We're all just Dreaming of Sunshine
I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Fell's Apprentice

This topic covers exactly what it sounds like. Want to discuss the newest chapter or things in the story that don't really belong in another category? Post it here.

6/15/2015 #1

Well that is really cool!

I was really wondering when will someone will do a forum for DOS now

now we can discuss on how to rule the world with the love for DOS"ψ()ψ * insert evil laughter*

HehehHeheh.... I just had to.... ͡ ͜ʖ ͡

6/17/2015 #2
Fell's Apprentice

Yeah, I thought it was high time we had one. If a fanfic is as popular as dos is, it needs a forum of some kind. So here it is. Now where to begin?

6/17/2015 #3

Yeah And beside I wouldn't be surprise if there are some people that have re-read the story Multiply times, hell I have reread it 3times already!

there are also Those side stories others people wrote that are pretty cool like ' dandelion of dreams' and ' stormsclouds'

I'm even thinking on doing it a comic that's goes from the start, just like how there is a story record on tumbler. I really wish to make it as it really is a great story to be worth it.

6/18/2015 #4

I tend to read fics, wait about 6 months/a year for a decent amount of reviews, then re read. Probably read DOS about 6/7 times now.

6/18/2015 #5
Fell's Apprentice

I like dos better than canon, but I'm glad it still exists, if only for Sasuke's surprised faces. For a kid that has a hard time showing anything other than hate expressions, Sasuke has some of the most hysterical "oh shit/how in hell did that happen " faces in the entire anime/manga.

6/19/2015 . Edited 6/19/2015 #6

Yeah i defenetly prefer the DoS!sasuke vers unlike in the anime\manga where he didn't expend and developed until much much later, the DoS!sasuke is much more likeable as he isn't a avenger obsess...

Even Sakura, Ino, and much of the rest of the girls are able to expense and get to developed without seeing too weird or rushed. if there is one thing I love at watching anime/reading fics is to show some strong female character or being on the way for that.

6/19/2015 #7
Fell's Apprentice

hmmm, maybe Silver Queen would be willing to do a Q&A after every chapter here?

6/22/2015 #8
Redshirt Army
One idea I've been tossing around for DoS is what's going to happen with the Hiraishin, since SQ has said that Shikako isn't getting it, but there's no way that plot hook is getting ignored. So: Who else is showing an interest in sealing, especially space warping sealing? Who uses lots of thrown weapons? Who really deserves a better showing then canon? That's right - I'm betting TENTEN gets to be the next Yellow Flash, probably with Shikako's help.
6/25/2015 #9
Fell's Apprentice

Holy Shit! That is the best possibility for Tenten I have ever heard. That is wonderful, and so goddamned badass.

6/25/2015 #10
Fell's Apprentice

Let's be honest, Otogakure/Orochimaru is going to make an appearance at the Kusagakure Chunnin Exams. And as much as I would LOVE for Sasuke to demolish a sound nin in the third exam and tell Orochimaru to go fuck himself in front of a crowd, what I want even more, is for KIBA to step up and tell Orochimaru to leave Sasuke alone. I get the feeling that other than Team 7, the person Sasuke is closest to is actually Kiba. And I really want Kiba to step up to the plate, and make it clear that by hell or high water, NO ONE is going to mess with his pack, S-class be damned.

6/27/2015 #11


lets not forget that now that the sand siblings are on konoha side , garra will be more then willing to be on the help With orochi. The way kiba acts remains me a lots of naruto with thiere headstrong Attitude and sense of pack.

what more haku and zabuza are there toooo!! Im so happy those two are alive it was really sad that they die in cannon , so as they are here alive and kicking the plot will be very interesting and I look forward for what more changes they bring (and IMG mei is a mage now!)

And if orochimaru will do something... Tsunde gonna crave him a new face

now who do you guys will be vs who??. Who will be vs shikako?!?

6/28/2015 #12

If matches get rigged again there'll probably be Sasuke/Gaara again, since that is a rematch pretty much everyone wants to see. As for everyone else, the chances of them getting paired off against random OCs are actually pretty high, since there are so many contestants.

Oooh, maybe Shikako/Haku? They dodged seriously fighting each other during Land of Waves, and his bloodlimit would be a really terrible/interesting hurdle for her to overcome, since she can't shadow possess a reflection and he'll control light reflection in his area of effect. Maybe she'll have to end up using the Gelel stone to win her match?

But mostly I look forward to her kicking some ass in front of a lot of people and getting that promotion.

6/28/2015 #13
Fell's Apprentice

Actually, the first thought I had with the shadow sight was the solution to their problems with the hiding in the mist technique. The idea that it could be anti-sharingan took me by surprise. Itachi could be getting a big surprise next time they meet if it negates the tsukiyomi, and Fugaku is undoubtedly rolling in his grave.

And maybe the introduction of Shikako learning kenjutsu so she can effectively use the sword of the thunder god will lead to Sasuke taking it up like in canon as well. The sword is a good weapon for him as the lightning fast "sword" in team 7's "sword (Sasuke), shield (Naruto), net (Shikako)." Naruto is their heavy hitter that can take and deal a shit ton of damage. Sasuke is their blitzkrieg fighter that darts in and out to take out key enemy fighters. Shikako ties the enemy down with her shadows and minor genjutsu so the other two can wipe them out easier in addition her own "sword" role.

What Kiba needs is some variety to add to his clan techniques, cause as it is if Akamaru goes down, he's screwed.

6/28/2015 . Edited 6/28/2015 #14
I can't believe it's taken this long to be suggested, but we need a "Reading Dreaming of Sunshine" fic. With all of the most important people in Kako's life reading the same story we read. Done intelligently, with serious discussion as well as typical color commentary, it could be potentially brilliant.
6/28/2015 #15
Fell's Apprentice

Better yet, if it's the canon version of the characters reading it. Sasuke's reaction to 'Kako taking the Tsukiyomi for him alone would be priceless.

6/28/2015 . Edited 6/28/2015 #16
We need to find someone to do this. I'd do it myself, but I don't have the t time
6/29/2015 #17

Well as it was suggested now I'm sure someone will write it now only we need to hope it won't take to much time :D

what with all those people that have made other FanFiction of this story , fan art, comics and even videos!!

6/29/2015 #18

That sounds like a huge undertaking, I wonder if some of the fans would be interested in doing it collaboratively? Like a roleplay, where everyone takes a character and acts out the discussion in the room while they're reading what's more or less Shikako's journal, if she wasn't too paranoid to keep a personal journal. :D I dunno what platform would be used for that, but it could be a lot of fun!

6/29/2015 . Edited 6/29/2015 #19
*hums* Maybe... I also wonder if SQ would do a bit of public awareness if things do go down the collaboration route
6/29/2015 #20

Might I just say, I am interested in doing a "Reading Dreaming of Sunshine", and I have dabbled with it(with permission of course), but I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of. I realize my sense of humor is very dry and sharp, so someone with a more 'normal' sense of humor would be appreciated. Every chapter would be read and approved by SQ before posting IF! IF! Silver allows it to be posted in the first place. I have gotten no definite answer from her on whether she would approve it being posted. Please do not bother her about it as she might just refuse it if we bother her about it too much. Everything I do, I ask permission first, and if I were to have a beta try to go around me to Silver to get it posted would not be appreciated. Sorry if I'm sounding a little uptight, but I have a nice friendship with Silver, and I don't want it ruined by stupidity, on my part, or another's. That being said, anybody who wants to could be my beta, but again, if Silver says "Don't publish it" then it will not be published. And besides, at most, the Reading would be a side project to my own stories, so, just a word of warning. That being said, I'm glad there are so many people interested in doing a "Reading"! Though, for true masters of the "Reading" genre, look up Bonesboy15, and Engineer4Ever. Those two bounce stories off each other like nobody's business. They are my role models for readings.

Of course, if someone is interested in doing a "Reading" where canon characters read DOS, I'd be willing to beta that, with Silver's permission of course. I know, I know, uptight, but hey, I'd rather not ruin a friendship by NOT asking permission. On top of that, it's just common courtesy. After all, Shikako is her creation, along with the world of DOS, and hijacking it is a no-go for me. But, on a lighter note, if someone can make it truly great, I think Silver would have no problem giving permission to publish it. Stipulation, TRULY GREAT!

7/3/2015 #21
Hell you can bounce ideas off of me, and probably any other person in the community. If you want to bounce ideas off me, send me a PM
7/4/2015 #22
Fell's Apprentice

So, getting back on topic, I've realized why Sasuke doesn't get along with Neji. It's because of what Neji did to Hinata during the Chunnin Exams. Despite the fact that Neji isn't a total dick anymore, to Sasuke, Hinata is to himself as Neji is to Itachi. Sasuke idolized Itachi and when he went batshit on his own family, it broke Sasuke. Similarly, Hinata sees Neji as her older brother and Neji nearly killed her, and because of how he can't forgive Itachi for killing his family, he can't totally accept Neji's moral turnaround.

7/4/2015 #23

I think that would be the case if Sasuke had seen the Hinata vs. Neji match. Since Karachi whisked him away as soon as possible at most he saw bits of Naruto and Neji's fight so he might not have made that connection. Plus I don't think Sasuke has ever seen Hinata interact with Neji during the pre-post-Chunin Exams. I think the friction came from Sasuke's 'Will is the Key to your fate' vs. Neji's 'Your fate has been picked out already for you.'

Though I think an awesome AU idea would be Orochimaru trying to dick around with Sasuke and fixing the board so that he fights last. Sasuke witnesses Hinata's fight and (after getting serious flashbacks to Itachi) swears to take Neji down in the Third Exam. Imagine, the fights are now Sasuke vs. Neji and Naruto vs. Gaara, Karachi trains Naruto in that month instead of Sasuke (Because let's face it, Karachi disappeared with Sasuke because Gaara was 100% going to kill him otherwise and Neji had only a 5% chance of permentally injuring Naruto,) and Sasuke starts forming a bond with Hinata (and by extension Team 8) over their dickish, but still beloved niisans.

7/6/2015 #24
Fell's Apprentice

Sasuke would have at least heard of Hinata and Neji's fight from the others, maybe Shikako, but yeah I agree with everything else you said. And that AU sounds awesome, it reminds me of Ichigo Kurosaki's continually reacurring quote from Bleach but coming from Sasuke's mouth "Older siblings are born first so they can look after the ones that come after them."

7/6/2015 #25

Ooo, yeah. I can just see it now. Neji spouting off that it was Hinata fate to lose and now his fate to win while Sasuke struggles to power up chidori after having some of his Chakra points blocked: "Fate? Don't give me that crap. You've been fighting against fate your 'fate' this whole damn exam. Older siblings are born to protect the ones that come after. Not send them to the hospital for daring to have a backbone."

"She forgot her place. It was fate that I reminded her of it."

"Fine. Hide behind your 'fate' all you want. I'm still going to kick your ass." Neji scoffs.

"With what? Your arm is sealed, you don't have enough chakra to do ninjutsu, and you can't hope to best me in taijutsu. Will can't win against fate."

"Yeah? Just watch." Sasuke shoves his remaining chakra into his sealed arm, blowing the seals, forms chidori, and charges.

....I really need to stop writing before I get going on another fanfic I can't possibly finish.

7/7/2015 #26
Fell's Apprentice

If Sasuke used chidori on Neji he would deserve to lose, not from a moral standpoint, but from a Tactical standpoint. Neji is a Hyuuga, and the number one rule about fighting Hyuuga is "No Close Quarters Combat." If you want to kick the shit out of a Hyuuga, go Long Range, High Power. If Sasuke wants to beat Neji, he should rely on explosive tags, Fire ninjutsu, and shuriken techniques. As Silver Queen pointed out, the Kaiten is an extremely chakra intensive technique, and Neji can only use it so many times, after Neji has exhausted his chakra to the point where he can't use his Jyuuken-ryu. After that, it is now safe for Sasuke to move in to finish the fight with Taijutsu.

7/11/2015 #27

Chidori does lose against Kaiten but that's assuming Neji is able to pull off continual kaitens. If I recall correctly, he only pulled off three during the Final Exam. Also, I've always wondered if chidori couldn't be modified to project before impact. In Shippuden, Sasuke does so with the help of a sword (Deidara vs Sasuke fight) so I don't think it would be that far fetched to do it with just his hands. Without the need to focus on his speed to outrun Gaara's sand, Sasuke would have a lot more time to work out chidori. Neji's jyukken becomes useless if getting into close combat automatically means getting hit by lightning and I can't recall him having a single non-jyukken attack at this point.

7/12/2015 #28
Fell's Apprentice

As I re-read DOS again for what has to be the fiftieth time, I realize that as of now that I deeply hope that Sasuke knows that Shikako is the best friend he will ever have, bar none. Also, I'm betting that the next time Shikako goes down in a fight in front of him, he's going to go apeshit on whoever's responsible. Bonus points if it's during Pain's invasion of Konoha.

7/17/2015 #29

If Shikako was the one Pain killed instead of Hinata the blow up would be nuclear. It might happen too, considering Shikako would probably stick next to Tsunade in the hopes of preventing her from falling into a coma and Danzo becoming Homage. Though I don't think Shikako would need to go down, if someone threaten her Sasuke would be on their asses so fast.

7/21/2015 #30
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