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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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I would like to bring up this thread and say

oh my god Team 7 claiming each other as family in tiny, hugely significant ways bury me in my feelings

Shikako gave Sasuke a family heirloom and Kakashi gave Sasuke a family heirloom and Sasuke gave Shikako fancy earrings of unknown significance

also Sasuke is gunna be canonically wearing earrings all the time now, I'm happier than words can express

I thought I'd have something insightful to say once I started typing, but no, just me recounting plot points and feeling things about them

9/16/2015 #331

The cute as hell team 7 fluff with the earrings and the swords just made me think of when Naruto gets back, because he's so integral to the heart of the team, too. I just kept thinking that Shikako had TWO sets of heirloom earrings. And she can still get promoted to Jounin... Either Naruto will get her Jounin Earrings, or Naruto will get her a promotion gift for becoming Special Jounin when he gets back (I hope earrings, some studs to match the ones Sasuke got her, either green or silver), and Naruto can wear the studs Kakashi gave her, and she can wear the gifted ones.

My only hesitation with that absolutely heart melting image of all of them wearing BFF Forever Forever earrings, is that Kakashi gave her the studs...

9/16/2015 #332

First, a congrats for 100 chapters and 500k words, to SQ. Pretty impressive.

For the latest update, I guess I can say it's an expected chapter, given that Shikako's issues are an important plot point, but it's still difficult to read, and I hope she can fix her issues soon.

I'm just... so annoyed with Shikako. The whole "give him his space" thing was exactly why Sasuke turned out like he did, only it's worse coming from Shikako because she actually has people that are going out of their way to help her, whereas Sasuke was left alone by everyone and just expected to turn out okay, somehow. She knows better but still falls into this sort of self-destructive behavior.

It's also a joke, cause she never used that line of thinking for anyone before. She didn't just shrug her shoulders and pretend Ino would be fine, or ignore Naruto being ostracized by the school. Giving people their space is not her normal MO, and if it was anyone else but Shika, she wouldn't be doing that. the only reason she isn't is because she can't help him without helping herself, which is something she clearly will not allow.

It also bothers me that she is so against is the exact same thing Sasuke is undergoing. She is so obsessed with going on field missions, it's like she's, in essence, saying it was a mistake for Sasuke to stay in the village after all, because I'm sure she realized that being restricted to staying safe was the logical end result after he turns down the offer from the Sound 4. Sasuke will also never reach the same heights that he could have without the curse mark. He'll never become a full jonin, for instance.

I don't even understand why she equates going on missions to being strong. Naruto isn't going on missions, Kakashi isn't going on missions, Sasuke isn't going on missions. They are all TRAINING. Which is what Shikako needs to focus on too. She's got all these cool abilities she needs to master. She doesn't really have room on her plate for more before the time skip is up. Going on missions just means more injuries that will put her in the hospital again for a bunch of months that she could have used more productively. She could also die, permanently this time. Which would really screw up her plans.

I am a bit relieved that she's taking a break though. She got taken off field missions for a few months, and there was no need for a temper tantrum over it. I don't see why her father suggesting/ordering the same would have been detrimental as opposed to it coming from the Hokage.

I have to admit I'm not enjoying this break down arc at all.

I guess it's good that Shikako is having problems that are not just brushed off like her earlier ones though. It seemed more like her earlier problems were more about flavor text then actual things that would hamper her. Like her phobia of the Nine Tails. It was built up as a big thing but, just being exposed to Naruto unleashing him 3 times or so conquered all fears and no more problems. It's really not how phobias work. Her social anxiety is another one. All through school, she had trouble with confidence and speaking out, but, hey, join Team 7 and the issues are gone by the time we hit the Wave arc.

I'm a bit surprised that the mother hasn't had anything to say. Back when Shikako lost herself into the black, her mother was quite vocal about her fears, but here Shikako has died multiple times, and has been showing obvious trouble. I'm surprised that her mother has been so passive about it. I'd expect her to be more like Shikamaru, regardless if that was the best course of action or not.

9/16/2015 . Edited 9/16/2015 #333
@ toma02, first of all, that's a pretty good analysis of chapter 99. Although regarding Shikako, I am not annoyed so much as worried. About her wanting to be left alone, its been noted that Shikako has always been blind when she is the subject. She might think that she knows better because she is an adult once, that she doesn't needs help. That's the reason she mother Naruto and Sasuke so much. Another part of the reason she wants to be left alone, is that she has so many secrets. If someone knows one of her secret, its only a matter of time that the rest of her secrets will be exposed. I partially blame Shikamaru for Shikako not wanting to be in the village. Shikako knows that Shikamaru wants her to remain in the village because its safer. Telling someone to do something will only make them not want to do it. Still, Shikako does needs training, so I am glad that Kakashi is giving them sword training. About the nine tails, my theory is that Shikako is just suppressing her fear for it, or she is pushing it to her 'dark side'. One day it would backfire on her in a very spectacular way. I do agree with you that it didn't make sense that she is over her social anxiety. Its just something that was never elaborated on.
9/16/2015 #334

What do you mean by the "giving Sasuke space?" I must have missed a scene because the only time I remember Shikako giving Sasuke space is after her fight with Shikamaru. I do have to admit with you that Shikako is avoiding help, but I can understand it too. Not everyone can accept help, especially when you consider how Shikako usually prefers to handle her problems. Which is by not dealing with it head-on, preferring to shove her problems down for later and not sharing it to any one till the last minute. This is something I can relate to because I do the same, which is why I can't feel annoyed with Shikako and can only hope for her resolve things and heal instead of letting things fester until it blows up. I hope she finds better ways of coping soon, because the break-down will just be too painful and sad. Like all these AUs I've been speed-reading through.

And I'm not too sure about canon Sasuke, but I'm sure he had people who were trying to reach him too. Maybe not in the best way, and definitely not enough people, but he did have people. It was only after Sasuke deserted that people realized giving him space was a bad approach, but by then it was too late. His stubbornness and obsession didn't accept help either. Also, DOS Sasuke is much more different and has emotionally (or mentally?) matured over the course of the story chapters, so I can say leaving him alone for a while won't cause him to degenerate back into canon Sasuke.

Also, about Shikako's obsession with missions, I feel you might be seeing into that too much? For me, it's more of Shikako not wanting to be stuck as a desk ninja. It's not about the missions, but about being considered a field ninja. If she gets stuck in a position like in the fanfiction Kishi Kaisei or like the character we were introduced to (Shiho), it's very likely Shikako would become stagnant and have very little time to develop skills or train when most of her time will be to her duties. She would become DOS Sakura, a person who hasn't seen field work in months (years, at all, etc.).

I was annoyed with Yoshino's dismissal of Shikako's outburst, but not for long because it made me wonder if it was just her way of reassuring Sasuke, but also had the unintended effect of distancing Shikako. Also, seeing the latest chapter from Sunshine Sidestories along with a review about Shikako's parents and their parenting; it showed that Shikaku and Yoshino are very hands-off when it comes to certain things. Maybe Yoshino would have still been full of outbursts if Shikako hadn't proved herself capable many times before.

And the social anxiety? Meh, for me, she was a kid with an adult mind. How was she supposed to interact without messing up or showing that she had more maturity than possible for a kid. By becoming a genin, she likely didn't have to worry as much on how to act since being a genin was technically considered an adult. Also, everyone is different and there was no way of knowing how anyone would react to Shikako interacting with them. It was only after a while after being genin that Shikako even got used to being herself around strangers not family or childhood friends, without fear of being too "adult" for her age.

I do agree she needs a break though, and I feel we'll soon be seeing more chapters of Shikako having some downtime to train in stable environments instead of fighting battles. I could be wrong.

9/16/2015 . Edited 9/16/2015 #335

So I was reading on wiki as you do, and I came across an article on Kumadori. It's a type of stage make up where the colours indicate things. Red - powerful, heroic; Black beard, purple veins, antler eyebrows - villain; Blue - ghosts, spirits, negative emotions; Brown / Black - animals, demons, monsters, non-humans.

It made me think... ANBU masks, at least for Konoha are in those four colours (red, blue, brown, black). Mostly red and brown / black I think, though Fox was blue. Do people think this is significant? And could it be used to indicate specialities in a subtle sort of way?

9/20/2015 #336

I don't really know if it is.

What I wonder though, is when Silver Queen is going to post the sidestory of Ibiki while on the recieving side of Shikako's "talk" moment. Because I had shivers!

9/20/2015 #337
Lol, lets talk about Shikako being the rope in a game of tug-of-war between the different divisions :-p
9/20/2015 #338

tylerbamafan34: This is exactly why the Nara clan is lazy.

9/20/2015 #339
Yup, :-p
9/20/2015 #340

Did anyone else think there was something fishy about Ibiki's explanation?


1. Ibiki did not directly address what would happen to Tayuya when she was no longer useful.

2. He never directly stated that more invasive methods were never used. And even if they were, memory modification is a thing in Narutoverse, so...

3. Waaaay back in the invasion arc, Shikako said 'People did not exactly leave Torture and Interrogation'.


This does not jive with Ibiki's explanation.

Not that he was lying, per say, but misrepresentation and putting the best face forward I could see. They are all ninja after all.

9/20/2015 . Edited 9/20/2015 #341
I think Konoha is a place where they focus on converting captives before coming to the decision of killing them. Not that the later is t a option but Tatuya's treatment suggests that they want her on their side. Besides being a information treasure trove, she is an extremely powerful shinobi. Konoha was built on recruiting former enemies into their fold, I wouldn't be surprised if they continue that approach with select prisoners.
9/20/2015 #342
I think Konoha is a place where they focus on converting captives before coming to the decision of killing them. Not that the later is t a option but Tatuya's treatment suggests that they want her on their side. Besides being a information treasure trove, she is an extremely powerful shinobi. Konoha was built on recruiting former enemies into their fold, I wouldn't be surprised if they continue that approach with select prisoners.


I'm just pointing out the 'underneath the underneath', which is also a thing.

9/20/2015 #343

ROOT can't get all their recruits by stealing children, and they had to practice their brainwashing techniques on someone.

9/20/2015 #344
If possible I can see them converting select captives, or just keeping them as a potential bargaining chip - you know, if they ever need to trade back one of their own shinobi. I'd disagree on Konoha being built on recruiting enemies though. Senju and Uchiha began by mutually deciding to establish peace. it wasn't Senju 'turning' the Uchiha or vice versa. Also, IMO the thing Ibiki is getting at isn't that they don't torture people because it's not nice. And they don't stop their shinobi torturing other people because it's not nice either. They don't like torture because it is inefficient and if their shinobi use it without strong justification then it's an indication they are unbalanced. That is, they get more truthful information, more trust from client and fewer missing-nin by playing up the all for one side and by being nice. If they needed information rapidly, or the priority was getting a specific, easily verified relatively quickly answer, I can see them using torture. Tayuga in particular is an information treasure trove. She is also a favoured subordinate of a shinobi that can bring back the dead. I don't see them letting her go, or absorbing her back into their population, because she has never pretended to be anything but loyal to Orichimaru. There is also the fact she has a curse seal and we know some of the uses Oro has for those. I don't see them killing her until everything she knows is out of date and they've dissected the curse seal on a 'disposable' victim. After that? I think it'll be the convenience of not giving Oro back a loyal zombie vs keeping her secure.
9/20/2015 #345

I spect that by proudly describing themselves as a Torture Organisation and spreading nasty rumors, T&I can make decent treatment and empathy unexpected and feel special - making them more effective.

9/20/2015 #346
Okay so the recent update brought forth amazing things from. Shikako. I love her blood seal that she uses on Lee. I wonder what else she can do with that. Her being friendly to Ibiki (which kinda slightly unnerves everyone) else amuses me. But that ending!!! Silver why?? I wanna know what happens next!!!
9/25/2015 #347
Tell me about it. I was so happy about the new chapter, the networking, Anko and the other special jounins being conned into training with Gai... And then the chapter ended with Shikako finding a unknown bunker. Is this part of a filler arc or is Silver Queen writing an original arc?
9/25/2015 #348

I'm really curious about the differences between her seal and actually performing a transformation jutsu as far as chakra usage and duration of illusion are concerned. Perhaps seal-jutsu resist ordinary dispelling/tracking measures used for transformations? Or perhaps Shikako is banking on them not trying to disrupt the transformation at all?

That aside, looking into the social dynamics of special jounin is really interesting. The way they boast about injuries, opponents, rankings. The setting. No wonder quiet, modest Shikako feels out of place. It makes me wonder whether the jounin do the same thing. Heck, it makes me wonder whether there are more jounin or special jounin. There are more named jounin than special jounin according to the wiki, iirc. But is that sampling bias?

As for the bunker: I'm predicting that it's actually one of Orochimaru's. How would Rock get access to Fire country soil so close to an outpost?

Either way, I'm guessing that Shikako continues to completely underestimate her abilities. That sensing job looked significantly harder than anything she's shown to have been done previously. Either the Sensory Squad makes quick work of training new members or she really is just that good. Either way, this might have implications for any war with Rock -- and she's already made a name for herself there. I suppose it's tradition for new seal masters to completely stomp all over them.

9/25/2015 #349
From the way she said it I'm guessing it's a 'standard' seal. One someone else has come up with and Shikako learnt in her self taught sealing sessions. It seems the sort of thing a seal master would take the time to invent and refine for general use. Durability wise, I think it's probably a little more resistant, but still dependant on how much chakra goes into it time wise. It is interesting with its potential. I'd say sampling bias. If it's a dead end position then there'll be a few people that get to that point probs. My vote is Danzo. Just because. And he was in the side story arcs so this could be a look at rock thing rather than a infiltration attempt. ;)
9/25/2015 #350
Mercy Of Baal
So the new chapter. Rock is being naughty. Those are fighting actions. Something has to give. 3 years wait for Naruto is a long time. They weren't just spying. They had a camp. This is going to go downhill within months. No one wants to mess with Konoha right now though, because of the alliance. So I'm wondering how it's gonna go down.
9/25/2015 #351
Thors Alumni

I think its a trap. Rock may have been putting this together for a while and decided to try to kill off a few leaf ninja. A bunker is a declaration of war. Just their luck that Shikako was one of the Leaf ninja sent to investigate. If they take her out. they will deprive Konoha of a budding seal master if she isn't one already.

9/25/2015 #352
My money is on ROOT. I doubt Danzo would have any compunctions about taking young ninja from other nations. Plus it seems like is his style to start conflicts in order to pressure Konoha/Tsunade to ramp up their military. We also haven't seen Sai in awhile.
9/25/2015 #353
Thors Alumni

seems like? Um yea most of the bad stuff that happened in the series is linked Directly to Danzo. Nagato and the Akatsuki is a prime example. Without Danzo interfering like he did Konoha would probably have not been visited by Pein and flattened. Danzo also gave classified information about the Konoha Anbu to Orochimaru and then there is Kabuto.

9/25/2015 #354

Hey maybe I'm thinking to much into this but... Well you know how Shikako is being friendly with Ibiki, well what if that does develop into a proper mentor relationship with him, see I remember seeing Silver Queen's fan art of future Shikako and in some of t she wears a one black trench coat... What if she wears that not just to look BA as I originally thought but what if it's a way of emulating her mentor, Ibiki? Again probably looking to much into it but it's an interesting concept.

9/25/2015 . Edited 9/25/2015 #355
Mercy Of Baal
SQ better be taking notes xD lol. I love that idea
9/25/2015 #356
Thors Alumni

Does Inoichi wear a trench coat? Anko did and she is part of the Torture and Interrogation branch. so It may actually be a part of Canon DOS

9/25/2015 #357
....but still dependant on how much chakra goes into it time wise

I just had a thought. What if Lee didn't disrupt the seal and decided to stay as Shikako all day long? And with Shikako out of the village....

9/25/2015 #358

More likely that he'll forget he's got it on. But oh lord, the lulz that would ensue.

9/25/2015 #359

Well if he got it into his head that it's infiltration training...remedial kunoichi training could be in store for Shikako when she returns.

9/25/2015 #360
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