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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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Brohoof Studios

(Nice to meet you! I play myself and the infamous Levana)

11/8/2015 #601
Brohoof Studios

(Nice to meet you! I play myself and the infamous Levana)

11/8/2015 #602
Katia Salvatore

(Awesome! Could you please sum up what all has happened in this Roleplay? That's a lot of reading I don't want to do haha)

11/8/2015 #603
Brohoof Studios

(Cinder and the crew have jumped onto a different ship, which I am also the captain (Max) and lunar operative Serena Conners (me) has found them and vowed to help them take down Levana, she has the mark that shows she is loyal only to princess winter and has no regard for the present rular, they will be landing shortly on Luna and they will need Serena's help to get through the castle or risk being caught by the guards or other operatives)

11/8/2015 #604
Katia Salvatore

(Alright. Do you want to do a scene?)

11/8/2015 #605
Brohoof Studios

(If your wolf and cress then start let your creativity flow!)

11/8/2015 #606

Omg I was just going through my emails and then I saw so much updates on Roleplay and I was like WOAH WAT HAPPENED (BTW welcome Katia!)

11/8/2015 #607
Brohoof Studios

(Let's Roleplay!)

11/8/2015 #608

"Great!" Thorne clapped his hands. "We got that covered. So what next?"

12/11/2015 #609
Brohoof Studios

"For one we need a plan to get into the palace, after the attack on earth security has been upped." Serena said looking at them. "You guys do have a plan right?"

12/11/2015 #610
Veiera struggled against her bindings. What was Serena thinking, cooperating with the enemy?!? She must have gone madder than the princess she supposedly followed. Veiera had to help her. She returned to her escape attempts with vigor. (If anyone has a problem with Veiera escaping please tell me)
12/11/2015 #611

"Er," Thorne struggled to say something. "Not really. But we're planning on returning Kai to Earth after my sight has returned,"

12/12/2015 #612
Brohoof Studios

"You have the emperor? You could use him to help get into the palace, we just have to get the captain in on the plan." Serena said as a few drops of blood hit the floor from her fingers. "Oh...I forgot about that..." She lifted her wrist and ripped a strip of cloth from her skirt and wrapped it. "Ok, so as I was saying. You can use the emperor to get in if we have the captain on our side, then nothing will go wrong. We just have to fool the queen into thinking he is here to accept the marriage alliance and I can sneak you guys through the servant passages while the guards are distracted."

12/12/2015 #613

"Yeah! That's what we're going for," Serena got the right point, except...

Thorne frowned.

"We're actually thinking about going to Earth and then using one of Commonwealth's ships to get to Luna, so that we can be inside the palace. Otherwise, we'd have no chance of getting inside the palace. We're not actually going to go inside the commonwealth palace,"

12/12/2015 #614

Al opened his door to his inn, and let Kayla pass.

"Wow," she said.

To Al, it was plain old home. But Al knew that it must have been amazing compared to the house they lived before. The other house was old and worn down, lights flickering, paint on walls fading. Even though it was an apartment home, it looked much more lavish.

"You live here?" Kayla said. She looked awestruck, taking in the entire place.


For the first time in a long time, Al was grateful for his life.

12/12/2015 #615

(this is how it looks like)

12/12/2015 #616

ok its not coming up for some reason I don't know why..

12/12/2015 #617
Brohoof Studios

"That could work, but we need a lunar to pilot the ship, if a lunar is piloting then we have a chance to decieve the queen, she doesn't trust earthen escorts so she has her thaumaturges on high alert." Serena explained. "And if I was to show my face with the emperor and criminals I'd be killed, I'm your only guide through those servant passages."

12/13/2015 #618

"Actually," Thorne looked sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly "We're actually planning to sneak in one of Levana's ships. Cinder is going to glamour us into looking like servants,"


Kayla lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. It seemed too easy. Less than 24 hours ago, she'd broken into the palace, met a maid, almost went to the court, met her long lost brother, and now she was living with him!

It seemed too good to be real.

"Kayla?" Al called out to the other room. "Dinner's ready!"

She jumped up out of the bed, leaving her very nice room, and went to the living room.

There, she saw steaming soup, with breadsticks and butter. Not bad.

Kayla smiled.

12/13/2015 #619

Veiera pulled at the ropes on her wrists. Almost there... Got it! She shook the remains of rope from her wrists and went to try the door. It was locked of course, but there was only one lock. Veiera applied just the right amount of pressure to the door so the lock snapped. Then she went to find her mad friend.

12/13/2015 #620
Brohoof Studios

"So Cinder is a lunar fugitive...I thought it was all rumors." Serena mumbled spacing out a bit.

12/13/2015 #621

(Sup guys? I'll jump in when there's an opening.)

3/5/2016 #622


9/27/2016 #623
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