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Amelia Lucy Morningwood

Rated T- The sub branch of the original AAAC for those on the go. Little chocolate cakes, chocolates, fruit platters(chocolate covered) and now extended to doughnuts!

4/30/2015 . Edited 4/30/2015 #1
Rufus Lightwood-Wayland

First I stop into Ami's chocolate shop and get two boxes of the Lightwood-Wayland Family Collection that Lucy came out with for our parents anniversary. And I figure it's fitting for what I am about to do. I pay the girl and head out to the next store.

6/18/2015 #2
Valentine Morgenstern-Graymark

"You know Astraea, it is a testament to what a skilled Shadowhunter you are going to be one day, that you train so hard already. And it is also a blessing for your waste line, given how much chocolate is frequently consumed by the women in this family." I laugh, as Jocie orders several trays of the chocolate buffet for the table.

We've made monthly trips to the shopping center a family tradition but with so many growing children it is also a necessity. Lucian snickers and Sam shoots me a look that implies I'd better watch what I say about the correlation between chocolates and fitness.

11/2/2015 . Edited 11/2/2015 #3
Astraea Morgenstern-Graymark

"Well I am amazing," I joke, grinning. "So these chocolates are well deserved," I say, kissing Dad's cheek. "But I don't think your wives will be so kind hearted about your comment," I say, plucking a chocolate from Mom's platter. She gives me a dirty look as I flounce down the buffet to pick something else out.

11/3/2015 #4
Lucian Morgenstern-Graymark

"Yes well, before this turns into a battle of the sexes, how's about after we're done eating, Vally and I can take some of the kids to the fishing store while the ladies take some to try on clothing?" I offer, attempting to keep the peace. (A feat that can sometimes be a challenge with so many strong-willed temperaments in the family.)

11/3/2015 #5
Astraea Morgenstern-Graymark

(Yep) "Alright, Puppy," I say, teasing him with the name I called him when I was younger. "I could use some new spike heels to step on throats with." I wink and kiss Puppy's cheek as well. "Is Nat going to go with you guys? I don't think she appreciates how a killer outfit can win wars yet."

11/3/2015 #6
Lucian Morgenstern-Graymark

"Sure thing, we can take her. Maybe she can appreciate how a killer lure can win fish at least." I smile. "And we should stop at the post office too. It's been a while since we've gotten a letter from Elysium. I'd like to know how your older siblings are doing down there." I say, flagging the waitress for the bill.

11/3/2015 #7
Valentine Morgenstern-Graymark

"Even better, I would like it if they came home for a visit. It has been ages since we have had the pleasure of the Morningwoods' company." I agree, gathering up the leftovers into the takeaway boxes.

11/3/2015 #8
Astraea Morgenstern-Graymark

"No kidding, I haven't seen them in forever. I miss Ami's chocolate gifts. And her personality of course," I say, smiling. I really am looking forward to seeing my older siblings. I still remember Ami and Phina taking care of me when I was young. Ami is always so kind and Phina is hilarious. Dad says I get some of my sense of humor from her influence.

11/3/2015 #9
Lucian Morgenstern-Graymark

"I know what you mean kiddo. It's tough having them all so far away. Thank the Angel for Portals though or we wouldn't see them at all. And their last letter did say they'd try to visit soon, so I think we have that to look forward to. Now, put your hand up whoever is coming to the fishing store with Dad and I. And the rest of you, go and stand with your moms so we know who's going where." I suggest to the kids.

11/3/2015 . Edited 11/3/2015 #10
Astraea Morgenstern-Graymark

I go stand with my moms and their plates of chocolate, which I pick off of, and watch as my little brothers Wulf and Adrian go stand with Puppy and Dad and Daci, Chastity, Divinity and Serenity stand with me as Nat toddles over to Dad. I smile at her and she gives me one of her small, shy smiles in return. Cutie.

11/3/2015 #11
Valentine Morgenstern-Graymark

Scooping up little Nat, we prepare to take her and the boys to the fishing store. "So, why don't we meet you ladies back at the wagon in two hours, does that give you enough time to do your shopping?" I ask our wives.

11/4/2015 . Edited 11/4/2015 #12
Ms. Jocelyn Fairchild

"That sounds about right," I say, ruffling Daci's hair as she comes over to take my hand. "See you in two hours, loves. Have fun fish shopping,," I say, kissing Val before doing the same to my Lucian.

11/4/2015 . Edited 11/4/2015 #13
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