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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Jade Estrella
Going back to the first person you kill thing..... what if when you pass the gen in test you are taken to a special ward in the hospital where the terminally ill and 'about-to-die' old and other such people are waiting; because they've signed up to be people's soul mates? Like if your going into the medic program konoha will find an old and/or dying medic who volunteers; and then has you kill them so you have an automatic sensei and your first death isnt an enemy that could turn you against the village.
12/3/2016 #2,731

That.... is probably exactly what they'd do. Kill the elders 'mercifully' to make sure they're around to keep advising the next generation. That makes so much sense.

12/3/2016 #2,732
Jade Estrella
I wonder how that would change the mindset of the older ninja... like it isn't your duty to die for konoha any more .... not after you live x-years or acquire x-amount of skill/experience. It is now your duty to live, until a worthy successor comes along for you to bond to; just as your life-long mentor bonded to you.... I wonder how much importance these death-chains could have culturally. Like family names being carried along it. Or lines of inheretence. I wonder if in this verse there are any families that did something similar. Like a clan that had the new clan head kill the old when they turned thirty to assume his post but keep his wisdom.....
12/3/2016 #2,733

Okay, that's super cool, and there's something super interesting to explore there, but I got distracted by a thought. Do y'all remember those snippets on recursive where Shikako accidentally become Hokage by killing Orochimaru while he's fighting Hiruzen? What if the 'ritual kill' thing was normally done once they become chunin, because (normal) genin from Konoha don't normally have to kill anyone or something, so Shikako accidentally ends up with Orochimaru as her soul guide.

(Alternatively, your soul guide is whoever you last killed, so it keeps changing as you kill more people.)

12/3/2016 #2,734
(Alternatively, your soul guide is whoever you last killed, so it keeps changing as you kill more people.)

I keep having one-off ideas, but I would hate to be Minato in this verse. The rapid change over of people when he's steam rolling through a platoon of Iwa shinobi must give him a wicked headache.

12/3/2016 #2,735
(Alternatively, your soul guide is whoever you last killed, so it keeps changing as you kill more people.)

In that moment after Rin died Kakashi gave serious thought to abandoning the Village and the Ninja way.

12/3/2016 #2,736

For the soul-guide being the last person you killed I'm just trying to wrap my head around, if the bijuu can have soul-guides, Kushina or Minato as Kurama's soul-guide.

12/3/2016 #2,737

For the "first person you killed = soulmate" au. I'm surprised no one's mentioned it. I am now obliged to say it.

Poor Haku.

12/4/2016 #2,738
The Real Chys Lattes

Now I'm imagining that all the people you killed become your ghost minions. (They can only interact with you and eachother, not other people's ghosts, so only you can see them, but they can see everyone and everything- there would be SO MANY privacy seals warded against ghosts...)

And the other side of that Haku coin: Zabuza has a classroom full of ghost kids following him around, so what's one more that he actually has to buy food for? Meh.

12/4/2016 . Edited 12/4/2016 #2,739

Do you think euthanasia is a thing there? If someone is terminally ill, it might even be a procedure to let their child mercy kill them. For civilians at least.

12/4/2016 #2,740
You people are horrid. That would make civilians want to kill people even less! But yeah shinobi would be all over that. Could you imagine how that would have gone down in the warring clans period? Hashirama would have hated it. I bet he just wanted an elder but instead got an enemy who hated him. Or the elder kept chewing him out. Both options suck.
12/4/2016 #2,741

Haunted Legacies

"Clan Leader," Sembei Nara said, shuffling forward with almost agonising slowness and lowering herself into a proper and formal seiza.

Shikaku wished he could rise and assist her, but there was a steely glint in her eye that dared him to try it and he had too many childhood memories of that same look to fall for it. If she demanded formality, he would have to allow it.

"Esteemed Elder," he said, only a little bit ironically. "You have a request to make of me?"

Sembei coughed, dryly, but paid it no mind. "I do," she said. "I wish to pass on the Deer contract."

That... was not unexpected. But there was an important question. "Do you have a recipient in mind?" No one had petitioned for the contract.

"Shikako Nara," Sembei said.

"Summoning contracts are usually restricted to those chunin rank or above," Shikaku points out. "She's only just made Genin."

Sembei nods. "Yes, I heard about that," she said. "That's why it's important."

There was a curl of dread in his stomach. "I fear that I miss your point," he said blandly.

Sembei cackled, a dry laugh. "Do you? Girl went on an A-rank mission. By all accounts she was very, very lucky to miss striking a killing blow during it. You can't send her back out without a ghost."

"That mission was an anomaly."

"Sure," she wheezed. "And the next time? You're lucky, kiddo, that we took care of you. It's a hard life if you have an enemy screaming in your ear for all your days. No peace, no rest, no respite. There aren't many ninja that won't go mad from it. Or it distracts them, at a critcal moment in battle and then-"

"Enough," Shikaku ordered. "I know the facts."

"You don't want to do that to her," Sembei said shrewdly. "So you need to authorise the ritual."

Shikaku said nothing.

"I've lived a long life," Sembei said. "Maybe I've got a few more years in me. Maybe I don't. All I'm holding on for is my contract. Once that's signed..." She trailed off. "I could do a lot more. I've forgotten more about being a ninja than you've ever learnt. I could pass that on to her. Ensure that the legacy of the Nara isn't forgotten. Experience, knowledge, training, maybe even a bit of wisdom, if you'll allow me the conceit."

Shikaku swallowed. "She's not ready," he said.

"She'll never be, until she's already killed," Sembei said, not cruelly but mercilessly all the same. "And then it's too late. The ritual is quiet and painless, bloodless. It's a better way to go than many. It's a better way to start, too."

Eventually, he nods. "If she agrees to the contract, I'll authorise it. And Sembei.... thank you for your service."

So I feel like 'first kill haunts you for your whole life' ends up with either ninja devoting a lot of time to non-lethal techniques (difficult, especially for the inexperienced) or for ninja clans to just jump the cart and get a ghost in first. I feel like the Yamanaka probably kicked off the trend, because let's face it, when your jutsu is all about throwing your spirit around, leaving your body to watch over one of your grandkids is not so frightening. It's a good way to keep high level techniques and knowledge in the family, even if they couldn't have been passed on prior to death.

The Nara probably have some kind of 'less traumatising' death ritual (sedative? or chakra draining seal?) that completes the necessary requirements for responsibility without putting too much weight on the kids. Someone suggested earlier that it probably happened around Chunin rank, which is probably fair for a normal shinobi, but would probably be adjusted if there was a special case/war was declared/someone important was sick.

Konoha may or may not view this practice fondly. There probably isn't any kind of real push for it to spread to civilian born genin, but there might be unofficial lines of 'apprenticeship' in which old ninja look for 'students'.

12/4/2016 . Edited 12/4/2016 #2,742

Oh man, this is great. Heartbreaking, and horrifying, but great. Honestly, after the weirdness and sadness wear off (and they would. this ritual is a Thing) this would be soooo good for Shikako. As Laural's always saying, that poor girl needs someone she can absolutely trust not to be a security leak to talk about Everything with.

Though this does make me wonder about the AU where she ends up with Haku as her ghost.


Also, this it totally unrealated, but is there any way to jimmy the rules of this or one of the other soulf guide, or something Shikako did, so she ends up with Gaara's dad? I dunno why, but I just. I need this grumpy, bitter old Sand Ninja forced to stick around with the Leafiest of leaf ninja (I will forever hold to those Temari POV's on the recursive thread where she was horrified and vaguely fascinated by how alien the Leaf Ninja in general and Shikako in particular was. I feel like she might have gotten that from somewhere, and that vague bewilderment is a hundred times funnier on a grumpy old man's face.) watching his crazy kids become 'nice' and 'soft' and team up with the leaf ninjas and make jokes with them and watch theatre with them and maybe have crushes on them? It would be a bit of a pet the dog moment for him, and for his kids.

Also, just. The hilarity of Shikako having a foreign Kage as her soul guide. She doesn't tell anyone, of course, because Hole. E. Shit would that get her locked down in T and I until they made sure he couldn't sway her/got what info they could from him.

12/4/2016 #2,743

@Juno-nine That's so sad. The logic is spot on, but that doesn't make the necessity any less heartbreaking. Especially since Shikaku went through Shikako's early years convinced she wouldn't be a ninja and therefore wouldn't need to deal with taking a life. There's security in being a civilian that I think many ninja parents would want for their kids on some level.

@Math While you're thinking of Gaara's dad (Rasa? I think was his name), I was thinking of making Shikako's soulguide Izuna. We have almost no canon material for Izuna's personality, but we do have is

  • I love my brother and will protect him with my life and possibly body parts (cougheyescougharmcough)
  • I am (arguably rightly) suspicious of the "enemy" (Senju, other villages, Akatsuki)
  • I am devoted and hard-working and I kick some serious ass (but not as much as some of my peers)

So it's not a complete stretch. *insert palace of toothpicks joke here*

But mostly I'm interested in how this impacts Nara-Uchiha relations, Shikako-Sasuke relations, and Madara's relations with literally everyone. Argument that if there is to be a proper Madara-redemption arc, it would start in this version of soul guides.

(And Team 7 then becomes Kakashi-Naruto-Shikako-Sasuke with a side of Tobirama-Hashirama-Izuna-Madara. This can only end well. By which I mean, it can only end with explosions and the toppling of governments.)

12/5/2016 #2,744

In Wich Shikaku Refuses Sambei Request


"She's too young", he said, "she's only a genin."

And then, because the old woman insists "after the Chuunin Exams", he admits, "even if she dosn't get promoted".


In the second exam, his daughter has to kill.

12/5/2016 #2,745

When she was young, Shikako loved histories. Chakra beasts, the Sage, myths about how bloodlimits begin... And mythic jutsu. Jutsu so extraordinary that people wouldn't know if they were actually possible once.

Among them, they were the Uzushio Ghost Rituals, the two seals that assures young Uzumaki would be guides by their ancestors.

The first was a couple of seals to put on a young children and an Elder. The seals have to be placed by the child (which could sometimes be a problem), and for years, the only effect was to prevent ghost of the young Uzumaki kills to haunt him.

Until the death of the Elder, when he become the ghost to haunt his young clanmate, that is.

This seal was used by every single Uzumaki and was a reason of their prodigious knowledge, since nothing was never really lost.

(It was also a motif foe the complete annihilation of the clan. Partial annihilation was just not enough)

Unfortunately, the seal have to be made by the young member of the bond so, sometime, it could happens that a young Uzumaki has to kill before be able to place the seal.

Enter the second seal, that replace a ghost by another one.


While pretending not hearing Orochimaru underline, or at least not being disturbed by his words, Shikako think about the two Usushio Ghost Rituals.

Two sealsthat every villages was jealous about.

Two lost seals.


Shikako is eventually (finally) promoted in Grass Exams. She signs the Deer contract a few time after.

Sembei become her ghost few months after.

12/5/2016 . Edited 12/5/2016 #2,746

Kind of off-topic (slightly different AU) but;

Guys. Guys.

In Harry Potter Voldemort breaks off pieces of his soul using dark magic to stay alive. I don't know exactly how Orochimaru's body-switch thing works. But imagine an AU where the process just kinda chips at his soul. And when Shikako is like 5 (7?, idk if there was an age specified in previous AU's) she goes through the soul-guide ritual (In an AU where there's a ritual to summon your destined soul-guide, not the kill-y one) she goes through the ritual and her soul guide is Orochimaru. Just enough of his soul was 'dead' to reassemble as a soul-guide for Shikako. She's been compared to him in several AU's so this could be a really interesting pair-up. Not to mention the whole "can't let people know because he literally just went missing-nin" (I'm not sure exactly when he betrayed the village, but I'm pretty sure it was post-Kyuubi).

12/5/2016 . Edited 12/5/2016 #2,747

Ah! Clmineith! What a beautiful story, and in three sentences! holy crap!

@Moonlit - I could TOTALLY see Izuna being Shikako's soulguide. Laural and I have actually discussed some Takako Senju AU's where Izuna's her soulmate, because we could see those parallels. That would be so fun.

Edit; I wasn't gettign alerts and somehow missed, like, three posts before my comments? Another cool snippet, Clmin! And Orochimaru... interesting idea. I could see it.

12/5/2016 . Edited 12/5/2016 #2,748

Thank you!

Obsidian: If it's only a piece of Orochimaru, he probably have no possibility for being alive again. I mean, his original could, but it dosen't matter for the soulguide, dosen't it?

I totally would see him decide since he is dead and will staying so, he could as well help Shikako for his own fun.

After all, she show... potential, and he could find the challenge interesting.

12/5/2016 . Edited 12/5/2016 #2,749
"first person you killed = soulmate"

Ugh. Nope, nope, nope. "I'll kill you so you can never leave me" should never be a valid argument.

Also, Uchiha. Not only can they get their Super Eyeballs they get to keep their loved ones around.

12/5/2016 #2,750

Oh crap. Had NOT thought of that one. That... that would definitely happen. Probably from the Uchiha. Damnit.

"But now you're safe from ever being hurt and we can always be together forever."


12/5/2016 #2,751
Ok but theyd have to make it to a reasonable age *without killing anyone* for that to be a risk. Seems more like a problem for civs/nonfield ninja...
12/5/2016 #2,752

Juno - good point. Though, for a second there, I had a little moment of Madara or Tobirama, sitting over one of their younger brothers' graves, looking at one of their other brothers and being like, "Nope, I'm going to protect you from harm like this forever. Now come over here and don't struggle..."

Wait, what if we go the opposite direction. Life Debts are literally soulbond, so anytime you save or spare someone's life, they Owe you, or you're connected somehow.

12/5/2016 . Edited 12/5/2016 #2,753

Rewarded altruism! Fantastic. I'm not sure what the 'bond' would do - strengthen the saviour? Compel the saviee to aide them? Prevent the saviee from raising a hand against them? - but it has the potential to change the ninja villages a lot.

Although, I can forsee many attempts to game the system (so to speak) by setting up 'threats' to be saved from in order to rack up bonds, so I propose a few limitations.

  • must be genuine (i.e. altrusitic, you can't save someone from a threat you created, or lead someone into dangerous situations for the purpose of saving them)
  • un-solicited (asking for help/clients paying for shinobi services)
  • acknowledged (both parties have to acknowledge [not necessarily out loud]/see that the situation is potentially lethal, that the other is there and how the situation was resolved. So you can't, say, put out a house fire without knowing there were people in the house and get bonds, or without the people in the house knowing there was a fire in the first place.)
  • ??

obviously it's not like they're rules for us to follow, just that those are the obvious ways for a system like this to be abused.

12/5/2016 #2,754

If it's possible to game the system, we all know Danzo's taken Life Debts to their logical extreme. That's kind of terrifying to think about and would go great with his Sharingarm.

12/5/2016 #2,755
Umm guys if life debts hold power over you just how doomed is Kakashi? I mean Obito saved him, then gave him an eye and asked a favor that well failed. Could that explain how messed up Kakashi is? Or how about Jiraya and Orochimaru, in return for having been saved Jiraya now is incapable of finding intel on where Orochimaru is hiding. There can be soooo many abuses. Oh fudge, Sasuke saved Naruto in the wave arc. Maybe that's the real reason Naruto wants to believe that Sasuke cant be a bad guy. 0-o;!
12/5/2016 #2,756

Meep. Some of the ways that these verses can be gamed is scary.

Off-topic again, but I keep trying to write soul guide stuff, and I can't write worth a shit right now. It's driving me up a wall! But if I could write stuff...oh, if I could.

I would write about Kakashi, who meets his second idol - Tobirama - just before he his first idol dies. Losing his father to depression and other people's pointless hatred is traumatizing for a five year old, and Kakashi's modus operandi for emotional problems is to bury everything under self-loathing and denial. But Tobirama knows that blaming oneself for life's fuck-you moments is not good for a kid's psyche (or an adult's psyche, but he's not psychoanalyzing himself here), so he tries to help the kid through his mourning. He's mostly successful - Kakashi is never ashamed of his father for failing to complete that mission. But he does think that Sakumo was just a little too trusting, that his team wasn't good enough to complete their objective and wasn't good enough to deserve Sakumo's sacrifice. Kakashi thinks teamwork is a wonderful ideal...but there's always a risk that your devotion won't be returned, and he doesn't want to get burned like his father was.

(Sakumo reminds Tobirama a bit of Hashirama with his emphasis on the team and his optimistic faith in others. And Sakumo's team reminds him of Madara trying to kill his brother before leaving the village for the last time. Like Sakumo, Hashirama survived that betrayal, but not for very long, no matter how hard Tobirama tried to take Madara's place.)

So Kakashi doesn't bother much with reaching out to others. Maybe he clings a little too much to the Shinobi rules. It doesn't help that Tobirama personally committed most of them to paper which means they must make sense, right? But he's passable at being a functional six-year-old chunin. (Tobirama hates how quickly Kakashi is being pushed into battle - this is what Konoha has come to after two wars and in the throes of a third.) Fortunately, Kakashi also has Minato Namikaze (Kawarama Senju), God's Gift to Man, to look after him.

There's also Rin and Obito whose presence forces Kakashi to socialize. The kid is still reluctant to get close to people - betrayal requires him to trust them first - but they're all like a fungus. The team grows on him, and his fights with Obito become more teasing than anything else. (Mostly. Obito still rubs him the wrong way.) When Kannabi happens, Obito doesn't need to convince his teammate to go after Rin - Kakashi is already on the move.

It's not enough to save Obito, or Rin, or Minato, in the end. It's never enough.

Tobirama's mourning this time too (Minato's soul is stuck in the Shinigami's stomach, and so is Kawarama's), so he's not quite being the voice of reason he was with Sakumo. ANBU sounds like a good idea for a while...but after his first post-Kyuubi mission, Mikoto low-key kidnaps Kakashi and installs him in her house for a day because with Kushina gone, Mikoto has placed herself in charge of the feeding and watering of Kakashi and hey, he can keep Itachi-chan company, too!

(Really, Mikoto took the initiative because Itachi was miserable without Kakashi. Kushina was his godmother, and Minato was effectively a second godfather; he was the reason Itachi and Itama, his guide, weren't at each other's throats. Minato and Kushina's deaths hit him hard - hit the whole family hard, really. So when Itachi asked after Kakashi-sempai who Minato dragged along every other visit and who always taught Itachi some new chakra trick when he did show up, Mikoto went hunting. The feeding and watering were just more reasons for her to keep an eye on him.)

Kakashi doesn't leave ANBU, but Mikoto traps his apartment if he doesn't visit between missions, so he's a regular visitor at the Uchiha compound. He's not super popular with Obito's eye (and Tobirama Senju) in his head, but he's tolerated. Itachi (Itama) takes to following him around on his days off to the point that Kakashi just mentally starts thinking of him as his kohai without meaning to. Shisui eventually gets honorary-kohai status; so does Tenzo.

I imagine at some point someone, probably a fellow ANBU, points out that Kakashi has a bunch of minion-kohai to do his bidding and Kakashi is all "What? No I don't, I work alone. I don't even like kids." Tobirama, meanwhile, bemoans his student/successor's complete lack of self-awareness in emotional matters.


And well, this all sounds a lot like canon, except it's not. Itachi isn't Kakashi's kohai because of ANBU; Itachi was Kakashi's cute little brother-type-figure even when he was five and an Academy student. If stuff like...oh, I don't know, a super secret coup were to be in the works, Itachi wouldn't hesitate to ask his big bro for advice and/or assistance. Because even if Kakashi is prickly as Mr. Ukki, he cares and is really handy with a kunai.

Also, Kakashi is super close with the Uchiha main family pre- and post-Kyuubi. Kakashi, fourteen year old jounin in a clan with one living member, but also the student of the Fourth Hokage and the spiritual successor to the Second Hokage. If someone with a mind for politics (coughMikotocough) could capitalize on that connection, Kakashi makes for some solid PR.

Is that PR solid enough? Maybe, maybe not, but Danzo's not working with the canon field of allegiances.

(I wonder if Tobirama, through Kakashi, would put up more of a fight when Itachi was up for that ANBU slot. Kakashi was promoted fast during war-time, but Itachi is being pushed into ANBU during peace-time. Itama died at age 10. Tobirama is not on-board with this plan.)

Looking instead at Shikako and Izuna, we have two characters with very different perspectives. First we have fish-out-of-water Shikako, who kind of knows the future but is constantly stressed by how much she doesn't know and what can/can't be changed. She's very slow to trust and holds onto her foreknowledge very tightly. She's also very driven and dedicated to her new family - she's not afraid to work hard (and works a little too much).

On the other hand, we have Izuna - fish-out-of-water of a different flavor since he thought the whole "Konoha" idea of his brother's was dead on arrival. Turns out Madara achieved his dream...then left the village and the clan after trying to drop a bijuu on everyone. Izuna's not in a happy place, wasn't expecting to end up with a Nara of all people, and is very slow to trust. He's also very driven and dedicated to his family.

They understand where the other is coming from, mostly, but there's some serious trust issues and their relationship is cordial-but-distant for a while. Izuna notices that Shikako is hiding something, but he has no idea what. (What does a five year old have to hide anyway?) Shikako isn't inclined to share, which doesn't inspire confidence and leads to even less trust. Their relationship would have probably gone this way for years if Izuna hadn't bit the bullet.

(In another verse, Izuna doesn't take that first step. But I'm not writing about more angst with mostly canon results, shhh.)

He explains to this scared five year old that he was her guide first. He's already dead, so he can't really be an Uchiha anymore, and he's not a Nara, and he's definitely not a Konoha shinobi. He's only Shikako's guide, and any secret she tells him would be as safe as if she had never told it. (Also, he's incapable of telling anyone else - she's the only person alive or dead that can see/hear him.)

Shikako doesn't trust him immediately; it's a gradual reveal of information. Izuna, in turn, tells Shikako about his life with Madara, what his brother and clan were like, what he thought of the Senju and the other clans. They become pretty close.

Shikako drops the canon bomb slowly but surely (pre-Massacre? post-Massacre? no Massacre? Probably not the second one). Izuna's reactions are various and include: 1) And you had to deal with this hanging over your head your entire life? That sucks. 2) We might be fucked, but quitting will get us nowhere. 3) UCHIHA MASSACRE. FUCK THAT NOISE. 4) We need to be the ones to stab Danzo. Please. 5) That's not my brother. I have no idea who that is but that's not my brother, and I'm going to stab him in his libelous face. 6) I really hope my brother wasn't actually involved in this, I really do.

TL;DR - Izuna is unsettled but supportive and would like to personally shank Danzo and Tobi.

Things get confusing on the "who is Madara really" front when Shikako meets Sasuke and Izuna insists that she hug the boy because Madara needs his little brother's hugs and this is the best they can do at the moment.

(It's obvious masked guy isn't really Madara, but Izuna notices that his brother isn't...very engaged as a guide. He has to admit that real Madara is probably involved in the shit that's going to happen. Unfortunately, talking loses its persuasiveness when it's filtered through Shikako and Sasuke, but Izuna was always the people-person of the two of them. He just has to nudge Madara in the right direction so he decides to come clean himself.)

Meanwhile, Kakashi gains more kohai when he's not looking. Naruto is obvious (Hashirama, but also Mikoto encouraged him to make a fuss about not being able to see him [Hiruzen denies his teacher's successor very few things when Kakashi asks]).

Sasuke is a package deal with Itachi (Tobirama makes it impossible for Kakashi to not watch Sasuke carefully for megalomaniac tendencies).

Shikako pops up as friend to both Naruto and Sasuke (along with one of the people that Tobirama acknowledges as a difficult opponent who he stabbed when he maybe shouldn't have). The other Ino-Shika-Cho kids cycle in and out.

The biggest surprise, though, is Sakura - the little civilian girl with bright pink hair comes up with Shikako one day to tell him that "Rin-onee-chan" was worried about him and is glad to see him out of his apartment on his days-off.

Kakashi gets a little teary-eyed, but only because Obito's eye always tears up at the slightest provocation. He wasn't crying. At all.

He also wasn't crying when he meets Sai (who calls Sakumo "otou-san") for the first time, but it was a close thing.

(PS - saying that Tobirama does not approve of his student Danzo's actions is an understatement.)

12/5/2016 #2,757
HA! Take that soulmate thread, I caught up with you! An to think it only took three weeks, no, wait, two. Secondly, can I just say thank you to everyone who's posted snippets and ideas and contributed to this forum? Seriously, it has been a pleasure to read, all of it. Even the angst. And I will post a ramble/rant thing when I have proper access to a computer. It'll be weird though.
12/6/2016 #2,758
A more cracky soulmate prompt - character in musical duets can always sing in sync with each other, no matter how far apart they are. Its instantaneous communication... but only in song. Killer B is actually pretty great at managing to convey *actual information * this way, even if he does give himself away when he goes on unauthorized vacations.
12/6/2016 #2,759

Wait, they hear each other in real-time as if they're in the same room even if only one is singing, or they get the urge to break out in song and only hear the words if they actually sing? Is Killer B's soulmate just spontaneously rapping out loud every few hours?

Actually, no, Killer B's soulmate sings to go with B's rapping like rapper-singer R&B duets.

12/6/2016 #2,760
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