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Update Bug

Did anyone know where the snippets about ino thinking narutto is a yamanka and shikako yelling at mizuki are?

8/20/2016 #31

Hi Update Bug, I believe it's this

pg 100 #2981 Hard to Disprove a Negative by donahermurphy

8/20/2016 #32
Update Bug

Thank you!!!

8/21/2016 #33

Bonjour, c'est sur quel page que l'équipe 7 va dans un univers alternative et Shikako assomme Minato?

8/25/2016 #34

Eliana34 - You'll have better luck asking in English. My French is really, really rusty and was never very good to start with. Google translate was pretty bad here. Are you asking for the story where Shikako knocks Minato unconscious?

Edit - If so it's on page 233

8/25/2016 . Edited 8/25/2016 #35

Soulmates AU

From the Recursive Fanfiction Forum - Pg 153 to pg 163

Walk the Line

Obito's mark - 'Shikako Nara' - Soulmate being the greatest positive change

In a world where people can have multiple names

10 Ways people thought about Shikako Nara's lack of soul marks

2 names - your eternal nemesis & your perfect soul mate

pg 158 #4716 How soulmarks came about by Dinner

Death Marks

pg 161 #4826 Names of the people you save by The Real Chys Lattes

From the soulmates forum

pg 1 #1 Soul Colors Note by Ashen Author - Posted by MathIsMagic

Stalker!Obito - Walk the Line


Nara Shikako as Uchiha Obito's soulmate

pg 38 #1124 The three-way fight between Jiraiya, Itachi, and Tobi by donahermurphy

pg 46 #1370 Obito's fluffy daydreams by MathIsMagic

pg 47 #1400 We were stars aka Obito visiting Shikako after Gelel by Lionhead Bookends

If Obito 1st visit is of Shikako falling into the blank

Shikako as Kaguya's BFF

Pg 60 - pg 61

Reincarnate souls names

Tattoo Ninja a.k.a Marking-but-Not-Marked Shikako

Blessings verse - Spirits blessings - Multiple blessing

pg 4 #101 Yoshino's POV by Scarmagista

Blessing verse - Only one Spirit blessing per person

The Children of the Sage of Six Paths

pg 49 #1458 You were right by Callie Newman

pg 43 #1267 Itachi on meeting Tobi!Madara by shirokuromokona

Baked goods!AU


Pg 49 - 51

Dimension travel

pg 53 #1581 DoS!Silver Queen meets DoS!Blessing Verse by Tirfarthuan

pg 53 #1568 Prompt by Lumiax

pg 54 #1598 Blessing!Lucky Seven meets Soulmark!Sakumo by ByeByeBriar

Shikamaru with the blessing: Tabitha

pg 54 #1608 Prompt by donahermurphy

pg 54 #1617 Tabitha by Callie Newman

pg 84 #2506 Shikamaru POV of his soulmark by MoonlitMelody

smol!Sage Kids headcanon

The Bloodlines of the Sage Blessings

pg 63 #1663 The bloodlines of the Sage Children Blessings by MoonlitMelody

Deathmarks (multiple deaths)

pg 42 #1307 The Birth of Shikako by Jalinth

pg 48 #1437 For Want of a Death Knell - Rin with 'Madara' as Deathmark by MathIsMagic

Fake death marks

Pg 57 - pg 58

A countdown on your wrist telling you when you will meet your soulmate

pg 5 #132 Deidara by The Real Chys Lattes

First Words!Soulmate aka greatest mutual positive influence on each other (platonic)

pg 21 #619 Why Kakashi? by Kouralia

pg 6 #172 Your Soul Phrase from your Soul Mate - Lee & Gai by The Real Chys Lattes


A Father's Despair:

pg 17 #518 Haka-hakushi - A death mark unfulfilled by Ashen Author


Matching Scars

pg 10 #286 An Ever-Fixed Mark aka Hashirama & Madara by Laural Rose

pg 28 #828 A Mostly Lighthearted Matching Scars AU, Featuring (Almost) Everyone by Shircor

pg 73 #2176 The One Where Mikako Out-Argues Her Father by MathIsMagic

Tobimaru with no(?) soulmarks

pg 69 #2052 HC & plots by Laural Rose

Time travel in Reincarnation Marks Verse!

If Shikako is reborn as Hashirama's younger sister

pg 75 #2249 No sibling left behind by MathIsMagic


Shikako & Gaara (platonic) Soulmates sharing pain

Soulmates sharing pain

pg 14 #402 Half-Devoured Soul aka Danzo was Sarutobi's soulmate by Laural Rose

pg 14 #402 Gai & Kakashi as soulmates by Laural Rose

Hearing the voice of your soulmate

pg 19 #562 Your Missing Half - Ino by Laural Rose

pg 20 #588 Not speaking the same language by FallTigerKisa

pg 20 #597 I don't need a soulmate by zeichnerinaga

pg 21 #602 The festival of voice by kimchi759

If Kakashi and Shikako are soulmates in Shikako's first lives and he felt her die. The bond was rebound with Shikako's birth, but… Kakashi refused to accept a 2nd soulmate

pg 79

Shikako!reincarnated!Mikako - Shikako is soulmates with Kakashi - Mikako is soulmates with Tobirama

Crack - time traveling(?) Shikako reincarnated into Mikako in a non-linear fashion changing food history

pg 82 - pg 83

Different colored marks - first works with colors

pg 22 #643 Rin, Kakashi's mark by Lady Hallen

First words

pg 22 #658 Deidara & Shikako by MisteriosaSaky


pg 23 #682 Silver- Nara Shikako & Danzo by Judith121189

How would being soulmates affect Bloodlines

Pg 24 - 25

pg 25 #734 Soul Groups in Soul Communities by The Real Chys Lattes

Pg 25 - 26

Time Travel to a universe with soulmarks: Team 7

  • pg 26 #764 The attack by Of Chaos and Destruction
  • pg 26 #771 Part 2 by Of Chaos and Destruction
  • pg 26 #778 Part 3 by Of Chaos and Destruction
  • pg 110 #3279 Part 4 by Of Chaos and Destruction
  • pg 111 #3308 Part 5 by Of Chaos and Destruction

Soul mark symbols

pg 27 #806 Possible soulmarks by The Real Chys Lattes


pg 29 #861 Emancipation paperwork by MathIsMagic

pg 30 #882 The aftermath of the Hyuuga kidnapping - Neji by Kyprioth

Soul Strings - connecting people

pg 30 #899 Shikako not having any connections by Ashen Author

Pg 30 - pg 31

Shikako is Minato reincarnated

pg 31 #914 Shikako has Minato name for reincarnation mark by MathIsMagic

Pg 31

Care!Kako with Shikamaru!blank

pg 32, pg 70 - pg 73

pg 70 #2093 HC for when Shikaku wake up and how it will go by donahermurphy

pg 71 #2103 Prompt by ByeByeBriar

pg 70 #2104 Itachi's baby? by The Real Chys Lattes

Soul Guides

pg 32 #944 The Nara twins ceremony by The Real Chys Lattes

pg 32 - pg 34

pg 36 #1054 Otohime Thwarted by MathIsMagic

pg 38 #1114 Dancing Marks by MathIsMagic

You have your soulmate's deathmarks

pg 39 #1141 Ouroboros Marks by MathIsMagic

Soundtracks AU Where soulmates share/complete a song

Pg 39 - 41

pg 41 #1218 Fortune cookie by The Real Chys Lattes

Where a person have names of the people they kill on them

pg 53 #1569 Prompt by Lumiax

pg 53

pg 53 #1578 Itachi's kill marks by ByeByeBriar

Nara Shikako as Uchiha Madara's soulmate

Pg 53 - 54

pg 54 #1595 Between the Shadow and the Soul by othergirls

pg 54 #1598 Names, and what you gain from their death by Lionhead Bookends

Shikako as Rin's soulmate

Rin and Shikako having the same soulmark

Pg 58 - pg 59

Soulmate AU - Where your tattoo shows the first thing your soulmate thought when they saw you

Pg 59

pg 63 #1881 Ibiki and Shikako as soulmates by Hichiisai

pg 63

pg 64 #1895 List of Prompts by MathIsMagic

pg 64 - pg 65

pg 68 #2027 Zabuza and Shikako as soulmates by ByeByeBriar

Five Times Shikako got Re-Reborn into the Naruto Verse

pg 75 #2231 1. Grass - Kakashi - Losing your soul mate damages your psyche by MathIsMagic

pg 76 #2254 2. Sound – Sasuke – You physically need to be near your soul mate once you find them by MathIsMagic

pg 76 #2261 Kakashi: separation bound soul mates by ByeByeBriar

pg 76 #2266 Prompt by PurpleElement

Blessing/Deathmarks - You have 3 marks, each a word, one of them is a factor in your death, but you never know which one

Pg 76

pg 77 #2297 Hashirama as a ghost haunting Naruto by MathIsMagic

verse where everyone has ghosts following them around

Pg 77 - pg 78

ghosts/soul guides - only the person being haunted can see the ghost

pg 87 - pg 100

pg 87 #2589 Headcanons of ghost/souls pairings by MoonlitMelody

pg 87 #2605 Alternate character interpretation: Danzo by Laural Rose

pg 87 #2607 Koji Uchiha - Haku's guide by MoonlitMelody

pg 88 #2617 Sai-Sakumo & Tenzo-Butsuma by Laural Rose

pg 89 #2654 Team Hokage by MoonlitMelody

pg 92 #2757 Kakashi and his life with his soulguide by MoonlitMelody


pg 93 #2777 Naruto-Tobirama by MoonlitMelody

pg 94 #2803 Madara & Tobirama - the worst afterlife by Juno-nine

Naruto's Soulguide(Sakumo)


pg 97 #2885 Obito as a soulguide by Laural Rose


pg 100 #2995 A gift? by The Real Chys Lattes

pg 99 #2945 30 Days AU; In which Kankuro loses an argument and first impressions are very different by Avadra

Where the names of your important people are appeared as relationships grows, with colors to indicate the bonds

pg 78 #2320 Senju!Shikako by skie89

pg 82 #2431 Born with Names - Lucky 7 by MathIsMagic

Finding your soulmate makes a person grows stronger

pg 83 #2473 Finding your soulmate makes you stronger by MathIsMagic

when you meet your soulmate(or Resonant) everything you were, all your memories and thoughts, meld with your soulmate(resonant) until mentally they can't be distinguished between anymore

pg 83 #2488 Prompt by zeichnerinaga

pg 84 #2492 Soulmates by donahermurphy

pg 84 #2501 Mikako Uchiha Senju by MathIsMagic

Markings soulmates - your writing appears on your soulmate

pg 84 - pg 85

pg 85 #2537 DRIFT COMPATIBLE by Juno-nine

pg 85 #2545 SPARKS DRIFT by Lionhead Bookends

g 85 #2549 HC of How Minato & Kakashi become Kakashi & Shikako by MoonlitMelody

Takako Senju

  • pg 85 #2548 Part 1 by Laural Rose
  • pg 86 #2556 Part 2 by Laural Rose

Edo Tensei Minato

different clans different soulmate manifestations

pg 90 -

pg 90 #2673 Ino-Shika-Chou by MathIsMagic

pg 90 #2681 Inoichi snooping by donahermurphy

pg 90 #2683 Inochimaru accidentally does damage to Shikako's sleeping mind immediately after the Sound Four thing by donahermurphy

pg 90 #2694 Tsunade, Itachi, Kakashi, Asuma by Laural Rose

Hatake clan - receiving marks of loved ones

How to handle Danzo in this AU

Sai & Kiba

  • pg 94 #2808 Sai by Laural Rose
  • pg 94 #2809 Kiba by Laural Rose

Gaara & Shikako - Body switch between soulmates

Prompt by Voldecourt

The first person you kill is your soul mate- not out of some divine intervention or some shared thing in common- but for the simple fact that this person was the first soul you took from this world, so it belongs to you now

pg 91 - pg 92

pg 91 #2718 Prompt by The Real Chys Lattes

pg 92 #2742 Haunted Legacies by Juno-nine

pg 92 #2745 In which Shikaku Refuses Sambei Request by clmineith

pg 92 #2746 Uzushio Ghost Rituals by clmineith


pg 94 #2819 Shikako's reflection of having a soulmark by StarOfTime


pg 96 #2858 Plot around Kakashi by MoonlitMelody

Uchiha - Ghost of soulmate : Sasuke-Obito

pg 98 #2911 Sasuke-Obito by Juno-nine

Soulmarks in this 'verse Each person had their soulmark's first words spoken in hearing distance written on their (non dominate) arm.

pg 98 #2917 Kakashi-Obito-Shikako by fionfee

Madara/Shikako body switch

Dreaming!AU - people dreaming of another(Canon) world

pg 105 - 115 pg

Dreams-verse, post Chapter 131

DreamVerse!Matching Scars

Shikako and Minato as Soulmates

pg 112 - 114

pg 114 #3409 Color!Soulmate by The Real Chys Lattes

pg 116 #3460 Soulmarks that appear when both parties can channel chakra: Shikako & Kakashi by orlha

Shikako-Danzo soulbond

The Darkest Timeline - Shikako-Danzo soulbond

  • pg 117 #3498 Part 1 by DreamOfStories
  • pg 117 #3499 Part 2 by DreamOfStories
  • pg 117 #3500 Part 3 by DreamOfStories
  • pg 118 #3512 Part 4 by DreamOfStories
  • pg 119 #3550 Part 5 by DreamOfStories
  • pg 118 #3518 Yoshino POV by MathIsMagic

List of Soulmates changes as one grows - to reflect states of life

pg 117

Mark of the Ancestor - Names of previous lives

pg 120 #3584 Shikako born with Minato's Name by Juno-nine


pg 120 #3596 Shikako Nara by donahermurphy

Gelel-brings-everyone-back-verse: Minato!back

pg 121 #3603 The Speaker(Jashin) by Dinner

Sasuke and Shikako are soulmates

pg 124 #3718 Jashin arc by MathIsMagic

pg 125 #3723 Where Team 7 gets Villain!Soulmates by clmineith


verse where soulmates don't have names on eachother, but do speed up each other's healing

pg 125 #3730 In which Shikamaru has a soulmate who is creepily obsessed over him by donahermurphy

fate mark soul pairs

pg 125 #3738 Gaara's POV by Nightless Dreamer

Kakashi/Rin - Kakashi/Shikako Battlepair

Minato & Shikako Battlepair

pg 127 #3788 Minato feeling before!Shikako's death by Juno-nine

pg 127 #3793 Matching Scars AU: Mikako gets into an argument with her father by Alya Starbright

pg 127 #3793 Shikamaru's reaction if Shikako went missing by Alya Starbright

Shikako-Naruto soulmate

pg 128 #3814 A soulmark scars when a soul mate dies? by BeazleFox

pg 128 #3825 Choosing your bond mate by clmineith

Killing gets the person's best skill

pg 128 - pg 131

pg 130 #3899 The Nara's contribution to Konoha by clmineith

pg 131 #3904 Clans' various ways of adopting the idea by clmineith

pg 130 #3876 Legends by Juno-nine

pg 130 #3877 Pilgrims by Lady Knight of Masbolle 101

pg 132 #3949 Naruto seeing 'Shikako' on Orochimaru's face(Otohime) by DreamOfStories

pg 132 #3950 Shikako vs Edo Tensei!Minato by Juno-nine

8/27/2016 . Edited 5/23/2017 #36
This. Is. AMAZING! Thank you so much!
8/27/2016 #37
The Real Chys Lattes

The Nara Deer Conspiracy started with FallTigerKisa's InnerVoice idea (post #588 on Soulmark thread) which I elaborated on (kakashixshikako thread post #134) which had a scene at the end where Kakashi got caught by the deer for three days, which then spawned this hilarity when donahermurphy made a most awesome headcanon from it. That original prompt might have come from kimchi759's Mind/Soul-mate prompt (#552) as well.

Nara Deer Conspiracy Posts: #134, #137, #138, #139, #143, #145, #146, #149, #173, #177, (These are on the KakashixShikako thread)

Soulmark Thread: #1505

I believe it may have strayed to a few other threads in other places in references here and there between the KakashixShikako thread and others, but I have no idea where all it's at other than these posts which are relevant to it. (If anyone finds any, maybe we should link these all in the index later.)



I now think that the MDI have a personal ongoing mission to ensure that the Naras never learn of this conspiracy, because they don't need any MORE stress on top of what they have made for themselves already, and those deer take it personal.



Newest addition:

Smol!Clanhead!Care!Kako-verse meets Nara Deer Conspiracy



8/31/2016 . Edited 9/18/2016 #38

Anyone know which pages Ashen Author's Kiba and Ino POV snippets are?

9/6/2016 #39

I'm not sure about Kiba's, but Ino's POV snippets are already indexed on the first page of this topic. CtrlF "Ino's POV - To be a Friend" and you should find it.

9/6/2016 #40

The Kiba snippets from Ashen Author are on Recursive pages 199 and 200. There's also one on page 190, but it's not by Ashen Author

9/6/2016 #41

Could anyone point me to the Shikako-as-Robin* snippets please? I recall that we had quite a few of those but they haven't been indexed yet.

* - Or pre-Robin, it's kinda vague in my head.

9/17/2016 . Edited 9/17/2016 #42
The Real Chys Lattes
Could anyone point me to the Shikako-as-Robin* snippets please?


Is this the place where they started? Post #3055, #3058, perhaps? I believe it continues on in the next few pages. Heh, I remember we came up with a generic villain-wanna-be dad named Bernie for her, then he later became a generic villain wanna be mom or something. XD Ok, I don't remember entirely.

9/17/2016 . Edited 9/17/2016 #43

@TRCL That's the right page, yeah. I gotta say, I really enjoyed re-reading these snippets. Thank you so much!

9/17/2016 #44

Could anyone tell me where the blank/soulless shikamaru care!Shikako and blank/soulless Kakashi (insert needless Porn) snippets are.

Thank you, MathIsMagic.

10/18/2016 . Edited 10/18/2016 #45

They're listed in the index above, under the heading 'Care!Kako with Shikamaru!Blank.'

10/18/2016 . Edited 10/18/2016 #46

I can't find the post (on Recursive, I'm certain) where DOS!Kakashi and canon Kakashi switch places, I think it's an expansion on the first one where it happens because of a seal mishap, and in this one Kakashi 'pretends' to slip on a tree to gauge team seven's reactions? I just can't seem to find it.

10/20/2016 #47

It starts on page 121 of Recursive, and it's on this index page under DoS!Switch - Kakashi.

10/20/2016 #48

Oh! Thank you!

10/20/2016 #49

I could have sworn someone posted a 'things we know about Before!shikako' list somewhere, where it listed all the hints in DoS of who Shikako was/what she was like before being reborn as Shikako. Does anyone know where that might be?

10/22/2016 #50

Hey, I'm looking for the visiting team 10 snippets? The one where team 10 visits various AUs in ghostly form. Does anyone know where those are?

10/27/2016 . Edited 10/27/2016 #51
Violeta Ash

I know that the one where they watch Care!Kako and Itachi is on page 141, so the others should be around there.

Another good story is a Root!Shikako thread not yet indexed where Danzo legally gets clan kids in his program, and she escapes to the Summon Realm.

10/27/2016 . Edited 10/27/2016 #52
Violeta Ash

Ups, sorry, I made a mistake, one of the scenes the Visiting Team 10 sees is the one above, but they only start on page 245

10/27/2016 #53
10/27/2016 #54

Pre!Kako & Care!Kako

On Recursive formu

In which Shikako is born to Yoshino and Shikaku six years earlier than one might expect

DoS!Switch - Pre!Kako

pg 136 #4079 Itachi!Switch by Laural Rose


Kako Kinokawa AU - Caretaker!Kako: Care!Kako

pg 199 #5941 Thoughts on Looping into CareKako!verse by donahermurphy

Care!Kako vs Pein

  • pg 210 #6277 Part 1 by malka-pathi
  • pg 210 #6283 Part 2 by malka-pathi

Granny Ba Bo

pg 258 #7732 Shisui/Itachi/Care!Kako fluff by MathIsMagic

Care!Kako with Obaasan!Sembei

pg 250 #7494 A tree was once a sapling by Murven

Care!Kako - Fallout from when Kisame told the others about Itachi "baby"


Care!Kako - Shikaku is still alive in stasis seal


Care!Shika - Shikamaru being 6 years older than canon

pg 152 #4534 A note on Care!Shika & Care!Kako by donahermurphy

pg 250 #7477 Notes on Care!Kako by donahermurphy


AU- Care!Kako: Shikamaru is 4 years younger


Visiting! Team Ten - To Alternate Universes



pg 251 #7506 Alt confrontation scene with Itachi and Kisame by Meloblaster


Care!Kako - Clan Head Shikako

pg 254 #7600 It was an accident by Tirfarthuan

pg 255 #7621 Meeting after the Kyuubi attack by Tirfarthuan

pg 255 #7631 Shikako as an observer - NotClanHead by SoulShdw

pg 255 #7637 Notes on Fugaku and Inoichi and Chouza by donahermurphy

pg 255 #7641 knowing!Mikoto to the politically confused Fugaku by Lumiax

pg 255 #7645 Kyuubi attack - Minato lives by Murven

Gelel in Care!Kako - Clan Head Shikako


On the Soulmate Forum


pg 29 #861 Emancipation paperwork by MathIsMagic

pg 30 #882 The aftermath of the Hyuuga kidnapping - Neji by Kyprioth


Care!Kako with Shikamaru!blank

pg 32 , pg 70 - pg 73

pg 70 #2093 HC for when Shikaku wake up and how it will go by donahermurphy

Kakashi is a blank

pg 71 #2103 Prompt by ByeByeBriar

pg 70 #2104 Itachi's baby? by The Real Chys Lattes


11/4/2016 . Edited 2/8/2017 #55
Lady Hallen

Oh my god, I am in awe of your persistence. Thanks!

11/4/2016 #56

That's wonderful! Just one correction though: It's Klaelman, not I, who wrote the Deer Summon Contract snip on page 254.

11/4/2016 #57

@Tirfarthuan, thanks for letting me know :) I usually do random checks and have double check the ficlets twice to minimise mistakes although there are really too many ficlets here...

If anyone spot any mistakes, just tell me.

Please, otherwise I will be holding the list back to recheck again and again. I am a perfectionist in my own way.

11/4/2016 #58
I know this is a long shot, but I remember a snippet, I think it was written around when the Mikako Uchiha stuff was running on full steam, that had Shikako reincarnated as a Senju, Tsunades aunt maybe? All I really remember is that the Senju somehow found out about it, since it ends with Shikako waking up and Tsunade acknowledging her as her aunt. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
11/15/2016 #59

I think you're recalling a more recent segment but I went through the threads to look but I didn't find the snips I recalled. I'll post what I do remember here for future explorers -

In this series, Shikako ends up getting called back in time by Tobirama multiple times over the course of his life, except that the past-segments were consecutive from her perspective with no gaps in between. No one in the past actually knows who she is except Tobirama. She encourages Tobirama to support the dream for Konoha and ends up being a pivotal part in its creation. Much later on, she ends up on Team Tobirama and averts his original death. At the end of the whole thing, Shikako wakes up to Tsunade in the hospital (after having fallen under the Tsukuyomi) who tells Shikako that she couldn't bribe Tsunade with sweets (I think?) anymore.

11/15/2016 . Edited 11/15/2016 #60
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