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what was your favorite scene(s) in any one of the books?
6/10/2006 #1
I haven't yet read book three (although I know what happens from friends), but from the first two books my fav scenes are most of the Nat-centered ones. I enjoyed the scenes told from Barty's pov too, but since Nat is my fav character, I loved those the most in which he was the central figure. I like Kitty, but in book two I couldn't help thinking that all those loooong Kitty scenes just took time and place from Nat scenes, therefore they sort of annoyed me. I wanted to see more Nat and less Kitty... If I had to choose a fav scene(s), then I'd say those ones from the first book in which we learn about Nat's childhood years and his secret progress in magic. Those are really interesting and heart-wrenching all the same (to see how badly Underwood and Lovelace are treating poor lil Nat... I LOVED to hate Lovelace for mistreating my wonder boy!)
6/26/2006 #2
Drop Your Oboe
My favorite scene has to be the one where Bartimaeus is talking to Queezle, under the statue, right before she died, and then when he's racing back to find her. Or the scene in Prague where Queezle gets up and sits back down really casually and then a giant rock or whatever it was slams down where she was sitting. I rather like Queezle, as you can doubtless tell.
6/27/2006 #3
We all do, it's hard not to. My favourite is when Nathaniel has just obsorbed Barty and every time Bart tries to do a footnote Natty interrupts him and says his mind keeps going off in two directions, LOL!
9/12/2006 #4
Hmm...My favorite scene is in book 3 when Nathaniel tells Kitty his birth name. Hands down. I dunno why, but it's always my favorite.
2/11/2007 #5
Jedi Knight Cheeze
I think my fave's any time that Barty's annoying Nat, most likely. :D
8/7/2007 #6
My second fave would be where Natty meets Ms Lutyens in the street.
8/16/2007 #7
Ooh, there are so, so many.... If I have to choose one though, it would be the first chapter of book three, where he fights those assasins. Then maybe the part where Kitty meets him in the Other Place is my second favorite. (I'm kind of a BxK shipper. XP)
3/22/2008 #8

Me too, Duckweed!

Hmm, there are so many good moments. I loved Bartimaeus as a pile of slime in Ptolemy's gate, and Bartimaeus' initial summoning in Golem's Eye, complete with floating bubbles and happy buffalo. I adore every scene with Kitty and Bartimaeus, especially the one in the Other Place. Oh, and the ending of course. That was very powerful.

3/28/2008 #9
Oh! And one of my favorite little bits was when she's like "The only reason I learned how to summon stuff was so I could talk to you" and he said something like "Of course! It was my wonderful personality and sparkling conversation, wasn't it?" I don't remember exactly how it goes, and I'm to lazy to go get my book, but it's something like that. I thought it was cute, and funny.
3/29/2008 #10

My favorite part is when Nat and Barti join together, and Barti goes ahead and makes that loud sound to remind them that he's there, and then picks his nose, and then tries to do something opposite of Nat and ends up on the floor!

3/29/2008 #11

Ooh! I love that too! In fact, I loved every moment of Ptolemy's Gate. That book had me in stitches! Golem's eye and Ptolemy's Gate are the only books I've ever laughed out loud at.

3/30/2008 #12

i liked the part when after nat and barti are alreay joined toghter and barti goes "if kitty only knew what you were thinking"

4/11/2008 #13

Hmm...this is hard...I like the part in the 3rd with Bartimaeus and Honoius talking and the two...foliots?...trying to hide and being totally immature about it. Umm...I like Bartimaeus' comments to Nathaniel, and his overall hatred toward him in the second book, esp. when he dousees water on him to wake him up after the backfiring Staff.

I think my ultimate favorite would have to be Kitty punching Nathaniel when he tries to arrest her- he should've known better.

6/1/2008 #14
Captain Happiness

Not foliots, imps. I think my favourite scenes are mostly in the first book, but I also like the scenes in Ptomelys past.

I think that Kitty's scenes are too long, and when I re read the books, I find myself skipping Kitty's parts.

6/17/2008 #15
Trash Bean

Same, kitty bores the hell out of me, except in two scenes. The one where they stuff her in a closet, and the scene in Ptolemy's gate where Kitty summons Bartimaues after Nate kills himself and Nouda.

6/19/2008 #16

Uh, I don't remember either of those scenes!

6/21/2008 #17
Trash Bean

I guess they're not really scenes, but they're talked about (I think)

7/6/2008 #18
x Starry Starry Night x

Ya, I like that one too. But my favorite has to be the last scene when Nat told Bart to "Say hello to Kitty for me" and what Bartimaeus thought right after Nathaniel dismissed him. That was so sad, but I loved the ending. I kinda think theres no other ending that could make the books so special.

10/1/2008 #19

Personally, I love Bartimaeus/Kitty interaction. Their personalities clash quite nicely and they both tease Nat mercilessly.

12/26/2008 #20

so so many.. i will have to choose wisely. Umm.

-the one with queezle and bartimaeus under the statue i liked, it was raining :)

-The one in the prauge square where nathaniel and barty are tring to escape, that was hilarious.

I held the boy so he had a good view of the square, "which house do you think has the thinest walls?" I asked him, for a moment he was uncomprehending then his eyes widened, "your not.."

"That one? With the pink shutters?" I asked, "yes, maybe.. lets try it out."

-the one where they defeat the golem

Nathaniel was woken up by a cold rush of water, as I poured a bucket of water on him. "I knew I had to wait several hours to make suer you have madea full recovery."

"What?! How long has it been?!"

"5 minutes, i got bored.."

1/1/2009 #21

ooo! sorry for double post, but i remembered another one which i love. Its when bartimaeus and nathaniel are talking in that library in AoS. where bartimaeus puts his hand on nattys shoulder and is like "in that case, why dont i just kill you now." That was amazing. Oh, and all the scenes from natty's child hood. like when he was younger.

1/1/2009 #22

Hmm, I remember myself reading GE under the table in class and started cracking when Nat summones Bart for the first time in the book. When he goes all "Two measly human years to get over the trauma meeting you. Sure I knew some idiot with a pointy hat would one day call me up again, but I hardly thought it would be the same idiot as last time!" "I don't have a pointy hat!"

teh! awesome!

2/17/2009 #23

Personally, I loved every part of the books, but most of my favourite ones are derived from scenes when Bartimaeus is talking to Nathaniel, being dead serious or annoying the hell out of him (more often it's the second one). And I agree with whoever said that they didn't really like the part when Kitty goes to the Other Place because it makes her seem so perfect and by comparison, Nathaniel so much like a prat. Yes, Kitty does seem perfect but if Stroud made her like that intentionally then I applaud him for it. It' what makes the ending so unbelievable, so sad and - by cruel paradox - so delightfully satisfying.

4/8/2009 #24

I abosolutely adore the part when Bartimeaus finds out Natheniels real and Nate throws a fit. And the one part where Kitty keeps trying to make her little guise look better when she's visiting Bart in the Other Place...I think that's what it's called. And when Natheniel and Bartimeaus are in the same body and they're aheving arguments and stuff, like Bart tries to go one way and Nate the other...It's funny.

6/17/2009 #25
El Vagabundo Solitario

One of my favorite parts is the end of the first book, when they kill that giant "Demon" creature, can't remember it's name.

Another of my favorites is when the rebels run into that Afrit in the 'Big bad Mage's' crypt.

8/10/2010 #26

And when Natheniel and Bartimeaus are in the same body and they're aheving arguments and stuff, like Bart tries to go one way and Nate the other...It's funny.

This! So much! XD

8/25/2010 #27

SO right!! I LOVE Nathaniel/Kitty scenes!!

7/3/2011 #28
Hawkward Chicken
One of my favorite scenes is when Bartimaeus is showing off how well he had adapted to Nathaniel's body, and Bartimaeus tried to jump at the same moment Nathaniel tried to walk in the opposite direction, and they ended up in an awkward position on the floor while Kitty scolds them for wasting time. Also when Bartimaeus was trying to outwit Xerxes and Baztuk the Utukku so Faquarl could get in his prison in the Tower of London.
4/29/2012 #29
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