Isla del Paraíso (Mythology RP)
Millionaire, Vincent Castro, has recently purchased a large private island for the use of a reservation or 'safe haven' as he puts it. The inhabitants of Isla del Paraíso aren't regular tourists or natives…they're creatures of myth and folklore from across the globe who've sought refuge from human eyes. They have arrived either on their own or by invitation by Castro himself, all in fear of human persecution. It's here where they can all come together and live in peace. The question is, will it work?
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Here's some basic information about the island and its inhabitants and such. (I apologize for how awful I am at summaries!)

  • Everyone who arrives to the island must immediately meet with Vincent at his mansion for security/safety purposes, as well as for him to become acquainted with everyone staying on the island and make them feel welcome. Along with this, he allows them to stay in his mansion until they themselves can get a home on the island.
  • The island has many different environments suited for many different people. Anything water based can go around the many rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, as well as enjoy the beaches while those who enjoy colder climates can go north to more of a tundra environment. (Yeah, Vincent has acquainted himself with quite a few witches and magic users to help with this.)
  • There is a town in the center of the island with many of it's main residences, along with food establishments, shops, a tavern, etc. for inhabitants. There are still small villages scattered around the different environments for those wanting specific requirements.
  • Occasionally, a human has snuck on the island, though they're usually taken back to the mainland rather quickly.
  • Ever since humans discovered the myths, folklore, and legend they've heard are true, many creatures and such have been captured. They have been put in exhibits, experimented on and studied, or disposed of entirely.
  • There is a small private plane and boat owned by Vincent that the islands inhabitants must take in order to get to Isla del Paraíso. Eitherway, these two modes of transport are the only ways to get to the island.
  • Most of the docks are on the south-eastern end of the island and are usually coming and going with people and such.
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