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I think they would be a cute couple, but I don't think people like them because it to "racial." What's wrong them? They're both black, Elliot and Olivia are both white but people ship them, so why can't you ship Fin and Melinda?

12/10/2010 #1
Bellatrix wannabe 89

*Rolls eyes* People don't like GE, they're homophobes, people don't like F/Mel they're racist... I don't like Cragen/Olivia does that mean I hate old people as well? I also don't like Dani/E does that mean I'm racist agains Danish people? But I do like FO so does that only make me half a racist? I also am not a fan of EK so does that mean I'm racist aganst whites?

I personally just don't see any spark behind them and reading about a pairing I don't feel has really any sort of basis or spark just isn't my cup of tea. I'll never in my life read a Dani/Elliot story at all. Is it because I'm racist? No, I just hate the character with a passion. I'll also never read a GE. Is it because I'm a homophobe? No, it's because I don't see any sparks there. You may think they're is a spark between them and that's true to honest great. You should sail your ship proudly and not let other people's opinions or indifference or dislike change your mind and should take my opinion of your ship with half a grain of salt. But to say that people don't ship them because it's too 'racial' is not only insulting but completely baseless since there are plenty of Caucasian/Caucasian ships a lot of people aren't fans of.

12/16/2010 #2

I didn't mean to offend anyone, but when I had made this forum I just got through talking to a very unpleasent person, to say the least, and they were telling me that Fin/Melinda wasn't a 'reasonable couple' because they are both black. I didn't mean anything by it. I knew as soon as I posted this that someone would probably take it the wrong way, but in no way did I mean to offend anyone. I am so sorry if I did offend you, please, know it wasn't intentional.... I know there are alot of caucasian ships, which is one reason I stated the following. If it's so wrong for two African Americans to be together why isn't it a big deal with two caucasians? I am sorry if you though I was being rude.


12/17/2010 #3
Bellatrix wannabe 89

It's fine but to me it seemed like you were saying if you didn't like F/Me, it meant you were a racist and I think being called a racist or homophobe is one of the worst insults you can be because you're seentially someone hates someone for something that the other person can't control regarding skin color or orenation. That would be like me (or you seeing that you're an EO shipper as well), going "if you don't ship EO it means you hate Caucasion people.'

And don't listen to that idiot considering there are millions African American/African American happy and 'reasonable' couples out there, just like there are millions Caucasion/Caucasion couples as well. And in TV and movies it's like an unwritten rule that unless you live next to wealthy racist Caucasion people who never worked a hard day in their life who mistake them for the help in a swanky upscale suburb or live in a poor urban ghetto where they have never seen a Caucasion person in their entire lives, then you're usually gonna pair up people of th same race. I mean how many movies or TV shows have ou seen where thye paired different races together and not have some kind of struggle, rather it be the old southern Caucasion idiot or the gangster diva African American woman?

And why I honestly think that more people don't ship F/Mel because Melinda is just a minor character and doesn't have a lot to do so people aren't 'fans' enough of her to write a fan fiction. I mean she has a lot of fans, no doubt. I personally love her additude (but again, I just don't see a lot of spark between her and Fin.) And there are some fans out there who think it should become the Melinda Warner hour every single episode and probablly every casual viewer or bigger fan like her, but not enough to make her centered in the story or to pair her with someone romanticlly.

12/17/2010 #4

Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella, you never cease to amuse...

12/18/2010 #5

I think Fin/Melinda would be good. I like the characters together. Of course, I don't really think the race matters on any ships. If Elliot was black I'd still want him with Olivia. Lol that sounds totally weird but it's just an example. (:

3/19/2011 #6
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