Random fablehaven headcanons
Those things we swear our favorite characters would totally do
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Kenny fablehaven
Some awesome crud Seth would do!
1/25/2015 #1
Kenny fablehaven
I'll start again.... Has a vacationing t- shirt from shoreless isle. Once tried to blow up an ant hill with warren. Has a love for Halloween. As a kid would always steal Kendra's candy. Is a huge flirt. Secretly wants Kendra to tell him stories like she used to. Has pranking wars with the satyrs. Has a tree he practices sword fighting on, but one day he slashes it so hard it fell over. Has excellent puppy dog eyes he usually pulls on grandma to get cookies. Loves to taunt Agad.
1/25/2015 #2
Oreo Cupcake

Wears a demon mask and hides in the bathroom while waiting for Kendra. Replaces all Kendra's clothes with garbage bags with holes in them. Dresses up as gavin....need I explain ?*devil face* Makes a blog and publishes Kendra's diaries. Flirts with the singing sisters. Melts marshmallows in the microwave and does a smack cam on Vanessa. Watches Cinderella with the satyrs and plays dress up with them. Admits that he is actually a Harry Styles fan(boy)

2/19/2015 #3
Kenny fablehaven
Sings the mission impossible song to himself every time he pranks someone. Blackmails Dale into helping with his pranks. Introduced the satyrs to paint ball. Got caught by warren jamming out to one direction and now boy bands are their 'thing'
2/20/2015 #4
pokes naiads with sticks repeditally with Warren, Newel, and Doren. Loves to torment the dryads with Newel and Doren. Once poked a naiad with a stick so much that she threw claimed treasure at him just so he'd stop. Cries over really crappy one direction fanfiction with Warren.
4/3/2015 #5
Kenny fablehaven
Seth has like major ADHD, and can't pay attention for 5 sec. He is afraid of lightening on a major scale. Vanessa once caught Seth obsessing over one direction, and he had to pay her $20 to not tell Kendra.
4/3/2015 #6
Randomly sings let it go because grandpa Sorenson hates it. When he wants to see grandpa in his study and the doors classes he does the knock fr pm do you want to build a snowman and starts singing it. Replaced Brackens shampoo with temporary neon pink hair dye. Cried with Warren for like 2 weeks when Zayn left 1D.
5/6/2015 #7

Reads fanfiction on the internet, and secretly ships dramione.

4/18/2020 #8
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