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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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:D nice! Thanks!

3/5/2016 #61

Name: Astrid Jones

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race (human, lunar, shell): Lunar

Position/Job: One of Levanas maids. She hears about Selene, but isn't sure whether to trust her or not. She wants Princess Winter to be queen, as she has a friendship with her.

Eye Color: Her original eye colour is a murky brown, which she hates and thinks is "boring". She glamours it often to gold

Hair: Her hair is a light hazel. She often wears her hair in a up-do, like a braided bun or a pony tail, but likes to wear it down when it's curled or crimped. It's goes down to her stomach when straightened. She wishes she could glamour it to a pink or blue, but it's against the rule for maids to do exssessive glamouring that take away from the queen.

Other Appearance: She's tall for her age ( 5"9) and very skinny and boyish, which she is very self-conscious about. She's tan and has abs from doing labour. She has a long scar on her back from when her abusive mother attacked her when she was young. She has freckles and small ears. When she was 14 after her mother died, she got a small tattoo on her wrist that was a young bird flying away with some of its wing cut off.

Special Skills (if any): She's one of the few maids that can read (which she has to hide from the guards). She can also sing extremely well, and often sings for Winter.

Personality: She's very bubbly and talkative, but she has some days where she just doesn't want to be social. She never went to school, so she only knew what her father taught her before he died. She has trouble biting her tounge and doesn't trust people easily. She's very cautious and laughs at almost anything.

History: She was born in the outer sectors and had one older brother. Her mother was very abusive and beat her many times until her dad came home from work to save her from his wife. After her father died when she was thirteen, her mother became a lot more abusive, starving Astrid and beating her. She got so hysterical that she ran through the restricted area and was shot by a guard. Astrid wasn't to upset. Her brother became a minor, and she was taken to the castle, where see became a maid to Levana.

Relationship Status: Single and loving it. She has a few flings though, but hates commitment.


4/6/2016 #62

Name: Ash Greyson.

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Lunar

Position/job: Lady in the Lunar Court

Eye colour: Ash mauve (Purple grey)

Hair: Ruby red with streaks of bronze

Other appearance: Ivory skin, usually wears white.

Special skills: Smart and logical, uses her gift to look pleased about the court and Levana, amazing hacker, can glamour cameras.

Personality: Although she acts like a typical court member Ash wishes for a better life and equality.

History: She was born to an incredibly rich court family. Her parents died in a maglev accident and Ash became one of the richest people on Lunar. Ash continually finds excuses to visit Earth and the other sectors.

Relationship status: She's scared if she finds a significant other he'll reveal her secrets.

Other: Ash is a constant secret sponsor to the Lunar rebels and is trying to find a substitute for shell blood after she was injected with the antidote.

9/27/2016 #63

Name: Kennedy O'Malley

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race: human

Position/Job: assistant to His Majesty Emperor Kaito

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Dark, dark brown, pigtails, slight bangs that curve towards left side

Other Appearance: Tall. A bit shorter than Cinder. Very skinny. Mild color skin. Mix of Asian and Caucasian, but most Asian

Special Skills (if any): n/a

Personality: Very sweet and charming, great friends with Iko. Also great friends with Cinder.

History: Born on December 13th, 128th year of the third era, Kennedy grew up near the New Beijing palace, with her father, who worked in the palace assisting the emperor. When the plague hit, though, her father immediately contracted the plague, dying days later. However, Kennedy was offered a job by the emperor to take her father's position, to where she is now.

Relationship Status: single

Other: non

1/19/2017 #64
Name: Nicole Whitehurst Age:12 Gender:Female Sexuality:Straight Race:Lunar Position/Job:Still a Child Eye Color:Hazel Hair:Dirty Blond that is about elbow length. Slightly wavy and usually in a pony tail. Other Apperance: About 5'4" hourglass shape body with long ran legs and arms. Oval Face with normal sizef nose and slightly pinkish lips. Special Skills: Can do complex math and science problems in her head Personality: Nicole, still being 12, is very hyperactive and bouncy, yet can control her emotions if she must. She refuses to use her lunar gift and suffered from lunar sickness until she was 10, when the bioelectricity blocker came out for the public. She is loving and cares about animals more than some think is good for her. History: Nicole lived with her mother and father until they had her taken away for her refusal you use her gift. Since then she has stayed with many fiffrent psychiatrists but none have convinced her to change. She made her decision when she saw a maid being forced to kiss a thaumaturge. She decided that it was an evil thing and has not done it since. After the war ended. Queen Selene hear about her and sent for her imedeatly. After arriving at the palace she was welcome by both the queen and Princess Winter. After explaining the blocker to her she agreed to have it installed and now lives comfortably at the palace, what with Winter taking her in as a daughter. Relationship Status: Single
1/22/2017 #65
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