The Circle's Clave
Imagine a roleplay where you have a say in what happens. An Alternate Universe where everyone is accepted and welcome. A venue to express yourself, whoever yourself might be. A group of friends who'll remind you of all there is to love in The Mortal Instruments fandom. Keep an open mind and check us out. We may have some of the craziest plot lines and outlandish ships, but also the most heart. Each new member has something to teach us. So, come show us what you'll bring to the table with The Circle's Clave!
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Seraphina Morningwood

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9/7/2015 #1
The Poly Lama

"Let me give you all the grand tour!" I say, gesturing around us. This is the foyer. Each of those hallways leads to a smaller party room with a different type of music. That hallway leads to The Delish, that's our restaurant. There are bars in each of the party rooms. That hallway leads to the concert space where we have live bands. Sometimes we even get Those Skinny White Guys to come back from hell and play here. And over there is coat check and that is the information desk. Oh and we have an open air theatre and swimming pool on the roof. Any questions?" I smile.

9/7/2015 #2
Tavvy Blackthorn

"I know I don't I say we just party."I say to them laughing,I keep laughing and I think I might be drunk.

9/7/2015 #3
The Real Mark Blackthorn

I listen to TPL speak, remembering all the information and smiling. "No questions, thank you for your help." I say with a smile.

9/7/2015 . Edited by Seraphina Morningwood, 9/7/2015 #4
The Poly Lama

"Anything for Helen. Meet you all up at the pool deck later." I smile, heading off to make a call to hell and see if I can weasel a concert out of J.R. in the foreseeable future.

9/7/2015 #5
Tavvy Blackthorn

"Well were should we start Helen since you know all about this place."I say jokingly.

9/7/2015 #6
Helen Blackthorn

"Okay, so now, let's go find Tavvy a cute girl, Marky a cute boy and me a cute anybody!" I laugh, dragging them all off to one of the rooms following the sound of good music.

9/7/2015 #7
Tavvy Blackthorn

I laugh and say,"Alright alright I'll find a girl that seems nice,jezz."I laugh.

9/7/2015 #8
The Real Mark Blackthorn

I blush and chuckle. "Oh... I don't want to rush anything." I say and chuckle, looking to Helen. "I just want to let relationships just happen." I add, smiling a little. "If I see a nice looking guy I'll talk to him, don't worry." I laugh as Helen Drags me along.

9/8/2015 #9
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