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Imagine a roleplay where you have a say in what happens. An Alternate Universe where everyone is accepted and welcome. A venue to express yourself, whoever yourself might be. A group of friends who'll remind you of all there is to love in The Mortal Instruments fandom. Keep an open mind and check us out. We may have some of the craziest plot lines and outlandish ships, but also the most heart. Each new member has something to teach us. So, come show us what you'll bring to the table with The Circle's Clave!
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Ms. Jocelyn Fairchild

Rated T - A place in town where all our girls who have nothing better to do to go shopping. Constructed by TPL Industries.

4/29/2015 . Edited 4/29/2015 #1
Max L-W Freelove

I sit on a random bench, reading manga on my phone as I wait for some source of entertainment, sure a sibling, Kaleb, Naomi or P3 would drop by eventually so I have someone to hang out with.

5/13/2015 #2
Max L-W Freelove

(I love how I'm the first one to post on this thread considering the description.)

5/13/2015 #3
Ms. Jocelyn Fairchild

(That's always the best isn't it?)

5/13/2015 #4
Max L-W Freelove

(XD It is. And I'm waiting for Kaleb, so once you see this Kabes, text me and I'll get on. I'm working on my stories.)

5/13/2015 . Edited 5/13/2015 #5
Kaleb Freelove

Naomi and I walk over, her kissing him in greeting and me making fun of them, not even awkward despite our crazy night with P3, which Sky and I still haven't been able to talk about.

5/13/2015 . Edited 5/13/2015 #6
Ms. Jocelyn Fairchild

We arrive put our horses in the stables outside before heading in. "Now, where did I see that salon?"

7/11/2015 #7
Jocie Morgenstern-Graymark

We picked up a dual temperature teddy bear for Astraea that could be used as an ice pack and a heating pad. A basket of fresh strawberries to make jam with for Wulf. A book on climates and environmental boomed for Daci, as she already loved to try and read as well as loved animals. A new extra soft blanket for Serenity, self heating baby bottles for the Divinity and Chastity as well as two koala bear stuffies as they seemed to enjoy the koala petting zoo, a new teething toy for Adrian and finally, some books for me to read to our coming soon arrival. After we finished our shopping, we mounted our horses and went home to find Astraea had only puked once more, Vally had no clue what to do so Lucian pitched in and they figured it out. She was very happy for her new ice pack teddy and fell asleep again cuddling it. And we distributed all the other gifts to happy children before hiding our surprise for Sam, Val and Lucian in our shared closet for later.

7/12/2015 #8
Jezebel Youngblood

After the time skip

We arrive at the mall to do some baby shopping. "What do we need to buy first?"

9/16/2015 #9
Revena Bloodrose

"Strollers maybe?"I say.

9/16/2015 #10
Rufus Lightwood-Wayland

"Mmmhmm. Good idea. Something durable we can take on long walks if we want to. Let's hit the Baby Emporium first." I nod.

9/16/2015 #11
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