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For my lovely fellow Lunar Chronicles fans in which there isn't enough of... Come roleplay as a lunar or a human or whatever you wish from the wonderful series! And for those uninterested in roleplay, we have a chat that might contain our excitement for the next book. Might.
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For any questions, ideas, headcanons, deep conversation, or just talking about stuff from the Lunar Chronicles. After Winter comes out, I suggest avoiding this topic until you've read the book.
9/18/2015 #1

Okay okay so can we just talk about The Conversation of book 3? because it is the most delicious thing I have ever read and I don't necessarily mean them kind of accepting each other at the end. I mean:


and then b) Cinder's like *troll face* you're welcome

and then they both hash it out and it's the best waterfall cosmic thing ever

and then they're talking about Princess Selene in the third person, like she's not standing RIGHT THERE, and I'm just sitting there with a hand over my mouth, trying to cover my laughter, and it's so awkward for Cinder and Kai is so confused

and then, "Kai, it's me. I'm Princess Selene." and I just imagine how his worldview flips; how can the idea of the mythical Lunar ghostling be reconciled with this girl, this flesh-and-blood girl who he knows?

and that look of confusion on his face

honestly, I feel like I've SEEN it all happen

and Cinder says, "Uh ... surpriiiise?" and starts rambling ... let me try to remember it off the top of my head

"And I was joking before, about all that 'great' stuff. I mean ... I'm fine. Really. It's just been crazy with the *gestures wildly* Peony-ball-Levana-wedding thing, and now Dr. Erland is dead and Scarlet is gone and Thorne is blind and Wolf ... I don't know, he's so still these days and I'm really starting to worry about him, but I'm fine. I can do this. I'm - "


9/22/2015 #2
Brohoof Studios
I loved the third book, I have read everything lunar chronicles, and selection series, they are both amazing!!
9/22/2015 #3

Oh my gosh, I love that conversation. Like, seriously, *fangirl screams*! I read in multiple time obsessively. And Kai's confusion (my favorite thing ever), their banter (Kaider banter just makes me squeal every. dang. time), and their little kiss, and the whole glamour thing-

Let me tell you something, I love the whole thing where Kai is wondering if she is using glamour and Cinder NEVER IS and it's adorable how he just jokingly checks because he's aware she has the capability but Cinder has never needed to use it around him because he sees her as she truly is and thinks it's beautiful.

-And also, that was the best recreation of that conversation I've ever seen. I've only seen the one (lol) but honestly it was fabulous. Also rambling Cinder is awesome.

Another thing we NEED to talk about from Cress is something that can be summarized in a word. Wait for it. Okay.


Like, honestly. I don't think I need to say more. Their relationship is just unexplainable.

10/25/2015 #4
Brohoof Studios
I think cresswell is amazing their so cute together!!
10/25/2015 #5





11/11/2015 #6


11/11/2015 #7

Do you want Cinder or Winter for queen?

11/11/2015 #8

I actually thought a bit about this after our first discussion of it. And I have decided that I want Cinder to become queen.

Reasoning being: First that it would automatically restore peace between Earth and Luna. Earth doesn't know Winter as well and it would probably require more negotiating and a lot more work to create peace. They can trust a bit more in Cinder than some random princess who was raised by the evil queen herself. Plus there is also the very appealing idea of Cinder and Kai creating an alliance between the two planets through a (future) marriage negotiation. *squee*

There is the fact that more work is exactly what Cinder doesn't need but I think it'd kind of be the perfect ending to her journey. She'd no longer be a mechanic but a freaking queen. It's the perfect sort of maturing into her position type thing and it's her taking responsibility and handling it LIKE A BOSS.

Besides, Winter would obviously be her adviser and plus that would help with Jacin's whole 'she's going to be queen and this is inappropriate because she's royalty' thing. I mean, she'd still be a princess but it's preferred to her being queen. I mean, why have that when you can have the whole Cinder as queen creating an alliance through Emperor Kai and Winter free to live a life with Jacin (at least one he has no excuse in).

What are your thoughts?

11/11/2015 #9
Brohoof Studios

That sounds awesome, I've always said it as Cinder becomes queen and Winter confesses her feelings to Jacin.

11/11/2015 #10

I have a feeling that Jacin and Winter both know of each others feelings for each other and that Winter is always trying to tease him or just hang out with him and gets frustrated when Jacin won't let her because he's ignoring what they both know in fear of being wrong or simply because he thinks that the feelings are unfit for someone of his station.

... Dang, I wish I had the book.

11/11/2015 #11
Brohoof Studios

Me too, and I think Jacin is a little shy if he is trying to keep his distance but Winter wants to put it out there by giving hints with her teasing and jokes.

11/11/2015 #12

I don't think he's shy, just more focused on the broader scope of things to let himself focus on small moments with Winter (but he does anyway after she's gone XD). I also have the headcanon that in order to calm Winter down from her bigger fits of madness he'll start teasing back or holding her hand or just in general finally acknowledge their feelings until it's over.

11/11/2015 #13
Brohoof Studios

Now that I think will happen, I mean he wouldn't just let her go through that alone

11/11/2015 #14

Right! I mean, they're best friends and always have been and there's no way he'd just abandon her. And probably if they're in public places, he'd just brush his shoulder against hers or find some way to physically contact her to let him know he's there and OH MY GOD, I BARELY KNOW THESE CHARACTERS AND I'M GIVING MYSELF THE FEELS JUST THINKING OF WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN

11/11/2015 #15
Brohoof Studios

I know right I do that all the time!! *squee*

11/11/2015 #16

It's worse because I know the book is out, I just can't read it yet because I don't have a copy yet. And so my mind is hyperactively thinking of how things will end.

... I bet Midnight is reading it right now.

11/11/2015 #17
Brohoof Studios

Probably, I just hop midnight doesn't start spoiling it when she's done

11/11/2015 #18

Don't worry, I won't spoil!

(By the way, I've written some fanfiction for the TLC Ship Week that I'm rather proud of, and I hope you guys can take a look at it and review. There's Retribution (Thress one-shot) and Nostalgia, a series of disconnected fics. Please give it a try!)

For Cinder vs. Winter.

I don't know. I'm just overwhelmed with affection for Cinder and I think she would be an amazing queen; that would be the climax over her character development. She's responsible, and more importantly she feels responsible for everyone and Earth; she's intelligent and would probably make a good war strategist - not that she'll ever engage in war after she signs the Treaty of Bremen but maybe there will be Martians (ooh! spin-off series, anyone?). And I just ... ahhh, I love her so much. I think it's right for her to become queen. It's her destiny. And she would be a compassionate yet intimidating leader.

And, of course, there should really be no competition between her and Winter, because Winter doesn't strike me as the kind of character who would long to be queen - she'd want to change things for the better, of course, but not by leading her people. I think they would co-rule. Winter would be princess and Cinder would be queen, but really they would rule together. *sighs happily*

Man, now that I have this headcanon ... it may very well be slap-in-the-face negated. Because you can't argue with what's canon.

And we now have an entire book full of canon events.

This is why Winter is so exciting. We've been waiting for it so long that its release has almost become hypothetical. The three previous books - four if you count Fairest - have been the entire story, the entire known story. Like there is no continuation. I don't know about you, but I've practically memorized the conversations and events of the previous books, and now, there's a whole new book of new conversation, new events, like these characters have come back to life. We now have an ending to the story, and I am afraid to read it.

Because then the characters will take their last bow and leave the stage, forever.

11/11/2015 #19

(I'll probably read them later but right now I'm flooded with homework)

I have that problem with book series. Because for some reason, the author always decide to end them and I'm like, NOOOOOO WHY!!!! And then, Did I give you permission to do that to me!? (But then at the same time if a series keeps going too long I'm like, stop. just stop already). So I never want to read the last book but at the same time I do because seriously, I WANT TO BE READING WINTER RIGHT NOW BUT THEN IT WILL END AND I WILL HAVE TO FIND A NEW BOOK EVEN THOUGH PART OF MY HEART WILL ALWAYS GO OUT TO THE LUNAR CHRONICLES

It's a never-ending cycle.

11/11/2015 #20
11/12/2015 #21
Brohoof Studios

Good for you.....

11/12/2015 #22
Aw, don't worry, you'll get it soon
11/12/2015 #23
Brohoof Studios

I hate not being able to read it I've been waiting for this day for so long!!!!

11/12/2015 #24

I have finished Winter!!!! OMG THE FEELS! I'm glad that book was so long because I didn't want it to end.

Once you have finished the book, please tell me.

11/15/2015 #25
Brohoof Studios

LUCKY!!!!! *cries anime tears*

11/15/2015 #26

Hey guys! I've read the first 9 chapters of Winter and have taken a while to do so, because I want to take it slowly. I've been MIA for a while, but when I finish I will come back and we can discuss together!

By the way: I'm irritated with Wolf.

12/6/2015 #27
Brohoof Studios

Your lucky!!!!!!!

12/10/2015 #28

Does anyone know who gets married in Stars Above?? I hope it's Cress and Thorne

4/7/2016 #29
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