Massacre University
As the Class of 2015 at Wind Crest University near the end of their college careers, a string of murders starts leaving a trail of bodies that soon startles the campus. As the body count increases, so does the intensity and paranoia settles in deeply for not just the students, but the faculty also. Left to figure out who is behind this why, there is only one question on everyone's mind and that's who's going to be alive long enough to walk across the stage on graduation day.
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Where the only thing getting higher than the GPA's is the body count.

4/1/2015 #1

April Fool's Day

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

2:00 p.m.

4/1/2015 #2

Ryan paced back in forth in front of his desk, quickly taking a sip of his coffee. He knew it was rather odd to be drinking coffee at such a time, but he felt the need to take a break from soda. There was no telling what the amount of damage was and felt it was better to start diverting from it. He was far from one of those people gullible enough to listen to one of those diet guru's though.

Sitting out near the back, Mandy leaned against the back of her seat, sighing as she pushed her hair back. She glanced over at Gwen and smirked. "I swear he gets hotter with every passing day," she mumbled under her breath just as he cleared his throat."

"Alright, here's a little fun fact I'm sure many of you already know," Ryan said, clasping his hands together and rubbing them as if a fire were going to magically appear from underneath. "Did you know it is very easy to tell if someone likes you just based on their pupils?" He had a smirk on his face, seeing the somewhat intrigued expression on the faces of the students. "It's pretty simply actually. If somebody likes you then their pupils are going to dilate. Now, I don't necessarily just mean like as in friends either. Usually, if you're interested or attracted to the person, they are bound to dilate. Whether or not you choose to believe the view of large pupils equating to being around someone you hate is up to all of you."

Many went to raise her hand in a light smirk.

"Yes, Mandy?"

"I just wanted to say that you are such an amazing teacher," the redhead claimed with a smile.

Ryan grinned back at her. "I bet you're just saying that to get extra credit on your project."

"Well did it work?"

Ryan now chuckled. "Sorry, you know how this works." He fiddled with a pen he pulled from his pocket before returning to behind his desk.

Mandy craned her neck to Gwen. "I find that so weird, the fact pupils get smaller when you're around people you like. Usually I make things get bigger." She shrugged and then went to lean back again. "He so wants me."

Adam was in the school gym, seeing as he was done for the day. At first, he hated the way coach pushed on all the students to have early classes. Now he was enjoying it because he had a lot of free time on his hands now. With the upcoming game set to determine whether or not they would make it to districts, he felt it was all or nothing. He had a lot on his plate, and it was definitely important he keep putting on the show for everyone.

He enjoyed all of the attention anyways- the students admiring him and the coaches seeing good. It was all perfect to him.

He smirked as he leaned back and began counting the reps of the bench press he was doing.

4/1/2015 #3

Ann Fields walked into her class room and smiled widely at her students. "Hey Hey Hey you guys, how's my best students?" She asked, walking over to her desk and setting her shoulder bag down. She unbuttoned her navy blazer and slipped it onto the back of her swivel chair. "So... what is up? What's the 411? What has everybody been up to? What's the hot gossip? Tell me everything." She said, standing with one hand on her hip and the other pressed against the desk as she leaned into it, a big smile plastered onto her face.

Ann was a very social person. She enjoyed building relationships with her students and wanted to provide them with an environment that was both professional and friendly. She was recently divorced, but she didn't let that stop her and interfere with her job. It was a good distraction from the mess that was her love life.

"I see you got those new earrings Sierra." Ann said with a smile, pointing to one of the girls in the middle row. "My husband bought his girlfriend the same pair before we filed for divorce." She said with a smile and nod. "But that's none of my business I guess!" She said tossing her blonde hair back over her shoulder.

Her sing song voice carried as she turned her back to the dry erase board and begin to write the days lesson down. "Interpersonal Communication" She wrote, saying the words as she went along. "Or should I say, something my marriage lacked." She did a quick curtsy as if to take a bow for her joke. "Let's get started shall we?"

Cody Taylor sat in the quad, his back against one of the large trees scattered across the campus. He had his head phones in listening to pandora radio and his text book wide open on his lap. He scribbled some notes in his notebook before flipping the page. He looked up and glanced around before continuing his writing. It was a warm day out, so of course campus was crawling with people enjoying the warmth.

The quad was filled with sorority girls in circles talking about God knows what, boys playing Frisbee, hippies perched in their hammocks, and the occasional nerd tucked away in the shadows of the trees. He would probably be hanging out with his friends at the moment, had he not forgotten to study for his test. Cody wasn't always irresponsible when it came to his school work, he had just forgotten about it. He was a pretty good student usually, and always did well on his homework and exams. He didn't brag about his brain though, then all of his frat brothers would be trying to get him to do their stuff for them and he wasn't about that.

A nice breeze drifted across the quad, cooling him off and sending slight chills down his spine causing him to jump a little from the sensation. He shook it off and set his note book aside, picking up his green water bottle and taking a drink, looking at the scenery once again.

4/1/2015 #4

This afternoon proved to be more boring than Sora thought possible, after the joke his agency tried to pull ended up falling through. Naturally, he jumped ship and went home to see if Ryan had done anything for the holiday. When he discovered the two-bedroom apartment was just as he left it before Paris, he felt a little disappointed. It wasn't like he expected his roommate to play a trick on him, when he wasn't supposed to be home for the next few days, but he'd known the man since Ryan was in middle school. Surely that called for shenanigans, right?

He checked the fridge just in case, and stared at the empty shelf where they kept different soda cans. Ryan had taken the last Mountain Dew. There was a disturbing lack of food in general - rotten eggs, something that probably used to be a sandwich with grey fuzzy mold, and what he thought was milk. Sora's left eye twitched in irritation. After all he'd done for the frat boy turned respectable teacher, and this was how Ryan paid him back for running him over?

Sora didn't bother to unpack his suitcase as he wheeled it into his room to make sure that Ryan didn't touch his private stash. He wasn't surprised to see that the mini-fridge was also empty, and moldy in the bottom. The twenty-nine-year-old gritted his teeth, then took a deep breath to calm himself down. He made sure he had all the essentials on his person: wallet, car keys, house keys, Ryan's favorite snack he was going to eat in front of him... check.

He left the apartment, locking the door behind him, and headed for the elevator. When an elderly couple on the next floor joined him, and stared at his designer everything - high fashion from head to toe - the man pushed his Dior sunglasses down, covering his vibrant blue contacts. He was glad they hadn't said a word, because he had enough trouble with people who actually knew who he was off the runway. That didn't stop the two minutes it took from the top floor of his penthouse, to the ground floor and the garage, from being awkward.

Sora went to his car - a blue 1970 Chevelle SS - and got in after he unlocked the door. He was tense, after the long plane ride home; more so now that he was trying not to be as mad as he felt. It was just soda, and mold, or asbestos, maybe. Something like that shouldn't be such a big deal for people like them, when they were hardly around much to enjoy the comforts of home. That just made him more determined to stay, and to convince Ryan that he needed to take some time off work. They could go see his younger cousin, Georgina Holloway, who was supposedly a psychic and did palm readings and all that.

After a minute of deliberating between punching Ryan in the face when he saw him, or dragging him out of his classroom by his hair, Sora figured that doing nothing was better. When he didn't lash out immediately, Ryan would spend the rest of the day worrying about what Sora could do, once he had his back turned. That was going to be more fun than advertising a domestic violence spat to the public, not to mention damaging to both their reputations as members of society.

He started the Chevelle, then left the garage, heading for the university. It had been a while since he visited Ryan's work, although he left before spring started on March 20th. He didn't know if part of his disappointment was something to do with himself. Ryan would likely blame some brain chemistry thing, or how he was emotionally attached, because they were friends. Sora blamed it on red eye flights, after parties, and international time zones.

It didn't take Sora long to reach the campus, once he took a few shortcuts to get there. He parked in the faculty's part of the lot, and made his way to Ryan's classroom by going through the quad. Normally, he would have gone a different route when he was likely to be accosted by fans, but he wasn't in the mood to use stealth to get where he wanted to be. He could deal with a crowd of teenagers and young adults if they recognized him. Right now, he could pretend to be one of their own, provided they ignored him, rather than focusing on getting attention from him. It tended to be annoying, but there was no curing stans.

Sora got through the quad with little incident, apart from chucking a football at some jock's head when it almost hit him from the side. He blessed the inventors of air conditioning as he walked into the building, and hoped it would help quell the noise inside his mind. After he remembered where he was, Sora navigated the halls with ease, until he reached Ryan's classroom. The lecture wouldn't be over for another hour or two at least, which meant he had plenty of time to waste.

He opened the door and went in, steadfastly ignoring the students gathered in the room. They weren't worth his attention, and he was good at acting like he owned the world. He could have been a king, for all they knew. Sora sat in the chair next to Ryan's desk, propped his feet up on the edge, and pushed his sunglasses up. He swiped Ryan's coffee as soon as he was able, then drank half of it, just to spite the man two years his senior.

As much as he wanted to tell Ryan off for drinking all the soda while he was gone, Sora resorted to the banter they'd traded for years. The only thing better than freaking Ryan out, was freaking his students out.

"Hi, honey. Did you miss me?"

4/1/2015 . Edited 4/3/2015 #5

Ryan was about to mention a psychological insight at emotion, feeling as though this was going to be a pretty good class. He always got the occasional laughs in which to him was always a good sign. Snores equaled bores to him and that was something he thought of even in the good old days of college.

As he started to pull a powerpoint up, the door opened. He almost expected it to be a late student, so initially he paid it no mind. Then he quickly recalled that he had perfect attendance for the day. With quick deductive reasoning, and the sound of footwear only people with too much fashion sense might even have on, he lightly cleared his throat just in time to see it was none other than Sora. He had asked him not to come much while he was here, mainly because he did not have time to worry about his classes and his roommate.

Of course, none of that mattered much to Sora. Still Ryan had to play off the whole thing. He put on a smile and removed himself from behind the desk.

"Well class, for those of you who have to meet him, this here is my wonderful roommate, Sora, who knows how to show up late and drink up your two-in-the-afternoon coffee."

After a few laughs, Mandy glanced over the man. She could tell he had some sense of fashion, and it was almost impressive. Almost. "Dr. Holloway, would you say that your apparent roommate's pupil's are usually-"

"Complicated," Ryan answered a little too quickly with a fixture of the eye. "Definitely complicated." He stepped on over towards Sora, clearing his throat. "Do you mind waiting til I'm done here. Kind doing something here. Like teaching. A class. That's here right now."

Cindy walked quickly through the halls, holding her bad and a holder containing four cups of coffee. They were all varying in flavor, from caramel macchiato to french vanilla; it was nothing but routine for her. Usually, she would go before arriving at the school, but likewise traffic somehow overflowed. She wasn't going to question it because she was worried it would cause her to lose her balance and the last thing she needed was a wardrobe disaster on top of being a few minutes late to class.

"Alright Cindy, you got this," she told herself, passing a couple of doors. "It's a Wednesday which means you're two days from Friday which is close as hell to the weekend. Two more days."

As she reached the door, the young woman planted a smile on her face, feeling it was necessary with her already being behind as she entered the class. She gave a few waves before hurrying over and setting the tray of coffees on the desk.

"Be careful, they're hot," she whispered to Ann, skidding over to her personal desk on the side. "And sorry for being late!"

4/1/2015 . Edited 4/1/2015 #6

Sora swallowed the comeback on the tip of his tongue about how Ryan was the asshole who left mold in the fridge, and drank all the soda. It was petty, and he was above being petty. Except in the privacy of their apartment, then all bets were off. He ignored the girl who had spoken, his attention on Ryan alone. "Of course not. Don't mind me. Keep talking." he said mildly, a veiled threat in his tone. A warning to Ryan, not to start an argument in the midst of strangers.

He could have gone to bother Ann, he supposed, but then she wouldn't get any work done at all. The blonde had struck a rapport with him recently in the last few months, not that he understood why. He was wealthy enough to buy his own island, and young enough to marry someone right out of high school, much less a few years older than himself. Age didn't matter to him, really. It was the people who mattered; they were more than just a number.

Ryan was still the thirteen-year-old who was practicing for his license outside of the farm and accidentally hit an eleven-year-old Sora, who didn't care. As long as they were both alive, why should they have let one random incident ruin everything? Now, they were still friends, roommates. Even after they both went their separate ways, across thousands of miles. Somehow, Sora found himself returning to this place, and to Ryan.

He didn't want to consider what that meant, when he was sure that Ryan knew exactly what it was. He was loyal to a select few. One of them just happened to be a man he would have otherwise buried six feet under, if things were different.

So he sat still, and waited.

4/1/2015 . Edited 4/3/2015 #7

"And that is the gist behind relationship schema's." Ann said, finishing the sentence she was writing on the board before turning around and smiling at the class. "Something I lacked to my husband." She turned around just in time to see Cindy setting the coffees she had gotten them down on her desk. "Oh good! My pick-me-up is here. Thanks Cindy!"

She smiled at her TA and approached her desk, pulling her cup out of the cardboard drink holder and took a sip. "Oh that's hot." She said fanning her mouth. "Let this serve as an example for the listening section of interpersonal communication and why it's important." This time she blew into her cup before taking another drink. "Much better." She sat her cup back down on her desk and walked back over to the board.

Ann was spacey sometimes which led to her doing a few comical things every now and then. You'd think being a communications professor that she would be better at listening and paying attention, but that wasn't always the case sometimes. Oh well, she could blame it on being blonde if she wanted to... it wasn't natural, but she'd never tell that though. She wrote a date down on the board and put the green marker back in it's slot at the board. "This will be our next exam day, we'll take the class before it to review. Are there any questions about anything we've went over so far?"

4/2/2015 #8

Twilight had finally found the perfect spot to sleep in, without being disturbed by everyone else in the quad. She curled up a little more when the breeze picked up, rustling the branches of the tree she'd picked for her afternoon nap. She woke abruptly, when a football struck her perch, and dropped to the ground.

The brunette opened her eyes and looked around to see what was going on. She sat up, swung her legs over the side, then pushed off the branch, landing next to Cody. She plucked a leaf from her hair, then started to braid it. "I didn't miss anything, did I?" she asked, in between yawning.

She glanced at the homework he had been doing, then leaned back against the trunk of the tree as a few jocks made their way over to retrieve the football. Twilight watched them for a moment, then watched the rest of the people in the quad. It seemed like a fairly normal day, if not kind of boring for April Fool's.

Twilight wasn't going to complain, as long as she got to spend time with Cody. They kept in touch after she graduated high school first, and went to a different college. Since then, she finished her degree, and decided to move back to Wind Crest. She spent most days working, or taking free classes at the university, so she could hang out with Cody when he wasn't at home. That, and they were sharing a car since his truck was in the shop.

4/3/2015 #9

Cindy smiled from sitting over at her desk. Ann always had a way of being eccentric, yet still appealing oddly enough. She had met previous TA's who complained of of the teacher they had to follow around like lost puppies, but she felt as though it was quite the opposite for her. Ann, despite what was going on in her life at the moment, seemed very enlightening and considerate. Add the fact she did not try hard to outsmart everyone and that made her pretty awesome in Cindy's book.

"I tried to warn you," she remarked while folding her arms in a light giggle before shifting her eyes over to the students. A lot of them had the tendency to not ask too many questions, mainly because the tests were never extremely difficult. Of course, the fact she helped make them had some part in that thought process. It was nice being able to get involved as much as she did. So far, she had talked with quite a few of the students and all of them seemed to like her as much as Ann said.

"If you're worried about the coffee breath, I can answer!" Cindy piped up her words in a cheerful, joking manner

Ryan gave Sora a look before returning to the back of his desk. "Alright, so, in the beginning of class I told you guys I was going to give you your tests back. Well, I lied, you're getting them halfway into class because I'm just that unexpected. When I call your name, please come up here since you all know how I feel about walking in between those tight as hell rows."

A few more snickers followed as the students started to wait on their names being called. Ryan felt more than relieved when Sora did not say anything because it meant he was actually respecting the fact he was at work. It usually took a lot more to get him to focus, for multiple reasons, but overall, no dramatic scene was made and that was the best ending to his unexecepted arrival.

Speaking of which, he checked his watch to see Lukas was half an hour late. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lukas," he muttered before calling off the first name.

4/3/2015 . Edited 4/3/2015 #10

Sora rolled his eyes at Ryan. "Bitch, bitch, bitch," he said under his breath when he heard his roommate complain about something, as per usual. He could have passed the tests out, but Ryan knew better than to get him involved with his job. They tried at the beginning of Ryan's career, and Sora was more of a distraction to the students, than a help. His own career as a high-profile model meant that people who paid attention to the fashion industry, had questions and propositions. Like dating, or marriage.

As a result, Sora decided to limit his time at the university. He only visited once in a while, usually if there were an event of some kind he had to attend with Ryan. Or if he came home after a long trip, like today. Which meant keeping to himself, and not doing anything to jeopardize Ryan's reputation, unless they were alone together. The problem was that he had been sitting in a plane for hours, and now he was sitting in one of these horrible chairs.

He stifled a groan, and tried to make himself comfortable. The one distraction he had was his phone, so he texted people instead of looking at the students as they walked down to Ryan's desk. He glanced up when one of them lingered a bit longer than necessary. Sora blinked as the young woman in front of him smiled nervously, in that way people did when they met a celebrity or someone they had a crush on.

"Can I help you with something?" he finally said, because she just wouldn't stop smiling, or staring at him. It was annoying, and embarrassing, mostly for her. He didn't care when people stared while he was on the catwalk, but it was different in public. It was different when he was in Ryan's work space, among people Ryan taught for a living. So he felt compelled to do something about it, in the politest way possible, of course.

The young woman squealed with happy laughter, before she rushed back to her desk. Her reaction made Sora stare back at her, just long enough to see her blush and grin, before she covered her mouth with her test. It was like a flashback to their younger days, when Ryan's old students would swarm around him like flies to honey. Even though he was used to it, now, the fact that she even let her emotions get the best of her, made Sora want to rip her head off and leave it on someone else's doorstep.

His urge to commit violence was curbed once he looked at Ryan instead. Repeating the Thailand incident was a mistake he couldn't afford, not this time.

4/3/2015 #11
Lavender Skye

(Wow look at that an actual (somewhat shitty) response after a week yay!)

"I hate to break it to you, but I think he might be more interested in his random little Asian friend than you," Gwen told Mandy a bit teasingly as she turned her head to look in the direction of her friend before resting her head back on her desk, ushering out a tired yawn. She didn't often sleep in class, but the night before she had been up late doing certain things with a certain someone, so she felt that class time would be a good time to catch up on sleep. At least she had her priorities straight, you had to give her that.

"What the even fuck are we even supposed to be learning?" she asked Mandy, looking up at Ryan as he called the names out for tests. She was glad that right now they weren't doing anything so she had the chance to get caught up on the lesson or whatever before it proceeded, so that way in the chance that she would be bothered with a question, she wouldn't look like a total idiot and be completely lost. Which has happened one too many times already, and she frankly didn't feel like dealing with that again.

She glanced momentarily at Sora, who she will now forever dub as the random little Asian friend, before turning her attention to the other chair where Lukas usually sat. She wasn't surprised that he wasn't there today, but figured he was either gonna be late or wasn't coming at all, the former being the most likely.

And as luck would have it, at that moment Lukas came barging through the door, looking a bit frazzled and clearly annoyed about something. "Shit, sorry I'm late Ryan!" he apologized as he made his way through the rows of desks to the front. He really did feel bad about being late, and even worse because this wasn't the only time he had been and certainly wouldn't be the last. Surely he wouldn't feel bad at all if the teacher he was shadowing was a gigantic dick, but Ryan was a decent guy. "I've had an incredibly rough morning."

Which was true, but he hoped he wouldn't have to go into detail about it because he didn't exactly feel like telling the tale of how he couldn't find his keys that morning and ended up finding them outside. He had no idea how they ended up there, but he didn't think he really wanted to.

4/4/2015 #12

Ryan had called another student's name, a stocky football player who did just as he expected him to do- terrible. "Here you go, Jack. Please do better next time or else the best advice I can give you is to consider tutoring or a possible class drop." He paused, briefly staring upwards before making a slight shrug. "On second thought, swing by my office during my office hours and we'll talk."

The student glanced at his test paper, and the stoned look on his face said it all as he returned to his seat.

Mandy scoffed at Gwen. "Well, I'm sure he is no Twiggy so I'm not sure why he would even bother," she remarked, just as Lukas came into the classroom. She could not stop herself from rolling her eyes at him. She knew very little of him, besides the fact that he was Ryan's teacher assistant and Gwen's side dick. "Oh look, your Prince Noncharming is here."

Ryan stopped midway in between saying a name to glance over at Lukas. He right about one thing. "Well, by the looks of it, I can tell it was quite a rough morning for you indeed." He tightened his hold on the papers and then called another name out before returning his attention to the man. "I'm going to say it must have been an incredibly rough morning since it's past two now. Whatever the reason is, try avoid having it's sequel, alright."

He gave a smirk before continuing on with the tests. "And try not to mind him," he decided to add, focusing his left hand over towards Sora. "You know, he doesn't bite too much."

4/4/2015 #13

Sora waved a hand at Lukas in greeting. "Hey, I'm Sora." he said, looking over the thin blond briefly, before he went back to his phone. It was better that he not get involved with Ryan's TA, after the fiasco with his previous TA a few years ago. That, and he refused to be one of those people who couldn't keep certain aspects of his life separate from professional and private issues. He wasn't making millions, only to get caught because he made a simple mistake that cost him everything. If he went to jail, then Ryan's reputation would be ruined, and he couldn't keep the media away, then. It would be a disaster.

He was still bored, and starting to get hungry, though. Ryan knew him better than he expected, after nineteen years. "I love you, too." he told Ryan, rolling his eyes again. He went with the next best thing, when faced with new people, or at least people he wasn't actually supposed to know, as far as Ryan was concerned. That was casual disinterest, and mild narcissism, which was more or less expected for a person in his profession. If he were really trying to be upper class, he wouldn't have been caught dead on a college campus with a teacher who made less in a year, than he made in a day. Luckily, he grew up with Ryan, and had no compulsion to leave his friend for shallow fools.

Except when he had to work.

4/4/2015 #14
Lavender Skye

"Well in my defense, it still feels early enough to be considered morning. But alright. I'll try not to have it happen again," Lukas said, though he knew he couldn't exactly hold himself to that. The Greek had the uncanny issue of tending to be late more than a person should have to deal with. He blamed it on a family curse, even though there was no knowledge of any sorts that the Panagakos bloodline had any sort of curse attached to it. But still, it was a decent excuse that he could always play up to satisfy his thoughts.

He looked over at Sora and smirked slightly at what Ryan said about him. "Don't worry, I can handle things that bite. But do you need me to help hand those back or something or what?" he asked the teacher before turning briefly back to Sora. "Hey. I'm Lukas," he greeted.

Gwen rolled her eyes at Mandy's comment. "Haha. Very funny. It's so fucking hilarious I can barely will myself to laugh," she said sarcastically, glancing briefly over at Lukas before turning her attention back to Mandy. The idiot wasn't worthy of her least not now. She had bigger and better things to focus on, and by that she meant listening for her name to be called so she could go get the test she most likely failed. Hooray...

4/5/2015 #15

Ryan had to think things over a bit, and figured that this would not be the last time Lukas would be late. It would practically end up being second nature to him for now on most likely. He glanced at the students and then at his teacher assistant before motioning him over towards a small stack of papers on the side. "Well, you can totally pass those out to everyone. It's their homework assignment that's due in two classes from now." He called out another student's name then arched his head over to Lukas. "Be sure to tell them I'm grading on accuracy. I mean I'm not, but I just want to see how many of them actually give it a try." A brief chuckle escaped Ryan's lips before he handed the next paper to his student.

"Hey," Mandy said from her seat with the shake of the hand, "I mean, he is nice and all, but he certainly wouldn't be my first pick....or even the fifth pick for that matter, but hey, love is love, right," she teased. She was aware that the two of them most likely were not on that level yet, but she found their relationship- or whatever the hell it was- very interesting.

4/5/2015 . Edited 4/5/2015 #16

Sora smirked. "It's morning somewhere, Ryan." he reminded the other man, finding some amusement in the simple, ordinary life his friend was leading, for now. When the time came, he would be sure to take Ryan overseas again, to an island in the tropics. Preferably somewhere he wasn't wanted for murder, and remained free only because no one considered him a suspect. He had been trained well, just as he would train his successor. Not that he planned on retiring anytime soon, he just happened to be on holiday, since coming home meant he could relax. Here in Wind Crest, there was no need to worry about anything, other than his life with Ryan.

He felt like he was too involved, sometimes. Trying too hard to be normal, and whatever Ryan wanted him to be. The fact that he even had Ryan, outside of being raised by his grandparents and older sister, made him wonder if he could lead the apple pie life after all. He could do it, for sure. He could date someone, marry them, maybe have kids, and be normal. The problem was he just didn't want to. He liked the odd hours, and the perks of being a model, not to mention the paycheck. He was wealthy, and with wealth, came power. The ability to bribe people if he wanted, or to silence them forever. He wasn't one of those people, though. He liked to keep off the radar, and not be indebted to anyone.

4/5/2015 #17
Lavender Skye

Gwen had been taking a drink of the water bottle she'd brought with her to class and almost choked on it when Mandy said the word love. "Oh my fucking god, no," she told her, her tone dead-serious as she wiped off some of the water that had dribbled on her chin with her sleeve. "Are you trying to give me a damn heart attack? This is not love, this is...I dunno, a fuck buddy-ship or whatever the hell you call it. I would never love that asshole in a million years."

Which, she had to admit, was a slight lie. Sorta. Ish. She wasn't exactly sure how she felt about Lukas at this point, since they'd been technically with each other since a few weeks after he'd became a TA. Sure, he could be a huge dick at times, but granted so could she. But Mandy bringing up the l-word at a time when she was questioning her emotions (which weren't even close to love, but leaning towards romantic) wasn't exactly the best thing for her.

But was she gonna tell her that? Hell fucking no.

"Good point," Lukas told Sora. Hey, what the guy said was true. No point in not acknowledging it. "Aye aye, sir," he told Ryan, giving him a little salute and smirking as he did so before grabbing the stack of papers and straightening out the pile. The temptation to tell the students, "alright bitches, here's your assignment" was pretty strong, but he resisted against it and said to the class instead, "Alright guys, I've got an assignment for you. Teach here said he's grading on accuracy too, so give it an effort. Or make his job easier and don't. Either way, I don't care."

He then began going down the rows and handing out the papers, getting various reactions of dismay as he did so. Which was expected, and also somewhat amusing to listen to.

4/5/2015 #18

Mandy could not help but roll her eyes at Lukas. "Spoken like a true teacher for the future of college students," she remarked before tilting her head to Gwen. "You sure know how to pick em." She smiled then checked the time. They did not have that much longer in class, which meant she was going to have enough time to get back to the sorority house to inform all of the pledges and others of the mixer planned for that night.

She put a lot of work into it- or more of commanding of others to do the work-and she was about to be damned if it was not done the right way that she wanted it to be done. They had a reputation to uphold after all.

Meanwhile, Ryan called out her name and she rose from her seat and ever so leisurely walked up to take it.

"Why thank you," she said then looked at her test grade. A seventy-six wasn't bad by her standards.

"Try to do a little better on your next test, alright?"

"Whatever you say, Professor Holloway," Mandy coyly said before returning to her seat.

4/5/2015 #19

April Fool's Day

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

3:00 p.m.

Sora waited until the class was over, before he spoke again. The last student had finally shuffled out the door, and the room was quiet. "We need to go grocery shopping. I noticed you left mold in the fridge, and all the soda was gone. I've half a mind to file for divorce." he told Ryan, not caring that Lukas was still there. He found a measure of solace in the younger man's thinly veiled sarcasm, because that meant Ryan was still using him as a standard for every TA since the start of his teaching career. Sora was feeling quite smug, although his ire with the fangirl, and another young woman openly flirting with someone in his family - hadn't settled to the back of his mind, quite yet.

His plan to whisk Ryan away to visit Georgina, or to Morocco, was more appealing by the second. If only to distract himself from the violent impulses that made him want to find an excuse to leave, and hunt down Mr. Fields and Mistress. He already had an idea in mind for them, because Ann was yet another person who he considered part of his family, just like Ryan. Sora knew that trying to carry out his method of revenge right now, meant that he was more likely to slip up, because he wasn't thinking properly. He needed to rest for a while, before he started to go over the plans in his head. Even trying to silence the motto whispering in his ear, was more difficult than ever.

Family was everything, above all else.

4/5/2015 #20

Ann waited for her class to file out before she began to pack up her suitcase. She piled up some papers before stuffing them into one of the many blue folders inside. Once she finished that, she buckled the case and turned to Cindy, placing a hand nonchalantly on her waist. "How was your weekend, Cind? Meet any guys? Do anything crazy? Fun?"

She gave the girl a genuine smile, like she gave to most other people. Some would say Ann could come off as being blissfully ignorant, but she was well aware of what went on around her. "I was supposed to go shopping with some friends but they had family come in for the weekend. So instead I watched the entire first, second and third seasons of Lost with my cat and a tub of rocky road." She let out a laugh. "Talk about exciting! Is it bad I sometimes live vicariously through my students?"

She walked over to the white board and began to erase it. "I mean, I'm not jealous of their adventures or anything. I just remember what it was like to be that young, naive, attractive...." She trailed off, erasing all the red marks. "But hey, every dog has it's day. One day they'll wake up and go to work then come home to find your husband handcuffed to a bed with a twenty two year old on his lap."

She turned back to face Cindy, taking her original stance with her hand on her hip. Her smile never faltered but she did a quick eye roll and shrug. "And you're left here with stretch marks and a fat ass."

Cody pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. After seeing that it was three o'clock, he began to gather up his books and notebooks and sticking them away in his backpack. "Time for work." He said, glancing to Twilight. "I was late last week and Mr. Radner almost skinned me alive. I don't see why he's so adamant on having me there so early, It's not like the place gets popping until after 5." Cody rolled his eyes and pulled the zipper up on his backpack. "Whatever though."

He pushed himself up off the ground and grabbed his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder. "What's your plans for the rest of the day?" He asked, sliding a hand into the pocket of his jeans.

4/5/2015 #21

Cindy started to smile and was going to answer with pure honesty of how she had a wonderful weekend. She was able to get some work done all the while going out for a few drinks with her friends. She started to meet a guy when they went clubbing, but when she truly figured he just wanted her for what was in between her legs, she shut it down quickly. Admittedly, she regretted the decision later on, but it was what it was. Surely she would be able to get some action or at least go out on a date soon with someone at some point.

However, when Ann kept on talking, the teacher assistant could only clamp her mouth shut and the smile started to twitch to the opposite after listening to Ann. The woman was pretty amazing, but even Cindy herself could see what was going on.

"Uh...Ann, so I've been doing some thinking for the past half hour or so and while I'm no psychologist, I'm just going to assume you had quite the shitty weekend...or partial life." She took a few steps towards her, briefly eyeing the coffee for a moment, then sighed. "Hey, it's okay. Lost is a very good show." She then placed a comforting hand on Ann's shoulder and smiled. "And if you ask me, I don't think your ass is fat at all." She then recalled Ann mentioning her husband being handcuffed to a bed. Cindy started to open her mouth, but decided it was better not to speak her mind on that matter.

Ryan shut the monitor off, then went to grab his bag. "Lukas, before you do leave, can you check to make sure everyone turned in their homework that was due today. I placed the papers on the corner over there." He pointed to his desk then motioned over towards Sora with a groan. "You weren't suppose to see that until forever ago. Geez, I thought you would have spotted it a lot sooner and called the food police on me." He checked his watch and then shrugged. "Hm, well, we'd either have to go later tonight or tomorrow morning." He then thought about his plans. "Then again, I heard about Ann's little problem so I thought about getting coffee with her. You know normal stuff, with two grown people. In their thirties. Just drinking- no alcohol involved at all. Just talking and drinking. In public. Totally mutual, yeah" Ryan did a nonchalant wave of the hand and then cleared his throat.

"So yeah, whichever time works for you."

Mandy snickered as she and Gwen were walking towards the Greek houses. "I swear, he's on his way to becoming a loser," she said in reference to Lukas," but we've got some things to settle, like the mixer tonight. Those pledges better of gotten the right fucking flavors or else I'm going to slap the shit out of all of them." Mandy clearly was dedicated to her sorority, wanting everything to go right. She had recalled when she first joined nearly four years ago. It was pretty big for her, and intense. the hazing was not too bad- all she had to do was sleep with two guys on the football team and they were hot so it was a win win for her.

"By the way, are you going to be bringing any specific people?"

Adam finished his workout and was on his way towards his dorm when he spotted Gwen and Mandy and approached them.

"Hey there," he said in a charming manner. "beautiful day out, huh?"

"Yes, it's a lovely fucking day, Adam," Mandy said, then paused as she briefly admired his looks. "Someone's been working out."

"Ah, happy you could see that."

"I can smell it too," she added. Adam gave her a look. "I'm kidding, of course."

4/6/2015 #22
Lavender Skye

(Yay a shitty post from my phone)

Lukas raised an eyebrow when Sora made the comment about getting a divorce, but assumed that Sora was most likely joking. Though if he wasn't, Lukas honestly couldn't find the fucks to give. It wasn't like he was against two guys doing the do or anything, he just didn't care in general.

"Alright, I can do that," he told Ryan. He hoped that the homework outcome would be that half the students either didn't do it or turned it in blank, which would make his job so much more easier because then he could leave and go do...well, he had nothing planned once he got home but he figured something would come up (his friends had the habit of doing things last minute so that tended to result in a lot of impromptu bar trips or things of that nature), but if it didn't then he didn't really care. "Have fun working on your relationship issues, or whatever the fuck you two are dealing with."

"If you could stop flirting with every man who crosses paths with us, that'd be great," Gwen told Cindy teasingly, rolling her eyes before smirking at Adam. "Hey," she greeted before turning her attention back to Mandy. "Lukas becoming a loser isn't my problem. I could give a damn either way," she said. "But the planning thing is all on you. You know I don't give a damn about pre-party shit. Just as long as the party is fine and I can say I "gave my support" then it's all good in my hood."

Gwen wasn't exactly sure what had brought her to join the sorority in the first place, though she assumed it was either boredom or her lacking a place to stay. Or both. She still couldn't remember. Or really care. It was still somewhat enjoyable so that was all that really mattered.

4/6/2015 #23

Twilight shrugged, then stood. "I thought I'd pick up an extra shift, but they still haven't paid me for overtime, yet. So I'll probably just go to the mall, or something. They're always hiring at those little kiosks. Maybe I'll apply there." she said, not sure about her future career. She changed jobs frequently enough, besides having more than one at a time. There was only so much she could do to survive on the money she had, and what she could afford. Even her car was used, and something her grandmother had purchased new, years ago. Luckily it was still going strong, and Cody's truck would be out of the shop soon enough. Then he wouldn't need to bum rides from her, or other friends.

"Besides, I could always hang out at the shop. Mr. Radner likes me more than you. Probably cause I'm pretty, and I always talk him out of firing you for one reason or another. I think he has high cholesterol, or he needs to get laid." she added, tightening her braid, so it didn't come undone. Twilight wasn't above sleeping with people to get what she wanted, especially if she liked them. But sleeping with her friend's boss, for her friend's benefit, was going a little far. She didn't know how that would work, and it might end up making things more awkward for everyone in general. Her best bet was to try and set Mr. Radner up with someone closer to his own age, rather than trying to seduce him herself.

Sora listened to Ryan go on, until he stopped. He almost tuned the man out, before Ann was mentioned. "We'll stop by the store later. That reminds me, I have stuff for Ann. It's in the trunk of my car." he said, trying not to laugh at Lukas' minor assumptions. "We're fine, but thanks, Lukas." He didn't know if mold really counted as a relationship issue, because that was more of a household one. That is, if Ryan didn't want to get sick and die. Sora thought it was pathetic, since either one of them could develop respiratory problems due to negligence, and even then, they could suffer from it for the rest of their lives. Sometimes Sora wondered if Ryan was still smart enough to be a teacher, but he knew how hard Ryan worked to get a teaching degree in the first place.

The Japanese man got to his feet, and pushed in the chair he was using. "I'll go get it, before I forget again." he added, pocketing his phone. He liked to surprise Ann when he came home, because it was something they looked forward to, and she was usually so upbeat, that he had fun. He felt like a stalker at times, with the way he would show up randomly, wherever she happened to be, although he really just knew her schedule and local haunts very well. He hadn't spent the last several years involved with the university staff for nothing, and he definitely wouldn't have become friends with any of Ryan's coworkers, had Ryan not chosen to become a teacher there.

4/6/2015 #24

Mandy smirked. "Don't worry, I never disappoint in having a good time, you know that."

"Don't we all," Adam mumbled under his breath.

"Shut the fuck up," Mandy spat at him," don't you have a game to be practicing for anyways, instead of talking to us?"

"I do enough practice as is, and don't worry, I'll be able to make your little mixer," Adam said. He was very light about the topic of the game, mainly because he was looking forward to the mixer. There was bound to be some good looking girls he could try and have a good time with before having to do some more practicing.

"I'l be sure to keep that in mind," Mandy remarked as they were nearing a fairly large white and black house.

"Sounds fine by me," Ryan said before starting to say his goodbyes to his teacher assistant and stepping towards the door. "Please be careful tonight, Lukas," he tried to remind before opening the door. Now it seemed Sora was set on giving Ann a gift. Ryan admittedly was not sure how he felt about that. As if it were some way of leveling one up on him. He would have at least liked to have known in advance, then he would have gotten her something too.

Hopefully she could settle for the coffee, he thought. "Well isn't that just nice. I'll be sure to wait outside her door for you to amp up the surprise factor," he promised Sora as he started to head over in the direction of her classroom. There was a possiblity she and Cindy were in the office, but it seemed like a necessary precaution to take first for the time being.

4/6/2015 #25
Lavender Skye

(Too lazy to reply with Lukas for Sora and Ryan because it'll just be like "bye practice safe sex or something idk" or something along those terms so yeah you two have fun Lukas out *throws up Greek gang signs*)

"Literally the more words come out of your mouth, the more thirsty you're beginning to sound," Gwen told Mandy dryly. Hey, it was true and she wasn't gonna not say it. It was for her friend's own well being, anyways. Though unfortunately, Adam was making the case worse than he was improving it.

Not to mention she wasn't exactly in the mood to listen to Mandy flirt with yet another guy, even if it was just for fun. Flirting got annoying after a while, especially listening to it. That had to be the worst.

As they got closer and closer to the house, Gwen was just about to walk up the steps to the door when suddenly a bright yellow tennis ball came flying towards them. (Un)luckily, however, it barely missed hitting Mandy and bounced against the wall of the house instead. "Aw, dammit, I was trying to hit you!" Kelly whined as he jogged up to the forming group, tennis racket in hand and a smirk on his smug face. He fairly enjoyed bombarding the sorority house with tennis balls on his free time, especially when Gwen was around. "Now can I have my ball back?"

"You have two feet, go get it yourself," Gwen replied, stopping to look at her friend. "Or I can get it for you, but I doubt you'll like where I put it."

"Ooh damn, that's colder than usual," Kelly said, smirking. "I better write that down in my book of Witty Gwendolyn Insults I Would Never Like To Have Repeated Because Of How Emotionally Damaging They Are."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Wow, you're lamer than usual today."

"I'm really trying, so thanks.".

4/6/2015 #26

(It's fine, lol.)

Sora nodded slightly as he followed Ryan out of the classroom, into the hall. "When my friends ask for couture, I deliver." he said, well aware of the inflated prices in the states, compared to the country of origin. He glanced around briefly when he heard laughter in the distance, before he dismissed it as students. Not worth his time, or his attention. If he got distracted, he would forget about the carefully wrapped boxes and bags in the Chevelle's trunk. He hadn't walked the streets of Paris, and the surrounding towns, just to come back empty-handed. He wouldn't do that to Ann.

"I'll be right back." he added, walking in another direction. As he returned to the quad, he wondered what had happened while he was gone, that made Ryan ignore basic health and safety. Mold was fairly serious, if it were left alone long enough to develop into something worse. He was smarter than that, surely. Sora wasn't surprised if Ryan's frat boy days had left him with less brain cells than normal. Or it could have been nothing. But over the course of nineteen years spent together - through bullies who had their jaws broken by his fists, drunken nights that almost ended in tragedy, and the night that did... Well, Sora would be a fool to dismiss his concerns.

The thoughts spinning in his head were interrupted by his phone ringing. He answered it quickly, walking around a group of students talking about Mandy's little get-together later that night. "I can't talk right now. I'm busy." he muttered, talking just loud enough that the boy on the other end could hear him over the noise in the background. Sora was about to hang up, when the boy said something that caught his undivided attention, and thus, distracted him. The blue paint and white stripes of his car came into view, so he continued walking towards it, rather than standing around like an idiot in shock. "What do you mean, you've got nowhere else to go? You can't come live with me, I don't have room. Move in with your boyfriend. His parents love you." He hated to sound like he was protesting - he was - but this was another situation he wasn't prepared to handle.

Sora pinched the bridge of his nose, and didn't realize he'd bumped into Lukas in the parking lot, before it was too late. The blond was only an inch taller than him, so it wasn't like the younger man was hard to miss. "Sorry," he apologized, holding his phone closer to his ear. "Yeah, all right, fine. But only until the storm blows over, Rhys. Understood?" Sora hung up, unable to deal with the boy's frantic rambling anymore. That was something few and far between, given that Rhys was a selective mute for most of his childhood. He hadn't raised the boy, but he had taken his twin sister in for a while, along with their uncle. It was a period of his life he preferred to forget. There was no use in dwelling on the past.

"Again, sorry, Lukas. I should've been paying more attention." he told the blond, focused on him now that his conversation with Rhys was over. He took out his keys, and unlocked the trunk of the Chevelle next to them. Sora began to pull out a stack of boxes and a few bags. "Want to help me carry these? It's okay if you don't." he added, hoping that he might be able to pay the blond back for being so careless. He wasn't usually careless, but today seemed to be one mistake after another... the phone call certainly made that clear. He just wanted to have a while of normal peace and quiet. Was that too much to ask?

The problem he needed to take care of this time was worse than he thought it would be.

Rhiannon Ackerman had been arrested for murder.

4/6/2015 #27

Ann smiled at Cindy, aware of how crazy she must seem to the girl but she didn't have a care in the world. "Do you want to have a girls night this weekend? We could dress up, hit the town, get a few drinks.... Girl stuff!" Ann said casually. "I have a new dress I've yet to have the opportunity to wear... can't say the cocktail party invitations are rolling in like they used to be!" She elbowed Cindy a little in the rib.

She grabbed the strap of her case and pulled it over her shoulder. "If you're up for it that is! I understand if you can't keep up with a gal like me!" She said with a wink. "Or if you have other plans, we could always reschedule." She shrugged slightly before walking to the exit, her heels clicking as she went.

Ann enjoyed spending time with her TA, the girl reminded her of herself a lot when she was that age. Smart, driven, and ready to face the world. All qualities Ann admired, not only about herself but in others. Anyone who greeted the day head first and with a smile on their face deserved respect, so she gave it to them. "I'm doing lunch in ten if you want to join."

Cody rolled his eyes at his friends active imagination. "Contrary to popular belief, not everyone likes you more." He said, lifting his leg up behind him to kick her in the butt. Cody began to make his way across the quad, still talking to his friend as she tagged along. "I think he's just old. Old people tend to be cranky if they don't get their wheaties or their naps." He said with a shrug. "He'll never fire me though, I've been there too long. I'm the only employee that's bothered to put up with him."

Cody had worked with Mr. Radner since his freshman year of College. It was one of those circumstances where he severely needed a job and got lucky enough to snag one up... even if it were a little sub par. It was money though and despite the threats from Mr. Radner, it was a steady gig. He had been through a lot in his life, many transitions through his wild phases, many friends along the way, but that job was always the same. And so was Mr. Radner. "I honestly think he'd miss me too much if he fired me." He said with a chuckle.

Melina pulled her convertible into one of the few remaining parking spots on campus and smiled victoriously. It was rare to get a prime spot on campus so if you managed to get one you should relish in that win. She pushed on of the buttons on the dash to raise the roof back onto the car and then got out, grabbing her bag before throwing it over her shoulder and shutting the door. She pushed the lock button on her keys earning a response from the car, then threw them into her bag. She started her trek to the art building, taking in the scenery as she went.

She pulled her hair up into a high bun, something that she would have to do once she entered the art building anyways. She was a dancer and she always had been. Dancing gave her life and that's what she wanted to do with it. Melina was well aware of the chances she had at actually doing something with her dance degree in regards to a career, but she knew she could make it. She was just as good as any little honey on MTV. She smirked to herself, she had what it takes to make it.

She waved to a few of the art students she passed as she made her way into the building, starting towards the dance lounge.

4/7/2015 #28

Oh, uh..." Cindy quickly realized that despite how odd this seemed, it was likely something the both of them were in need of. She quickly bobbed her head up and down with a bright expression across her face. "You know what, I think that sounds like a good idea!" She quickly bypassed the the downplaying Ann was doing, use to her puns and such by now. She actually really enjoyed hearing them considering it added to Ann's funny side.

"I'm sure we can work something out, maybe...Friday? Saturday? As long as there is not too much to grade then we should be good to go!" Cindy then checked her watch and then shrugged. "And of course I will join you for lunch!"

At least now, Cindy could feel comfortable with herself that she was trying to keep Ann in the best of moods.

Mandy sucked her lips at Gwen. "Hey now, if we did a quick comparison of how we spent our Tuesday night's, then we'd see the one who was doing the real quenching of the thirst," she joked. Her laugh was short-lived however when a ball nearly implanted itself on to the side of her head. She gasped and then partially ducked out of the way.

"Oh my god, what the fuck?!" Mandy turned her head to see Kelly and a slightly disturbed look on her face formed. "Kelly, are you insane? You could have hit me!" She fixed herself and then glared right back at him. "You know, it is taking everything in me for these size six shoes to not hit you in the crack of your ass for that- and you could have damaged this house!"

A few girls from inside came forming at the door and for once, Mandy was willing to let them stand there for a minute.

Adam snorted. "Geez, Mandy, the ball didn't actually hit you."

"Adam, how would you react if a bullet almost hit you? Would you start screaming for joy?"

"Why's it gotta be a bullet," he challenged.

"It was an know what, whatever." Mandy had enough things to worry about than whatever implications were going on between them.

Ryan was humming a short tune, a random Celine Dion song to be exact, when he turned the corner to one of the few halls for communications classes. He never really saw much of the point of these things other than to speak better in public. Maybe that was part of the reason he was rather intrigued by Ann, and even Cindy, for having interest in the field. He imagined they had a broader scope of an idea of what to do, and while he personally knew there was more to it than speaking in public, for some reason he never truly let himself give much thought on the topic.

As he neared Ann's classroom he paused to take a sip of the water from a fountain. He instantly regretted it with a cool, bitter taste entering his mouth.

"Awe, gross, what the hell do they put in this thing," he muttered partially as a reaction.

4/7/2015 #29

Ann turned around, surprised that Cindy had said yes. "Aw Really?!" She quickly dropped her bag and hugged her TA. "We'll have so much fun! We're gonna tear the town up!" She said, letting Cindy go. She smiled like the Cheshire cat, "We should get our nails done beforehand. Oh... or maybe go shoe shopping?"

Her mind filled with all the ideas imaginable as she began to pick up everything she had dropped and reorganize it into its original place. She sighed contently as she stood back up, glancing at Cindy. "God, you keep me young. I love ya." She said with a shrug and turned towards the door. As she stepped out in the hallway she saw Ryan heading in their direction. "Good afternoon Mr. Halloway, would you care to join us for lunch?"

She stopped in front of him, giving him a similar smile that she had gave Cindy. Ann liked interacting with her fellow coworkers. They all dealt with the same things that she did, so they were aware of the struggles that came along with the job. That... and Ann didn't have very many friends that weren't both her and her husband's. She didn't want to deal with the awkward encounters of facing them and their questions or them updating her about his new life and twenty two year old girlfriend... "Judy."

"We'll let you pick!" Ann said back to Ryan, as means to persuade him.

4/7/2015 #30
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