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Name: Edna Fleur

Age: 50

Race: Fae

Gender: female

Affiliation: The company of Thorin Oakenshield and the Fleur Fae

Appearence: Edna has light pink eyes;pale and freckled skin;reddish-orange hair that sometimes glows or frackles like fire in a messy bun.She is the same height as an average sized dwarf but can shrink or grow. She also has wings shaped like a butterfly' s that are red and gold.

Clothing:A dress made of Orange feathers, a belt where her sword is kept, a golden ankle bracelet with a red gem and a bracelet with red gems.

Weapons: Her fire powers and a small, steel,sliver sword.

Personality: Mischievous, brave, courageous, fun, chatty,faithful, protective, hot-headed, rebellious.

Family: Bloom (Mother and Queen of the Fleur Fae), Orin (Father and Consort of the Queen), Ferdinand (brother), Vera (Grandmother and deceased)

Bio: Edna was born from a Fire Bloom, a flower that gives the faes born from it fire powers and firey features. She has a contention with Bilbo as she was born at the same time and on the same date as him. Edna reveals this to Bilbo when he first starts in the journey, surprising him. Only Bilbo can see her as she has chosen Bilbo to see her. However, if she wishes to, Edna can reveal herself to the rest of the company.

Other: Edna has an extremely short temper and when someone hurts Bilbo, she gives them a fright. E.gmaking the campfire go out by itself and then relight. Gandalf is aware of her but thinks Bilbo should experience fae bonds first hand.

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Name: Raoul Tait

Age: 40 (20 in human years)

Race: Dwarf

Affiliation: The company Of Thorin Oakenshield

Apperence: but with longer hair

But when in wolf-form


weapons: sword

personality: cheerful, relaxed, intelligent, witty, cunning, loyal

family: Kili (cousin), Fili (cousin), Thorin (Uncle), Dis (Aunt), The Li brothers' unamed father (uncle and blood related), unknown father (presumed dead), Astrid (mother).

Bio: Raoul's uncle married Dis and had the Li brothers before he was called away to battle. He was never found. His father made a deal with a deadly sorceress to protect his eldest son, Raoul, from a terrible illness that was spreading. The deal ended up including a curse that gave Raoul the ability to change in to a wolf. Raoul now has most control over the curse but he can sometimes change without meaning to.

Other: He is the only one in the Durin line that has wolf abilites.

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Princess Claude the Daring

((I hope this is ok))

Name: Elanor Baggins

Age: Same as Bilbo (give or take a couple of years)

Race: Hobbit

Affiliation: The company of Throin Oakensheild



Weapons: Dagger

Personality: Friendly, family-oriented, A bit horomonal right now, and loyal

Family: Bilbo Baggins (husband), unborn children (son and daughter)

Bio: Eleanor was the daughter of some of Bilbo's good friends, they were married when thy were twenty and tried and tried for a child and now she's pregnant (with twins). Despite this she's going on with the company

Other: She might give birth on the trip.

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Princess Claude the Daring


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Name:Raven Night Age:70 Race: Dwarf Affiliation: the company of Thorin Oakenshield Appearance: she has long,straight black hair clipped and braided, pale skin, violet eyes, 5'8, athletic build, curvy body. She wears T-shirt, black pants, black jacket,black boots.she wear armor over her clothes Weapons:swords,bow with arrows,daggers, knives. Personality:friendly,kind,polite,outgoing,loyal,stubborn,short-tempered Family:her parents was killed while traveling around. She was left behind with her friends. Bio:she has her twin sister Jayden. She helps people to live and survive. She trains on her own. She was taught by her parents at a young age with her sister to defend themselves. She and her sister decided to go with dwarves on the journey. Other:she loves Kili but she doesn't tell him and doesn't let him know until she gets to know him better.
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Accepted :)

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Are you going to make Jaden?

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Princess Claude the Daring

Should I go ahead and make Eleanor and Bilbo's kids?

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Yes I will make Jayden.
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Name: Arinvi Walentyna

Age: the same as Bofur

Race: Dwarf

Affiliation: The Company of Thorin Oakenshield



Weapons:Axe and a spear

Personality:Chilled, fights only when necessary, optimistic, caring, dreamer, playful, thrill seeking, curious, far too intelligent for her own good.

Family: None

Bio: Arinvi grew up alongside Bofur and Bombour and practically begged Bofur to come along as she had never seen beyond the blue mountains. She developed a crush on Bofur but people think she is in love with Raoul due to their bond.

Other: Has a crush on Bofur and is mistaken for Raoul' s one

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Yes, you should make the kids


YES! Do it! Maybe Jayden could like Kili too so the twins rival each other?

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Princess Claude the Daring

Name(s): Cassia an Huck Baggins

Age: Soon to be born/newborn (but really depends on the rp)

Race :Hobbit

Gender: Female/male

Affiliation: Don't really have one

Appearance: Cassia has the looks of her father and Huck his mothers

Clothing: Clothing made by their mother or bought

Personality: Cute nad friendly

Family :Bilbo Baggins (father)

Other: They were born during the battle of the five armies, their mother died a few days later.

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Name:Jayden Night.



appearance: she has long,straight black hair, clipped and braided, pale skin, violet eyes, 5'8, athletic build,

curvy build.

she wears black shirt, black pants, black boots, black jacket, armor over her clothes.

she has her swords on her back, her knives,daggers hidden.

affiliation: The company of thorin oakenshield

Personality:shy, friendly, kind,outgoing, loyal,stubborn.


history: same as Raven (twin sister)

she falls in love with Fili.

she is shy to talk to him.

she stay close to Raven all the time.

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Name: Aria Takaoka

Age: 81

Gender: Female

Race: Dwarf

Personality: Head-strong, stubborn, occasionally friendly, she fears things with the right convincing, loyal to few, distrustful sometimes, reckless, determined, outgoing, short tempered, and brave.

Appearance: She has a sharp jaw-line, fairly tanned skin, grey eyes with a flex of light, light blue, semi-thick natural brown brows, and she's around the height of 3'11" 4'2".

Clothing/armor: Brown pants, a deep purple tunic, and thick knee-high pirate-boots with a golden buckle at the top.

Weapons: A curved blade that has been used throughout generations.


· Hand-to-hand combat

· Brainstorming

· Good swimmer


· Emotionally unstable

· Can be convinced easily

· Judgmental

Background: Ari was born near the Misty Mountains. Her parents died when she was extremely young – only about seventeen. From there she was given to her horrid godparents who taught her to read, write, and do many other things. Though they gave her nearly whatever was needed, they did not really care or love her like her parents did. So when she was much older, around forty or fifty, she decided that she would "run away" – though she was much too old for it to be called that. In the night she snuck out of the house she was staying in and journey south-west towards the forest of Mirkwood.

Extra: She dislikes Elves

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Full Name:Hope Age:65 Gender:female Species (Human,elf,dwarf,hobbit,wizard,orc,dragon,goblin.) :half man/half dwarf Appearance:she has short black hair,violet eyes,pale skin Personality:she is shy,sensitive,kind,friendly. History:she has lost her mom to illness. Her father died in battle. She has no one. She has trust issues. She would be scared. She would help people when she could. Family:her parents died. She is an orphan. Friends:she isn't great at making friends. Likes:toys,animals,flowers,books Dislikes:bullies and violence Love Interest/Crush:none yet

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The Foreseer

Name: Asteriae (means stars) Silverwind

Personality: Feisty, honest, brave, stubborn, and clever. Asteriae has a kind a caring side but due to her past, she tries to hide it.

Looks: Mid-back dark chocolate brown hair, unique amethyst eyes, caramel skin, hour glass figure, and long legs with a short torso; she's also short like a dwarf. She a heart face shape and almond shaped eyes. Because her father was dwarf, from her chest to her navel she has thin, sparse curly hair -for a dwarf, that is- and because if it, she doesn't like getting in any relationships with guys because whenever she did in the past, they freaked out over it.

Nationality: Her father's a dwarf who died when Smaug attacked Erebor and her mother was from Lake-Town who also died trying to go back for Asteriae's father.

Background: Asteriae had been visiting Arwen, Elrond's daughter in Rivendall when Smaug attacked Erebor for its riches. She came back home only to find out through a neighbor that her parents had died. Crushed at the news of her deceased parents, Asteriae looked for ways to channel her emotions without dealing with them/confronting them- and she did. Asteriae spent a lot of time learning how to fight and ended up being hired for plundering -multiple times- much to the dismay of Elrond and Arwen when they got whiff of the news. Several years passed until she met Gandalf once more and he invited her to join a quest.

Owing the wizard a debt -he'd save her life once when one of her missions went wrong- she accepted. She meets up with the group just before Bilbo shows up.

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Accepted! :)

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The Foreseer

Oops, I forgot three things, I'm sorry Taco:P

Clothing: Asteriae wears a bracer on each forearm over her blouse to help protect her in battle (her bracers are made out of graphene). Her clothes consist of light blue and beige fur lined boots, form fitting cream pants, and a light blue (the same color on her boots) long sleeved blouse with a beige corset over her torso (her sleeves also come down to a point on the back of her hand). She also owns a cream mail coat that comes to her knees and a ushanka-hat made of cream colored warg fur. She usually wears the ear flaps tied at the crown of her hat too. Her hair is also in a long braid down her back to stay out of the way.

Weapons: (Alright, let see if I can explain this fairly well) Asteriae possesses a light silver bo staff with dark steel markings near both sides of it, telling the tale of Smaug's attack on Erebor to remind Asteriae of her parents death. She can pull the staff apart, creating two shafts, (one shaft has the markings of Smaug's attack on Erebor, of how it started, and on the other shaft, of how it ended.) or she could put it back together as a bo staff and no one would ever know.

On both shafts, there is a trigger for a quite large scythe to pop out near the top and she uses them like two battle axes. However, if her shafts were to ever break, she's would be able to take the scythe's out of the shafts and use them like daggers.

She can use her scythe's in battle or she may press another button on both shafts and on the very bottom, it will transform the end of it into a spiked chain.

She also possesses two thin metal fans made up of graphene which she uses to deflect her enemy's attacks. (Graphene, just to like you know, is a type metal that is said to be stronger than diamonds but light to hold.) Asteriae's fans are so sharp that she has to be careful cleaning them otherwise they could cut her. Her fans also have multiple tiny poisonous darts hidden inside them so as she flicks her fans out a certain way, the darts will fly out and kill the enemy in a quick but silent matter.

Other: I want Asteriae to have a love interest but I'm not sure who yet. She also owns a grey dappled pony named Perriwinkle whom Arwen and Elrond gave her as a gift after her parents died.

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Ooh! I think an oc of mine could be hooked up with her ;)

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The Foreseer

Well, don't leave me in suspense Taco! Hahaha. What's your OC like?

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I'll just post this XD

Bio: Raoul's uncle married Dis and had the Li brothers before he was called away to battle. He was never found. His father made a deal with a deadly sorceress to protect his eldest son, Raoul, from a terrible illness that was spreading. The deal ended up including a curse that gave Raoul the ability to change in to a wolf. Raoul now has most control over the curse but he can sometimes change without meaning to.

Other: He is the only one in the Durin line that has wolf abilites.

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Removed by owner.

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Accepted! Welcome!

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Name: Thoria Oakenshield

Age: 164

Race: Dwarf


Father: Thrain (Died in battle)

Brother: Thorin Oakenshield

Brother: Frerin (Died in battle)

Sister: Dis

Nephew: Kili

Nephew: Fili

Appearance: Thoria has long wavy light brown hair which falls to the center of her back. She is really only about 4'3 which is small for a dwarf due to her being born early and resulting in her own mother dying in childbirth. Her eyes are a hazel blue that shimmer in the light.

Personality: Thoria is a very sweet young dwarf girl. She is also very curious and kind. At times, she can get afraid but most of the time that doesn't actually happen.

Weapon of Choice: A medium length dagger. Her older brother Thorin had given it to her.

History: Thoria was born the youngest in the family. Most people doubt her because of the fact that she is a female dwarf. On the day Smaug had come, Thoria had been kidnapped by Mirkwood elves and taken as a prisoner. There was no sign of her being dead though. The only elf who knew Thoria was a female dwarf and was actually kind to her. At first her dagger was taken but Tauirel managed to get it and gave it back to Thoria. After awhile, her brother finally finds her and she escapes along with her brother's company and Bilbo. Going into the barrel was alright until she lost her grip and fell right into the water. She had nearly drowned.

Other: Thorin is very protective over his little sister. Sometimes, he calls her his baby sister and only he is allowed to call her that

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