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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Talon of Anathrax
That was great! Will you be continuing that? I wonder if Shikamaru will try to explain things to Sasuke (while arranging things for his sister).
1/22/2017 #3,061

I do have the scene (really two) where this gets cleared up but if anyone wants to write this hilariously awkward love-triangle I will be very happy. _

1/22/2017 #3,062

Nooooooooooooo! Oh, the agony. Please, I can't take it anymore!

Edit: An evil, evil author you are, Briar.

Aso: I can totally see Shikamaru expaining things, too.

1/22/2017 . Edited 1/22/2017 #3,063

Hum, ok, but 3 questions:

1/ If Sasuke tells her the secret Uchiha way of finding soulmate, why didn't she tells him the Nara switch now (and, you know, clarifying the all thing)?

2/ She never switch with Sasuke. Ever. So... she may be his soulmate, but he is not hers?

And 3/ Did that mean it will be an unrequited love thing?

1/22/2017 #3,064

Alright. FINE. I'll get on the Gaara/Shikako/Sasuke ship train if I must.

(This is how I imagine that going: the three of them show up to confront the bad guy. He sees two of the scariest shinobi in the world, and their girlfriend. He says something to the effect of her being a weak little girl who needs their protectiong, she holds Gaara and Sasuke back for that. He moves on to insulting them for 'needing a weak girl to help them, so they must be weak too.'

  • ( O‿O*) Whatchu say 'bout my boys?
  • ( O‿O*)/[] Hold my sealing notebook, boys.
  • (-_-)/[]\ (@_@) We got yo notebook, baby. Kick his ass!
  • *explosions*


But seriously, love this. I cannot WAIT to see where you take this plot twist.

(Can you remind me, though - why are the Uchiha alive? I can't remember what butterfly changed that)

Edit: I misread your last post. I read it as 'I'm not going to fix this in a scene or two, I want to write this messy love triangle' AKA, the opposite of what you meant. Playing with this misunderstanding but it not being that big of a deal makes more sense, TBH. (Also, I do think you did a good job clarifying the 'in canon, killing your friends could do it' thing explaining that Shikako and Sasuke aren't soulmates.)

1/22/2017 . Edited 1/22/2017 #3,065


1: This is Shikako. She's been keeping this a secret only slightly longer than the "This is my second life" she's not going to give it up just because she should. Also, she's still scared what would happen if this got out. Shikako can possess a jinchuriki. A jinchuriki that is going to be Kazekage. The list of people that she wants to make sure never ever know about this is longer than her arm. Sasuke wouldn't say it anything, but Shikako is paranoid that he'll let something slip.

2: Nope, they aren't soulmates. I think I explain that pretty well at the end of the scene.

3: Technically? No. Sasuke doesn't love Gaara. He just thinks he should because he's under the impression that they are soulmates.

1/22/2017 #3,066
No, no, NO! Yes! But no! *me right now after that ending*
1/22/2017 #3,067

I was under the impress that Shikako/Gaara was a thing (platonic or romantic), and Sasuke see Shikako (who he thinks was Gaara) as his soulmate, but she didn't see him has his soulmate. So, for 3/ I was asking about Sasuke/Shikako unrequierd love.

About the Nara swich... ok, the possess jinchuriki thing is a good point. Very good point. But she could just tells, to very trusted people, that the Nara Sacret Soulmate Way (TM) points her and Gaara as soulmate.

1/22/2017 #3,068

No, she's his best friend. Canonically, there doesn't have to be a romantic connection for Mangekyou to activate. There just has to be a strong enough bond.

Again, this is Shikako. When she decides to keep a secret she'll keep it until she dies. We've seen her do this with plenty of things in DoS. As far as she is concerned, if there is a legitimate threat, it is better to keep a secret than to be open to the threat.

1/22/2017 #3,069
The Real Chys Lattes
  • ( O‿O*) Whatchu say 'bout my boys?
  • ( O‿O*)/[] Hold my sealing notebook, boys.
  • (-_-)/[]\ (@_@) We got yo notebook, baby. Kick his ass!
  • *explosions*

@Math That is adorable. OMG yes, I needed a laugh! XD

I love everything about this fic, wow. So much potential for awkward and misunderstood things lol!

1/23/2017 #3,070

So, Uchiha can only recognise a soulmate if they try to kill them before getting to know each other (and then, only if they haven't tried to kill/killed someone else they were close to before that)? That's a bit effed up.

1/23/2017 #3,071

It's sort of following canon, actually.

Mangekyou is unlocked when a Uchiha kills someone he love, or at least really try to. So, a soulmate will be someone that triyng to kill unlock the Mangekyou, right? Just like any other loved ones.

Except that:

1/ You usually know when you love someone, and did not try to kill them.

2/ Soulmate are important even if you didn't know them.

So, if you try (or manage) to kill a perfect stranger, AND you definitively are not trying to kill one of your known loved ones, AND you get your Mangekyou...

...well, that means this person was important/loved by you, but you didn't knew they, ergo they was your soulmate.

1/23/2017 #3,072

Sure. It's just, for that to be the only way to know who is your soulmate... Yeah, sucks to be an Uchiha.

1/23/2017 . Edited 1/23/2017 #3,073

I wouldn't say that is the only way to know in Switch!Shikaara though I can't think of another way.

1/23/2017 #3,074
Of Chaos and Destruction

Maybe you could have it that a persons chakra looks extra pretty/sparkly when viewed with the sharingan of their soulmate - which means that Kakashi would be able to see Obito's soulmate, but not his own... dammit, I make angst even when I'm trying to help :(

1/23/2017 #3,075
Between this and the clan-specific soulmates verse, we're really mean to the uchiha. They only get to know their soulmates after they try to kill them or after they're dead. We should be nice to them next time. Like the sparkle!soulmates idea or something.
1/23/2017 #3,076

Uchiha might either value, or be more suspicious of the validity o, other-clan soulmates.

If that other clan has a really obvious way to recognize a soulmate, hooray! Soulmate found. Lucky you. :)

...Or the person from the other clan could be lying about being your soulmate. And you can't check. (Unless you actually try to kill them.) Gasp!

1/23/2017 #3,077

What if Uchiha's soulmate thing works like their Sharingan? Like, as the Sharingan evolves it becomes easier for them to who is their soulmate. Say, at one Tomoe, they can see who they have a connection (any kind of connection) with, at two Tomoe (they can see who is their friend or enemy), at Three they can see who is their family (of spirit or blood). At Mangekyou they can identify their soulmate by a glance.

1/23/2017 #3,078

@briar At Mangekyou they can identify their soulmate by a glance except whoops guess how they got mangekyou

Uchihas are just too easy to torment

1/23/2017 #3,079

@Chaos - I'm just imagining pinkSparklyChakraSoulmate!Uchiha. Like when they first unlock the Sharingan (not mangekyou, why must you torment these poor Uchiha bebes...) next time they see their soulmate it's like a glitter cloud X'D

1/23/2017 . Edited 1/23/2017 #3,080


Now I'm just thinking about glitter and... If a soulmate gives off a glittery look to the Uchiha, then what if wherever the soulmates touch, it leaves Uchiha-visible 'glitter' on them....

imagining newly-Sharinganed Uchiha laying eyes on their soulmate, who they may or may not already know, and running away in fear of The Glitter because as we all know, glitter never goes away...

1/23/2017 #3,081
Why limit it to Uchiha (or imagined) though? Any time a soulmate pair meets theres just a glitter explosion.
1/23/2017 #3,082

Wait, but guys, consider: what if every time Uchihas look at their soulmate, not just the first time, they see the visual equivalent of and anime 'love' filter over them. Like this:

nerdgatehobbit. files. wordpress. com/2016/07/14sparklykatara.png?w=656

It makes accidental glances super awkward, because they can't look away until the full, slow-mo sweep is completed and the music has faded out.

1/23/2017 #3,083
...I now headcanon that in soulmate-verse, Kakashi, the recipient of an Uchiha eye, has been seeing Gai intermittently graced with that 'sunset over waves' backdrop for all of his adult life. And the vast majority of his teenage life.
1/23/2017 #3,084

Bonus: Gai is known to troll *coughterrifycough* Uchiha by replicating this with his signature Gai Youth Sparkle. No one is sure who told him about the Uchiha's soulmate secret but good money is on Kakashi.

1/23/2017 #3,085
Extra bonus: Gai taught Lee how to do it, when the kid was disappointed about not being able to do genjutsu. ...He didn't exactly INTEND for Lee use it on Sasuke during their inevitable first run-in. (Although, as students of SwornEternalRivalsTM, a run-in between Lee and Sasuke was, of course, inevitable.) Plot bunny: one reason Sasuke is so convinced that Gaara is his soulmate is because IT ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE LEE. No. No. And also no.
1/23/2017 #3,086

And Shikako, desperately trying to convince Sasuke he's wrong about Gaara without explaining the Nara soulmate bond, latches onto this.

1/23/2017 #3,087
In Shikaara verse, with all the Uchiha alive, Miloto deduces the problem, explains about the 'special ability' that Lee's sensei possesses, and then laughs herself sick. (Sasuke goes to Itachi for the Gaara situation partially because he adores his aniki, partially because the issues with rebuilding the I high compound, and partially because he cannot talk about soulmates with his mum EVER AGAIN.)
1/23/2017 #3,088
Wait, I like the "Shikako latches onto this" one BETTER. (Oh god, she might even think it's TRUE. Canon Naruto didn't exactly give her the low down on how soulmate abilities interact.)
1/23/2017 #3,089

Why not combine the two? Sasuke went to his mom first about the weird thing that happened around Lee and WE WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT IT EVER AGAIN. And then when his eyes went weird after the Invasion he went to Itachi who deduced Sasuke's soulmate to be Gaara. Sasuke goes to talk with Shikako about it because Itachi has the emotional smarts of a teaspoon. Shikako then finds out that this is not Sasuke's first time he's mistakenly thought someone was his soulmate and pries the whole Lee fiasco out of him. She then latches onto this like a a drowning man and his raft.

1/23/2017 #3,090
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