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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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So, I feel as though this is kind of obvious but this is the chat... It's where you talk to each other... Yep.

2/10/2015 #1

Anybody home?

5/16/2015 #2
Oh, someone found my abandoned place thingy...!
5/16/2015 #3

Howdy. Trying to find a good forum to join. Think we could get a RP going? Call me jarjar by the way.

5/16/2015 #4
Yeah, sure, but to rp you're going to need a character, just a warning! :)
5/16/2015 #5
Straight 'til Morning

I just thought we'd move the conversation to the chat room.

In Cress, when Scarlet was taken to Luna, she was interrogated by Sybil Mira and Queen Levana for information regarding Cinder's whereabouts. When Scarlet refused to tell, Sybil forced her to cut off her own left pinky finger with a hatchet. Currently, she is Princess Winter's 'pet'.

That's what the site said, so I have a bit of a better idea. Is she still currently Winter's pet?

5/29/2015 #6

Yes. But not really a pet because Winter only titles her as so to keep Scarlet from being tortured more.

5/29/2015 #7
Straight 'til Morning

Ah, okay. I'm sorry for having so many questioned, I just want to refrain from writing incorrectly, and I wanted to play Scarlet. But: How do Winter and Scarlet interact? Like, does Scarlet hate her? Do they get along?

5/29/2015 #8

It's okay! There was only one scene with the two characters in the last book because it happened near the end but Scarlet thinks Winter's a bit odd and realizes that she, in her own way, is trying to help her. She doesn't hate her but does treat her with a little uncertainty seeing as Winter is a little insane.

5/29/2015 #9
Straight 'til Morning

Okay, thank you! I think I shall be able to start RP. May I ask where the other characters are? Wolf, Cinder, Thorne, and Cress (now right?).

And if I am correct, you have Winter? So we could RP.

5/29/2015 #10

They are on Thorne's ship as off right now, headed to Luna. With Kai! *squee*

You are correct to assume so XD

5/29/2015 #11
Straight 'til Morning

So your a Kai fan, then? My favorite is Wolf. XD

Oh, cool! Do you want to start?

5/29/2015 #12

Yeah, Kai is definitely a favorite. Wolf is pretty cool too though!

I actually have to leave at the moment so you can either post first and I'll reply ASAP, or you can wait :(

5/29/2015 #13
Straight 'til Morning

I do like Thorne a lot though too...

I have to leave pretty soon, so I think I'll wait. I probably won't be back till tomorrow.

5/29/2015 #14
Straight 'til Morning

I'm back!

5/30/2015 #15


5/30/2015 #16
Straight 'til Morning

Heyo! :)

5/30/2015 #17

How are you this lovely day?

5/30/2015 #18
Straight 'til Morning

Wonderful. Yourself?

5/30/2015 #19

Absolutely fabulous XD

5/30/2015 #20
Straight 'til Morning

That's swell. Am I okay at Scarlet? It's my first time writing as her, and I'm trying.

5/30/2015 #21

You're doing great :)

5/30/2015 #22
Straight 'til Morning

Oh, good! Thank you!

5/30/2015 #23

No problem, just keep in mind that Scarlet doesn't fully trust Winter at this point. As we can continue, she can start to trust her.

5/30/2015 . Edited 5/30/2015 #24
Straight 'til Morning

Okay, I do, however, kinda see her jumping on about news about her friends like she did with her grandmere.

5/30/2015 #25

Yeah, that makes sense :)

5/30/2015 #26
Straight 'til Morning

Oh, good. :)

5/30/2015 #27

I have to leave soon so if I disappear, that's why. I'll try to warn you though.

5/30/2015 #28
Straight 'til Morning

Okay. I read a thing about Jacin, but besides that I do not know him well.

5/30/2015 #29
He's not really a main character so that's okay
5/30/2015 #30
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