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9 shinedown
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11 Fall out boy
12 My chemical romance
13 Pierce the veil
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Kenny fablehaven
What do you believe Kendra would do or be like
1/25/2015 #1
Kenny fablehaven
I guess I should probably start...... She practices archery on top of the inverted tower. She accidentally dropped a knife on Warren's foot. Used to Seth bedtime stories like Robin Hood and such. When Seth was little she called him her little brave knight. Bullied as a kid. Her best friends in school are named Rick, Greg, Jess, Jack, Alyssa, and Casey. Sleeps on the roof when she has nightmares. Has an obsession with stars. Has a knife collection.
1/25/2015 #2
Oreo Cupcake

has a picture of her and bracken on the top of the hole in the wall were she keeps her rain stick from gavin because she didn't want to let it go....

2/19/2015 #3
Kenny fablehaven
Loves the fault in our stars and quotes it left and right. Big fall out boy fan. Makes fun of Bracken's unicorn ness like making him watch my little pony. Knows all the constalations.
2/20/2015 #4

Loves to read, is a big Harry Potter fan, and sometimes pretends she is Annabeth from Percy Jackson.

4/18/2020 #5
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