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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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.....It was a long shot, but Isobu had only just reformed. So Shikako cycled her chakra through her stone and rushed forward to attempt to talk him down, he was the most timid according to the manga (or was that just fannon?)

"Isobu stand down!" hopefully his name would catch his attention.....it did.

"You think to command me, Godling?" he thundered. He didn't wait for a reply.


hours later when the whole mess was over and the Various Kage and their escorts were standing around feeling amazed to be be alive, Kankuro turned to Shikako,

"What was that godling business anyway, sparky?"

Shikako was too tired to roll her eyes,"Forgotten why you call me Sparky already, Kankuro?

9/30/2017 #14,191

Just read DOS. Then read new fanfic from Blackkat. Then considered:


"Tsunade, I bet a bowl of Ichiraku ramen that I can seal the three-tailed." "I bet you can't."


Also, read recursive thread/dimension hopping-Shikako, read "Nipple Man:Origins"(AO3). Then considered:


"OMG, Sasuke, put some clothes on!"

Shikako would so be scandalized if she ever met cannon!Sasuke in his Sound getup. Also, she would take pictures. As proof.

9/30/2017 . Edited 9/30/2017 #14,192

I would love for missing nin!Kakashi and DOScanon!Kakashi to meet. I guess if you don't want to drag mn!Kakashi from his universe you could always have canon!Kakashi dimension hopping to find Shikako. Maybe he's sent to Hot Water to find out what happened to Shikako and he sees the signs of a time-space jutsu being used. He's had Minato as a sensei so I'm sure he's familiar with it. He could use his sharingan somehow or develop a jutsu or some combination of both that lets him hop dimensions. He probably has an anchor that lets him go directly home when he finds her? Or maybe they just end up traveling together to get home. And with two Team Seven members together you know their luck kicks in everywhere they go...

9/30/2017 #14,193

Oh, I loved younger!mn!Kakashi *___* and dimension hopping is a great thing!

Ahaha, if DoS!Kakashi started to search for Shikako, found these two, and Shikako is all cheery like: "Lets help him to kill Danzo!"

DoS!Kakashi is all: "WHAT"

and them Kakashis commisirating..and bonding xD

9/30/2017 #14,194

Shikako isn't really sure how this happened.

She remembers the order to evacuate and set up Barrier Seals as the four Kage take on the Bijū. Remembers taking a cut to the hand from flying rubble and a glimmer of memory about Gelel calming Shukaku and Kurama.

But Shikako has pretty much no fricking clue as to how Isobu, The Sanbi, The Three Tailed Turtle ended up sealed within a sliver of stone the size of her pinky. Her stone, to be precise. The Stone made from a Fragment of a God and the Last Beat of a human heart. Her Heart.

Somehow, Special Jounin Shikako Nara had sealed a Bijū, with no seal and no host.

Just something that refused to leave until I wrote it. remember how Shikako/Gelel calmed The Bijuu? Shikako was hoping for something similar. So she pushed her Chakra into the stone and made it Sing. That got Isobu's attention, but he got mad, not calm and Shikako's experience with seals and willpower and a lot of really rather Sketchy other stuff, ends up with a Bijū sealed into her Stone of Gelel, which won't work and really just won't react to anyone or thing but her.

9/30/2017 #14,195

I absolutely loved the missing-nin!Kakashi. I hope that Shikako says long enough to help him kill Danzo and grow close to mn!Kakashi. Then, since mn!Kakashi is still an outcast and probably even can't rejoin Konoha (seeing as he did kill a Hokage, even if an evil one), she can drag him home with her!

Then she arrives home with an adorable mn!Kakashi sidekick. That would be so awesome.

9/30/2017 #14,196

"...please repeat that," her Kakashi said, not a single muscle moving on his face. Cacophony of voices exploded on the heels of that.

"Hold up that brush, brat-"

"You just got back here-"

"We need a good plan-"

"I'm in."

"The hell you are, Uchiha!"

"Do you need a medic? I mean, if shishou-"

Tsunade, having gone unheeded twice already, slammed her hand against the poor, abused table. It cracked in half. Shikako had a pleasant little smile fixed on her face that she had absolutely learnt from Hatake. Shikamaru's glare seemed like it could set a small animal on fire.

"Maa maa, let's not all talk at once. We won't be able to hear Shikako-chan telling us that she's going to kill Danzo in an alternative dimension, because that would be stupidly dangerous."

"That's why I'm asking your help, sensei," and she was looking at him with those big, brown eyes of hers. Like a fawn. "You have experience that none of us do." There was a pause. "And you'd have someone new to brag about us."

"Well then!" Kakashi's eye crinkled. "How about it, Hokage-sama?"

9/30/2017 #14,197

ok, but wait - they could ask DOSDanzo for advice:

"Honoured Councillor - Please, how can we kill your evil twin and avenge the Sandaime?"

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Shikako felt more than she saw or heard the promise of a slaughter the Sanbi's awakening brought.

"You know. As far as our luck goes, this is not too bad." She gave Sasuke a grin, in spite of herself. Because really, which sane person would joke about a Bijuu materializing right in front of you?

But Sasuke shared her odd sense of humor. "Four kage." He didn't look at her, his eyes were blood red and fixated on the tailed beast. The three tomoe not even moving.

'I wonder what he sees..?' Shikako opened hammerspace and retrieved an empty scroll. "I'll get started on some barrier seals." The Sanbi's chakra was still not complete, it felt like it was siphoning its power from the world around it.

It tried to siphon it from her too, she could feel her chakra coils resist the suction. It was odd, but not too distracting.

"Our mission is to protect the Hokage first and foremost." Sasuke droned beside her.

"Tsunade-sama will be just fine." I had already erected four layers of the barier, but i wasn't sure if even a hundred layers would be capable of really keeping us safe. "I'm more worried about the genin that are too afraid to move."

It was like the Forrest of Death all over again. Against such bloodlust and overehelming chakra... the inexperienced froze. Sakura wasn't even shaking, her eyes wide in terror. Her breathing shallow.

"I got it." Sasuke tore his eyes away from the terribleness that was Isobu and i felt his chakra surge and spread out.

It felt almost non-existent compared to the presence of the Bijuu. But it somehow managed to shake the people out of their frozen terror.

"Nara, Uchiha. Good instincts. Your new mission will be to protect our group and guide them to safety. I will stay here."

9/30/2017 #14,199


Don't forget to have Shikako warn missing-nin Kakashi about the chakra drain from his Sharingan and how he can go about correcting the problem.

9/30/2017 #14,200

PigeonBrain your Only Children fanfic is awesome. Any plans of posting it as a proper fic?

9/30/2017 #14,201

@ Feethei / Snoara: p l e a s e.... what a great scene A plus would read again.

@ essex2: absolutely! she's kind of too distracted at first - and Kakashi is low enough on chakra that it's probably not a good idea - but... haha actually, what if she tells him and it just knocks him the fuck out and that's why she ends up staying? This is the new plan, I'll write that next I think.


The Many Gardens of Shikabane-Hime




9/30/2017 . Edited 6/2/2018 #14,202

WAFFLE IM SCREAMING oh god that?? Description of Kako's hammer space sealing was magnificent. Is there a literary admiration love?? I'm in it with your writing.

9/30/2017 #14,203

Ahhh!!! Waffle! Yes yes yes! I wish I had the energy to pick apart all the loveliness in this. Kakashi being simultaneously in denial and completely focused, picking up the hair clips at the end to give them back to Shikako, the whole analysis he was doing! It was all great!

I love your choice of Shikako's seals (inverted Jashin, AND Deathly Hallows AND LotR references, all at once? So cool!), and the way you described how Kakashi sees them and the quantum Paradox Shikako thinks of them as.

Ahhh. I'm like, at the edge of my seat. Kakashi's going to keep putting things together and find a way to come after her, right?

Also, I loved him carrying Pakkun around. Just. Too cute and too sad simultaneously.

9/30/2017 #14,204
Waffle! Wow! Your snippets are bringing me back to the early days of Recursive! My word!
9/30/2017 #14,205
Ooo that's really good. Love the angst
9/30/2017 #14,206

FANTASTIC :D all the references in Shikako seals, the paradox giving the headache to the cheat-bullshit-eyes and Kakashi is soo Kakashi *O*

9/30/2017 #14,207

Waffle! That was Awesome!!!! I love your descriptions of her seals and Kakashi's thoughts!

9/30/2017 #14,208

I'm in love with how Kakashi may here be the only person who has some sort of insight into how Shikako thinks. I am so hard trying not to wake up my neighbours with loud, high pitched sounds.

9/30/2017 #14,209

I'm crying you're all just so kind help me.

Kagehana.Tsukio: That scene with Shikako, Sasuke, and Kakashi discussing the mechanics of the hammerspace was pretty much totally because I realized that there's probably no translation Shikako can piece together for "quantum superposition" which the easiest way to sum up Schrodinger's Cat, since I highly doubt quantum physics are a thing. And, of course, "Schrodinger's Cat" isn't a thought experiment that even exists, it's from Before, so she can translate the thought experiment, but she can't just reference it without explaining. I headcanon that eventually this will become known far and wide as "Shikabane-hime's Cat" which will both amuse and frustrate Shikako.

Snoara: Kakashi is so observant and he's known Shikako will try to test and twist the rules for things since the bell test, and every time she shows a little more of herself he's a little more fascinated, honestly.

Math: As for the seal! I'm so glad you (well, everyone, I suppose) like it, gosh. What I was thinking about for it when I wrote the last piece yesterday and this piece today is basically... that old Star Trek episode, "Darmock" which is about a race of aliens who speak only in allegory. Where, to indicate someone is being prideful, you'd say something like, "Icarus and his wings," and the reference to myth conveys your meaning. Since seals - and this seal especially - are built on willpower and the best way for them to function is to have your own symbols for things, references to things like Harry Potter and Doctor Who work really well... if you can find a way to get them down into the seal. Shikako needing to place the seal without writing it down actually worked out very well for her this time, because the image in her head of the TARDIS or of Gandalf turning back the Balrog are so much stronger coming straight from her and into the seal than if she had to try to put them down on paper. Her written sealing style is too scientific for that, I think.

In some ways this complicates Kakashi's investigation of the seal, of course. Shikako keeps everything very close to the chest and she's used language and myths that don't even exist for anyone else. He will probably have to find some other way to reach her - unless, I suppose, Shikako has told any of the relevant stories to people he has access to. Perhaps they became shadow puppet shows during the moon arc, but she hoards her stuff from Before pretty tightly. He can always get there via Deus Ex Sharingan or something. Those eyes are made for cheating, after all.

Not that I'm entirely certain I want Kakashi to get there, actually. On one hand... it would be so good. But on the other hand... on the other hand, Kakashi would spend weeks (months?) hunting down Jashinists, refusing to believe OR not believe that she's dead, and her return would have a huge impact.

I'm weak, though, I'll probably write it both ways, even tho gosh that sounds like a bunch of work.

9/30/2017 #14,210
You're killing me here Waffle! I'm at work right now, and just woke up my elderly client with my squealing! Ahhh! So-o good!! I can never have enough crossover elements of Harry Potter and then you went and tossed in that lotr so masterfully!? Stick a fork in me, I'm done!
9/30/2017 #14,211
Wooow that's awesome!
9/30/2017 #14,212
But on the other hand... on the other hand, Kakashi would spend weeks (months?) hunting down Jashinists, refusing to believe OR not believe that she's dead, and her return would have a huge impact.

Oh, man. I live for angst. I would totally be here for this.

I'm weak, though, I'll probably write it both ways, even tho gosh that sounds like a bunch of work.


9/30/2017 #14,213

My favorite working in of the harry potter mythos is probably here (also, the continuation by donahermuprhy). The Deathly Hallows symbol seems like an obvious choice for a symbol meaning or related to death/breaking connections in Shikako's sealing style. Applying it to Jashinists probably makes them mortal again, although I'm not sure if anyone but Shikako would understand it.

@ Math I'm sitting here so flattered f rick. My favorite anything in this whole thread is this angsty thing you wrote by the way. I just want you to know I have a lot of emotions about it, still, after all this time.

9/30/2017 #14,214
Mmm angst is good. I remember before the chapter came out everyone was speculating who saved Shikako. I know this would take a stretch of logic, but what if it was Kakashi who pulled her out. Let's say,,,,hm he was sent by Tsunade out of paranoia, since none of her missions go right. Maybe because Tsunade won money. Anyways, he gets there and pulls her out before she sets the seal, and he's wracked with guilt and fear. She's "dying" in his arms (not sure if the wound was fatal or not) and he's rushing to heal her. Hmm... the issue would be what happens to the cultists. Maybe the seal would still be set and everything explodes as normal, but maybe at a smaller scale so Kakashi can feasibly get her out.
9/30/2017 #14,215

He could use Kamui for the explosion either stepping into the portal or nomming up the explosion before its too big.

9/30/2017 #14,216

Aw, Waffle! That's so nice of you! Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. .

9/30/2017 #14,217

waffle, I'm so impressed by your characterization and world building! I love how Shikako keeps challenging Kakashi intellectually without even meaning to. I feel like Kakashi hasn't really been challenged intellectually since Minato died. And Google Translate says those kanji meant Ninja Sword, is that correct?

9/30/2017 #14,218

According to the fan wiki, "In the anime, the technique formula (術式, jutsu-shiki) on Minato's special kunai appears to say 忍愛之剣, made up of the the kanji for endurance (忍, nin), love (愛, ai), of (之), and sword (剣, ken)."

Also, thanks!

9/30/2017 #14,219

The Many Gardens of Shikabane-Hime





9/30/2017 . Edited 6/2/2018 #14,220
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