Isla del Paraíso (Mythology RP)
Millionaire, Vincent Castro, has recently purchased a large private island for the use of a reservation or 'safe haven' as he puts it. The inhabitants of Isla del Paraíso aren't regular tourists or natives…they're creatures of myth and folklore from across the globe who've sought refuge from human eyes. They have arrived either on their own or by invitation by Castro himself, all in fear of human persecution. It's here where they can all come together and live in peace. The question is, will it work?
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Well, here's our handy dandy character bio sheet for whatever you decide to create! :D




Species: (I can almost confidently say there isn't a limit to this. Just don't go over the top, okay?)



Love Interest:



Reason for going to the island: (invitation, heard about it, the harpies, etc.)


Extra (if there was anything else not applied to the above):

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Name: Vincent Castro

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (actually 250)

Species: Shapeshifter

Appearance: His appearance is very professional and charming, with tan skin, slicked back auburn hair, and piercing blue eyes. He's usually wearing a dark blue suit, unless walking around the island, where he attempts to appear more causal.

Personality: Most who've met him can immediately describe him as suave, confident, polite, and a bit of a flirt, though a hopeless romantic. All of that is most apparent whenever he's speaking, though he tries to have a sophisticated tone above his childish nature. He is an eccentric with a somewhat childish demeanor, but he's also cunning, ambitious, sincere, and generally friendly person. He hardly raises his voice at others in fear he may drive them away as, in the few cases he loses his temper, he actually appears as intimidating. For someone who seems so open, Vincent actually is one of the most secretive and actually rather mysterious people some have met, going so far as to blatantly lie if it feels like the right decision to him.

Love Interest: Nope (but he's always looking)

Strengths: His persuasion skills, intelligence, and diligence in his work.

Weaknesses/Fears: Vincent is impatient, anxious, and has serious trust issues, not to mention a tad naive. Added on, he fears failure, especially concerning the idea of this island.

Reason for going to the island: He owns it and wants to keep track of everyone who resides there, generally there to keep the peace.

History: Vincent originally lived in Spain alongside his mother and father, both being shape shifters. Life for him was simple and happy, as he never had to worry as much as many other creatures for he could easily just change shape. That didn't stop his parents from worrying and his family was constantly moving to try and stay safe. Ever since humans discovered the existence of mythological creatures, Vincent felt terrified and slightly guilty. Of course he was scared of humans discovering him being a shapeshifter, but this fact made him feel guilty. Vincent, a man who could become anyone he wanted and easily blend in with society, was doing just that as others were captured and/or persecuted. He could hide at any time in plain sight, while some had nowhere to go. Though, this was only partially true. It seemed someone had eventually told others about his family and what they were, leading to a mass panic. Vincent was separated from his family when he was forced to flee, too afraid to ever look back.

Luckily, he managed to take on multiple identities and was forgotten. That didn't take away his guilt.

So, as an adult, he had an idea and this led him to buying a large, remote island, Isla del Paraíso, and creating a refuge for other creatures from around the world. Now he runs the island and tries to protect its inhabitants to the best of his abilities.

Extra (if there was anything else not applied to the above): He has many assistants on the island, all various different creatures (his most notable is a harpy named Selene). He's a millionaire philanthropist who works in fashion design and as (various) actors. He is immortal after striking a deal with a witch years and years ago.

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Cirque de Morte

Name: Siofra Khtsetseg

Gender: Female

Age: nineteen years old

Species: A druj changeling - the monstrous skin-walking replacement of a stolen human child.

Appearance: Slightly smaller than average and slender, with the lean, wiry frame of a gymnast and the long limbs of a ballerina, Siofra at times can seem entirely composed of high cheekbones, dark eyes and legs. Her long hair is the palest silver-white, and her eyes are entirely black, black as midnight. Her skin is a medium olive due to her preference for colder climates, darkening to a browned hazelnut if she spends time in the sun. She appears to be of mixed-race heritage, but being a changeling, she has little idea of who or what her parents were. Her teeth seem too sharp for the rest of her, and her fingernails are black as well. Not a beautiful girl, but striking - sometimes it's easy to forget that she has taken human shape, due to the way she moves and the way her skin tightens on her bones.

Personality: Mercurial and chaotic - a girl without a world to call her own. Her changeling side manifests itself with her changeability, the warmth that changes to wrath in a mere second and the cold way she sometimes stares at people when she forgets herself. Legend has it that the druj are monsters that sewed themselves a human skin to wear, and Siofra does her best to keep that side of herself hidden. She tends to be quiet while she finds her feet, enigmatic about her past and purposefully mysterious, and adventurously brave. She can be eccentric at times, a difficult person to get used to due to her habit of keeping people at a distance. Her sense of humour is wry and deadpan. She's always curious - always ready to learn. Love Interest: none at the moment, and tends to be wary of romance and the idea of love.

Strengths: well-travelled and intelligent, strong-willed and independent, tough and self-reliant.

Weaknesses/Fears: a quick temper, quite a few trust issues and a habit of speaking before she thinks. Runs into situations head-first. Fears the idea of love, the idea of dying, and the idea of being unable to regain human form.

Reason for going to the island: heard about it in her travels - it piqued her curiousity.

History: she was a druj child that died in early infancy, only to be reanimated and used to replace a stolen human child. Her "mother" recognised her for the monster that she was, and tried to kill her on more than one occasion - however, her "father" intervened swiftly, believing it to be an insanity on his wife's part. Her mother was not to be deterred - after trying to set the child on fire, she travelled to the local barishi, or bone-setter, and begged him to make a bargain with the spirits that had stolen her true daughter. Instead, the barishi took Síofra in as his apprentice. Siofra was raised in the mountains of Mongolia, and her earliest memory is of seeing through the eyes of the golden eagles that hovered overhead. Overtime, she learnt how to leave her body behind and occupy the form of the animals around her - a wolf, an eagle, a fox. She left home at fifteen, after the death of the barishi who had raised her - she refuses to talk about that, as it may or may not have been her doing - and began to travel. She may or may not have killed a few more people along her way - she doesn't talk about herself much.

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She seems really interesting! Accepted!

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el ma iubeste

Name: Krisztian Anzhelo

Gender: Male

Age: Appears about twenty one; in reality is closer to about one hundred.

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Slightly taller than average, at six foot two, with a slender, lean build borne of hard work and near-starvation, Krisztian is an odd-looking creature at the best of times. His body is almost entirely lean muscle - no room for fat or flesh. With a forcibly shaved head and a terribly scarred face, any handsome traits he may once have possessed are long-lost, although there are still hints here and there of what may have once been - a strong jaw-line, a Greek nose, now crooked from breaking it, and almond-shaped eyes with a certain kindness to them. He's missing most of his lower lip from a fight, the shadows around his eyes are dark from lack of sleep, and his skin is pockmarked by pale silver scars from his "training" - his arms, chest and back are similarly scarred. His eyes are a pale blue, almost silvery grey, that can cut right through you.

Personality: Iosef comes across as odd at times, a quiet figure, who finds social interactions rather difficult, in terms of believing himself worthy of friendship or affection, and therefore tends to stay reticent - not shy, but watchful. Inwardly, he can be an angry figure resentful at what happened to him, an emotion he tries to harness in fights. He is unswervingly loyal, but has a bad habit of choosing the wrong people to be loyal to. When he is close to someone, there is no one kinder in the world. Love Interest: none at the moment, and has trouble believing himself worthy of one.

Strengths: physically strong, intelligent and unswervingly loyal.

Weaknesses/Fears: Tends to trust the wrong people, finds social interaction a little difficult. Fears himself more than anything.

Reason for going to the island: a safe place for himself that he heard of from the harpies.

History: Krisztian lived his early life at the turn on the twentieth century in a small Bulgarian village, working as a gravedigger for the townspeople and caring for his family, due to his mother's illness and his father's trauma from war. When he was about twenty-one, one of the corpses turned out to be not-so-dead as he had believed, and he was bitten and turned into a vampire. His first act as a vampire was to slaughter his family - parents, siblings, everyone. He never forgave himself for that. He was taken in by a vampire coven that lived in the mountains, but left them also to survive on his own.

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Now this is a vampire! Accepted!

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Name: Selene

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Harpy

Appearance: Upon seeing her, she almost appears to be a regular woman with fiery red hair, soft brown eyes, and pale skin. Once someone actually does take a good look at her, they learn that she's covered in red and golden feathers with a pair of large wings sprouting from her back. From the knees down, her legs are scaled and end in clawed talons. Her face, parts of her neck, and hands are the only parts of her body 100 percent void of feathers, though the rest is more down than regular feathers. She's usually dressed in a black dress with a white belt and blazer.

Personality: She's actually a really quiet person, only talking if she needs to or is spoken to. Having a confident and serious air about her, she matches this with a naturally mature, assertive attitude and won't put up with any nonsense thrown her way. She's still very intelligent, hard working, patient, and brutally honest, though somewhat cynical. Her sometimes bossy demeanor can be taken as egotistical and pretentious, especially with her confidence leading her to stubbornly believe that she's constantly right. Still, she's a rather caring, sweet, and fun-loving person who can relax when she isn't at work.

Love Interest: None

Strengths: Leadership skills, intelligence, and strength.

Weaknesses/Fears: Overconfidence, slight vanity, bossy, and quick tempered.

Reason for going to the island: Invitation from Vincent Castro, which eventually led to her working for him and staying by his side.

History: She started out living a nomadic life in Greece, moving from city to city and jumping from job to job. (This was after her family had been betrayed and her mother taken away, leaving her to wander and fend for herself)) While she was a diligent worker and could live fine in one place, she couldn't stand staying in one place too long, especially when mythological creatures started becoming real to humans. She felt endangered and was distrustful of anyone she met, her cynical nature making her believe that no one around her was motivated by selfish wants. When she was passing through another town, she met Vincent. He had been looking for people to help and protect on the island, but he also found Selene, a quiet and nomadic harpy. He offered her a job and a home on the island, a safe haven for people like them. She accepted, though reluctantly, and a year passed as she worked for him, eventually becoming one of the most important employees on the island.

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Name: Draco IronHeart

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Species: Dragon

Appearance: Draco has a rather impressive physic, standing 6'11" and an incredibly muscular build. He has fair, dark tan (slightly bluish) skin, but if you look closely you'll find that his skin isn't actually skin, it's thousands and thousands of tiny scales which has multiple scars from past fights, from old stabs wounds to scraps, though they are few and spaced out. One failed stab attempt left a nasty scar across his left eye, leaving him partially blind in that eye. His hair is close shaven and obsidian black with a matching extended goatee and eyes that are a sea blue. His smile is not like a regular man's, because instead of just two pairs of canines, he has ten long pairs, five on top and five on bottom, replacing the incisors of a normal man's teeth. Also, his nails are elongated and razor sharp and black and are thicker than normal. Draco has voluminous bat like wings that are bluer than the rest of his skin, which are normally hidden underneath clothing that he doesn't have holes in for the wings to be free. He wears a black hooded jacket with matching pants and a gray undershirt. His wears square toed, steel tipped black leather boots with the golden embroidery of a eastern dragon, as does his jacket on the back.

Personality: Draco is a born warrior, hot headed and easy to anger, yet patient enough to hold it in for a time. How long he can hold it in, that depends on the person or circumstance. He does believe in second chances and if you use up the second chance wrongly, he isn't a rather nice guy, rather one you don't want to have you on his hate list. But to friends, he is rather friendly and caring, often joking and kind.

Love Interest: No one. Yet.

Strengths: Draco is large and muscular, giving him an amazing amount of strength, able to lift up to half up to half a ton, and with scaly skin that is completely fire proof, a need be when he breathe fire(for a short amount of time of course).

Weaknesses/Fears: Draco is easy to give in to a challenge, is gullible to the antics of a woman, and is terrified of dying.

Reason for going to the island: He is trying to escape the same fate as his family.

History: Draco was born like any other dragon in the world: as an egg to a poor mother and father in New York City. His parents knew right away he was a trouble maker and constantly got on his back to calm down and stop, but he never listened. He should have. A few days ago, Draco had a problem: He owned the mob a large amount of money and could not pay any of it. When he got home, moments later, he and his parents were attacked by the mob, guns a blazing in their apartment. His parents were killed in the fire as Draco made his escape. He kept running and running, hiding in fear until he heard about the island and leapt upon the chance.

Extra (if there was anything else not applied to the above): Draco carries with him the only thing that remains of his past: A golden western dragon about the size of two hand lengths and one hand high(his hands of course). He is very protective about it.

7/20/2015 #8

Accepted! :3

7/21/2015 #9

Name: Leila

Gender: Female

Age: it's a secret, but it's definitely in the thousands (doesn't look it though)

Species: Banshee

Appearance: Only a set few know what she fully looks like, as she's usually dressed in black and grey and is never seen without a heavy cloak that fully hides her appearance. She does have sickly grelish-white skin, pale yellow eyes like the moon, and silvery hair that reaches her waist.

She, personally, can transform into an inky black crow with her same unsettling eyes.

Personality: She is incredibly mysterious and manipulative with an impressive way with words. Her calm, collected demeanor is a bit cold and a motionless at times which has unneeded more than a few people. She's sarcastic, strong-willed, overconfident, and intimidating with a strong, authoritative presence. She does possess a somewhat regal and elegant air is more prone to talking than fighting, though possibly because she is the spokesperson of Scarred and can't afford to start too many confrontations.

Love Interest: N/A

Strengths: Cunning, determination/resilience, assertive nature, her few abilities, and incredibly surprising amount of loyalty.

Weaknesses/Fears: Something she greatly fears is failure, as if this would be the end to her. Along with this, misfortune seems to follow her everywhere and, while it doesn't do much with her, she is quite superstitious and paranoid with her fear of death controlling her life.

Reason for going to the island: Belongs to the organized and radical group known as Scarred. She, as well as the rest of the group, heard about the island from the news going around after peace was made.

History: Not much is known about her or the group she belongs to known as Scarred. Where she originally lived is unknown, but she has resided on the island for quite some time and helped build up her group there.

Extra (if there was anything else not applied to the above): (I'm trying to keep everything a bit of a mystery for now, so I'm sorry for the amount of info I've got!)

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Name: Coran(pronounced Core-Ann)

Gender: Male

Age: 52 years

Species: Manticore

Appearance: Coran is a rather large and respected man, not just by his abilities or his demeanor, but also by his stature.

He stands at around 6'7" and is build rather stocky, with a good amount of muscle on his body, especially on his upper body. His arms, thick and covered in dirty blonde hair, peppered with white and gray, end in instead of hands, two large paws. They are like that of a human mixed with a great deal of big cat. His fingers,thick, kinda short, are tipped with retractable black curved claws. In Fact, his entire body from shoulder to feet, is covered in fine dirty blonde, peppered, fur. Well, all except for his deadly scorpion tail. His tail is covered in inch thick, solid black with a tinge of red, chitin about four feet long and ends in a football sized stinger full of strong paralyzing, hallucinogenic venom.

The truly human part of his is his face, and it is what truly shows his age. Coran's strong jawed skull is wrinkly and weather beaten, with two almond brown eyes that are creamy and vacant. He is blind. His nose is broken and one of his ears, his right one, is missing half of it. His hair is slick with sweat and constant smoothing as he runs his hands through his shoulder blade length, messy platinum blonde hair.

He wears to hide his gruesome tail and deadly paws a large black hooded cloak and a pair of dark sunglasses. He wears no shoes or gloves at all.

Personality: Coran is a stone cold man with little to no emotions, though when they do show up, they are at their strongest. When he gets mad, you know you messed up. When he is happy and laughing, you know it was a good joke. If he actually shows sympathy, you knows he is touched.

Love Interest: N/A

Strengths: His muscle allows him an above average amount of strength, hands that could crush a coconut like an egg, claws that rival a lion's, and a sting that can paralyze and make a grizzly high for around thirty man. He is a man of many traits and has a wealth of experience from previous battles. He is quick on his feet and very attentive to his surroundings.

Weaknesses/Fears: While Coran is a strong warrior, he is virtually defenseless. He can't see, can't hardly smell, and doesn't hear as good as he does. He has to rely on feel and vibrations in both the air and on land to know where someone or something is.

Reason for going to the island: Belongs to the organized and radical group known as Scarred. He, as well as the rest of the group, heard about the island from the news going around after peace was made.

History: He does not allow just anyone to know his past. He only says that is was violent and bloody and caused him a terrible pain.

Extra: I hope he is good enough.

11/6/2015 #11

Scarred has a new member! Accepted!

11/7/2015 #12

Name: Erementia Juliana de Corbeau (The Sorceress)

Gender: Female

Age: She's been around since 13th century, but looks to be in her mid-20's.

Species: Witch

Appearance: The first noticeable feature in Erementia is her lips. They are full with a strong cupids bow, but what brings attention to her mouth is the fact that she always paints them deep red. She has a long nose between her sharp cheek bones. The bridge forms a noble arch upwards and the round tip of her nose is slightly upturned. Her cheeks are hollow, but not enough to make her look gaunt. Because of her high cheek bones her eyes are narrow and - despite the high arch of her dark brows - half lidded, giving her an alluring look with her long, dark lashes. The color of her irises is warm, dark purple, but are usually filled with disinterest, boredom, pride and freezing coldness. She has wide forehead representing her intelligence and strong, angular jaw that the waves of her thick hair softens. Her locks fall to the middle of her back and the color is interesting washed out purple from a spell gone wrong, but she claims it's her natural color.

The Sorceress is about 5'6" and her smooth skin is pale pearly color. She does not like the sun and goes to amazing lengths to avoid it. She has a pear figure and if we start from the bottom, she has strong, long legs that raise up to create wide hips and feminine, soft stomach. Her waist is thin and her soft bosom fits for her body type nicely. Her shoulders are narrow and bony and are the root for her long, graceful neck. She has thin arms and long, delicate set of fingers that she covers with black iron talons.

Personality: Erementia is intelligent woman with enough determination and stubbornness to push herself through a brick wall. She's careful and wary of others, her trust is hard to earn. This woman is no saint (holy water would most probably burn her), but she does not lack the ability to feel remorse or guilt, she does have a conscience as well. Her morals and feelings just work differently from people who call themselves good. She's power hungry and full of pride. She can be quite mean with her words and more often than not she belittles others. She's very easily bored and she's constantly looking for interesting things to kill time with. She's curious and adventurous, and she has need for independence. Her confidence level is quite high and she has little tolerance for humble or dumb creatures though the latter one might keep her entertained a minute or two. However, she too can feel emotional hurt and pain. She's easily annoyed and her temper flares too often, though she masks it under cold tone of voice. Cruelty is part of her nature that cannot be erased and she loves chaos, but did you really expect otherwise?

Love Interest: None as of yet

Strengths: Has the power of telekinesis she controls with her hands. She can cast spell and curses, and she's great at potions and poisons. Erementia is also very smart, vindictive and ambitions which are the forces that drive her. After living for so long she has learned a lot of languages and magic from other cultures.

Weaknesses/Fears: She fears of being captured and experimented on as well as dying. She also fears she will never achieve a status as a ruler of some kind (preferably the world). Physically and mentally she's as weak as a human. She is no safe from magic either.

Reason for going to the island: Hear of it and now seeks refuge from the island from humans.

History: Erementia was born into the large de Corbeau family of witches and demons who were after the throne of the kingdom they lived in. The de Corbeau family's main goal was to someday overthrow the King and rule the kingdom. That was made very clear to Erementia when she was a little. The royal family were their enemy and because of that they needed to stick close to it. Her parents and other relatives placed a deep-rooted distaste in Erementian towards the royal family and their supporters - the humans.

Erementia's powers came out at a fairly young age and she learned the craft quickly because of her curiosity and eagerness. She wanted to make her parents proud and because of that she was let in on the conspiracy against the King in her teens. Finding allies and recruiting creatures and people to her family's side became her job, and after a couple of years she realized that she was as much of a chest piece as those she recruited and that didn't sit with her. She wanted power as well, so she quit and went against the will of the matriarch of the family, her greatgreatgreatgrand mother.

She started her own little game of thrones by threatening to expose her family to the King if she was not given a bigger part and a bigger reward in the conspiracy. She wanted the throne as much as anyone else in her family, and she knew the only way to get it would be to stay close to the new enemy standing her way - her family. However, magic was found and deemed evil. Innocent and guilty were burned and drowned as witches and to get rid of Erementia her family turned against her and exposed her to the public. She had to flee the country and start travel the world, swearing to have her revenge against her family and those who wanted to hurt her. Ever since then one by one, people and families have died out because of her need for vengeance.

Extra: She as a crow called Grimm whom eyes she has gauged out so that she can use him as a spy. Her youth and immortality comes from a cursed amulet, take it off and she will start aging normally.

(I hope she's alright :} )

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She's so cool! Accepted! :)
1/24/2016 #14

Thank you! :D

How do I start? Do I make her arrive to the island?

1/24/2016 #15

You're welcome! :3 You could do that or maybe she's been there for awhile. Either way is fine.

1/24/2016 #16

It might be easier for me to make her arrive there since I don't know what's going in there at the moment x} I'll start working on a post soon.

1/24/2016 #17

Sounds like a plan!

1/24/2016 #18
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