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Naomi Freelove

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Where baby stuff gets purchased

6/9/2015 #1
Poppy Parker Freelove

"I hope they have matching sets of five for certain things in here." I laugh as we walk into the Baby Emporium

6/9/2015 #2
Jupiter Freelove

I laugh "I'm sure we'll find a way, Pop"

6/9/2015 #3
Pepper Patty Freelove

"Ooh, look at this! They have strollers that seat five babies!! You know, if we got three of those, that's all we would need for all the kids." I laugh. "Do you think they'll look at us funny if we buy three?"

6/9/2015 #4
Jupiter Freelove

"Probably, but I don't care" I grin.

6/9/2015 #5
Pepper Patty Freelove

After buying far too much baby stuff to bring home with us, we pay for it all and book a delivery service to bring it to the Manor. After that's done, we walk out into the mall with only our bags of maternity clothes which we didn't want to wait to have delivered. Just then, Maxi gets a message on his phone. "What is it Babe?"

6/10/2015 #6
Max L-W Freelove

"Oh, Izzy gave birth. Well, lets get down there. Penhallow Manor." I grin. excited for my sister.

6/10/2015 #7
Pippi Piper Freelove

As we walk quickly to the mall Portal, I question Max's statement. "Gave birth!? Max, Isabelle is only three months pregnant!! How could the baby even live? Oh my Angel... the baby did live, right?" I gasp, putting my one hand over my mouth, clutching Jupe's hand which I had been holding, very tightly with the other.

6/10/2015 #8
Jupiter Freelove
"She'll be okay, there's only one way to find out about the baby. Calm down and hope,Pip." I put my hand over our joined one "You'll break my hand if you're not careful."
6/10/2015 #9
Max L-W Freelove

"The baby lived. Sam says everyone's fine." I blush, a little embarrassed that I left that out. "Now let's go visit her." I change the subject, then we head over to Penhallow. (To Penhallow!)

6/10/2015 . Edited 6/10/2015 #10
Revena Bloodrose

When Jezzy and I get there we start looking around for baby things like stroller's and bibs and cute little baby clothes. I'm pretty sure she's mostly looking for pink outfits though because most of what she's carrying is pink and mostly mine is red and black like the usual but on occasion, I will grab some other color too like purple or blue. But then we go for strollers, something that we thiunk Rufus will like too and something that seats two. We also get baby bottles and diapers and most of what we think will be good for our two little girls.

6/18/2015 . Edited by Seraphina Morningwood, 6/18/2015 #11
Jezebel Youngblood

"Ooh Rev, what do you think of this diaper bag? I ask, holding up a diaper bag that is black like she likes but with pink polka dots and a pink bow, (things that I like) and the lining is a silky red fabric. "Don't you think this would be perfect to share and they we'd only need one bag for both babies?" I smile.

6/18/2015 #12
Revena Bloodrose

"Oh my god it's perfect I love it omg it's amazing."I say and I hug and kiss her.

6/18/2015 #13
Jezebel Youngblood

"I know right?" I smile happily. "Ooh, and what about this?" I ask, looking at a baby swing that has two chairs attached to it instead of one. "It even says they can swing together or separately. In case they don't want to go the same speed." I giggle. It is also black with pink polka dots and the lining of the swing chairs is red. They must be part of a set and sure enough they are. We find matching high chairs, a dual play yard, all kinds of things. The set has eight pieces.

6/18/2015 . Edited by Seraphina Morningwood, 6/18/2015 #14
Revena Bloodrose

"yeah let's get for sure"I say and giggle happily.

6/18/2015 #15
Rufus Lightwood-Wayland

By the time I arrive back at the Baby Emporium it looks like the girls are almost finished shopping. "Is there anything you ladies want me to help with before we pay for all this and get out of here?" I ask, having hidden my own shopping bags out by our wagon.

6/19/2015 #16
Revena Bloodrose

"Yeah you can help us carry all of this." I say."We could use some help right Jez."I say smiling happily.

6/19/2015 #17
Jezebel Youngblood

I laugh, looking at the piles of things we are buying. "Yep, yeah we could." I laugh. And Rufus smiles and carries it all to the tils in a few trips, where he pays for it all and begins carrying it out to our wagon. He drives the wagon up to the mall doors and loads everything in. Then he helps us up onto the seat beside him and he clicks softly and the team starts for home.

6/19/2015 #18
Revena Bloodrose

When we get here start looking for some cute strollers."What color's should we get.?"I ask.

9/16/2015 #19
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