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I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Cool snip and soul-combo, Star!

LOVE that addition for Naruto, Moon.

12/9/2016 #2,821
Vaughn Tyler

guys think about a soul guide world where mandara is shikako's guide. and shikako spend her time making snife/sarcastic comments and being a troll to mandara.

so you think in a world where edo tensei took the 'guide soul' and shoved that into a zombie body, mandara could be mad enough to go '16 years and i can finally hit this brat' and chase shikako across the nations instead of going on with the eye of the moon plan?

12/9/2016 #2,822

Thanks guys! (Girls). And the thing with Naruto? accepted. Thanks Moon. And just a little word of God (Author), it takes training to distinguish the other chakra. Unless you're Shikako. Who totally, totally immediately sensed it and feels more like she belongs in this world that is similar, but still so, so, different, because her soulmate has been able to sense her since before she was born.

@Vaughn Tyler I see you. I see you here and on the Rigel Black Discussion Group. And I am There with that idea of yours. because Shikako would have a total '...oh Crap!' moment.

12/9/2016 #2,823

@Vaugh - That mental image is fantastic. Zetsu's standing in the background watching his plans go up in flames because one crazy Uchiha (it's always the damn Uchiha!) Won't stop chasing after a little gnat and focus.

@Star - I feel like the colloquial use of 'guys' is gender neutral. Is that just me? I definitely use that and 'dude' neutrally.

12/9/2016 #2,824
Vaughn Tyler

Math, think about if no one knew who Shikako's soul guide was right up until that point. No one had warning that Mandara was still 'around' but suddenly he's present and trying to maim Shikako.

Shikako is a younger sister. They're good at starting stuff. But Mandara is an older brother, they're good at finishing stuff.

12/9/2016 #2,825
Guys is gender neutral where I'm from, but t I hossntly always kind of thought it might be a regional thing.
12/9/2016 #2,826

you're right, Math. Totally right. i just did it because I could. But it's strange isn't it? we can use 'guys' to refer to everyone, but the minute you use girls or a vaguely female sounding general descriptor, people fuss. and Dona, guys is generally used in many parts of the world that use english as a general descriptor, but i am going to stop right there because i really don't want to bring a discussion on gender semantics the word 'guys' and its uses thereof in the english language.

and i love the ideas!

12/9/2016 #2,827

@Star - oh man, don't even get me started about the way the english language is gendered like that. But you're right.

Also, I totally read 'Mandara is an older brother' in that post and suddenly had flashes of Madara as Mandark, from Dexter's Lab. Just. Imagine everything about Madara is the exact same, except he laughs like Mandark does (AhhaHA. AhhaHAhaHa) and he's in love with his soulmate Deedee Gai.

12/9/2016 #2,828

Math. i can honestly say i haven't seen an episode of Dexter's Lab in absolute yonks! but if Gai is Dee Dee and yes my email does register Gai as G**, then who would be Dexter?

12/9/2016 #2,829

Madara: (arrives) "Okay, where in this mess is Shikamaru Nara?"

Zetsu, Kabuto, Tobi: (are sure this will make sense eventually if they just wait long enough).

Madara: (stomps the opposing army, grabs Shikamaru by the scruff of the neck). "Stop wiggling, damn it."

Temari: "You... know Shikamaru Nara"s name."

Madara: "Well, usually I just called him 'the sane one,' but yeah."

Temari: "And what are you planning to do with him."

Madara: "Use him as bait so I can stomp his ABSOLUTE BRAT of a sister into the ground. And then lock her up, seal her chakra, and hire an EFFING chorus to sing 'This is the song that gets on everybody's nerves' and 'This is the song that never ends." INCESSANTLY."

Shikamaru: (is starting to have suspicions. Is also slightly concussed now, so is pointing irregularities out loud.) "...Hang on, this doesn't make sense. Kako always said her Soul Guide thought Tobirama was the best Ho-"

Madara: (covers Shikamaru's mouth with one hand. Looks immensely pleased at being able to.) "I'd like to take a moment to say- and I mean this from the very bottling of my heart- your parents spoiled the both of you rotten, and you are about fifteen times more likable when you shut up. Now, come with me and be my bait. I've been planning for this since the week after she learned to speak in full sentences."

12/9/2016 . Edited 12/9/2016 #2,830

Kakashi is obviously Dexter!

MAI-TO! Get your YOUTH out of my Porn-a-gra-phy!

(If anyone hasn't seen Dexter's lab, all you need to know it that I'm basically imagine, like, this scene:

www. youtube. com/watch?v=HdDmDazrL-s

but instead Madara has this laugh:

www. youtube. com/watch?v=PiGIQrt1IaE )

12/9/2016 #2,831
Madara: (covers Shikamaru's mouth with one hand. Looks immensely pleased at being able to.) "I'd like to take a moment to say- and I mean this from the very bottling of my heart- your parents spoiled the both of you rotten, and you are about fifteen times more likable when you shut up. Now, come with me and be my bait. I've been planning for this since the week after she learned to speak in full sentences."

Dona that was hilarious and really actually made me laugh!

12/9/2016 #2,832
Tobi: wait, why aren't you planning to kill her. Madara, grimly: if I did, I'd lay even odds that she'd be MY soul guide once I returned to life. I bet my old soul guide has already reincarnated. Tobi: well, we can always kill her after you return to- Madara: NO. THE BRAT WOULD FIND A WAY. (Besides, she's clever and wily and it would be a bit of a waste. I blame her father. Far too indulgent. When this stupid war is over I'll have to have a word with him about his daughter's behavior- the bratling might not listen to ME, but she'll obey her father, at least. You know, in my day children treated their soul properly. They had respect for their elders!"
12/9/2016 #2,833

BWHAHA. These are GREAT, Dona. Grumpy Old Man Madara is my life.

12/9/2016 #2,834

Math... other than the sheer hilarity quality of his laugh being Mandark's in that situation, Madara scares me.

12/9/2016 #2,835

Oh god, I don't watch the anime so the first clip was my first time seeing and hearing the eye insertion. That sound. I never need to hear that again, anime team, thanks.

I think that scene might actually be creepier with Mandark's laugh. JFC.

@dona You're a genius, I wish I had your sense of comic hilarity.

12/9/2016 #2,836

I agree, Madara's scary. I hadn't actually gotten that far, I just searched for 'Madara laugh' and that came up and it seemed... appropriate for the juxtaposition.

Though, according to Laural, the way those panels were drawn in the Manga was very confusing. Apparently, basically the first thing Madara does is look down his shirt so see if he's still got Hashirama's face there, like he did before he died. But the way it was drawn and the way the chapter cut off just made it look like Madara was checking to see if he got boobs in his resurrection, and was disappointed.

12/9/2016 #2,837

Drinking water while reading this thread is a hazard, I swear to god. (Fortunately, I'm out of water.)

12/9/2016 #2,838

Okay, okay, okay. that made me laugh more than Moon's snippet did.

And yes. It is very much a hazard, I swear.

12/9/2016 #2,839

@dona Love your snips. Now I'm imagining madara finds her next to tobirama and the conversation they would have...

12/9/2016 #2,840
Hang on. I meant Dona's. Butoon's sometimes makee laugh too.
12/9/2016 #2,841
@Gai<>Superman convo >>> Am just catching up on recent activity here now, and just realized Gai's BUILT-IN superhero name: O.o 'Maito-man' (Might-o-man? Mighty-man?) *slinks off in shame to catch up on rest of thread*
12/9/2016 #2,842
Sorry. But Moon's
12/9/2016 #2,843

The Mighty Adventures of Mighty-Man! Watch as he fights crime with The Power of YOUTH!

Thinking of an appropriate name for Kakashi...Henohenomoheji-man? Scarecrow? Wait, Scarecrow is already a Batman villain, THIS CAN'T BE A COINCIDENCE.

Wolf-man. Man-wolf. Hound. Fang. White Fang.

...would anyone believe me if I say I didn't plan for that?

12/9/2016 #2,844
@Mada-Soulguide convo >> soooo down for GrumpyOldUndead!Madara, Enabler?!Tobirama (dude, I thought you didn't get along with this Uchiha, why are you giving him ideas?!?!), bait!Shika, and another ohSh**!Team7Luck!Shikako
12/9/2016 #2,845

I think Tobi = Tobito = Obito in that case. Tobirama would never enable the death of a true fan like Shikako. After all, he's her favorite Hokage.

12/9/2016 #2,846

So, as long as we're doing Crack, and OOC!Madara.. I had this thought the other day - so we've done some prompts where Madara or Obito goes to visit baby!Soulmate!Shikako, sometimes with the threat of kidnapping. But what if one of them did. You guys realize he's still in his Tobi disguise, right? So basically, dark and brooding Madara/Obito (but especially Madara) shows up at the next Akatsuki meeting playing the idiot, like, "Tobi is a good boy! Tobi brought back a good baby! She's going to be a good girl too!" And the rest of the Akatsuki is just like. Are you KIDDING me???

I just need the Akatsuki vs. TobismolShikako crack, with a bonus if someone the Akatsuki are so disgusted by their perception of Tobi's parenting skills that they just have to cut in and show him how it's done. Shikako ends up raised by the Akatsuki. What even is her life?

(Kisame, Pein, Konan, and Zetsu, at least, know or think they know who 'Tobi' is, and have to do his bidding, so it's not that unlikely. Okay. It totally is. LET ME HAVE THIS.)

12/9/2016 #2,847
It's OK, Moon, I believe you. And Kakashi would totes be The Man in the Mask or Chidori.
12/9/2016 #2,848
Kako is a good girl, yes she is!
12/9/2016 #2,849

If I may point you all to this: archiveofourown. org/series/532057

BlackKKat's Naruto Superhero AU. Heads up for it mostly focusing on her ships - a lot of warrinf clans era characters, a lot of Orochimaru stuff too - but y'all might be interested...

12/9/2016 . Edited 12/9/2016 #2,850
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