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Wait, are you suggesting each time there's a Shikako who reincarnate (evolves) into a Mikako, a (new) Shikako is made in the same timeline?! Shikako exists because Mikako is her?!
10/24/2016 #2,461

Potentially. More just that there's hundreds of parallel worlds that are all getting a Shikako born into them, and some of them then go onto become Mikako, usually in a different world, which may influence the Shikako from that world, which then influence the Mikako in the world she becomes... I dunno. Multiverse theory, guys! The recursions are endless!

10/24/2016 #2,462

What about a Groundhog Day loop where Shikako lives (as Shikako), then is reborn as Mikako, after Mikako dies she is reborn (as Shikako) with all her memories but in a future based on the changes made in the last loop?

Then when she dies she goes back to being born as Mikako and so on. So she has the Shikako life to evaluate the changes she made during her last time as Mikako and then lives one life to actually make new changes as Mikako and round and round it goes.

Could lead to OP Shikako and funny situations as she gets bored and implements crazy holidays and laws or trolls people. Maybe she loops together with Naruto/Hashirama and Sasuke/Madara because of the Sage Blessings (and maaaaybe Kakashi/Tobirama if it makes sense somehow). I just love Timeloops and the Looping Thread is sort of dead.

10/24/2016 #2,463

That would be super OP, but that kinda feels cruel to poor Kako. To forever be looping through identities, seeing your loved ones that are different enough to through you (and don't know you at first) but are still too similar to separate form the versions you knew in the past, devoting your life to them and solving the problems that will hurt them for years on end, then dying and having to do it all over again? No thank you.

10/24/2016 #2,464

I can just see this playing out in a soulmates!telepathy universe, where for whatever reason Shikako-was-Sandaimemikako-rebornShikako breaks into a meeting with Danzo, Uchiha people and Saurtobi!Hokage when she's seven to break up the Uchiha massacre...

"If the Uchiha and Village break faith with each other, the world will end."

"Now dear, don't exaggerate..."

"Who's exaggerating - Linear time and death are both for chumps."

"How do we know she really is the reicarnation of the honoured Sandaime? She could be"

Shikako - relates hilarious anecdote from each of their childhoods she was previously sworn to secrecy on

10/24/2016 #2,465
Oh dear sweet cheese. I'd kill for someone to write that. Danzo paling and Hiruzen spluttering into silence.
10/24/2016 #2,466
Lolololol, go Shikako! Spill all the embarrassing childhood stories! In the meantime, the Uchiha might see her as one of those protective ancestor spirits dedicated enough to reincarnate so quickly to help them out in their moment of need. Asian stories surprisingly have a lot of them, where an ancestor pops up out of somewhere to help/avenge the family.
10/24/2016 #2,467

Oooh. I like that idea a lot, L. Especially if this is a (chronologically-listed) Reincarnation Mark World. Like, the Uchiha being like, "Aw, Mikako-sama wanted to come back so quickly she couldn't even wait around to be reborn Uchiha! She cares so much! Also, something bad is clealry about to happen. We should prepare." and just. Loving Shikako - whether or not any of her other knowledge gets revealed.

10/25/2016 #2,468
Everything's Relative

No, but then everyone realizes she has Chakra hypersensitivity and the Uchiha are like she cared so much she hurt herself coming back, but then also (maybe because of the hypersensitivity) they get their same age Uchiha and push him towards her. Like this is your ancestor, she was hurt coming back to help us so you should befriend her and make sure she's protected. Meanwhile at the Chunin exams Shikako touch blasts someone's head off.

10/25/2016 #2,469
@ Everything's Relative - Meanwhile at the Chunin exams Shikako touch blasts someone's head off.

Clone or Kabuto?

10/25/2016 #2,470

About that Uchiha kid who's saddled with the duty of protecting ancestor!Mikako!Shikako...

Uchiha: Must protect Shikako-sama!

Shikako: Goes head to head with a jinchuriki Uchiha: Protect Shikako!

Uchiha: Protect Shikako-sama!

Shikako: Explodes someone's head off.

Uchiha: Must...protect...

Shikako: Blows up a castle.


Shikako: Boom!

Uchiha:...I need to get stronger.

Note, I'm using the fanfiction app here, wonder if the lines show up...

Edit: It doesn't :(

10/25/2016 . Edited 10/25/2016 #2,471
I died laughing at that. What if that Uchiha kid happens to be Shisui, Itachi and Sasuke. Bwhahaha! What if it's Sasuke that's why he's so obsessed on getting stronger
10/25/2016 #2,472

Not to kill this line of thought, but it's kinda trickling anyways, so...

We've talked about some cases where losing your soulmate hurts you, but what about the reverse; finding your soulmate makes you stronger? And the closer you are, the stronger you can get?

To avoid as many unfortunate implications as possible with this I'm going to specific that A) bonds can be platonic or romantic, and are frequently the former in ninja villages, and that B) by 'closer' I mean geographically and 'emotionally' closer. (i.e. literally being near each other having a good relationship is better – soulmates that have just met/behave badly to each other/are across the country from each other will never reach their potential like BFF's fighting next to each other will). So, you get a lot of famous battle couples (Say, Minato and Kushina, Shikaku and Yoshino) and a lot of famous soulmate teammates/siblings (Maybe Hiashi and Hizashi, for angst?).

I'm just interested in how this might change the dynamic. Because there's still the ninja mindset of 'we can nerf this scary person's abilities by taking out their weaker soulmate' and 'we need to train up this person's weaker soulmate so we can send them out into the field together' but now there's an added push to help shinobi find their soulmates (preferably among other shinobi) and make ~use their emotions~ and ~get close to their soulmate~, which is pretty much the antitheses to how we normally look at these things.

Like, say Kakashi and Shikako are soulmates. Kakashi's a BAMF even before he meets her. That's basically the scariest part about him – he's S-class and still hasn't met his soulmate, holy crap he could become so much more powerful than this. (There are some people that scoff at this – insist he met his soulmate and they died, but he still got a bit of a boost form meeting them, or that he secretly does have a soulmate, they're just well hidden, etc. Most people believe it though, because Kakashi doesn't exactly socialize. It would be really noticeable if they hung around one person, and the main suspects are all dead or have their own soulmates) This sudden boost is convenient for Shikako, because A) she does need to get stronger and B) it helps hide her stupidly rapid advancement post-graduation, but it's also a pain, because now there's a lot of political pressure on both of them to become close (easy), become strong (slightly harder) and keep all this under wraps (basically impossible – they're both lucky sevens, after all.)

Or, it's Gaara and Shikako, which, okay, scary for the sand sibs until Gaara calms down/proves he's got control of things now, but also a massive political pain in the butt, once Gaara's up for Kazekage/actually IS Kazekage. Because on the one hand, they're beholden to Konoha and need to trust them, but on the other… Konoha has something that will make their already stupidly powerful Kazekage much stronger (and she's pretty powerful on her own, to boot! Did you see that chunin exams fight? Even if she was getting a boost from being close to Gaara, he was getting the same boost! Insane!) and also might destabilize him if something happens to her. But Konoha reeeeeally doesn't want to hand her over, and they don't have that much to leverage for her, yet. Possibly they try to compromise by trying to send her guards from Suna (And Konoha's like, "no way are we letting your ninja have that kind of access to our ninja/village/secrets, alliance or no.") or get Konoha to give her guards (which might actually work, though it would drive Shikako nuts. Like, this could be, 'Shikamaru tries to get her a desk job and actually succeeds' levels of annoyance and intervention. Eventually, they'd have to back off because Shikako's so frustrated and unhappy that the bond suffers)

Either way, if the Grass attack still went off, things just got a lot more political, because I bet it's a major political move/declaration of war to go after a Hokage/Kazekage candidate's soulmate.

I dunno, I feel like there's something to explore here, depending on the soulmate combos.

10/25/2016 #2,473
All I can think is 'drift compatible' battle couples which is amazing. I really do like the idea of it being something Konoha promotes because it is a provable way in which emotions make you stronger. I'd actually postulate that Neji and Hinata are one and were hampered by the bad feeling until the Chunin exams sorted it.
10/25/2016 #2,474

Oooh! I don't think we've done a Neji/Hinata soulbond yet! It'd be interesting if part of her problem pre-chunin exam is that she's getting nerfed hard by how much Neji hates her - its affect on him isn't as noticeable because Hinata's very understanding, and still looks up to and cares for her 'neji-ni-san.'

10/25/2016 #2,475

Ooo, what if that is how the soulmates get stronger near each other? They sync up like drifting and gain access to some of their soulmate's skills, chakra, and some mad tag-teaming?

10/25/2016 #2,476

What about healing abilities? Like, let's say one soulmate is better at healing than the other. When they're near each other, would they be able to share that skill or at least boost the other's skill in their healing ability?

10/25/2016 #2,477

Medical jutsu are more a learned skill set then something that can be transferred - unless soulmates could work through each other, and actually let the other do so.

It would probably apply more to inborn abilities, like elemental affinities or Shikako's chakra sense

10/25/2016 #2,478

Ooh. That's interesting. I'm really stuck on my two examples from before, because they're the most politically interesting to me, so I'm thinking of Kakashi and Shikako combined having SIX super senses, and it's just. Too much for a while. (Kakashi probably runs away until it eases, ebcause of course he would.) Or, like, Gaara running into Team Seven before the chunin exam, and almost losing it from the sudden influx of feeling all the chakra around him (poor kid is already over stimmed to the max with a bijuu yelling at him all the time). Luckily, his sand protection now extends somewhat to Shikako, so he finds he has difficulty striking at her when Shukaku yells what's happening at him. (He still has better control - it's his power - but her will is much, much stronger.)

Does this kinds of soulbond mean people are more likely to be 'mates with someone with a chakra/nature affinity? Like, you tend to have soulmates within clans and/or with like/complementary natures - Kakashi's lightning wrecks Shikako's earth and lights up her shadows, so that's an 'unhealthy' or 'unbalanced' combo, even if they could be emotionally matched, so someone like Gaara, with a complementary earth/wind nature would be more likely?

How would this work with bloodlines? Could this be like the less rape culture-y version of the 'soulmates = bloodlines' thing from before? Like, say, Hashirama's a strong earth nature and his soulmate (Tobirama? Mito? Not Madara, in this case.) is a strong water nature, so that double affinity let him develop mokuton? Or what about 'real bloodlines - Uchiha soulmates get good eyesight? That feels too far.

10/25/2016 #2,479

On the surface, it might appear that Kakashi's lightning would be a problem for Shikako's abilities but Silver Queen has already pointed out that shadows need light to form. Shikako has whipped out the Thunder God Sword before just to have a torch. Now, I'm imaging Kakashi all despondent over his lightning chakra getting in the way of Shikako's earth jutsu and her pointing out that he makes her shadows stronger. Also, Shikako using Kakashi as a torch. Also Kakashi getting use to manipulating his shadow because the Nara Clan is an affinity.

Gaara and Shikako's first meeting is a train wreck because Gaara suddenly gets hit with super-senses and shadow manipulation that requires being at one with yourself and Shikako sudden is manipulating earth without even meaning to and Shukaku going WTF?!?!?!?! the whole time while Sasuke, Naruto, Kankuro, and Temari are freaking out. I'm also imaging Shikako getting protected by Gaara's sand before Naruto can hit him with Therapy no Jutsu because Gaara's mom's spirit recognizes that Shikako is his soulmate.

And quietly, in her weird quasi-sentinent state, Karura feeling happy that she can finally protect her son's heart as well as his body if only in this small way.

10/25/2016 . Edited 10/25/2016 #2,480

I'm really here for SensoryOverload!Kakashi and Shikako. Shikako is pretty 'meh' about her own sensory abilities and Kakashi has probably trained pretty hard to get his to where they are (it's totally not just fanon that he has enhanced smell, right?), but suddenly being confronted with each others abilities is a different story. And Kakashi continuing to have to react as Shikako jumps higher up the ranks of 'impossibly good sensory specialists'? Also gold.

I feel like... actually gaining bloodlines would cross that line into something 'exploitable' waaay too easily for ninja to be happy with. Maybe it's limited to mental/spiritual abilities, because it's a spiritual connection? And elemental affinities sneak in, because they're chakra based? That's still pretty vague, but it gets it away from the problems we were talking about earlier with the soulmates=bloodlines because it gives back a lot to platonic partnerships if there's no real 'physical' benefit that gets carried into it.

Or maybe, a soulmate doesn't 'give' new abilities as much as 'reinforce' what's already there. So Kakashi and Shikako can make each other better sensory specialists, but Kakashi's lightning nature doesn't help her at all. (Until she starts trying to learn lightning jutsu anyway, despite having earth nature, because Shikako ain't got time for this'.) Which is totally in line with your idea about complementary natures.

Hashirama probably had Mokuton 'naturally' but if he had a strong earth nature and a medium water nature, then a strong water natured partner would make it equal? Or something. Because being stronger together doesn't necessarily mean you were weak separately.

Though, actually, I would love a Hashi-Madara soulmates in this verse because they were fighting against each other for so long. And at each battle they were heads and shoulders above everyone else and just ... kept growing. Because they were close together, and their ideals were so closely aligned that they grew into such frightening S-rank behemoths. And then they took the chance to stand together and form Konoha and you better believe that Konoha harps on about that bond the most.

10/25/2016 #2,481

Man, you guys are starting to edge into one of my favorite territories. And my fanfic...

Oh well...

So, how about's we compromise on some points, shall we? Slight bloodline crossover is a fun idea, for instance a soul bonded person bonded to an Uchiha gets sharper vision. Not Sharingan level, just more refined vision. Or someone bonded to a Hyuuga is capable of taking in everything their eyes see, instead of the mere fifteen degree arc our central vision takes in, their eyes and brain is capable of interpreting all hundred thirty degrees of natural vision.

Ooh, someone bonded to a Yamanaka has an actual mental link to them within a certain range!

I can totally see Shikako struggling with Kakashi's augmented senses though:

"Hrrk." Shikako resists the urge to puke. "How can you stand it?" she moans, smelling the sushi place three streets over.

Kakashi eyes her over his ever present orange book. "Practice."

"So you -" She pauses, puts her head in a convenient alley, and empties her stomach of her light breakfast she'd been hard pressed to eat. "Uuuuuh."

"How do you stand it?" Kakashi-sensei suddenly asks.

"Stand what?" She groans, turning her head slightly to peer at him from one half-lidded eye.

"All the chakra, it's everywhere, it's..." he hesitates. Shikako's eyebrow raises slightly "It's honestly making me a little claustrophobic."

Shikako blinks. The Great Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Ninja, the Man Who Copied a Thousand Jutsu, was feeling claustrophobic because of nature chakra?

She looks at him, a grin curling the corner of her lips.

"Practice." she says.

10/25/2016 #2,482
I'm not sure if this has been discussed on. But what about people who can't die until they meet their soul mates. So Madara goes crazy because he's lived so long and his soul mate still isn't born. He thinks that Konoha must have killed his soul mate in the stupid, overly paranoid, almost insane way. Which is also why neither Kakashi nor Shikako actually died in all the times that they should have died. Then during the 4th Shinobi war, when Shikako and Kakashi face him, suddenly they realise that it's 3 way bond and Madara stops fighting.
10/26/2016 #2,483

I think that's been covered... Maybe...

Eh, either way, that would be damned weird. Because if we look at it as "they literally cannot die ala Hidan until they meet their soul mate", then we're looking at Grandpa Madara fighting the Alliance, and probably his heart just stops beating when him, Kakashi, and Shikako realize they're in a three way soul bond. Most anticlimactic end ever.

But now that I think about it, what if everyone was like Hidan until they met their soul mates, so they try to avoid meeting their soul mates in the hopes that they live forever, and are a more effective shinobi for a longer period of time because pesky beheading and dismembering are minor inconveniences in the long run.

"Take 'er away, Ern!"

10/26/2016 #2,484

Hmm, okay, just focusing on the rookie's for a minute. (Totally just my ideas of potential matches. Feel free to argue.)

So I suggested Neji-Hinata as a bond, and they're pretty typical as far as soulmate connections go. Intra-clan. Closely related. Close in age. Probably being set up by the Hyuuga as a kind of Princess-and-Knight dynamic which is slightly ruined by the fact that Neji hates it and is clever enough to know how expendable he is and just. His whole life. Basically. In theory it's perfect, in execution it falls apart a whole awful lot. Neji hates the fact that everyone attributes his success to the fact that Hinata loves him, and not to the fact that he puts an awful lot training and effort into learning main branch techniques (which he recreates and does not learn via the drift, because Hinata doesn't even know them). People also attribute Hinata's lack of confidence in her ability as part of the bond, too, and not her attitude which... I want to say is inaccurate because the bond should either be nothing or positive and never negative? Thoughts on that? Hinata herself considers it to just be How She Is Not Good Enough and not part of the soulmate bond.

Shikamaru and Chouji are soulmates, obviously. This is pretty common in the Ino-Shika-Chou, though it could cause complications in lopsided clan relations? I imagine that there's enough switching around over the generations of which two of the three that it doesn't lead to lopsided clan relations, (and there are enough other clan member soulmates). The clans were kinda hoping that Ino and Shikako would also be soulmates, because in terms of clan politics that would have been pretty much a perfect set. Alas, it wasn't to be. (I kinda wanted Inoichi and Shikaku to be the prev. gen match, except SHIKAKU AND YOSHINO BATTLE COUPLE! So yeah. That.)

Ino is actually soulmates with Sakura. In contrast to canon where their 'rivalry', they pull each other up. This might have given Sakura a 'second chance/better chance' at the Genin Exam, because no one wants to separate a pair, but the Medical Corps is also a pretty good position, especially if people expect Ino to go into Intel and not front line stuff. (Or possibly even then.)

If Sasuke and Naruto are a pair, then (in the Kakashi-Shikako verse) that makes Team Seven a double pair which is probably the best format for a ninja team to be (unless you start introducing poly soulmates). Two battle couples, all heavy hitters, and an experienced Jounin leading them to boot. I don't actually know what kind of power transfer they would manage, though, between the bloodlimit and the Jinchuriki thing. They're pretty game breaking on their own, though, so just a general status boost might be enough to catapult them to impossible levels.

So if Kakashi and Shikako are a pair then there's no way that Lee and Gai aren't. They're the ideal of mentorship bonding.

So that leaves Shino, Kiba and TenTen at loose ends and I don't necessarily see them being paired with each other in any combination. I'd find it hilarious if Shino was the one to get a romantic soulmate bond tho. Just for giggles.

10/26/2016 #2,485
The Gai-Lee relationships is more like cloning via osmosis tbh lol. We could make that a side effect of the bond, sharing ablities and picking up each other's traits. And Idk about the others but we could go with the idea a few AUs ago with Kiba being soulmates with Akamaru? But that brings up the question of how sentient a being must be to have a soul, and other possible cross-species relationships.... Was't there a girl he was close with after Naruto ended? The girl who was with Neko-baa? Or something
10/26/2016 #2,486

I quite like those proposals for the Rookie Nine. They make a lot of sense. (Interesting social dynamic, if Sakura finds herself being treated differently because of who her soulmate is - an important clan heir.

On the 'never dies' thing - I'm torn, because on the one hand, I really don't think it would work in this setting. Maybe a 'never ages after a certain point' instead of a 'can't be killed' type thing, but I still think that would ahve the opposite drive of what I want with this type of soulbond - shonobi are meant to not find their soulmate and be antisocial, somewhat as in canon, instead of purposefully (in many villages) making friends. On the other hand, I headcanon that in all the 'Mikako' verses, that Shikako died by Madara's hand in the Fourth Great Shinobi war, taking him down (then got reborn and put into smol!Madara's arms and just. Panics but also her brain is breaking but also... he's really very sweet? And clearly cares for her. And she can't help but but warm up to him...)

On the - 'can't be negative' thing - I wasn't originally thinking it could be, but then the Neji-Hinata bond got mentioned, and I started to think of some of the other bonds that got unhealthy due to circumstances (Zetsu's meddling), like Madara/Shikako, and thought it could be interesting to explore. Because, imagine if these scary, uber powerful ninja's not only have the incentive to find (and, likely, kidnap) their soulmates, but once they do, they actively need to befriend them, because if your soulmate hates you too much (like, say, for kidnapping them and threatening their loved ones and trying to take over the world) it can actually start to negatively affect your performance. C'mon, guys! Imagine the shenanigans of the 'please like me, we can be friends!' process! It'd be pure crack.

Originally, when I was thinking 'makes you stronger' it was in the generic 'the upper limits of your chakra capacity/physical attributes/chakra control/reaction times increases sense, but I like the idea that you share some attributes. Like, your chakra and soul 'resonates' with someone else's, maybe you can even do paired justsu with them?

I kinda imagine your abilities get (somewhat) nerfed again if your soulmate dies, though I think it'd be interesting if it depended on how you die. Like, heroically sacrificing yourself to protect your soulmate is an act of incredible love, so they stay pretty much as strong as they were with you. Kill your soulmate, though, and goodbye basically everything you ever got from them (and maybe more, if we're doing the 'can be negative' thing.)

I could see not all villages subscribing to the 'find them and make friends' policy if the above were true. Like, say, The Bloody Mist subscribes to the, 'you should be strong on your own, not because of someone else' policy.' Mei changes this and shows this very definitively at the Grass Chunin exams - bringing Haku/Zabuka and Yoro/Shiku.

10/26/2016 #2,487

I can't help myself: Angsty Soulmate theme: For whom the Bell tolls (by esama on esamastation)

The idea is that when you meet your soulmate(or Resonant) everything you were, all your memories and thoughts, meld with your soulmate(resonant) untill mentally they can't be distinguished between anymore.

(take the emotional and mental bont and turn it uptill you can'ttell who is who anymore)

The peope they were before the soulbond(resonance) are legally considered dead, because they don't exist as individuals anymore.

10/26/2016 #2,488

Taking the one soul in two bodies saying kinda literally? That would be kinda interesting. And possibly lead to a very strange world. What would be the laws or processes in place of two ninjas from different villages resonated? Ninja-civilian? What if the pair were of different ages and hence mental development? Could the Yamanaka Soulmates retain their independence or force their own persona as the dominant one? Mental diseases probably can be transmitted and are even more stigmatized, or could they be cured by another's? The Will of Fire here would have another side to it too here.

10/26/2016 #2,489

Fascinating idea, my brain vomit says. Soulmates are definitely a negative here.

10/26/2016 #2,490
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