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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Ooo, that's a really good point. It might lead Shikako to be a little bit more relaxed actually. After all, she's got an in built reason for her knowledge and a way to explain it might not be accurate so there's no need to do a mind probe. So the question is, if Shikako could warn people of the future what would she warn them about?

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She could imagine plenty of reasons for her future knowledge. She choosed to keep all of it secret. I think at this point it's not really that she couldn't find a way to talk safely, it's more she has a mental block about talking.

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No. It's not that she thinks they won't believe her, it's the opposite, that they believe her and she ths invites harm onto hersel and her family. After all, how better to end a thread than to know what woll happen in the future? Shikako is not omniscient, and she is aware of that. If she told someone of her future knowledge, people would want to capitalise it. Good people. People she loves and trusts and that love and trust her. She'd let them, too. But a secret'S ony a secret if no one knows. If a group of people suddenly get unknown intell, others will wonder. They will want to know. And some might even find out, or guess in the right direction. And suddenl it isn't secure and secret anymore. Opponents and enemies hear SOMETHING, become curious and might decide, he, there's something worht digging. And then ....

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Once again... NEW CHAPTER!!! Silver Queen is really on a roll, isn't she.
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Once again... NEW CHAPTER!!! Silver Queen is really on a roll, isn't she.
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No kidding. My thoughts haven't even settled from last chapter enough that I've reviewed it, yet!

Though, since she has been putting them out so frequently lately, maybe we should post fewer 'new chapter!' posts, with nothing else? Y'know, say "new chapter!" PLUS some comment on it, if we must? I know I totally contribute to it with comments like what I wrote above, but with so many chapters and so many threads, I feel like I've been getting a lot of 'new chapter!' posts lately, when I imagine most people that are subscribed to the forums are also subscribed to DoS directly. Anyone else feeling that?

Then, to keep this on topic - Welp, now I really wanna continue my Anomally!Kako snippets in the DreamDos!verse. How fucked is Shikako when she shows up and directly affects (ruins?) their entire invasion relative to what there dreams tell them should have happened? She'd totally end up a target.

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'new chapter!' posts

I totally agree. It really is getting spammy these days, tbh.

@Chapter - I feel like the kidnapping subplot got a little glossed over. Was this a reference to some filler plot? Thing is, it kinda felt like a loose end since we don't know who (if anyone) is behind it. Anyone else feeling the same or am I just blowing smoke here?

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TBH I appreciate the 'new chapter' posts. As someone who doesn't necessarily check the forum everyday, it gives me a cue as to when to stop and read a chapter so as to avoid spoilers.

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In my opinion, for the new chapter posts should be spoiler free like Star did, if it said "New Chapter OMG Kakashi's sharingans killing him!", who wouldn't call them out on ruining it? and like WhiteDragon said I stop and read the chapter, because people discuss it in the Recursive and General Story Stuff threads, like Shikamaru's arm back in Moon.

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i do that same thing. so i appreciate what is effectively effective spoiler warnings too.

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Well, in my case, I basically drop everything and read DoS the moment a new chapter comes out.

See, I get both chapter updates and forum updates via email so every time I check for forum updates, I've got chapter updates listed on the same page. This way, I always know when DoS comes out so basically the DoS chapter update email works as the forum's spoiler warning for me. I hope you guys'll consider trying these settings out because it's really effective and useful. Though, it can get spammy every now and then like when ten thread and twenty fic updates swarm your inbox that one time you went camping for three days without the internet (but I use filters and tags so it all works out for me anyway).

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I feel like the kidnapping subplot got a little glossed over. Was this a reference to some filler plot? Thing is, it kinda felt like a loose end since we don't know who (if anyone) is behind it. Anyone else feeling the same or am I just blowing smoke here?

I figured it was more a matter of showing Shikako's growth. There was a time when one or more chapters would have been dedicated to a fight between her and a chuunin working with an entire gang of kidnappers; now they get a paragraph describing the aftermath of her casually defeating them all.

Kind of reminds me of a very old Ranma 1/2 fic called Ranma and Akane: A Love Story (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/179718/1/Ranma-and-Akane-A-Love-Story). Ranma is kind of an Epic hero while Akane is his student. When they get into a big fight scene versus supernatural forces, Ranma's actions are glossed over in vague emotive terms while Akane's combat is described blow-for-blow because this is all commonplace for him but is new and difficult for her.

2/6/2017 #3,252

yeah that's the kind of vibe i got from it too essex. although if i think about it, it could also be being used to show some of the escalating tension with cloud, so that it doesn't seem like it's coming out of nowhere. it allows us to see some of the things that are going on in the background, while at the same time letting us know that we're probably not seeing most of it, since everything is from shikako's perspective, and she doesn't have the political position to be informed of these things. (even when she's the one to run face first into it on a mission and bring it to their attention) after all SQ's scenes can serve more than one purpose. and probably do, we just don't know it yet.

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Thinking of Dreams!Verse - what if people dreamed a different world every night? Like, one night you dream Otohime!verse, the next care!kako, then pre!kako...now I'm interested in Sasuke and Itachi's reactions to dreaming of pre!Kako verse, where shes Itachi's friend and averts the massacre, and the au spin off where she loses her limbs protecting the children...how would Sasuke view his Shikako?
2/6/2017 #3,254

Bonus points for everyone that sometimes dreams of Care!Kako, knowing what Kako would do for her brother (and, for Naruto and Sasuke, and Hinata and basically the whole gang, eventually) would have to break some hearts. Also, make people side-eye the Nara.

2/6/2017 #3,255
Ooh yes, so much side eyeing the Nara. The first time Inoichi tells Shikaku of the careVerse, Shikaku would become a very.motivated.nara. How do you think Orochimaru would react to Otohime verse? How would Shika react to waking up from what he thought was one of the dreams where Shikako had died young (and there are so.many.of.them) only to realize, no, she'd just been with Orochi-frikkin-maru the whole time!!!
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I think some continuity would need to be preserved, otherwise a person would have no context for anything.

Maybe a weekly or lunar cycle that repeats?

Also, could some people have dreams others don't?

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Perhaps it's understood that your dreams are your soul reaching out to its possible other permutations of what-could-be (or, could-have-been, since it's too late by the time you're dreaming something to go back and make it happen). Sometimes, you have multiple dreams of different worlds in a night, sometimes it focuses hard on one world. Each different 'dream world' has a particular feel to it, though, so you're never confused as to which 'continuity' each dream belongs to. They all tend to be weirdly apropos to whatever's going on in your life.

(I'm assuming each world can't, like, communicate or look back into each other's dreams or anything, so these random prompts are all from different parallel 'dream universes' if that makes sense. They're not contaminating each other, basically.)

Little Canon!Naruto dreams of a wonderful first day at school where a girl invites him to join in playing ninja, and he ends up hanging out with a big group of kids. He assumes, at first, that this is a sign that he needs to find this girl the next day. She's not at school, though, so he runs up to Shikamaru's dad - the guy that picked up the girl in his dream - and asks where his daughter is, and if she could come to the park to play with him. Shikaku's so stunned, he doesn't react in time when Shikamaru hauls off and punches Naruto for bringing up his dead sister. Naruto dreams of the girl a lot after that. It seems the loneliness brought on by the knowledge that his would-be-best-friend is already dead triggered something. He starts sleeping less, tired of the Universe taunting him in his dreams. (Shika sleeps even more - he feels more complete when he Dreams of the girl, and he can catch almost all the same lessons from there anyways.

Care!Shika graduates the academy, and in the months that follows, dreams of how powerful and adored his sister could have become, if she wasn't saddled with raising a child, limiting herself to d-ranks and self-taught techniques.

DoS!Sasuke always stayed away from Shikako in class, because in his dreams she was older - was best friends with Itachi, in fact. And that's weird. Sasuke doesn't like that the girl is so different from the one who normally features in his dreams. The night after the massacre, he dreams of visiting the older Shikako in the hospital. She was tortured and maimed for saving a few dozen Uchiha children from his brother's slaughter. The next day, he actually makes friendly overtures to Shikako, realizing she might be the only person who would have his back. He regrets this greatly a couple years later, as he stares down at her tortured, comatose form, and dreams of the world where Shikako didn't exist to save him, and the tortured form was him.

Any Kakashi, who dreams of all the many ways he could fail his students, but especially 5Times-Grass!Kakashi, who lives his failure to save Shikako, then has to dream of worlds where he was just an inch better.

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My poor heart @Math
2/6/2017 #3,259

@Math - oh god poor Naruto. Poor Shika. Poor Sasuke. Poor Kakashi. Why? *sobs*

Oooh - and Shikako doesn't dream of different worlds - she just has normal dreams, so this is all VERY CONFUSING for her - and she's pretty sure that wasn't canon? BlessingsVerse!Sasuke dreaming of being MatchingScars!Madara. DOS!Madara dreaming of Matching Scars...where he has a little sister, and Izuna is alive...

2/6/2017 #3,260

And all the canon!founders dream of the world where Hashirama's twin sister Takako managed to keep Itama, Katsumi, AND Izuna alive. This only makes Madara resent the Senju more.

2/6/2017 #3,261

Wait, wait, no. Obito keeps dreaming of all these different worlds where some girl is his soulmate, his perfect person, his other half. Sometimes, there's even hints that she's Rin reincarnated. Regardless, the universe is clearly telling him something, so he goes to track down this "Shikako Nara."

2/6/2017 #3,262
Ranma and Akane: A Love Story

I just looked, and wow, that formatting! I can practically feel the dust of ages. It's amazing how distinctive the change is; I would never have guessed that I'd be able to glance at a story and be able to instantly tell it's nearly twenty years old from how the text wraps.

The night after the massacre, he dreams of visiting the older Shikako in the hospital. She was tortured and maimed for saving a few dozen Uchiha children from his brother's slaughter

That sounds really familiar. Did I write something in that AU? ...Yes, found it on recursive. Geeze, wasn't even that long ago.

...I've been involved with this forum for so long I'm losing track. You guys are amazing.

2/6/2017 #3,263
Of Chaos and Destruction

As penalty for being the worst person ever, I was commanded to sit I a corner and think about what I'd done. Owing to the fact that I am The Worst Person Ever, no one will want know initially surfaced from the black ooze of my twisted subconscious - but then MathIsMagic wanted Canon!Sasuke to be not wholly unwillingly rescued by DOS!Sasuke, and so I have created this instead. As previously stated, I am a terrible person, so there is a little angst - apparently I can't write anything without at least a little :(

This is Canon!Sasuke's POV - might do another POV, might not, any input from outside is always appreciated

At first, it didn't matter to Sasuke that Shikamaru appeared to have misplaced a twin. Before, he had barely noticed the dark-haired girl in his Dreams - never mind not seeing her when he was awake. After… well nothing else really mattered After. Just revenge. Just getting strong enough to kill That Man.

He noticed, a time or two the morning after Taijutsu training, that in the Dream he'd sparred with an unusually skilled kunoichi - but it didn't bother him that he'd never seen her in the waking hours.

Very occasionally Sasuke wondered where she was, the girl with the solemn dark eyes, quiet kindness, and silent competence.

The night after team assignments he Dreamt of sensibly tied back brown hair, rather than the ridiculous cotton candy pink liability he'd be saddled with, and decided enough was enough.

When he turned up at the academy before dawn, his snooping in the student records room yielded nothing about a 'Nara Shikako'. Sasuke was vaguely disappointed that he couldn't just demand a teammate swap from another class - it was probably superstitious, but most people tried to arrange things to match the Dreams.

Still, he had a little time left to kill before 'survival training', or whatever it was Kakashi-sensei had called it, was due to start; so he went to the public records section of the Konoha library. It wasn't hard to find her there, as the daughter of a Clan Head.

Sasuke couldn't quite categorise what he felt after reading that Shikako had died the same day she'd been born.

Eventually though, he convinced himself it was nothing. How could he feel anything about a person who had never really lived?

He didn't think about her too much, as he slunk into the training grounds that hosted his 'teammates', except to mourn silently that girl who would have saved him from being on a team with a semi-rabid fangirl.

He was too consumed with advancing to think of her at all during the test, but once again the morning after provided more room for reflection.

The girl had... pre-empted everything. She'd known about the food, and the test, and had somehow made even the dead last a useful addition to her plan - which must count as some kind of minor miracle.

But the details of the Dream faded at the edges, details becoming hazy as they tended to do - and Sasuke simply resolved to learn what he could from the Dream memory of the dead girl.

He knew, somehow, that's what she would have wanted.

He thinks that the dead last did the same, as for the fangirl - he can't guess, but he supposed the medical books she started carrying around might be linked to the Dreams.

One morning, he a Naruto start sparring almost by rote, even though they'd never made it a routine.

They also can't help a certain... twitchiness, like they expect someone else to join the fight at any minute and make them pay for ignoring her.

It's worse, after wave.

Not just because, in the Dream, Haku and Zabuza lived - but also because of the Sharingan.

It was a known effect of the Dōjutsu (well, known to the Uchiha at least) that the Dreams after its activation would remain forever pristine in the users' memory.

For most Uchiha, this had meant living every day after their Sharingan's awakening twice. As it was usually exactly the same day over again, most merely developed an unfortunate habit of brooding over the details of past conversations or missions - with a brief adjustment period of being unable to keep track of the date.

Sasuke was not most Uchiha, which wasn't entirely the fault of the girl in his Dream, but he still felt like he needed someone to blame.

Once, in the privacy of his own mind, he called her the anomaly, and the recoil of anger in his thoughts blindsided him.

On a completely different note, Sasuke decided not to think of her in that way, nothing to do with his own (his other self's?) instinctive defensive rage - obviously. He wasn't going to be ruled by pretty emotionalism (not his own, and certainly not a version of his own – that wasn't his own… or something) but upon reflection, it seemed somewhat disrespectful, and mother had always frowned upon things like that.

Sasuke didn't quite notice that, for the first waking time since That Night, he'd thought of his family without pain.

Things heated up again when the Chūnin exams started, and again Sasuke tried to learn all he could from Shikako.

He learned that, but for a sick twist of fate, there would be someone out there willing to kill for him. Willing to throw herself between him and the Snake-Sannin. Someone he would hurt, drunk with power he hadn't earned, who would then still try to protect him, help him push back the poison in his chakra.

In a sick way, Sasuke is grateful he doesn't have anyone like that in his life. He'd like to say he doesn't know what he'd do - but he knew. He'd fumble and flounder and fuck up; just like in the Dream.

He doesn't like to imagine what it would feel like - to fail someone has really cares about again. He knows, just as surely as the other Sasuke, that he will fail. That That Man will come and take everything away again.

He had a few scant hours after the preliminaries to pack up for a month's training outside of the village.

Well actually, he had 20 minutes - but it was 20 minutes of Kakashi-time.

Sasuke didn't quite know why his feet took him to the other side of the village after he was done - at least until he did.

He blinked at the Nara clan symbol, but couldn't quite bring himself to walk away.

There was a flicker of movement, and Sasuke turned to see the Jōnin Commander on his way home from work.

They examined each other for a moment, and just as Sasuke was about to leave, Shikaku motioned the boy over with a jerk off he his head, and slouched off into the forest.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, they came upon a small shrine surrounded by a rainbow array of carefully tended flowers. Sasuke had never taken ikebana classes, but he seemed to know one flowers meaning by osmosis anyway.

Forget Me Nots were the most common flower present, and Sasuke didn't need to ask what he was looking at.

Sasuke didn't know what was worse, knowing that his family had been fated to die, or that Shikako had been fated to live.

Eventually, Kakashi-sensei turned up.

It wasn't his usual entrance, he just walked in quietly for once - like a normal person. After a long moment of hanging back at a respectful distance, he shuffled closer and knelt next to Sasuke.

None of the three Shinobi present mentioned Shikako, but then, no one ever did.

As the student and teacher left, Shikaku nodded to them, and Sasuke was suddenly aware that they had been granted access to this place.

He was acutely aware of what that privilege meant.

He visited, every now and then - sometimes he even stopped pretending that he wasn't homesick for a person, a life, that never was.

Waking up from the coma was the worst experience of his lives.

That Mans genjutsu was almost a distant memory, compared with the constant Dreams of Shikako in the hospital bed instead.

He didn't see what happened first hand (second hand -whatever), but his alternate recalled again and again what happened, until Sasuke felt like he'd lived it over and over again a thousand times.

It was worse than the Tsukuyomi.

In the end, she was the only one he said goodbye to.

He left a bouquet wildflowers by the shrine. It seemed poetic, that they would wither and die, now that he'd cut them away from their roots.

Sasuke knew she would disapprove. He half hoped that she would make the other him stay - but there just wasn't enough to anchor him here anymore.

The next day he woke with a smile, because this was truly the best outcome.

He got to come here and reap the benefits colluding with the snake, while the other him remained with the (marginally more) functional Team 7.

He learned more than he thought possible from that other Sasuke - and he wondered if maybe Shikako was right. That he didn't need Orochimaru to make him strong.

Still - the snake summons was useful... maybe he could get the hawk one later?

He took her warnings to heart though, and practiced the fire chidori in secret, along with the dozen other things Kakashi and Shikako and ANBU taught him.

It never once occurred to him, to betray his village in any of the ways that counted. There was certainly actionable intelligence in his Dreams, but he never gave it up.

Not loyal enough to stay, but loyal enough to keep their secrets.

Not a good enough teammate to stick around, but not so bad that he didn't re-aim the chidori last-second for the right shoulder, rather than the heart.

It's almost 2 weeks after the birth of Kino-chan that Sasuke wakes to find that his alternate and Shikako fell through a hole in the multi-verse, and apparently decided to 'rescue' him.

Sasuke finds himself... not entirely opposed to the idea.

He'd quite like to meet Shikako at least once, even though he knows she won't stay.

It's almost funny, but he would have thought that learning the Dreams were just a part of being psychically linked to a very close alternate dimension... should have... devalued them?

For so long people thought that the Dreams were fate itself speaking.

For some reason, Sasuke didn't feel disappointed at all. He actually felt... refreshed. Grateful... that the world didn't have a set flow.

In the near distance, explosions rang out.

'Ah,' thought Sasuke with a twitch of his lips 'it looks like Shikako and I got an early start to the morning.'

2/6/2017 . Edited 2/7/2017 #3,264
Of chaos and destruction every time I read what you write it's like you water a beautiful plant inside of me. You make my day brighter than it was before, and I can only hope to be able to be able to draw out emotion like you are so masterful at doing TT someday... after multiple revisions.
2/6/2017 #3,265
Of Chaos and Destruction

Fireabovefirebelow - Aww, you're the best ;P

2/6/2017 . Edited 2/6/2017 #3,266

Aww Chaos, that's beautiful. I love it. Sasuke still manages to be a precious muffin despite being his canonical idiot!self.

2/6/2017 #3,267

i absolutely love it Chaos. especially the way you made it seem so much more reasonable and deliberate even though he made the same choices as his canon self. and the way you point out how everyone is subtly grieving for something (someone) they never had.

2/6/2017 #3,268
It was worse than the Tsukuyomi.

Chaos, that was absolutely amazing. Your Sasuke deserves all the hugs. I can't help but imagine what if he and Naruto had actually spoken about her. And other POVs, all the POVs.

We've got a Canon!Kakashi POV for Dream!verse somewhere, right? I'm gonna go look it up coz I clearly need more angst.

(Damned onion ninjas...) /slinks-off-to-clmineith's-post-on-the-previous-page

2/7/2017 . Edited 2/7/2017 #3,269
Of Chaos and Destruction

Wolfe7, If you want Canon!Dreaming!DOS angst, don't forget my Yoshino POV near the bottom of 106 - It got me called Satan twice, so it must be something (not)good ;P

2/7/2017 #3,270
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