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Seraphina Morningwood

I decided to bold this because nobody was reading it. This is where you can post a greeting when you come over to visit us. And if we're out, know that the door will be unlocked, there is food in the fridge and your welcome to hang out as long as you like. Ours is kind of a party house :-P Also, you are allowed to tell people about anything funny, awesome or exciting that happens during your visit with us, unless we ask you not to of course :-D

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2/6/2015 . Edited 2/18/2015 #1
Seraphina Morningwood

Someone come visit meeeee! Ma boys are away and I am sitting here in our manor house, where I've been sketching the birds out the window. Although I should probably chase them away instead, since I think they've started eating our corn! Crap! I'll be back!

2/6/2015 #2
Seraphina Morningwood

I'm going to meet Ami for coffee so if anyone stops by make yourself at home. The boys should be home in a bit!

2/6/2015 #3
Sky Amberjade
"HONEEYYY, I'M HOOOME!" I cry dramatically and jokingly, chuckling as I walk inside. (OOC: is that alright?)
2/10/2015 #4
Seraphina Morningwood

There is a note on the door saying come on in!

2/10/2015 #5
Sky Amberjade
(OOC: Ik, that's why she waltzed in, but still called out for you just in case XD)
2/10/2015 #6
Max L-W Freelove

(I'm already here.)

2/15/2015 #7
Maryse Lightwood-Wayland

I simply knocked on the door.

2/17/2015 #8
Seraphina Morningwood

"Come on in" *yells from an upstairs window. Did no one on the main floor hear the knock?*

2/17/2015 . Edited 2/17/2015 #9
Kaleb Freelove

I just walk in.

2/17/2015 #10
Karla Herondale
Knocked on the door even though it was slightly opened
2/17/2015 #11
J.R. Morningwood

(you can come to the general thread now :) )

2/17/2015 #12
J.R. Morningwood

(I mean waylland manor general that is. Where's Sera? She's so much better than I am at this stuff haha)

2/17/2015 #13
Kaleb Freelove

I walk in shouting "knock-knock!"

2/17/2015 #14
Seraphina Morningwood

(Oh I'm right here J.R. don't get your panties in a bunch :-P)

2/17/2015 #15
J.R. Morningwood

(ah hem. men. do. not. wear. panties. wifey)

2/17/2015 #16
Kaleb Freelove

I walk in sleepily, leaving the door open and my shoes on and everything.

2/18/2015 #17
The Poly Lama

Ding dong! "Someone in there order a ginormous bed with handcuff rails?"

2/18/2015 #18
Seraphina Morningwood

"That would be us!! Do you want my husband to help you bring it in??"

2/18/2015 #19
The Poly Lama

"No Ma'am, my delivery boys get paid to do precisely that! This way boys!"

2/18/2015 #20
Ms. Jocelyn Fairchild

I watch as the delivery people cart in the large bed, and watching the look of excitement on Roxanne's face.

2/18/2015 #21
Karla Herondale
*Knock knock* "Hello, anybody home?"
2/18/2015 #22
Seraphina Morningwood

"Sorry Karla! I forgot to mention the door is always unlocked and you can just come in if we don't answer! I didn't notice your knock until just now!"

2/18/2015 #23
Ruth M
OMG I love you
4/25/2018 #24
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