The Circle's Clave
Imagine a roleplay where you have a say in what happens. An Alternate Universe where everyone is accepted and welcome. A venue to express yourself, whoever yourself might be. A group of friends who'll remind you of all there is to love in The Mortal Instruments fandom. Keep an open mind and check us out. We may have some of the craziest plot lines and outlandish ships, but also the most heart. Each new member has something to teach us. So, come show us what you'll bring to the table with The Circle's Clave!
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Helen Blackthorn

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9/7/2015 #1
Silla Blackthorn

Helen leads us into a spacious dance room that has been decked out in black, white and hot pink. There are servers carrying trays of bubbly pink drinks, while the likes of Billy Idol and Tiffany can be heard blasting from the speakers. Instantly my carefully selected club clothes have given way to a tank top, baggy sweatshirt, leggings and a mini skirt. Looking around I see that everyone else is now similarly decked out in eighties finery. "Wow, TPL really goes all out huh!" I laugh, looking at the black and gold sequined mini dress Helen is wearing and her adorable side ponytail.

Emma got the eighties grunge look with black ripped jeans and a red plaid shirt hanging open over a black Nirvana t-shirt. The boys all look like part of a punk band with brightly coloured hair and an over abundance of facial jewelry. As the tray with the pink drinks comes back around I boldly take one. "To the eighties!" I toast, laughing. "Whatever they were thinking back then."

9/10/2015 . Edited 9/10/2015 #2
Tavvy Blackthorn

"This place is great I already like it,I mean just look at it just wow it's awesome and I'm sure I'll find a girl I like,hopefully anyway."I say laughing."

9/11/2015 #3
Helen Blackthorn

"Here's hoping. What about those girls over there Tav? They look about the right age and there's a few of them to choose from. Let's go say hi!" I smile, pulling him persistently by the arm.

9/11/2015 #4
Tavvy Blackthorn

"OKAY okay you don't need to rip my arm off then I won't get any of the girls."I say jokingly.

9/11/2015 #5
Helen Blackthorn

"Naw, they'd still think you're a cutie even with a missing arm, lil' bro." I laugh as we walk over to the girls. I flag the server down and ask for another round of drinks for them, our treat. Tavvy introduces himself to a cute blonde and I spend a few minutes talking to a gorgeous brunette. I motion for him to get the number of the girl he was talking to and I score the digits of the pretty morsel I'd been chatting up before we head back over to our siblings.

By then, Silla had convinced Mark to talk to a guy nearby who'd been sizing him up and she was over hitting on the guy's friend. So when we get back to our area it's just Jules and Em there. "Well, that wasn't so hard Tav, was it?" I tease, finishing my drink.

9/11/2015 #6
Tavvy Blackthorn

"It wasn't as bad as I thought,"I admit",And she was cute and really nice."I say cheerfully.

9/11/2015 #7
The Real Mark Blackthorn
I stand awkwardly and watch my brother and sister walk away. I wonder if there will be any cute and nice boys, did I look presentable.
9/11/2015 #8
Tavvy Blackthorn

"Hey bro don't look so worried you'll be fine."I say." I mean look I scored an actual girls number."I laugh.

9/11/2015 #9
The Real Mark Blackthorn
I look down and nod with a smile. "I... I just don't know how to go about this..." I say and stand still. "What do I do?"
9/11/2015 #10
Tavvy Blackthorn

"You just go up to the guy and say hello my name's Mark how are you tonight find out if there interested in other guys and talk them up and ask for there number that's what I did."I say.(okay I'm g2g2 bed so nite everyone =D)

9/11/2015 #11
The Real Mark Blackthorn
"How do I find out about their sexuality though, like, I don't think it's polite to outright ask." I say and look down. "I just want to... To have a boyfriend who loves me."
9/11/2015 #12
Silla Blackthorn

"You could try asking if they listen to Cher." I wink teasing him. "But seriously Marky, just chat with somebody long enough to find out if you're even interested and then say 'mind if I get your number, maybe we could go out sometime.' And just make sure you say it in a flirty way so there's no mistaking your intentions. Besides, I'd say over half of Idris is openly bisexual anyway. So your odds of striking out are pretty slim. One of the many benefits that the head of The Circle, the Inquisitor and the Consul are all openly bisexual. Makes for a much more laid back population of Nephilim." I grin. "So go! Get your flirt on big brother!"

9/11/2015 #13
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