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This winter, Mossflower has more than a few problems.

First of all, the woods is experiencing the coldest winter in recorded memory. The snow has fallen nearly every day, and the temperature has forced the populace to seek shelter within Redwall. With no small amount of controversy, Abbot Cloverleaf has extended this invitation to the vermin of Mossflower as well. Though he hopes the gesture to stimulate good will, the increase of creatures within the Abbey has stretched its housing and food limits to the breaking point. Tensions can only increase as the snow continues to fall...

Second, the appearance of the Red Fire Army within Mossflower fortells of conflict to come. Led by the eccentric weasel Francis Moonshot, the vermin horde looks to accumulate the treasures of the world and extend its conquest through war and power. They have Redwall in their sights, and the winter can only speed up their motivations for shelter...

Finally, the peculiar arrival of a monstorous badger has all beasts scared. Clad in metal plates, grown to enourmous size, the beast is killing woodlanders and vermins indiscriminately, and demanding to meet with somebeast the badger calls "The Professor..."

Such is the scene set for Midnight Mossflower 2: Fire and Brimstone, a Redwall Survivor contest, in which the reward for the writers that make the top ten is to deal with this myriad of problems: fight the winter, stave off the Red Fire Army, and save Redwall; or, if you favor the vermin, take the Abbey, and enjoy the treasures of the world. Or, maybe, you will find yourself dead at the paws of Project Brimstone.

Enter, and find out your fate.

10/28/2010 #1
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