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Series Discussion

We all love Wings of Fire, right? So what was you're favorite book? Who is your favorite character? Which characters don't you like? Did you find any plot holes? This can all be discussed here, just remember that everyone is entitled to there own opinions so don't be offended if someones least favorite character happens to be your favorite. There may be spoilers in this thread depending here in the series you are.


General Rules apply here, especially the one regarding dissagreements

1/2/2016 . Edited 2/6/2016 #1
Skyfire Daydream

My favorite Wings of Fire book is probably Moon Rising. Possibly The Brightest Night....

1/21/2016 #2

I need to re-read them after I finish the new one. I liked Winter's book (Which I unfortunately can't remember the name of)

1/21/2016 #3

The one you thinking of Tiger is Winter Coming.

1/21/2016 #4

Winter turning, actually. :)

1/22/2016 #5

Thanks, that is it. I really like Winter, he seems pretty cool. I may even have a little bit of a fangirl crush on him.

1/22/2016 #6

I liked The Hidden Kingdom the most. I LOVED all the GloryBringer in it and i think Glory is just plain awesome.

1/23/2016 #7

I do like Glory, as well as glorbringer.

1/23/2016 #8
Spark The Rain-Nightwing

GloryBringer is one of the best. I personally quite enjoy SunnyFlight.

1/25/2016 #9

What do you guys think of Winterwatcher. That's my second favorite after Glorybringer, and Winterwatcher is closely followed by Cleril.

1/25/2016 #10

Glorybringer certainly has had the most devvelopment in the books. Though I like Ripnami, myself.

1/30/2016 #11

I like Ripnami as well, I thought it worked quite well in the books. And I agree, Glorybring definatly got the most development in the books, I hope Tui continues developing Glorybringer.

1/30/2016 #12

Yeah, that would be nice. Seeing the dragonets of destiny ships in the background of the new series would be really good.

2/1/2016 #13

yeah, we can see everything unfold in time, and as it should, unlike a lot of authors who need to make their ship happen withing a book or two. It always annoys me when the relationships are rushed.

2/5/2016 #14

Yeah, Nice to see you again Max

2/5/2016 #15

Was it suprising to anyone else that Sunny was part Nighwing and part Sandwing because I didn't really see that coming.

2/6/2016 #16

I sort of began thinking that she might be a hybrid but I certainly didn't think Nightwing. I have sort of started the next book but I haven't gotten right into it yet, I really hope that there is some good Cleril action.

2/6/2016 . Edited 2/6/2016 #17
At first I was thinking that Sunny might have been roalty like how Suinamy was a daughter of Queen Coral, and how Glory was a descendant of Queen Grandeur.
2/7/2016 #18

anyone not have escaping peril yet? I really hate spoiling and spoilers.

2/10/2016 #19
Spark The Rain-Nightwing

I do not own a copy of escaping peril yet...

I'm sorry!

2/11/2016 #20

I have it but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

2/11/2016 #21

its OK.

2/12/2016 #22

Haven't read got it yet, either. :(

2/15/2016 #23

I just finished reading it and I'm now waiting on the next winglets book.

2/22/2016 #24

Congrats Dread :)

2/23/2016 #25

Indeed. What does everyone think of the new Darkstalker book announcement?

2/26/2016 #26

I READ ESACPING PERIL (so good and funny the relationship between clay and peril is ADORABLE XD)

therefore, mah favorite book is escaping peril WHY OH WHY DID IT END ON SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!!!!

my favorited character is either Glory or Peril. Maybe Moon.

r u guys fore MoonxQuibli or MoonxWinter????? I am personally the first one, but Moon and Winter are SO CUTE TOGETHER AS WELL ARGGHHH

3/4/2016 . Edited 3/4/2016 #27

I'm for Moon and Winter.

3/8/2016 #28
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