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Yes, friends! The FIRST forum in our lovely fandom! Now, us fans can talk about anything! MonicaKai fluff! Why Yukino needs medical help! Requests for certain pairings! ANYTHING! Enjoy.
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One Who Rides On The Wind
So, what pairings do YOU think can/will/shan't ever happen? Provide evidence if you're bothered, and if it's a crack pairing let's hear it anyway!! :O Also; icthing that your pairing may never appear in fanfiction? That they'll never see the light of day? Post your reasons why, and we might even grant you almost impossible wish for you. ;D --- Here's my favourite pairings: (Het) Kai x Monica Kazuma x Tsukino (It's not that great, but whatever.) Ryou x Sophie (it's okay I guess...) (Shounen-ai) Ryou x Kazuma (glompage FTW!!!) Kirisaki x Kanmuri (
6/21/2006 #1
Agh! I don't get an alert when someone adds a topic? Evil Administrators...!-shakes fist at them- Anywoo...Pairings? KanmuKirisaki! Heh, I just thought of it when I was watching the ending episode...wrote a drabble about it, but I never posted it.O,o It's just that I find Silvian perfection in itself, and Kanmu-chan is just so cute with him...^w^ Ahahaha, I'm acting like an idiot again...X3 Another is, obviously, MoniKai; it's the only canonical pairing in the entire show, and I crack up every time she says "Samurai Boy" in the Filipino dub. Next would be KazuTsuki, because the two of them are innocence personified. At least, to me.O,o Then...KuroyanKanmu! People like this, but I haven't found one that actually struck me as 'good'. Well, they were good, but not great. KanmuTaku! The name's just so cute, see...and I don't think anyone's mention Taku-pii in a story yet. 'Cept me. But that's beside the point. We can request for stories? -pokes you- Write me KanmuKirisaki. Please.
6/23/2006 #2
One Who Rides On The Wind
Ah, sure. I think I've got an idea, but I haven't actually grasped the feeling in it I want. =_=;; It's gonna take a while, since I'm a perfectionist and all. And if it doesn't work out it'll just be multi-drabble... ;-; For some reason I really dislike KuroyanKanmu. Maybe it's 'coz I find it kinda scary, even if it had canon references and stuff. Or that I think that both deserve better. Or that I'm just a crack writer. That's probably it.
6/23/2006 #3
Late reply because I have school nowadays. I don't care if it's multi-drabble! As long as its there!!! T^T And, I'm going to have a MoniKai up in a week or so. Shameless self-advertisement alert: You *must* read. Okay, you can look now.^_^ one's been posting any Yaki-Pan fics lately...;_; -sniffs- So sad...
6/30/2006 #4
One Who Rides On The Wind
I have school nowadays too. Lol, okay. I'll probably be able to finish the one I started tonight, and post it on the weekend. School takes too much time away from me. . Heh, I'll be sure to read your MoniKai fanfic. ^_______________^ I thought I saw one posted up the other day, but the author (someone I know) says I'm not allowed to read it. XD
7/2/2006 #5
I'm not a yaoi fan, but I will stand up for TsukinoxKawachi as a challenge. I could see it as an OTP if it was played to that point, but it only gets stressed during Kawachi's little bits at the beginning. Being the only writer to write this, I feel that I have to stick up for them, too. :-P When you look at how they come to work together, they need each other: she needs someone whom she can trust to fight for her, regardless of situation, and even though she's probably got the abilities to find a far superior baker from the exams, she ended up going with Kawachi, despite his cheating and obvious lack of skill. In him, she sees talent that can be developed. It'd be unfair for her to measure him (or probably anyone else) against Azuma's creativity and innate talent, but she develops his Solar Gauntlets. Look at what he does in return for her: stands up and fights wherever he can to the best of his ability, undergoing the training and (we can only assume) maintaining that commitment to her. This is done out of his own gain, but what about their promise to avenge Tsukino from the very beginning? That's loyalty, man. That's commitment. Being male, I can vouch that such a commitment is a very serious thing.
7/3/2006 #6
KazumaxTsukino! Monikai! And for some reason I like KawachixSophie... weird. KazumaxTsukino: pay attention to the second opening sequence. Look at how Tsukino watches Azuma bake bread! And how she reacted when Azuma put the ring on her finger! Monikai: I agree with Lui Nahtzi. Its the most cannonical pairing on the show. KawachixSophie: i don't know why.
7/31/2006 #7
well since yaoi is allowed here, why not voice out my own opinion... I'm still albeit new here so, well to hell with this... I'm an overly obsessed fan of Shizuma (Kazuma X Shigeru) things... from artworks to fictions, I express my love for that pairing in anyway that I can... though I'm not really good at it... as anyone with a straight mind can see, I'm one downright dillusional yaoi freak... I like the pair simply because I can't find any other 'acceptable' (for me at least) yaoi pairs in the story... sure there' Kawachi x Kazuma but somehow that pair really creeps me out... I always react like "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" whenever I see pictures of the two in intimate relationships... no offense to others but, hey, I doubt that you KawaKazu fans like Shizuma stuff... so I just let those types of things pass... I'm not really in favor of Shotacon... except for Loveless coz Soubi x Ritsuka pwnz... no offense again to those who like Shotacon pairs... but somehow Kuroyanagi x Shigeru just scares the living hell out of me... -shudder- Kuro-yan's just soo... "unlikeable" for a lack of a better word to use... I don't really like him... unless he's paired with Meister Kirisaki... though I'm not really into that pairing anyway... I simply detest Tsukino... agian no offense to others... she's just so... so... ARGH! I can't say how much I hate her without using vulgar words so I'll just leave it at that... I hate her... Probably one of the VERY few het pairings that I actually like is MoniKai... They're really cute so how can I resist loving those two? Plus I'm a total addict of Yakitate Japan, even though it's not shown anymore here in the Philippines... Well, that's it... now bring on the flames!
7/8/2007 #8
speed and write

I agree with RyouXSophie paring.

But I was excpecting Cathy(Ryou's ex girlfriend) to appear.

6/14/2008 #9
speed and write

I also like KazumaXTsokino paring

6/14/2008 #10
Bite The Dust

I like KawachiXTsukino better. KaiXMonica is my fav. Did Kuroyan and Sophie date? In the manga they aske but he doesn't answer.

11/13/2008 #11
speed and write

What chapter is it?

11/13/2008 #12
Bite The Dust

It sometime in volume 11 of the manga, I don't have it to check.

11/13/2008 #13

when u say Kanmuri & Kirisaki... the Meister? Or... *shivers* uh... I'll leave it at that...

I'm pretty addicted to every yaoi couple there is~


But then Kawachii Azuma sorta... irks me...

I just like Shizuma beta...


Nothing against the rest of the pairings either~~


Any good suggestions? I can't seem to find any lately... well, yeah.

If there's a request...............

Don't hate me peoples

Kanmuri... Yukino?


Just... well.... well.... yeah...!


1/18/2009 #14
Ezzie T

@pretense: (Yes, this is way late, but...) If you don't dig shota, how could ya be into Kamuri x Azuma, seeing as they both look like they're about 12? But really, they're so girly, it's practically yuri... And in any case, Kuroyan x Kanmuri is practically canon. And besides, is this not the creepiest thing you have seen in your life...?

But I kid. At least about the creepy part, and only applying to Azuma. I'm all for anybody x Azuma (well, except Kanmuri). I am especially fond of KawaAzu, so perhaps your theory holds. But I mean, at least in the earlier parts of the series (before Kawachi got dumbed down and everyone started being horrible to him), they were fairly close. (lookit =D )

*shakes head* Kids these days, I swear... -_-;

1/20/2009 #15
speed and write

I'm not much of a fan of yaoi pairings but the pictures were creepy.

1/20/2009 #16
Bite The Dust


The het is good, great even, but.. . ..*shivers violently* SO. . . .MUCH. . . .YAOI!!!!! EEEEEEEEK!!


RyouXPierrot too. . . Ugh

Okay, here's a stumper for you, this is completely off topic, how freaking old is KAI!! RAAAAWR!! I Looked on wikipedia, which didn't help. It sez bloodtype, but not age, W**!! He's gotta be under 22, but he could be 21 or 12 for all we know. . .

Okay back to topic,

KanmuriXKazuma=NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Hits head on table*

Kuroyan is not gay. . . Bi probably. . . But not gay. His outfit in Yakitate 25/9 was gay though. . . Pink+Frills+Leopard Print= Ugly on a GIRL, let alone a DUDE, ew.

I've seen TsukinoXMizunoXYukino before. . . *Shivers* thank god I didn't read that.

Kai+Monica= much luv. . . But, either Monica is a really good liar, or Kai's an idiot. The second thing is a given but. . . whatever. You people have read/watched the series. You've seen him. He's half retarded or something. He takes advice from a seniile old man and nearly kills himself, but that's just being an a-hole. ;)

1/28/2009 #17

My fav pairings would have to be Kai x Monica and Kazuma x Tsukino 'cuz those are basically the only canon ones...

I can't really see any yaoi pairings that are canon. Kanmuri is just really girly looking, but he can't help it. Is he suppose to trim his eyelashes or something? O.o

None of them really have any gay tendancies. I guess there's whats-his-face...Panda-chan (can't remember real name).

Meh, I'm just not all that into yaoi so those are basically the only pairings i got. X3

4/12/2009 #18
Bite The Dust

What about Kuroyanagi? He wears gay clothes, and kissed the meister!!

6/7/2009 #19

Kuro could have a soft spot for Matsushiro or Meister even I'm not a Yaoi fan ;-)

Otherwise Kuro with Yukino or Pierrot/Kuro could be impossible but so exciting. Physically, they could make a great pairing! XDDDDDD

*Kuro is trying to escape*

My fave interesting pairings are Tsukino/Kanmuri (like twins, you know XD)

Monika/Kai, so funny!

8/5/2009 #20
Bite The Dust


(Have any of you guys been to the Mangafox forums? There's an entire forum dedicated to romance NOT BEING IN THE STORY!!! All they talk about is how Azuma and Tsukino should be a couple and how the 'hint' at stuff =3= I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER MENTIONS KAIMONI, WTFH!!!??)

8/5/2009 #21
Bite The Dust

Are the Yaki forums dead? TELL ME IT ISN'T SO!!! *sob*

8/21/2009 #22

I wouldn't like its death :(

I'm following Yaki in France, I love this serie, it's so funny and really well drawn.

I laughed to death when I saw Kawachi's horrible face when his mouth is at his chin's level! XDDDDD

And when Kuro changed in a budgie! Epic! XDDDD

I want it never finished!

PS: Excuse my english per advance! :p

8/22/2009 #23
Bite The Dust

Your english is fine, it's better than the english of most of the writers on here~~~

I agree, but, being a fangirl such as myself, The third match is my favorite :D NINJAS, HOORAY!!!!!

(The manga is way better than the anime, no?)

8/22/2009 #24

Well, I've always been fond of KaixMonica, AzumaxTsukino and KawachixTsukino...then I started reading the fanfics and got hooked on KanmurixTsukino. O_____O BUT IT'S SO CUTE! SERIOUSLY, I SWEAR THAT THEY MAKE THE BEST COUPLE, IF ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN FANFIC. D I've never been a fan of yaoi, but I can see why it's so rampant among Yaki! fans...thanks, almost all-male cast!

6/24/2010 #25
Sapphire SilverScythe

Well, I've always liked to see a TsukinoxShigeru pairing..... I don't know--well, I think they're really cute together... (If you'll think I'm weird for saying that--well, it's okay because I know I am) :) Okay, that's all...

11/14/2010 #26
Bite The Dust

I've never had any interest in Kanmuri and Tsukino... It seems kind of twincest-y to me because of that one Omake in the manga...

11/16/2010 #27
Bite The Dust

... Did I really used to talk like that? Yuck!

Anyway, the forums have been dead for a year and a half, seems to be a good o'time as any to attempt to start them back up again.

Anybody read the end of the manga besides me?

1/30/2012 #28
Ezzie T

Haha, funny how it works out, looking at one's old posts.

I read the very end of the manga, but I didn't really like it. The story just made less and less sense over the course of the last arc, to where it wasn't interesting or funny, just bizarre. I particularly don't like what happened with Kawachi. =/

1/31/2012 #29
Bite The Dust

It was really stupid, wasn't it? It was like Hashiguchi got lazy in the last couple arcs. I think the ending arc was at least better than the complete bull that was Yakitate!25, where everyone's personality changed... But the art took a turn for the worse, too. It's so unfortunate, the Newcomer's Tourney and Monaco were so cute and funny and entertaining, the art was beautiful, and the characters were relatable. I think it's all because Suwabara was traded out for Kanmuri, f*** up the balance of things... But I don't know.

I'm personally hoping for a sequel, as soon as Hashiguchi gets off this pediatric surgery kick. He really needs to do his best series justice.

1/31/2012 #30
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