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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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If you're ever gone for a while and want to let people know

8/13/2015 #1
Brohoof Studios
I'm going to be off for a while, I am a freshman in high school and I won't have Internet until my seventh hour class
8/28/2015 #2

Most days, minus weekends, I will have considerably less time online seeing as I won't get home until five (mountain time zone) from school everyday.

8/31/2015 #3
Brohoof Studios
Yo, I will be off for a while, I'll be back with more RP awesomeness though! See ya on the flip side *peace*
9/14/2015 #4

Hey guys? I'm going on a trip for three days, its like a school excursion. This will be from Monday to Wednesday (East Asia Timing) and i also have to pack up for that, as well as study for lots of tests, so I won't be doing much on the forum, Sorry! :(

10/1/2015 #5
Brohoof Studios
Cool, so we'll see you in three days hopefully, have fun!
10/1/2015 #6

Thanks! :D

10/1/2015 #7
Brohoof Studios

How's your trip going LunarLunartic

10/2/2015 #8

I didn't start on the trip, but I'm packing up and studying in advance. I'm really excited

10/2/2015 #9
Brohoof Studios

Oh, sorry, I thought you had already left for your trip.

10/3/2015 #10

Lol you don't have to say sorry. I'm going tomorrow though :-o

10/3/2015 #11
Brohoof Studios
Awesome! I hope you have fun! *smiles*
10/4/2015 #12

Hey guys I'm back! I miss my computer so much lol

10/7/2015 #13
Brohoof Studios

Hey, glad to have you back

10/7/2015 #14
Straight 'til Morning

Just wanna say in general I'm SUPER BUSY ALL THE FREAKING TIME, so I won't be able to be the most active I'm lucky to get on at least once a day.

3/3/2016 #15
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