspended

2. Try to keep any disagreements to a minimum

3. Try to keep posts suitable for 10 year olds, maturity level wise

4. This is for Wings of Fire posts, there will be a chat section which is were you can chat about anything

5. Respect myself and the moderator/s

6. Please try to use correct grammar, and please no abbreviations.

7. The mods and admins decisions are final, if you argue with them a warning will be given.

Our Policy

If you are not active for a week, you will be sent a PM by myself or future moderators. If NO POST is made after another week (No forum activity for 2 weeks)

You will be removed from the members list. To re-join the forum, you will have to PM myself or a mod (if it has only been a short time) or completely re-join as a new member (If it has been over two months of no forum activity).

This policy only applies if you have not told us prior to your absence.

Thanks everyone, if you break the rules often you will be suspended, but I don't think the rules are that hard to follow :) PM me if you think anyone is disobeying the rules, but please don't be someone who tells on every tiny mistake someone makes, we're all human.

Please post I agree or something like that before posting elsewhere, These are general rules, there will be a separate section for the role play rules when we begin role playing.

After agreeing to these Rules, please proceed to the Welcome thread to introduce yourself properly.

1/2/2016 . Edited 4/3/2016 #1

I agree

1/2/2016 #2

I agree too!

1/6/2016 #3


1/9/2016 #4


1/12/2016 #5

i agree :)

1/13/2016 #6

I agree.

1/20/2016 #7
Skyfire Daydream

Agreed! You all seem really organized... cool!

1/20/2016 #8
Spark The Rain-Nightwing

Not all of us are human ;)

I agree

-- Spark

1/20/2016 #9

I agree.

1/27/2016 #10

I agree. I hope this forum can spring back to life. :)

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