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Princess Claude the Daring

Meet Eleanor's crazy's sister

Name: Isadora

Age: Same as Eleanor

Race: Hobbit

Gender: Female

Afflication: Doesn't realy have one

Appearance: She looks a bit like Eleanor but has two different color eyes

Clothing: Light pink dresses

Personality: Friendly sometimes but crazy other times

Family: Bilbo (brother in law), Cassia (niece), Huck (nephw)

Bio: NBR

Other: She doesn't think Bilbo can manage both children so she'll often try to take Cassia away even going so far as to stuff Cassia in a bag.

6/6/2015 #31

Name: Atticus Baggins

Age: new born/depends

Affiliation: The Baggins Triplets

Race: Hobbit

Appearence: Atticus looks like his mother and father in many ways yet so different. He has his father's curly locks in the colour of his mother's hair, his eyes are a forest green like his grandmother's and his nose is the only one with a small bobble nose.

Clothing: For now, he wears a long white nightshirt and is wrapped in a brown buddle of cloth.

Weapons: His parent's wrath... Oh and his honorary auntie' s too.

Personality: When Atticus Baggins grows up, he's a very mischievous, daring and bold hobbit whom would rather jump in to a muddy pile of leaves than be respectable. However, he does care for his family and would do anything for them. His fae bond follows him wherever he goes to ensure he's always safe. (Except when he's a baby because he is one too XD).

Family: Bilbo ( Father ), Eleanor (Mother), Edna (honorary aunt), Huck (brother), Cassia (sister)

Bio: Atticus is the youngest son and child to Bilbo Baggins, born on the road to Rivendell. His father ran in to some trolls but was saved by his sharp wit and Gandalf. He grows up in the Shire and goes on the quest of the fellowship.

Other: When he's older, he prefers to be called Tic.

6/6/2015 #32
Name:Serenity Age:20/1,567 Affiliation:Thorin and the company Race:Elf Appearance:She looks like her mother. She has her mom's silver blonde hair. She has her dad's blue silver eyes. She has pale skin She has athletic build. She is buff. Clothing: She wears casual civilian clothes. She wears dresses on different special occasion. She has special custom made armor when she goes on patrol and out on an raid and adventure Weapons:swords,daggers,knives, and bows with arrows. Personality:shy,kind,polite,outgoing, loyal,stubborn,smart,brave,wise,cunning,and sneaky. Family:Thranduil (father)and Legolas(brother) Bio:she is younger sister of Legolas. She is adventurous and fighter. She loves to go out to travel
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Deleted by Owner.

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Both accepted!

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Yay! Thanks! :)

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