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Plan pairings or potential plots here!

4/17/2015 #1
The Foreseer

Well, I have a small idea if you want to hear it. . . :)

5/30/2015 #2

Ooh! Do tell :3

5/31/2015 #3
The Foreseer

Okay, so remember in the second movie of the hobbit where Thorin is in the pub and there are two guys who look like they're going to attack him right before Gandalf shows up? What if they are in a bounty hunter group that's trying to hunt down Thorin and the Company to give to Azog for money? So maybe while Thorin and the Company are traveling one night, they get attacked by the bounty hunter group, but they manage to escape and that's why they make camp near the trolls???

I'm sorry, but it never made sense to me why they picked a camp spot where the trolls where only so far away. They would've scouted out the area- unless of course they didn't have time before night fall and had to made due with what they had since the bounty hunters were chasing after them. Or possibly, the company could have smelled the trolls but because the bounty hunter group was still chasing after them from their previous sneak attack, the company could discuss that the troll smell would cover up their scent so that the bounty hunters would have a much harder time finding them.

Hopefully that made sense, lol. And again, it's just an idea:)

5/31/2015 #4

That's a cool idea! We will fit it in as soon as the journey has picked up :)

5/31/2015 #5
The Foreseer


5/31/2015 #6

I do like that idea! And furthermore, I think if we'll be stopping at Bree for Eleanor and the adorable little youngster then that's where they can start tailing us from! It might also be an opportunity for a small part of the company that is more inclined to doing hunting and fighting to go on a small side-quest to try and track them down and that may be how the company find out about Azog?

6/7/2015 #7

Ooo and the other couple of plots that I was thinking of as well that might be nice and I'll think of taking Canons/OCs from these regions if there's any interest!!

1. Laketown:: So we all know that the people of Laketown hate the Master, and perhaps leading up to the arrival of the Dwarves, there's a failed rebellion against the Master? I think it might be a nice idea that gives the people over there more importance and the like.

2. Mirkwood:: So there's clearly a spider problem in Mirkwood and perhaps we can RP one of the disasters that happens in Mirkwood like the destruction of one of the outlying settlements in the Southern part of Mirkwood that makes Thranduil and his subjects very reclusive and not so open anymore?

3. Rivendell:: I was thinking for here that because they're so close to Gundabad, they might find evidence of Bolg's army there and try and get back to Elrond though run into trouble along the way!

Okay so these were just brief sketches of ideas, please do comment on them and we can explore them or leave them depending on whoever shows any interest!

6/7/2015 #8
The Foreseer

I definitely like the Lake-Town idea! That sounds like a lot of fun:)

So please, expand your whole idea or even just other thoughts that have popped into your mind abut it. I would love to hear them:3

6/24/2015 . Edited 6/24/2015 #9
Princess Claude the Daring

I'm listening-since I'm most likely the only one on atm

6/24/2015 #10

I'm in for all three!

By the way guys, I'm rehursing and performing all week...

But I'm free on Friday!

6/28/2015 #11
Princess Claude the Daring


6/28/2015 #12
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