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Previously 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire', this completely different forum is ready to welcome many more people into it's midst! We have many fun and mostly original games, friendly returning members who are more than happy to help, chat sections and a Role-play in the planning phase. How could you not resist this amazing forum? Come and check us out and you might just find something you like, and if you don't you can suggest improvements to make our forum just the way you imagined it. Come and check us out!
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Is something not quite the way you imagined it? Well you can make a suggestion here so myself and the mods can try to make the forum just perfect for everyone. You can suggest anything from discussion topics to new games or Role-play ideas, just follow a few simple rules.


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1/10/2016 #1
Skyfire Daydream

Names we really like?

1/27/2016 #2

Can you please elaborate?

1/27/2016 #3
Skyfire Daydream

I mean if you were dragon in Wings of Fire... kind of like a challenge to create yourself as your own character and write a story about your profile character.

1/29/2016 #4

I see, sorta like your role play character? I have been thinking of introducing writing challenges, I'm just trying to figure out prizes.

1/30/2016 #5
Skyfire Daydream

Yeah. Something like that.

1/31/2016 #6

A Call to Arms

The forum is dying. Once great, its towers have fallen and now lie, rusting on the cracked pavement. It is a desolate place, deviod of life and hope, the loud , joy-filled sreams of children and adults alike now silent. The only sound heard now is the whistleing of the wind along the cobbles. Empty apartments lie abandoned, glass buildings broken, and ivory towers smashed. It is a place without movement. Not even the animals dare come here. Posts lie unanswered, threads unfinished. Time moves on, and slowly, surely, the buildings decompose. A hollow shell of its fomer glory, the place is now a soulless, lifeless ruin.

But all is not lost. Somewhere, there is a spark. And this spark grows; it evolves into a flame. A fire. A furnace. The glass cracks, the shrivelled plants ignite, the stones blacken under the heat. But this is good. For, sometimes, you need to burn eveything to move on. Some things have to be erased, destroyed before new life can blossom. And, blossom it does. New members, new grass, the place feels alive again. Animals graze peacefully amongst the wreck of the dwellings.

But the place is still dead. The hint of life is there, but no humans yet. It has yet to grow to such heights. And it must. For, if this forum is to survive, there must be people, farmers, buisnessmen, craftsmen and women.

The forum may be dead, but new life springs in its place. From the ashes of civilisation, a new world order will rise. And for order, there must be people.

Do not let the forum die.

Do not abandon your homes.

Don't forget to water the plants.


2/10/2016 . Edited 2/10/2016 #7

Sorry, been so busy with school and I almost never get on FFN anymore. I need a mod so everyone needs to vote.

2/11/2016 #8
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