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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Laural Rose

@Moonlit: I firmly believe Shikako will find a way to save Asuma. Because that will really mess her up, and even further mess up Shikamaru if she doesn't, and SilverQueen keeps insisting this is not an agony-train, butterfly-of-doom story where everything hurts and breaks and stays broken.

Actually "Uchiha are haunted by the people who's deaths gave them their special eyes" is pretty much exactly what I was thinking there, because it would explain so, so much. About so many people. I wanted to do a "Madara is haunted by Izuna" snip, but didn't figure it would be appropriate for the DoS forums. I am also toying with "Obito has a Rin ghost no one else can see that he can neither touch nor fully communicate with" as a driving factor on his crazy, but every time I tried to write it, Rin would be working to pull him away from the crazy and pulling things off the rails rather than keeping him on track.

Part of the Aburame headcanon is that Aburame soulmates are extensions of each other's hives—so, an Aburame can use their own hive, and their soulmates, and vice versa, hence the chakra sharing. But, when their soulmate doesn't have a hive, it's "just" chakra sharing, no mass hive boost.

I'd wanted, at first, to give the Akimichi the chakra sharing ability, because they seem generous, and something about it just made sense. But then I remembered the "being near your soulmate makes you stronger" prompt from earlier and went "yes; that". So, the Akimichi are stronger together when with their soulmates, the Yamanaka are able to mindlink with soulmates without jutsu or chakra expenditure, and Nara are able to use their soulmate's shadows—this is part of why these three work so well together, they're all co-operative style soulmates. Ditto for the Sarutobi, that DoS says was allied with the Ino-Shika-Cho; can't remember if that was stated in Naruto canon, or if it's extrapolated.

I want to do one with Neji/Hinata as platonic soulmates, but I haven't nailed down what I want the Hyuuga soulmate system to be. Naruto—I'm working on something with him, but it's fighting me.

@Math: I love how soulmates can derail canon in such wonderfully hopeful ways.

Edit: @Math again—I don't think dead soulmates would be as healing as you think. Sure, they can see their loved ones, but whose to say their loved ones aren't really pissed about being dead? I mean, we are talking about Uchiha here. Also, they can see their loved ones—they have a constant reminder that this person they loved is dead, that thier voice is gone, that this precious person will never touch them, never hold them, never enjoy an independent life—is just a spectre hanging over their shoulder. I think that would make people more prone to bitterness or anger than acceptance and moving beyond the loss. I've seen it played for healing, but I'm not sure I buy that as a long-term, viable thing for mental stability.

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(Oh man, I want to believe. Asuma, please live! Everything bad keeps happening to Team 10, they can't take much more!)

Rin's actual ghost would talk Obito out of his crazy decision, true. But what if he's not seeing Rin's actual ghost? He just thinks he is. Granted, Obito would have to be literally delusional for that to work. As in "having visual hallucinations" delusional. His Sharingan would make a purposeful ruse by anyone ring false pretty quickly, I think.

Sarutobi alliance with Ino-Shika-Cho is canon, I believe. I remember on the wiki that the genin squads usually take a Sarutobi jounin to round out the group.

For the Hyuuga, maybe it's seeing what your soulmate sees? I mean, the Byakugan can already see behind their heads - the way that their brains process sight must already be kind of weird compared to baseline people. Might as well capitalize on the weirdness.

11/30/2016 #2,702
ocean's pebble

Here, have some headcanon I've been chewing on:

We've had Shikako and Itachi as soulmates, which either prevents the Massacre or makes it worse, but in light of the fascinating "every clan has it's own type of soulmark/way to ID soulmates", what if Sasuke and Shikako were soulmates?

See, the Uchiha can see the spirit of their dead soulmate hanging around, but do they have any way to identify their soulmate before that? And if not, then I think that most if not all of Uchiha soulmates are people that are already close together. The Uchiha believe that soulmates are not a pre-set destiny, but an indication of the bonds people hold before their death. And then when they get outclan soulmates, who do have ways of determining soulmates on sight, then it becomes a "chicken and the egg" problem of yes, this person says that they are your soulmate, but people then act upon it, so even if the Uchiha didn't consider that outclan person their soulmate at first, by the time the soulmate dies they will (hopefully) have built a relationship. (It would be really interesting if some people didn't, and whether or not said soulmate showed up as a ghost or not.)

Then the Nara, if they have the shadow sharing and can manipulate their soulmate's shadow and so on, they start their kids playing with their shadows way earlier. It doesn't take as much chakra to play with the shape of the shadow as it takes to do an actual jutsu with it. Sort of like chakra control exercises, but for Nara only. And that way it's easier to find the soulmate because you can see which shadows are being moved when as opposed to trying to find an outline that matches if they switch shadows.

So you have bitty Sasuke, who's shadow randomly changes, and the entire Uchiha clan freaks out. Is it a curse? An enemy attack? Are the Nara making a subtle threat against the Uchiha? What? The Elders of the clan are freaking out and talking about locking up Sasuke in case it's infectious, etc, panicking. Itachi, who takes after Mikoto, is busy plotting with his mom on how to subtly approach and interrogate the Nara, because surely they must know something. (they approach everything sideways. Fugaku would really appreciate his wife just telling him about problems, instead of burning the rice as a passive-aggressive message.)

Sasuke takes after Fugaku. Fugaku doesn't do subtlety, he takes one look at everything, grabs Sasuke and runs over to the Nara clan, heading straight for Shikaku's house with Sasuke dangling from one arm.

Shikaku answers the pounding on his door with a look that screams 'Konoha better be on fire' that dies once he sees the frantic Uchiha Head with his son. Fugaku comes in, explains what's going on, and Shikaku explains how Nara find their soulmates.

Fugaku and Sasuke are, understandably, relieved that Sasuke is not in danger of dying or some other terrible fate.

Then Yoshino comes in, wondering at the commotion, with bitty Shikako following, then hiding behind her mom when she realizes who is their living room.

Shikaku explains what's going on and Shikako, well... Shikako has a horrible suspicion in her mind. It can't be her. She's not supposed to be here. She cannot be Sasuke's soulmate.

So to prove her theory, she does basic manipulation, pooling her shadow around her feet. Sasuke's follows.

(Shikaku and Fugaku are discussing how to find Sasuke's soulmate, Yoshino interjecting comments. They aren't paying attention to the kids.)

Shikako... she can't be sure. It might be a coincidence. So she blobs out tentacles, that form shapes and wiggle around her, kind of like a flat octopus. Sasuke's follows every move. Sasuke, at this point, is kind of gaping at her and and his shadow, ping-ponging between the two, he can't decide what to look at, the proof or his actual soulmate.

Shikako comes out from behind her mom and tugs on her dad's pants. He looks down and she points to Sasuke.

Shikaku immediately sees what's going on and groans. Fugaku, understandably is like, "what? Wait, what?" and Shikaku points out his daughter is Sasuke's soulmate.

Of course, chakra exercises take chakra, and Shikako's already been playing with it today, and this is the last stretch. She lets go of the shadows and sits down abruptly, out of energy and about ready for a nap. Yoshino swings her up in arms to take upstairs, and bitty Sasuke panics and runs over (his soulmate? This is his soulmate? She's tiny and really pale and what's going on!) and Yoshino reassures him that Shikako is just tired. Sasuke wants to know how he can help, and Yoshino just melts at the cuteness.

Shikako winds up napping on the couch with Sasuke following her into dreamland, curled up around her like he can protect her from any bad dreams.

It's interesting how this could change things or not. The Uchiha clan has a tangible tie to the village, to 3 clans really through Shika-Ino-Cho alliance, and that might be enough to stop the Massacre. On the other hand, Itachi might come after Shikako when he kills the clan, to add to Sasuke's hatred. Or maybe that day Sasuke was having dinner with the Nara (sleepover?) and doesn't walk in on Itachi killing his parents and loses a lot of trauma. Do the Nara take him in? Do clan politics come up so that Sasuke has to spend time with other clans to prove the Nara aren't gaining political power from The Last Uchiha?

Probably not, it's the Nara and a soulmate, but you never know.


12/2/2016 #2,703
Jade Estrella
Ooo but let's take the Uchiha's o seaside love of family into context. So now itachi has two more little siblings to look after. One who's chakra sensitive and will never be able to protect herself (cause back then they thought she couldn't.... hmmm I wonder how that would ply out if moving your shadow is how you found a soulmate. Maybe no one had mentioned it to her so she wouldn't feel bad ? Maybe she figures it out when FIFA just comes in and then shikaku faints because his little girl is using chakra?.... anyway just over protective itachi bonding with overprotective chibi shikamaru over thier chibi siblings.
12/2/2016 #2,704

Aw! That's so cute!

One thing though. While the 'Uchiha aren't sure how they feel about the chicken and egg that is soulmates' makes sense thematically, consider instead Uchiha who love the idea of soulmates - your most precious of precious people - but since you don't get to find out who they are until one of you has died, it's very much a bittersweet thing. So, in the rare instance that their soulmate is someone from outside the clan, and so they can find out who their soulmate is before death, it's kinda a big deal. Like, the Uchiha are very excited for Sasuke and protective of that bond? I dunno. I just can't see the Uchiha 'My Precious People are the Be All End All' Clan not being all over a confirmed soulbond.

12/2/2016 #2,705

@pebble I actually squealed out loud, thank god no one was in the room. THAT WAS SO CUTE.

The point about shadow manipulation dispelling the Hypersensitive misconception is a good one. Which, great news: Shikako both has a confirmed soulmate and can use chakra. Huzzah, everyone's less stressed during her early childhood! As long as Shikako doesn't continue her habit of practicing to the point of collapse when no one is looking. (I remember that happening in SQ's sidestory series - Yoshino was veeery concerned.)

It's super interesting if this is a world with from-birth, by-choice, single and multiple soulmates. Very chicken-egg. Especially with clans like the Hatake, where Kakashi had more than one person's deathmarks (if I read that correctly), interacting with clans like the Nara, where Shikako has one person's shadow swapped with her own. Is there a meaning behind which person the single-multiple bonds?

12/2/2016 #2,706

So you guys have inspired me. How about for the Hatake they receive marks that denote the deaths of their loved ones/ soul mates? That would mean that while Kakashi does have many scars of his own he also obtains the death blows of his loved ones. It is the ultimate display of his affection.


His first mark isn't so much a mark as an impression. Even as a baby he knew love and so the death of his mother left a sign behind. She died a civilian's death, there was no great injury to her flesh only to her organs. His mother died choking on her own blood from a coughing sickness that ate away and rotted her lungs when he was two. Both he and father could never quite breathe properly again.

His second mark he hated getting at the time, he hated his father so why gain a mark at all? Why does he now have a long gash from disembowelment? It's not till years later that Kakashi is grateful for the ugly mark of failure.

When Obito died it hurt, the boy had come to mean so much and had given so much. But the fact that hurt the most? The thing that made him incapable of hiding his mother's mark with ever hitched breath was that he had NO mark for Obito. His skin was not blemished from crushing stone instead all he had to remember Obito by was his eye and a single thin scar. He should be grateful for that and yet it hurt that even at the end he had not loved the boy enough.

Rin, Rin was painful on so many levels. But it also symbolized something important, when she died his own heart died with her.

Kushina-nee and Minato-sensei's death mark are telling, while their deaths were inevitable they had died together, side by side in the defense of their son. Their marks forever merged together across his chest and back. He both loved and hated them for that.

His time in the ANBU gave him many scars, enough to hide the one mark that truly mattered.

His heart stopped and he choked on instinct when he felt the cut of a new scar being added. It's not until the small skirmish is over that he can yank off his shirt and armour to reveal the skin underneath. Directly through Rin's mark is another, thinner cut of a blade. As he looked at it all he could do was try and stop the howl that wanted to escape. One of his students was dead, a blade to the heart and he had been nowhere near enough to help.

The next mark he gained as he raced back to Konoha with his leader's permission. He stopped mid jump to grasp at his chest as he felt tight bands grip it. This time he could not stop a whimper escaping him two of his students, most likely Naruto and Shikako, were dead. He needed to get home.

Kakashi stared at her in her bed, alive and well. It is the first time his skin has marked the passing of a loved one without them being lost to him. He is not sure what to think of this development but he knows it is a mercy he desperately needed. Afterall, if he lost his team again there would be no one to remember his deathblow, but perhaps that in and of itself would be a godsend.

Later at the Chunin exams in Grass Kakashi will curse and promise himself that he WILL tell his foolish student how the Hatake show their love so that maybe, just maybe she will be more conscious about how she gets hurt because seriously this burn on his face, it's not funny at all.

12/2/2016 #2,707
In terms of multiple soulmates, maybe the shadow would cycle through different forms? Like, one day Shikako has Sasuke's shadow and then a few minutes later it morphs into Naruto's/Gaara's/Shikamaru's/Ino's/Kakashi's shadow? Or, oooo, a Nara isn't born with a soul mate's shadow, maybe it only changes when they (the Nara and their soul mate's literal shadows) cross paths and the Nara's shadow absorbs a piece of their soulmate's spiritual chakra (shadow) while leaving a piece of their own behind as well. So when the Nara starts to manipulate chakra, their shadow changes to form the original piece that it came from, but the Nara can collect multiple soulmate shadow pieces and it shifts through them based on which part of spiritual chakra they utilize for their jutsu (otherwise, since it's still mostly their own shadow just with added pieces of their soulmates' shadows, then it still retains their own form when not being used). Does that make sense? Just, picturing a scene where chibi Shikako and Sasuke happen to pass by each other on a street in late afternoon, their shadows pass over each other and mix just a bit together, leaving a piece of their shadows in the other, and then continuing on without knowing anything was any different until the next day when Shikako was trying to manipulate chakra and accidentally accessed the piece of Sasuke's shadow causing their shadow forms to switch
12/2/2016 #2,708

Spoilers for a little thing I'm playing with, but you know how, when you stand in the crosshairs of two bright lights, you can get two shadows, one from each light source? What if some Nara with multiple soulmates just walk around with a couple of split shadows, never mind the lighting.

(I see the Hatake thing, but I can't read it now. I'm not ignoring it. First few lines make me excited, though!)

12/2/2016 #2,709

Sorry to kind of jump in and interrupt, but I have a quick question: do we as readers know exactly where Shikako's knowledge of the Naruto storyline stops? I remember someone mentioning that she knows about the founding of Konoha (via the episodes with Edo Tensei Hokages) but she doesn't know that Tobi is Obito, correct? I'm writing a little ficlet but I just cannot find that info anywhere :/

(sorry again, [I didn't know where else to ask this] and thank you in advance!)

((also that Kakashi fic bit is so good, I am in love with the idea of getting a mark of the actual deathblow itself.))

12/2/2016 #2,710

Theoretically, it stops in 2011 when Silver Queen started writing the story. For a while, I had in my head that this was around the Gokage Summit, but Shikako also knows about the Edo Tensei zombies, and the "Tobi" = "Madara" so obviously it goes past that, but she also doesn't know that 'Madara' = 'Obito' so...

You can go look up where the anime and/or manga were when DoS got published if you wanna know specifically, though.

12/2/2016 #2,711

Thank you so much! I... didn't even think about looking at when the story was published... *thunks head on table*

But again, thanks!!! This helps me a ton. Off to writing!

12/2/2016 #2,712

Good luck!

12/2/2016 #2,713

Hello! I wrote a snippet based on Ocean's pebble's snippet. This works under the assumption that the Sharingan doesn't have to be active yet in order to see the dead soulmate (I am not sure if it was specified as Uchiha = seeing dead soulmate or Sharingan = seeing dead soulmate, so I'm working with the former).

Many ninja clans teach their children how they will affect their soulmate when they are still very young.

The Nara tell them to make their shadows dance, the Yamanaka learn to navigate the dreams of the other, the Inuzuka learn to dream of a world full of colors.

The Uchiha envy them, sometimes – not that they will ever admit it.

The Uchiha do not tell their children how to identify a soulmate until they are either Genin or they are 12, because by then they should be able to handle it.

Because the Uchiha can't identify their soulmates until the soulmate is dead.

Out-clan soulmates are rare for the Uchiha, and inter-clan soulmates haven't happened before, at least not recently enough that anyone really remembers.

Sasuke Uchiha is so young when his family sees his shadows warp and twist unnaturally. Fugaku takes him to the Nara to talk to Shikaku and sort out whatever ever is going on and - .

Shikako is his soulmate. Maybe it is a blessing, or maybe it is a curse, but Fugaku's son has the chance to know his soulmate while she lives; to know that she is his soulmate and not have to second guess himself somewhere deep down – not like Fugaku sometimes does. He can't help but want to be optimistic.

Sasuke Uchiha is very young when he meets Shikako Nara – his soulmate. He doesn't really understand it but he knows it's important, and this means they can be friends! At least, he thinks is does.

It really scares him when she passes out after moving their shadows, but Nara-san said she was only tired.

Sasuke knows that his clan also has a way to identify soulmates, but he doesn't know what it is. No one will tell him, always saying he'll learn once he is a Genin. But...he is curious.

He knows that it has to be something related to their eyes, judging on how it works for other clans.

Sasuke likes Shikako. She's nice, and she's really really smart, and maybe she's really quiet compared to other children he's met, but Nara are supposed to be lazy, and he thinks maybe that's just her way of express it. But sometimes…

Sometimes Shikako flickers.

When she is deep in thought or she's sad there is some weirdly see-through person over-lapping with her. He can't make out any details on the person – a woman, he thinks – like he's seeing her through a screen. But she is always in the same position as Shikako.

He thinks he understands what he's seeing, that maybe this is what the future Shikako will look like. Because he can't see any details, but maybe with the Sharingan…

He mentions it to Shikako, once, and she asks him not to mention it to anyone. She seems..tense, perhaps, when he brings it up. Maybe she is disappointed he can't give her details, he thinks. He wants to ask his about it, but the adults always say he'll learn when he is a Genin… And he told Shikako he wouldn't bring it up, so he could wait. Besides, what did it matter to him when he had already found his soulmate? (But sometimes he wondered why the Uchiha would bother to hide this?)

Let me know what you think!

12/2/2016 . Edited 12/2/2016 #2,714
Ducky the Insomniac Panda
The fics on this page. Oh my heart.
12/2/2016 #2,715
ocean's pebble

@ObsidianSpade - AAAH THAT WAS SO CUTE!

Oh man though, when Sasuke finds out how Uchiha identify their soulmates... I can see calm out acceptance and inwardly freaking out, finding Shikako immediately afterwards and demanding an explanation. But. Uh. If Sasuke doesn't connect the dots fast enough, or doesn't hide how he's freaking out, at minimum parents and siblings of all involved are going to find out about the reincarnation deal. That could snowball really quickly, yikes.

But then also, we're kind of assuming that it's common knowledge that people know how clans identify their soulmates but uh, what if it isn't? And the visible ones - like the Nara shadow manipulation, writing on each other, names appearing, sharing wounds, etc - people know about those, but those with subtle ones - Yamanaka, sharing dreams, Inuzuka, seeing color after meeting, Uchiha seeing ghosts - what if those clans are seen as people without soulmates? Especially for Uchiha, they don't know who their soulmate is until after death, so most people think that the clan doesn't. Could be an interesting scenario, maybe Uchiha only tell people that they trust. Or it spreads out from the families of Uchiha soulmates, can you imagine this random Uchiha coming to a family's door and going "your son loves you, he's sorry he didn't come back, also he hid all his dirty laundry under the mattress of the bed before he went on his last mission, he insisted I let you know before the smell gets too bad."

IDK there's a lot to play with.

12/2/2016 #2,716

Oh my gosh. Kakashi getting his loved one's death blows! Nuuuuuu. Too. Sad!

Oh man, oh man. I love the idea that Sasuke can see Prekako. That's so obvious, but I totally didn't think of it. Really cool!

I kinda agree that it's probably not super well known outside of each clan how their soulmates are found. I LOVE the idea that people see certain, subtle clans has soulmate-less, or even soulless. Danzou hella pushes that narrative about the Uchiha, which makes Konoha-which's-built-on-soulmate-relationships kinda uneasy. And then the Clan Head's son end sup with an adorable little Nara girl for his soulmate and it's the cutest thing ever, and all the 'everybody knows that' accepted rumors about the Uchiha get blown out of the water, and people are starting to question if they're really as standoffish as all that.

12/2/2016 #2,717
The Real Chys Lattes

Another soulmate idea: The first person you kill is your soul mate- not out of some divine intervention or some shared thing in common- but for the simple fact that this person was the first soul you took from this world, so it belongs to you now.

They become a ghost that haunts you, and can only interact with you and you alone. You can't ignore them. (So many chances to befriend a once enemy and gain intel- but who would trust it? T&I would have to have a whole department dedicated to soul mate information extraction techniques, methods of ignoring soul mates, and other complications. Every village would teach classes on how to avoid giving away information after you die- or gaining information from your dead soul mate you've claimed.) Much research would go into trying to revive dead soul mates, or getting them to communicate with the living or even other dead souls.

This leads to targeted assassination attempts of all sorts, for all kinds of reasons. This could seriously complicate some ninja traditions like how Nadeshiko wouldn't know if someone was trying to kill them to keep their souls around and be gross and possessive or fight them to best them in combat and earn the right to marry them, thus quite confusing.

12/2/2016 #2,718

Oooh, Chys. That's a brilliant idea.

Assuming none of Team 7 struck fatal blows in the Wave fight, that would make Shikako's soul mate Kin. And either Naruto or Sasuke gets Kimimaro??

(Ugh. Does that mean Gaara has his actual mother?)

12/2/2016 #2,719

Gaara would have his Uncle. His mom died from complications with child birth, but I don't think that was his fault as much as it can be a baby's 'fault' - he was born premie, so it seemed like there were other complications there. Though, him having Karura would be SO interesting for the butterflies it would create...

12/2/2016 #2,720

Wow that whole idea makes ROOT's final test even more disturbing, lol. Sai haunted by his brother for the rest of his life would probably help him out a bit though...

12/2/2016 #2,721
Laural Rose

Gaara was born premie partially because of whatever seal they used to put Shukaku in him—while he was still inside his mother. It's implied in the anime pretty heavily that it was the sealing of Shukaku that killed Karura, and caused the complications with Gaara's birth. Also, his uncle suicided. His first kill was a little kid he sand-crushed when the kid wouldn't play with him, and Shukaku got out of control.

So, that would be a bit worse for Gaara's mental health, I'm thinking, both before and after Therapy-no-Jutsu, because after, he has the crushing guilt of having killed a child and never being able to forget it.

12/2/2016 #2,722

Did he kill the kid? I thought Yashamaru intervened before it actually became harm and he just scared them.

12/2/2016 #2,723
Laural Rose

I distinctly remember the kid turning to chunky salsa, but my memory is catagorically terrible, so it's possible I'm misremembering somehow.

12/2/2016 #2,724

Yeah, he went and brought that kid medicine after to try and be friendly, right? Also, there was literally just a discussion about this on the recursive thread, like this morning on the topic of sealing; apparently Karura's death and sealing Shukaku were unrelated, as of the 4th Shinobi war. Or, at least, that it was (retconned IMO, I definitely remember the earlier implications) revealed that the latter didn't cause the former.

So, then, the first person Gaara killed was probably during his rampage as Shukaku after his Uncle suicided.

12/2/2016 . Edited 12/2/2016 #2,725

Okay so here is the kid, it seems to me like he was interrupted? But that doesn't preclude there being other events that weren't. I'm fairly sure we see atleast one actual rampage through Suna. www. mangareader. net/naruto/129/16

(And here is where Gaara talks about Karura, but he's a bit of an unreliable narrator. www. mangareader. net/naruto/97/8)

12/2/2016 #2,726

Juno -

You gotta go to later stuff. The Zombie!4th Kazekage tells Gaara the truth that his mom loved him and his uncle lied to him right before he died because he was ordered to about 600 chapters later, during the 4th war, and we get a proper flashback to Karura cuddling a tiny!Gaara as she dies. I think someone migh thave linked this on the recursive this morning.

Re: the kid; they definitely survive that. Later t same volume/chapter/episode (the same flashback series, anyways, after Yashamaru tries to explain love and pain and injuries) he tries to give that kid medicine, but the kid is afraid/angry and rejects him, then when he walks back home all sad, his Dad lurks in an alley to glare at him.

12/2/2016 #2,727

Ah right, that definitely looks like someone is dead there. so yeah, Random Sand Person#4, you get to follow Gaara around for the rest of his life. Have fun.

12/2/2016 #2,728
Opener Ace
Just a thought, if Uchiha soulmates stayed behind as some kind of ghost that only that Uchiha could see then isn't it the same as Kisuke's situation? The only difference would be that Kisuke is visible to everyone while ghost soulmate is only visible to Uchiha. That would be incredibly useful. They could be used as scouts or an extra watch(do ghosts need to sleep?)etc. And since I'm going with that uchiha sm has to build up a bond first, I think that most ghost soulmates would be downright eager to help.
12/3/2016 #2,729

@Opener First place my mind went was ghost!Shisui giving Itachi periodic updates of Sasuke growing up in the Academy and as a genin, making friends and learning how to people again. Ghost!Shisui doesn't like what's happened/happening to his cousin, but he's pretty firmly stuck between Danzo and Madara, so he does what he can. Shisui finds Team 7 both adorkable because of how they deal with social situations and nerve-wracking because he has a front row seat to all their FUBAR missions, it's not good for his ghost-heart!

Also, ghost!Shisui constantly telling Itachi to put his Mangekyo away, not every problem in life is a nail that requires a Tsukuyomi-shaped hammer.

12/3/2016 #2,730
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