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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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I think I wrote this one. It was the sort-of-time-lady Immortal Soul who asked for her friend the Doctor's help and kill herself.

On the crossover thred, but I don't remember when.

Is there a way I could see every message I wrote, by the way? A a search feature for the forum?

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Thanks clmin. I'll look it up.
9/29/2017 #14,162

Got it:

www. fanfiction.net/ topic/180237/140553015/182/DoS-Crossover-Plotting

There were two DW crossover, it's the second one. Techincaly in the same verse, I guess.

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Jade Estrella
Oh when I read that I worked off the assumption that mikako taught the Uchiha English back in the warring clan era to help with security. And that they kept it as a secret language o lay passed to one another. And that maybe she heard shikako baby babble English words and went to check her out.
9/29/2017 #14,164

I am SO here for the Uchiha having a special secret language (english or not) and Mikako-who-became-Shikako knowing it.

9/29/2017 #14,165

Weren't we operating on the premise that the more integrated the Uchiha were, the better it would be for everyone?

A secret langage is not exactly the best way to do it...

9/29/2017 #14,166

Depends on what 'verse you're talking. Mikako may not have been thinking that far ahead if she was Mikako before being Shikako.

9/29/2017 #14,167

If Shikako is looping between canon and clan era, could she be both Mikako Ushiha and the Senju one?

Like, she's SHikako in a world that was canon until her.

There she reborn as Mikako, change things.

Then she reborn as Shikako in the world where Mikako once lived.

The she reborn as the Senju sister... Or maybe the previous generation, the Senju's aunt.

The she was Mikako in a world where the Senju clanhead was this awesome woman who manages to make Senju and Uchia slowing there fights.

And then Shikako in a very different Konoha...

9/29/2017 #14,168

Hey Math, do you know where those 'Shikako died in Grass and Kakashi found her as a child' ficlets are? I can't find them on the index.

9/29/2017 #14,169

I don't remember where they are exactly, but I also posted them as a fic. Go to my profile, it's "5 times Shikako got re-reborn into the Naruto-verse"

9/29/2017 #14,170

There are also a few follow ups on the index! ctrlf "Omakes of Grass!Shikako"

9/29/2017 #14,171

So this is totally off topic, but I'm doing my senior project on Napoleon Bonaparte right now. After he became Emperor of France and went about conquering Europe, Napoleon gave his siblings the kingdoms he captured. Like, he made one brother King of Naples and another one King of Spain.

So it got me thinking about how Shikako would act if she was born as the younger sister of Napoleon (or a fictional character similar to him). Would she support her brother's take over of the world? Would she try to reason would him? Or would she just say, "thanks for the kingdom, now i'm going to go hide out in my new castle pretending to be a social recluse while actually trying to make my new subject's lives better"?

This is something really weird to wonder isn't it? DOS is completely taking over my life.

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The Real Chys Lattes

Why did I just picture Hetalia?

9/29/2017 #14,173
This is not the crossover forum. Whoops. Sorry about that.
9/29/2017 #14,174

New Chapter!

9/29/2017 #14,175

Huh. Isobu, the three-tails. Poor shikako, who's willing to bet the Akasuki is also coming to the After-Party?

9/29/2017 #14,176
I interpreted the Uchiha scene as Mikako having left a secret message to her clan that she would be reborn in a specific time and place, and Mikoto is there to test the child because the clan is expecting their important figure to be reborn.
9/29/2017 #14,177
It was the Three Tails Forming. Good to know.

And we have final proof of 'nothing can really surprise Shikako' anymore. Not to say things won't throw her off balance, but the she amount of 'meh' to a perfectly timed, musical accompaniment to a Tailed-Beast's reformation is just the cement casing over the coffin.

9/29/2017 #14,178

I think Shikako gonna do what she does best...... being a total BAMF!!!!

9/29/2017 #14,179
Oh my god Reinholtd I totally ageee?? I was dying at the end with Kako's offhandedness it was so perfect XD
9/29/2017 #14,180

Ok, so the new chapter came out but part of me is just imagining the fiasco that will come with the coming fight. For one thing, 4 Kages are present. Who's actually gonna be fighting Isobu at this point? You'd think solely Mei to prove Mist is strong but that would be bad of her allies if their Kages who happened to be there didn't so much as lift a finger to help. Not even going into the idea of what Shikako and Sasuke will be up to. Though I did have this one idea of whaat could happen...

Yep, Konoha Has ANOTHER Seal User

There hadn't been much for us to do at this point. 3 Kages the 1 who was reluctantly pullled in to help leaves a fight where most people aren't really at the level where they can jump in to help without dying immediately. Didn't mean I couldn't keep an eye out while herding the civilians away, Sasuke beside me having a similar idea if the way he kept his eyes tilted toward the battleground were any indication.

"Any new developments?"

"Aside from the confirmation that the Three Tails' endurance is stupidly high considering it's only two above Gaara? Not much. The Tsuchikage seems mildly irritated that his lower cost attacks aren't doing much."

"Well... it is a turtle... I think... Or at least based off one."

A sigh and the eye roll were easy to tell despite not looking at him.

Quite frankly the two of us on the outside looked splendidly calm considering how dangerous it was to be in the area. Actually, paying a bit more attention, the civilians are looking at us a little in shock... Wonder why?

Focusing a bit more on the fight it seemed to be dying down at least. Or as much as it could considering who was fighting. Despite it all my mind was still going over as many contingencies as it could in case a worst case scenario happened.

"It's building up chakra agai-SHIT!"

Like such. Wheeling around to face whatever caused Sasuke to curse I also had to stop myself from doing so as well. The Three Tails had just built up enough chakra to launch another of those Sphere attacks, the bijjuu-somethingmindfrazzledcan'tthinkgottaact, but it had just swiped at all of them away long enough to fire in another new random direction. Toward us.

Hands grabbing a scroll. Writing a seal. No time, don't think, actjumpsealNOW

Good news, attack was stopped. Bad news, I still got hit by the excess force that hadn't been captured in my seal. Naturally I was in the air. This went about as well as one could expect. hello darkness my old friend...

Waking up with Tsunade and Sasuke hovering over me? Expected. Much scolding over that reckless idea? Understandable but what other options were there? Proud looks for not even hesitating to do what I did. Embarrassing but I could deal with that. Being treated as a minor celebrity for saving the many people and the city that would've been killed/destroyed otherwise? Gah. Judging from how Sasuke's shoulder were twitching just the tiniest bit already told me that this wasn't gonna stay quiet between our group of friends when we got back.

I would later hear many, many, many accounts of what it looked like from the outside much to my embarrassment. Needless to say, storing a Bijuu's attack in a giant scroll was not something that anyone expected me to be able to do on the fly. Apparently it looked very impressive despite the less than gracefull recovery. Now we just had to deal with the small lake that was currently stored in that one scroll that was now leaking chakra. Apparently I didn't write it strong enough which I'm gonna have to keep in mind for next time this happens.

Basically just imagine the scene in Naruto where Minato was on top of the hokage mountain when he teleported the Bijuudama away from the village and the way the ball just collapsed into the empty space. Kinda like that only instead it's being stored into this bigger than the standard scroll via sucking it up. Like, Shikako literally holding up her seal like a shied which straight up absorbs the ball of incoming destruction.

As for how she wrote the seal so quickly, I know she can apply with a touch but I headcanon that she managed to talk to Sai and Yakumo about exercises to help with being able to draw fast enough to be usable in combat. So now she's capable of placing a seal instantly AND also writing up bigger seals within a very short amount of time.

9/29/2017 #14,181

love it!!!

9/29/2017 #14,182
The Real Chys Lattes

At first I thought it was Sasuke writing the seal, which would have gone along with the bold title. XD

9/29/2017 #14,183

Ttran, that's great. Onoki would be so mad to see Shikako whip a seal up like that, though, jeez.

Anyway, this... doesn't have anything to do with the new chapter. I wanted an excuse for missing-nin Kakashi? Diverges from DOS in the middle of the Hot Water arc.

The Many Gardens of Shikabane-Hime

MOVED, SORRY -- This fic is no longer available on the forums and will not be updated here anymore. Thanks for understanding.


9/29/2017 . Edited 6/2/2018 #14,184

ohhhhh I love this kind of Kakashi... hope she will get home soon.

9/30/2017 #14,185

... Okay. Did I miss an introduction? Because WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM!

And Why weren't you here earlier? This is gold.

9/30/2017 #14,186
Yea, that was really good.it occurs to me that she could stick around for a while to get some "Danzo Killing" experience.
9/30/2017 #14,187

Oh, WOW, Waffle! What a way to debut on the forum! (This is your first fic on here, isn't it? I don't remember seeing you post a fic before. I apologize if I missed or am forgetting something, though!) I love this sad, brave loyal!MissingNin!Kakashi! I really want Kako to help him! Or bundle him up and take him with her once things get too far gone to be fixed, and he becomes her partner in crime until she can get home and then he finally gets to be somewhere safe... Just. I love any version of broken!Kakashi interacting with his students and getting attached. Just love it.

9/30/2017 #14,188

Okay, reading that ending again, I really want this version of Kakashi to get o me canon Kakashi, and be like, "your kids are so scary how did you survive this? And who made you a sensei? And most importantly, do you know about the kinds of things your student worries about? I'm worried about her. Take care of her!"

9/30/2017 #14,189

Ahhh thank you all very much. This was indeed my first fic on here, I've just been lurking for ages, mostly without an account.

Future plans for this absolutely involve Shikako sticking around long at least a little longer with missingnin!Kakashi because... because I love him and I'm weak although I'm not too sure yet how I'm going to do that. I feel like I've already burned one use of Deus Ex ROOT Agent, so... I need to come up with something else? Maybe something with that pesky ANBU seal Kakashi's still got that like... REALLY seems like a liability, now that I think about it, don't they have some kind of remote kill-switch? Yikes.

The mechanics of her getting from universe to universe, if anyone's wondering, is like so:

1) Appear in Yugakure, because this is where all of these universes are the weakest to this sort of intrusion.

2) Check for Jashinists, because screw those guys. Found 'em? Let someone know, then move one, it's none of Shikako's business.

3) Check the date and/or proceed directly to Konoha to check if it's the right Konoha.

4) When it's not the right Konoha, go to the Dead Wastes. A lingering resonance with Galel makes traveling to the next dimension easier and cost-effective, chakra-wise.

5) Repeat until #3 reveals she's home.

I've been thinking that she's only traveling to worlds that don't already have a version of her in it - so pre!Kako, or Otohime verses or whatever need not apply... unless she's already dead. I think this verse with missing-nin Kakashi is one where some version of Kako got caught out by Danzo, although she didn't survive the experience.

On the other hand tho, this conflicts very much with your extremely excellent suggestion that Kakashi-sensei and missingnin!Kakashi meet... though I suppose there's no reason for Shikako to not be able to write an exception for him into the seal, tbh. Not sure if mn!Kakashi would want to leave but gosh I want that scene, too. Especially because missing-nin!Kakashi is so much younger and hadn't yet been booted out of ANBU when he left the village. Someone hug him, please.

9/30/2017 . Edited 9/30/2017 #14,190
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