We're all just Dreaming of Sunshine
I've come to the realization that we fans of Silver Queen's "Dreaming of Sunshine" need a place to properly discuss this incredible story. So here it is, and have fun.
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Welcome to "We're All Just Dreaming of Sunshine," the DoS forum where we can all discuss, debate, and contribute to the Dreaming of Sunshine community! For everyone who is new (and as a permanent reminder to everyone who is old) here a a few quick guidelines to keep in mind to keep this community a fun, safe place.

Basic Rules:

  1. This forum is rated 'T' just like DoS, so swearing and teen topics are allowed, but don't go over that on the thread itself. Take it somewhere else.

  2. Don't insult or attack people on the forum. Disagreements are fine, but try to keep them cordial, and definitely don't let them get personal.

  3. This forum is for fun. Participation here, as well as the writing of any fanfic to begin with, is voluntary. So please respect the writers. No one is entitled to someone else's work. So don't ask that someone (especially SQ) write something, or that they write it a certain way. This includes asking writers to post their stories as separate fics. Exceptions to this rule are listed below*

  4. If there's any problems, or you have any questions please feel free to contact the mods (listed at the bottom of every page) and/or submit a forum report. (Preferably contact Dona and Math first, as they are the most available at the moment.)

  5. You can also ask us to clarify rules here, if you think it's something general others would benefit from seeing explained

  6. This forum is an open community where we freely share and add to each other's ideas. While this doesn't have to influence the initial poster's canon, be aware that people may take ideas and fics posted on the forum and run with them without getting express permission from the original poster.

  7. Have fun!

Modding Policy:

We abide by a 'three strike' policy here on the forum. After three infractions, you will be banned. If you are warned or called out by a mod for breaking the above rules, that is a strike (or two, if there were several infractions before mods could arrive, but non-mods informed the offender their behavior was breaking the rules).

At that point, the offender should feel free to contact the mods via PM to discuss the issue. Discussing the infraction can help people understand what they did wrong and how to avoid it in the future. It can also help mods gauge the sincerity of the offender that they did not mean to break the rules, which can potentially get a strike relaxed. Continued misbehavior will accrue strikes that can lead to banning, and multiple strike will be awarded for committing the same infrastructure multiple times after the first warning, even if mods do not arrive in time to alert you of your second strike before you commit your third.

There will be some flexibility taken into account for frequency of misbehavior - people get upset and occasionally make mistakes, so strikes will be forgiven after a few months - as well as severity. Some things absolutely unacceptable on the forum, and will result in an instant ban.

Instant bans:

-Threatening other people

-Using racist, sexist, homophobic, disabled etc. slurs on people

-Plagiarism (reposting fics from this forum as your own; this is not the same as continuing an idea or verse from the forum with your own writing)

Forum Use FAQ

1. How do I post/reply on a thread?

You can click the little gear icon at the bottom of any thread in a post. That will give you the option to create a new post by clicking 'reply.' All new posts will show up at the end of the current thread, regardless of which message you click on to 'reply' to; there are no sub-threads or message chains or anything like that. Make sure you're not accidentally creating a new topic if you mean to respond to a current conversation. You'll know the difference because creating a new topic will ask you to title the thread.

2. Why are my posts weird when I'm on Mobile?

If you are using FFnet on Mobile, you will not be able to format a post, nor create separate paragraphs. If you want to do so, you can switch into 'Desktop' mode. There's a link to do so at the bottom of every page.


*The following authors have consented to receiving polite fic requests or requests to post fic as separate stories, though they may not necessarily respond to or agree to such a request. Authors that would like to opt-in to these lists can PM a mod.

Accepting Fic Requests:

  • Donahermurphy
  • MageKing17

Accepting Requests to Post a Story as Fic:

  • Donahermurphy
  • MageKing17
1/22/2017 . Edited 8/10/2018 #1
donahermurphy 1/22/2017 . Edited by Fell's Apprentice, 9/12/2018 #2
Callie Newman
(Good work, guys! I think this will be a very good resource! Is it pinned at the top so everyone can see it at all times? Also, should we non-mod plebs not be commenting in here? If so, sorry and feel free to delete my comment. Anyway, good job on the rules! :D)
1/22/2017 #3

Thanks, Callie!

Yes, this topic will be pinned to the top from now on, since it's important to be seen, but likely won't get much traffic. And yes, you're totally fine to comment here! _ We figured this thread would double as a nice space to get public clarification on rules that might be useful for everyone to see.

(We're also open to people suggesting a more proper Rule 6, so we can get to 7 in a less cheat-y manner. ;D)

1/22/2017 #4
Callie Newman
For rule 6... hm, I'm not sure. My modding experience comes from several years of Minecraft servers and, currently, a semi-popular YouTube channel (around 500 people on streams; I am not sure if that counts as big or not), so the dynamics are a little different for a forum. We don't get too many people on here making irrelevant comments, do we? In the stream chats we always get people in there to type one-letter comments and/or 'TRUMP' over and over again, but I haven't seen any of that here. Same goes for requesting to be a mod. Heck, this forum is way calmer in general, probably since it's not real-time chat moving rapidly. So tl;dr, I have no clue what rule 6 should be, and basically took the time to babble about myself like a selfish ass. Sorry, Math. xD
1/22/2017 #5

Ah, thanks. That's okay. I think it's a good thing that the forum's so chill and well behaved that we can really only come up with, like, 3 rules that aren't some form of "Have fun!" or "Let us know if you have a question or there's a problem!"

1/22/2017 . Edited 1/22/2017 #6
Callie Newman
That is fair. It's definitely a lot more fun when nobody misbehaves. (Although it's definitely its own kind of fun when you get to pull out the mod powers and quash a rebellious forum-goer. ;D)
1/22/2017 #7

@ Callie - The spam thing is likely a general rule of this website, if you read under the type box you can only create links to certain sights, here;

To prevent spam, you may only create clickable links pointing to fanfiction, fictionpress, youtube, hulu, flickr, google, twitter, tumblr and facebook.
1/22/2017 #8
Callie Newman
Oh I know. I meant more along the lines of spamming a letter over and over again. And it's definitely a lot easier to spam when it's on a stream and it's just press-letter, press-enter, rinse and repeat. But yeah, it's not great there or here, and generally isn't looked favorably upon. People still do it, though. (Fortunately, not as much here.)
1/22/2017 #9
wait what! ? You aren't allowed to criticise Silver Queens work at all? ?? How is that a good rule? that sounds very much like we are living under the rule of a tyrant. Silver Queens work isn't perfect, that would be impossible, she does make the occasional spelling mistake and she's an author. anyone who publishes their work should expect to receive criticism, it's how we grow as authors after all. I'm sure she wants help in perfecting her work with each release of a chapter. us ignoring any flaws won't help her see them.....
1/22/2017 #10
Callie Newman
This... really confused me. I'm not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion, as that's nowhere in the rules at all. The rule that you're presumably referring to says we can't demand she (or anyone else) write something the way we want it, with no regards for what she might want to write. Basically, we shouldn't yell at people for 'doing it wrong' because it didn't meet the standards we had. But I'm not entirely sure how you got 'nobody can criticize' from that, or from any of the rules. I'm sure most people appreciate constructive criticism, and SQ is (probably) no exception. Just... don't be a jerk about it, and she and anyone else are under no obligation to change their writing because you want them to, I guess. Hope I helped to clear it up for you! (And that you can clear up for me exactly how you got that impression, since maybe it'll help the mods work out a way to rephrase the rule or rules that led to it so as to avoid anyone else making the same mistake.)
1/22/2017 #11

Very well said, Callie. You are correct.

We've actually been talking with Saw in private about this, but well. They're not going to be able to respond to things for the next couple of days, so no one should feel the need engage them about this tonight.

If people do feel that rule is poorly worded or needs clarification, though, that is something we're willing to discuss.

1/22/2017 #12
Callie Newman
Right, yeah, probably should have figured the mods had been handling things with them tactfully in private rather than calling them out on a public memo. And I thought I was being so mature and rational. Oops. (It's late, I'm really sorry.)
1/22/2017 #13

No, no. You were fine. Your reply was very cordial and helpful.

(I have to say, I was THIS close to telling people not to engage when I saw their post, because I didn't want a fight to break out while Dona and I were both asleep, but then I was like, 'Nah. I'm overthinking things.' So, your post solved a conundrum for me, actually.)

1/22/2017 . Edited 1/23/2017 #14
Callie Newman
Ah, okay. Glad to know I helped! :)
1/23/2017 #15

Hey all.

This post is going to be kinda long and not fun, but I felt it was important to give you guys a quick rundown on what's been going on, since it's been kinda spread out, and it makes the responses here seem very sudden. Additionally, we have had to privately assure several people that we were delaying with this, so we thought this would be the easiest way to let everyone know what ended up happening. Now that things are over, we'd like to be a little more transparent than just saying, 'the mods are handling it.'

So, this is what went down.

At the beginning of last week, I got a forum report against Eyesaw for 'antagonism.' Dona and I had missed what was going on, since it was happening on the smaller Sealing thread, but once Eyesaw failed to heed warnings from other members, they acted appropriately and let us know what was going on. I posted a warning message, saying that behavior had to stop, and hoped that would be the end of it. (I do really appreciate that this forum is so well behaved that people usually back off immediately when they're called out. Good job, you guys.)

Eyesaw continued posting, seemingly disregarding my message, so I personally PM'd him to clarify that I was a mod, that his behavior was unacceptable, and that he should reach out to me if he was confused about what the rules were or what he was doing 'wrong.' He didn't acknowledge my messages, but none of the posts he made the rest of the week were, on their own, over the line.

Then, more people contacted me concerned about his behavior, and when I checked it out, I found more posts that seemed passive aggressive or even downright antagonistic, culminating with Eyesaw 'joking' about getting 'death threats' from the mods. Given the serious nature of that post, I immediately PM'd AND publicly posted saying that that was not okay, and asking him to voluntarily not post for a few days while I brought Dona in on the situation (at the time, I didn't know you could block someone temporarily for a few days and I did not want to make a permanent decision like banning someone unilaterally, especially when his last post was criticizing mods).

He PM'd me, expressed that he had not seen my first PM, and asked for another chance, and requested that we would explain what he was doing wrong. It was all either very desperate to stay on the forum, or very sarcastic that he was called out at all. It's hard to tell. Nonetheless, Dona and I decided that since he was new, since he may have missed one of our 3 warnings, and since there weren't really any officially posted rules, we would give him another chance. We asked him again not to post while we wrote up the rules posted here (and got SQ's approval) and went through his many posts to draft some advice to him about his behavior. He was, somewhat understandably, impatient about this, but carefully writing these things up and getting them approved by 3 people in different time zones takes time.

We were almost finished - I was happy with our little essay to him, and was simply waiting on Dona to wake up and give her 'OK' too, when Eyesaw made the above post. This changed Dona's and my agreed-upon plans to let him back with only one strike left, and I did not want to ban him without confirming with her first. I found out that I could temporarily block a user for a few days, and did so to avoid letting a fight break out while Dona and I were asleep.

Given that he broke the rules, broke his agreement not to post while we figured things out, and sent me a nasty PM over his temporary ban, you can be assured that we are considering this his third strike, and that he will not be allowed back on the forum when his probation is up. We do plan to leave his posts up, as a public 'what not to do' for future forum-goers, unless anyone expresses particular concerns about one of them, or something.

I'm sorry this ended up taking so long and getting so nasty. Dona and I are relatively new mods, and we've never had trouble like this on here before (Again, good job, guys!), so we were trying to move cautiously and not set the 'tyrannical' precedent that Eyesaw accuses us of here. Now that we've gone through this and codified the rules, however, we should be able to nip toxic behavior like this in the bud more quickly and efficiently in the future.

As Dona said, "We gave eyeSAW a lot of rope, but at no point did I see anything as constructive as a sincere apology, or even a recognition that they'd done anything actually wrong. Either before or after being contacted by a mod about their behavior."

So yes, Eyesaw's angry post here - when he was still not supposed to be posting at all - was the final straw, and Dona and I have decided to ban him from the forum permanently. The content of his last post on this forum is ironic, but I hope this will allow us all to put this behind us and get back to enjoying the forums.

As always, please feel free to ask here or PM if you have any questions.

-The Mods

1/23/2017 #16
Fell's Apprentice
Ya'll are doing a brilliant job. I knew I picked the right people. I'm just sorry I wasn't around to handle some of it
1/23/2017 #17

Thanks, Fell! That means a lot.

And, don't worry about it. You made us mods so you wouldn't have to deal with these things while you were at bootcamp. We've got your back, even if it takes a bit to figure things out.

(Though, if you have any comments or changes to the rules, of course let us know. We didn't loop you in because we weren't sure how much internet access you have right now, but we don't mean to exclude your opinion!)

1/23/2017 #18
Fell's Apprentice
I have my phone now for good mostly so I can participate now. There wasn't a way to keep me in the loop, so it's cool. I don't have any changes to the rules
1/25/2017 #19

I'm not terribly active at posting here, but for what it's worth the mods here have my support with everything here. Keep up the good work!

1/25/2017 #20

Maybe a (sixth) rule could touch on the fact that snippets are 'open source'? Like at the start we had a few people that were careful about jumping in with ideas into shared verses. This was great but now most people know that they can just... add a snippet now if they want. No guarantee that it will be absorbed or included by the original writer(s), but letting people know that ideas aren't as carefully guarded as an actual fic unless its stated by an author could be a good filler. :)

2/16/2017 . Edited 2/16/2017 #21

Uh, I have a suggestion? (Is this the place to voice suggestions?) Could you pin the Index page so it stays up all the time instead of getting lost in the topics? That would be awesome. Thanks.

2/16/2017 #22

-Re: "Open Source" - that's not a bad idea really. Not sure if it should be 'rule 6' or a 'community etiquette' type thing, though...

Thoughts on something like this:

"Rule 6: This forum is an open community where we freely share and add to each other's ideas. While this doesn't have to influence the initial poster's canon, be aware that people may take ideas and fics posted on the forum and run with them without getting express permission from the original poster."

-Re index: We were debating about that. I'll see if I can pin two pages at once. In the mean time, the index page is linked in the opening posts of this thread

2/16/2017 #23

I love your username, lol.

5/7/2017 #25
I just read 'text wall' post, on the general topic. It's not the first time, and the subsequent question (how edit it?) isn't either. Could someone create a topic about text on mobile, and maybe pinned it on the top of the forum? Pretty please?
8/28/2017 #27

Yeah, I noticed that, and accidentally creating new topics are becoming problems. I think maybe I'll edit the rules here to explain some things?

8/28/2017 #28
Silver Queen

In the interest of transparency, the mods want to let everyone know that writerman91 has been banned from the forums for threatening forum members in addition to other conflicts. We would like to remind everyone that threatening other forum members is never okay, and will result in an instant ban, with no build up to three strikes. Thank you.

12/28/2017 #29

To explain the changes to rule three:

Many writers have reported getting overwhelmed by many polite requests in succession, so we have changed rule three to more explicitly preclude such requests unless writers have preemptively consented to requests. Please only direct your requests for fic (or fic placement) to the writers on those lists. Please let us know if you have any questions about the changes to this rule, or about the new lists.

Also, please let a mod know if you want to be added to one or both of those lists!

2/1/2018 #30
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