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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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First, we have the rules. Every forum has them and this is no different.

1. No god-modding (controlling another members character)

2. Keep swearing to a minimum

3. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus (perfect characters)

5. Fighting between members must be taken to PM but we prefer it not at all. Rated M should also be taken to PM and never should be seen on the forum.

6. Wait till I accept your character before roleplaying

7. Roleplay in 3rd person (if talking in roleplay topic talk in parenthesis)

Honestly, the rest is just common sense. Be nice, treat others the way you want to be treat, etc. If you agree to the rules, say hello below and introduce yourself. Also, one last rule...

8. I AM SUPREME RULER AND EVERYTHING I SAY IS LAW... Yep. Hence these rules in which I will reinforce with necessary precautions.

2/10/2015 . Edited 6/1/2015 #1
angel capella
Hello my name is angel moon and im 14. I agree to follow these rules. By the way the creator of the forum is the god so i agree with you.
3/15/2015 #2

'Ello. Full name's jarjarjinx, but you can call me Jarjar. I gladly accept these rules.

5/16/2015 #3
Straight 'til Morning

Heyo! I'm AmericanFallOutGirl, I recently changed my username, it used to be ElsaAriel, so most people just call me EA.

5/29/2015 #4

Hello. I'm Lunar Wordsmith, teen, and I agree to these rules. I've never been in a forum before so I don't quite know the technical details, but I'll do my best.

5/31/2015 #5

I'm thefaultinourstarfish (previously Mockingjay99) and I gladly agree ;)

5/31/2015 #6
I'm nell-nelliel, (call me Nell) and I agree to the terms and conditions
6/6/2015 #7

I'm LunarLunartic and I agree to your terms and conditions :D

6/9/2015 #8

I don't know.... Should I accept? Maybe, maybe not. Hmm... Yes, I guess I will absolutely definitely accept.

7/1/2015 #9

hay, my name's Lara, 'n I accept the rules. I'll definitely be on in the next week but I'm working on a stressful book project rn so unfortunately I don't have much time atm...

7/23/2015 #10
Brohoof Studios

Hello, my name is Serenity Jewelthief, 14, and I accept these rules.

8/27/2015 #11
Katia Salvatore

My name is Katia and I accept these rules.

11/7/2015 #12

Heyo! Mind the penname, it was a dare. My actual penname is The Shadows That Lurk In The Soul. You can call me Shadow, Bluejay, or Soul. Of course, I accept these rules! If I break one, send Wolf to snap my neck. Actually, please don't. X3

11/8/2015 . Edited 11/8/2015 #13
Brohoof Studios

Hi! I'm Serenity, but you can call me Serena! It's nice to meet you!

11/8/2015 #14

Sup. My characters are Kate and Mark. I except and agree to these rules, and I am happy to start roleplaying as soon as my characters are excepted, IF they get excepted.

12/19/2015 #15

Also call me Zodiac, please.

12/19/2015 #16

Hello there friends, my name is Nik (14 F). Agree by all means.

1/7/2016 #17
Hai! I'm Saydie and I'm 14! I loveeeee the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, the Lunar Chronicles, Once Upon a Time, and sooo many others I can't name them all.


1/13/2016 #18
PS, I accept these rules :D
1/13/2016 #19

Hi, I'm neobendium, you can call me Neo or Drekei, whichever you prefer. I'm (almost) 15. :)


2/5/2016 #20

Hi I'm lunar.addict17 and I gladly accept these rules

4/6/2016 #21

Greetings, all! I go by Wolf or Dark, though I'll respond to either one and I gladly accept these rules!

I really hope that this is still an active forum, because I'm pretty sure Lunar Chronicles has taken over half of my brain.

8/24/2016 #22

Hi! I hope this is a live forum cause I agree with the last guy, I have gone Lunar!

9/27/2016 #23
Ghost of Mel-Rose

hello my name is Winter, and yes I do agree!

5/28/2018 #24
Hello! My name is Storm, and I gladly accept these rules!
8/7/2019 #25
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