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Bilbo: Me

Thorin: Me

Fili: Aratar

Kili: Aratar

Ori: Aratar


Nori: Aratar









Elrond: Foreseer

Give a short example of how you would portray the character.


Bilbo huffed indignantly as he watched the chaos unfold in his kitchen. "Stop that! Those plates are over 100 years old! Please, treat them carefully!" He pleaded, only to be ignored. He sighed as he brought his face his palm and growled in frustration.

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Fíli & Kíli

Fíli gripped onto the rock face with all the strength he had left, but his hands had become clumsy from the fatigue of hours of exceedingly slow progress along the mountain path. The numbing chill did not help the young dwarf's condition any more and at times Fíli found himself almost half-dragging himself across the treacherously wet and unstable path ahead- well that was if you could even call it a path.

With a storm this strong, it was needless to say that Fíli's vision was all but limited to a few steps ahead of him. Though this didn't bother Fíli too much. All he needed to see was Kíli. The dangerous weather conditions forced Fíli to concentrate on two things: Where he was putting his feet and Kíli. He had all but stopped taking note of his surroundings. After all, there would be a time enough for sight-seeing later when the storm clouds cleared up and Fee and Kee were sent to scout ahead. Though it meant that Fíli had not at all anticipated what was going to happen next.

A deafening crash tore through the silence as a boulder was hurtled at the cliff face mere yards from above the dwarves with frightening speed and was smashed into pieces that rained down on the group.

"Get down Kíli!" Fíli cried as he instinctively crouched down and raised a hand over his head in a futile attempt to protect himself from the gravest of injuries. He managed to risk a glance at his brother to make sure he had done the same, and only allowed himself a moment of relief to see his brother safe and sound before looking for Thorin.

What in Mahal's name was going on? Fíli didn't even have time to find his Uncle before a yell from one of the company members, near the beginning of the company revealed that it was stone giants behind the attack. Stone giants, weren't they only from tales-- Fíli began but was almost instantly thrown off his thought by another problem. Fíli grasped onto the rocky ledge behind him as his legs give way when the very ground beneath him shook violently. The crack was the first thing Fíli noticed, a crack that began to grow into a rupture, separating the two brothers.

"Kíli! Grab my hand!" Fíli yelled above the thundering sound of the the moving mountain and thrust his hand towards his little brother. But it was too late. Fíli's heart rate quickened, his breathing became raspy and shallow. His face fell and the world seemed to draw to halt as he was dragged away from Kíli.


Now that the Elvenking had rid himself of all the affairs and any duties that he had been charged with carrying out for the day and Thranduil had managed to find the smallest space in his schedule where he was able to enjoy some precious time to himself. And so Thranduil found himself meandering almost aimlessly along the borders of the woods at a refreshingly slow pace- For it was truly a rare and treasured occasion when the Elvenking was allowed to slow down and very briefly put aside all the matters that troubled his people and their home. His tall and regal composure softened and relaxed as the King took in every minute detail of his surroundings, and Thranduil felt almost light-headed as he shed himself of his responsibilities and the pressure to keep everyone and everything within his home safe just for this short period he had all to himself. He looked about him and marvelled at the rich colours that decorated the forest in various shades of red, gold and purple. He could feel the breeze's cool touch upon his face and he could hear it whispering to him as it passed in and out of the trees. The river was not far either and he could hear it babbling and splashing playfully in the distance.

And lost in the sensational wonders of his home, Thranduil wandered until he found himself in a very familiar area of the forest. An area that remained untouched from the darkness and sickness- a place that would always remain a haven. For he found himself by the Willow- the sunlight mingling with the green and silver leaves of the tree and he could have sworn that in that instance he had never seen Gilrin so vividly in his mind. He watched and saw the light reflected off her silver hair when she danced in the sun and how it would appear as though the pure, beautiful light of the stars would weave itself with the radiant and brilliant beams of sunshine and the two lights would danced side by side in the most beautiful of ways. Her found himself endlessly gazing into her deep blue eyes holding more beauty than any jewel in Arda and they were lit by Gilrin's ceaseless strength of spirit and the joy and wonder she brought into the world. He saw her dance before him, more delicately and gracefully than he could find words to describe. But above all, he remembered his smile. His smile that had been solely reserved for her- one that had come from a feeling of pure elation and passion. A feeling that he had felt only in her presence-

Thranduil paused for a moment as he grew aware of the tears now streaming freely down his face as his mind turned to memories he thought he had buried long ago. He did not look to see what hour it was but instead made his way through the soft curtain of leaves to lie on the bed of soft green grass still wet with dew. As he turned to his side, feeling the beads of water fresh and pleasant on his cheek, he watched the dappled sunlight move and whirl softly around the green carpet. The images of the years of his life he had spent with his Queen garlanded with stars, Gilrin- how she executed everything with the utmost care and love, how she had known him better than he had known himself, flooded his mind and he did nothing to stop them. He remembered when they had first met- under the starlit sky in Beleriand when rivers flowed and the night-flowers of Melian poured forth their scents and there was not a worry for the young Ellon to feel. And she was there- smiling with the stars and breathing dreams. She- stealing his breath as effortlessly as she had won his heart.

And that was in a time when they had danced and danced in the dark and the rest of the world was of no importance. There was just the two of them and their song that stretched out into eternity so that they may glide through life in each other's arms and never let go- And here, under the Willow was where Thranduil could still here their song and he could find himself again in her arms. Here was a place sacred with no earthly or heavenly companion to the Elvenking. Here lay the place that would never fall against the darkness.

In the distance, Thranduil could hear the sweet melody of a solitary songbird as it sung. And a smile pulled at his lips as he focused on it. Tales tell of how the nightingales sung for Melian and her beauty, though Thranduil remembered best the one bluebird that would sing for Gilrin. And he let himself become enveloped in the song of the lone bird, and whether he stayed there for seconds, minutes or hours, he could not tell for he was lost in the beauty of the world around him and in his memories.

When he woke, it was because he was drawn from his peace by the rustling of leaves and light footfall of one of his kin. At first, Thranduil's inner peace was instantly replaced with worry and fear as the footfall was too fast to belong to someone walking and he immediately turned to the possibility of danger nearby. But as he listened closer, the footfall was not rushed and more rhythmic, as though the person in question was skipping through the forest. He shook his head softly as he calmed himself. The Elvenking lay back down once again, reassured that the Elf he had heard was in no danger. But no more of the sweet and fond memories returned to him now as his mind slowly began to focus increasingly on the present. The songbird had ceased its singing and thoughts of the threats against Mirkwood began to filter in to his mind once again.

Dark thoughts.

Thranduil struggled with the sudden weight of his responsibilities as he picked himself up and rubbed his temples in response to the sudden transition in images and thoughts. But darkness and anguish was not all that was, even without the light of his wife brightening Arda. There was still hope, light and wonder to be found in Mirkwood. And Thranduil saw it in the faces of his son and every Ellon and Elleth who resided in Mirkwood- all of his kin. It was the Elvenking's duty to keep them all safe from harm and to minimise the losses, but it was also his charge to keep their spirits strong and merry. Their smiles and laughs were more precious to him than anything else in Arda. He saw images flash before his mind of his son. He remembered holding Legolas for the first time after he had been gifted to them by the Valar. He recalled the initial fear of having such a small child in his arms without Gilrin by his side, how fragile and vulnerable Legolas had seemed. He did not forget the feeling of having no clue what he should be doing when he had been given Legolas. But then he remembered how all that fear had vanished after he had felt five small, soft fingers curl themselves around his finger and he saw two stunningly blue eyes look right up at him and that was the moment he finally took in that he had his first son. The new memories brought a smile to his face and he felt himself laugh through a few tears that he wiped away as he stood.

Nori & Ori - should there be space for me to have 5 characters ;P

"Ruddy saps" Nori muttered to himself as he reached inside Dwalin's satchel that the 5' warrior had left rather stupidly by the door of the Hobbit's house without a second thought as to whom might have access to it. And much to Nori's surprise (and to his great pleasure) Dwalin was not the only one- Kíli, Fíli and even Dori had left their belongings lying around unattended.

Well, perhaps this can serve as a lesson before we head off on this dangerous quest then.. He told himself as with hands as he picked out the objects of any value from Dwalin's bags with untold speed. He stored a small leather pouch, an expensive brooch and a dagger in a pocket sewn onto the inside of his shirt. Nori was about to stand and look through the next bag which bore the sign of Prince Fíli before he noticed someone approaching.

Without a second thought, Nori leapt soundlessly to the doorway and pretended that he too was only just entering the hallway.

"Nori!" Came the excited voice of Nori's youngest brother Ori. "I've been looking for you everywhere! I've told the others that there isn't anyone as good with a dagger as you are, but they wouldn't believe me. Come on, you have to show them!" Ori took a hold of Nori's sleeve and tugged at it to lead the ginger dwarf through to the lounge.

"Let's show 'em what your big brother's made of then, eh?" Nori smirked and ruffled Ori's hair as he followed the young dwarf through to the lounge.

Nori was a thief... but he still loved his youngest brother more than anything.

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Accepted. Great job!

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Yay! Thank you so much :3

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Welcome! Btw, your last one made me well up a little. XD

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Aw thank you so much! It's so lovely to meet such nice people!! I'm Arry by the way, at your service! *bows*

And I do love the relationship between the brothers -ri and certainly I love developing their relations and characters over the course of the journey as they are quite far from your typical Dwarf :D

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And Queen Tacosaurus101 a.k.a Taco at yours!

Just call me Taco.

Also, thanks! We're a tad bit random but all the best people are mad. ;)

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Cheers for that Taco!

And don't worry, I may be British and very much enjoy the comforts of tea, awful weather and queueing but I too can be very random ;P

I was actually most amused to see that the fanfiction notification service had sent me an e-mail and had bleeped out the word 'fart' and changed it to f*** (which made me think I had put something terribly rude there :P), but it's the little things in life that get me excited!

Oo- do you think we should have a discussion thread so I don't have to put all this in the canon claim?

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Gasp! I'm British too! Ahhhhh!

Also, yes!

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The Foreseer


Elrond strode through the halls of Rivendall, listening quietly to Lindir fuming, "The kitchen's under enormous strain, we are almost out of whine." A pause formed as Lindir took a moment to calm himself. "How long do you think they will be with us?"

"That has yet to be decided," answered Elrond tiredly. He drifted off however, when he came around a bend and spotted his guests naked around a fountain. Chattering could be heard from the bare bottomed dwarves and Elrond watched as several of them jumped into the fountain, behaving very far from proper guests.

He internally sighed at the scene, discouraged to see such troublesome acts committed at Rivendall. He turned towards Lindir, finding his friend already staring at him innocently, and quickly realized that he was wanted to fix the embarrassing sight. The elf lord frowned, not wanting to start a feud with the stubborn -and quiet naked- dwarves. So instead, he decided he would go search for Arwen, and tell her not to go near the east side fountain today.

"Come along Lindir," called Elrond to his friend, walking back the way they'd come. "Best get the word out before anyone else travels this way."

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I'm laughing so hard. XD Of course!

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The Foreseer

Thank-you so much!

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