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Finally! A game that is fun, but will also challenge your writing skills! Simple concept, everyone writes one sentence of a a 50 post story. Each new story beginning with: Once there was (story topic) and this is this is how the story of (it, their etc.) goes...

I would love to credit randomfan86 (Random) for this brilliant game idea :)


Person 1: Once there was a Skywing, and this is how their story goes...

Person 2: They lived a long time ago, before even Queen Oasis' reign.

Person 3: The Skywing, Crimson, lived in a dark cave on the outskirts of the Skywing territory.

Then the story continues for another 47 posts where it ends and a new story begins


  • General Rules as always
  • Post must be appropriate
  • Story MUST be related to Wings of Fire
  • Every 50 posts, the story will reset
  • No double posting

Happy story telling! :)

Beginning line is: Once there was a scavenger, and this is how their story goes...

1/19/2016 . Edited 1/20/2016 #1
Skyfire Daydream

She lived in the age most people would call the Dragon Age.

1/20/2016 #2

It was called 'The dragon age' because giant, ferocious dragons ruled the land.

1/20/2016 #3

Seven types of dragon where known to exist.

1/20/2016 #4

The scavenger lived in the rainforest with camouflaging dragons, they never tried to eat her and treated er as a pet even.

1/20/2016 #5
Skyfire Daydream

The scavenger's name was Skyra.

1/20/2016 #6

Skyra had a special ability, she could understand the dragons.

1/20/2016 #7

This was unnusual, as most scavengers could only communicate between themselves, and not with dragons.

1/21/2016 #8
Skyfire Daydream

One day, she met one of the water dragons when she was down by the beach. The water dragon's name was Shell.

1/21/2016 #9

Skyra hid behind a rock, unsure if this dragon would try to eat her or not.

1/21/2016 #10

"I know you're there!" The dragon bellowed.

1/22/2016 #11

"P-please don't hurt me," stuttered Skyra.

1/22/2016 #12

Shell wandered to where she heard the small creature's voice, curiosity peaked since the scavenger had replied.

1/23/2016 #13

"How can I understand you?" Shell asked, sounding a little frightened of the small creature.

1/23/2016 #14
Skyfire Daydream

"Hey, I've been trying to figure that out for years." Skyra replied. "Are you going to eat me or are we friends?"

1/27/2016 #15

Shell gave a sniff, "I guess we can be friends," she said, still sounding cautious of the scavenger.

1/27/2016 #16
Skyfire Daydream

"Well then," said Skyra. "Can I get to meet some of your friends?" She'll thought for a moment.

1/28/2016 #17

"Hmmmmm..." Shell mused, "It might not be the best idea...but if you really want to... I suppose you can..."

1/30/2016 #18

Skyra was quite exited, she had never met the water dragons, only the rainforest dragons that were nice and only ate fruit.

1/30/2016 #19

"Alright!" she said, then asked, "Uh... wait... won't they be underwater? How will we get there?"

2/1/2016 #20

The sea dragon laughed and replied "we don't always hang in the water."

3/4/2016 #21

"What do you mean," asked Skyra "don't you live down there?"

3/8/2016 #22

"Well, we do. However, while we can communicate underwater, it's not half as easy as above ground."

3/18/2016 #23
Spark The Rain-Nightwing

"How do you communicate under the water? ". Skyra asked

8/15/2016 #24
Shell pointed a claw towards the patterns on her wings.
2/17/2019 #25
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