Isla del Paraíso (Mythology RP)
Millionaire, Vincent Castro, has recently purchased a large private island for the use of a reservation or 'safe haven' as he puts it. The inhabitants of Isla del Paraíso aren't regular tourists or natives…they're creatures of myth and folklore from across the globe who've sought refuge from human eyes. They have arrived either on their own or by invitation by Castro himself, all in fear of human persecution. It's here where they can all come together and live in peace. The question is, will it work?
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It's finally happened. The creatures of myth who've tried desperately to hide and keep themselves safe don't have to. Both sides of this war have dropped their weapons and held up their hands in surrender. Peace has settled. An agreement was made between a few who represented them and the world's leaders for the humans that the battle served no purpose than causing more deviation between two sides. It was the same as any other horrid deed done by each side because of their fear and hatred towards something they never understood. Thus came a movement of peace where these creatures no longer need to hide and the humans have no reason to fear them; they could now live alongside one another as people.

However, not everyone agrees with this. There is a radical group that still believes that the opposing side is not to be trusted. It isn't clear what they are or from which side they originated, but anyone who supports this peace is an immediate target of them. They are relentless and will stop at nothing to make the world see as they do. Will this peace remain or was it all just an illusion?

(Takes place years in the future from the regular RPs and maybe an alternate end to "Found")

The shores of the island seemed packed with people who all watched the large ship dock. All sorts had gathered to see if what Vincent Castro had announced was true with so many species and ages wanting to know. Castro himself stood at the docks, standing proud and tall as he faced the passengers who gradually departed from the ship. Everyone, even the humans aboard the ship, watched with bated breath and all was silent save for the waves washing along the beach. Those who lived on the island had seen a few human leaders arrive as of late and they'd stayed for a bit of time, but no one knew what to make of this even having been told of the events beforehand. Another man walked towards Vincent and to two stared at each other like a contest was happening between them. That was until, finally, Vincent's face broke into a wide and charming smile. The man mimicked it and held out his hand to shake, but was surprised when the shapeshifter went in for a hug instead. They shared a laugh before turning to both the island's residents and those on the boat with matching grins. "I hope you'll all try and get friendly before the festivities this week! Don't want anyone ruining the party just because they're a but grumpy, do we?" Vincent shouted out with his signature smile and laugh.

On this same day, Vincent revealed his surprise for a grand celebration of their achievement and he planned for an entire week of festivities. He said it would all begin with a party that very evening at his own mansion, where'd he welcomed so many before this moment. What no one didn't knew was that this was where the group, known only as Scarred, would make themselves known for the first time. And they did not planned to be ignored.

(I welcome anyone who wants to make a character for Scarred!)

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"Welcome, welcome everyone! I hope that trip was worth the wait, as I certainly want everything to be perfect!" Vincent said with a dashing grin as he led the group of humans through his home. They all looked around with wide eyes, a few ducking as a gargoyle flew quickly overhead. He'd been taking them on a tour as the entire island seemed to prepare for this festive time and, as he stopped in the foyer, he knew they were impressed. "I'm aware some of you booked your stays in a few neighboring towns and I'll be sure to have someone lead you there when I can! After all, things have been rather busy as of late. Those who will be staying here, as I've said earlier, will be the first to enjoy the celebrations! We are starting this off with a bang with the party hosted by yours truly this evening!"

Vincent stopped the group and took a few steps up the stairs before turning and facing them, smiling at every human in turn. "You all have the informational pamphlets I handed out and I'm sure those will suffice for all you need to know. I do hope you'll all make it there! Now, it's best you make yourselves comfortable as everything will start the second the sun goes down!" As soon as all the humans, now chatting excitedly among themselves, had all left in separate directions, Vincent rushed up the stairs.

"Alright, we've got some time to make sure everything is PERFECT! Let's move it people!" He called out as employees bustled about with their jobs. It was most busy on the top floor, especially in the ballroom. "This is good, but we can be great! NO! Excellent!" Vincent sighed and sat down at one of the tables on the edges of the room, running a hand through his hair.

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(Wow, that's a lot of information. Good work. But a question: What's happens between Selene and Draco?) Draco smiled at the scene before him, feeling as though he was in a castle. The dragon was dressed nicely in a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and grey striped tie. Overall, he looked sophisticated. Patrols report nothing sir, but they seem a bit cautious,"Draco reported to Vincent as the man strolled by. "And I thank once again for the job as head of security," the dragon added quickly.
11/8/2015 #3

(Yep, it took awhile…and plenty of editing. As for Selene and Draco, it's up to how we think they're relationship progressed, as this is years in the future. I didn't want to just go ahead and assume anything.)

"Oh, it was nothing. I thought it suited you quite well, all things considered…that, and Selene kept saying you were the man for the job. On that note, the suit looks good. It's quite a difference compared to when you first arrived, but I like it." Vincent said with a chuckle as he leaned back in his chair. "So, what has the patrols so cautious? If you have an idea, that is."

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(I bet. As for the two lovebirds.... Well, it has been years since they met and hooked up. So why not they be married since like three months ago or something?) Draco looked down at his outfit, smiling. "Selene picked it out for me actually," the told the shapeshifter,"I couldn't dress myself if I had a gun to my head." Then he cleared his throat and became pretty serious. "They have reason to believe, given their instincts, that something will occur in the events to come." He pulled out a few stapled papers. A report. "I'd like it if some men can be spared to help them."
11/8/2015 #5

(Definitely the most interesting married couple, but I was thinking about something similar. Yep, I like the idea.)

"I'm not surprised she did. That tie has Selene written all over it, but, like I said, it works." Vincent chuckled, imagining said harpy fussing over Draco's attire with an amused smile. He managed to compose himself once more when Draco grew serious and gestured to see the report. "Of course, I understand. I can't allow for anything that causes such caution to go about undealt with." He said with a nod. A thoughtful look had crossed his face as he pondered over what could happen.

What no one payed attention to was an inky black crow flying around from window to window, eyes an unnatural yellow. Those same eyes settled on Vincent and Draco before narrowing. It watched for a few moments before flying off with a loud screech.

11/8/2015 #6

(Definitely and Thank you.)

Draco chuckled along with Vincent, messing with the ring on his finger as he remembered that morning. He disliked how she fixed his hair, which he let grow till it was long and shaggy. Now it looked faintly like an Elvis impersonator's with a great deal of gel and muse. In fact, he hadn't seen Selene since she sent him away this morning. Pushing the though aside, he turned back to the situation at hand.

"Thank you sir," Draco said. "I am glad that you are willing to help." The second he paused, a faint screech hit his ears. He snorted, shrugging it off. 'Probably just a far off griffon taking down something. They gotta eat somehow' he thought, giving a curt bow to Vincent. With that, he turned and returned to the ballroom to welcome the guests that were sure to arrive.

At the very edge of the main city, a cloaked figure watched the mansion. Well not exactly watched, but more like felt. His hands, great humanoid paws with almost golden fur, were placed on the ground, large black claws embedded in the rock and cement.

The gentle vibrations of wingbeats broke him out of his conversation and he was on alert. Growling, a segmented barbed tail shot up in the air, a drop of sickly green toxin glistening in the light. He was poised to strike. Three other bodies: a werewolf couple and an elderly golem were tied up and unconscious in a shadowy corner, a small pinprick on their arms a giveaway of what happened to them.

11/8/2015 #7

"Help is all I've been offering today. Exhausting, but it makes everyone happy." Vincent joked with a smile and a nod. "Don't mention–HEY! No! We're arranging everything wrong!" He yelped and jumped from his seat as he ran to help another employee who was putting the finishing touches on the room. "Keep a lookout for Selene for me! She's been overworking herself and I've gotten a bit worried." He called out once last time as Draco left.

The dark bird continued forward, eyes moving from the ground to the sun that was settling over the horizon. It seemed to sneer for a moment, lost in its own thoughts, before its beady eyes locked on the cloaked figure far below. It screeched again before landing on the ground in front of him, not even flinching at the sight of his scorpion-like tail that had been poised at it. "Jumpy, aren't we? I'm not too surprised; security's on alert now." She said. A flurry of feathers later and in the crow's place stood the figure of a woman in a cloak. The only giveaway of her appearance were those eyes, pale as the moon and practically glowing under the cloak's hood. Her eyes landed on the victims. "Now I see why. What a pity." Her voice was nearly emotionless.

11/9/2015 #8

"Will do!" Draco called over his shoulder as he walked. And just in time, too, for as soon as he got to the gigantic oaken doors, they were opened. The doors, standing well over fifteen feet tall and about a foot thick, were too heavy for a regular human to open and close, so two minotaurs pulled the doors open for the guests. "Welcome to probably the best banquet you have ever attended!" The Dragon announced, giving them all a wide, fanged grin to everyone. His wings were folded tightly against his back, so he gave the impression of a giant of a man instead of a fire-breather. He welcomed everyone he could with nods, handshakes, and bows. Vincent made it very clear about how to act towards the guests.

The man growled when she spoke and stood up, his barbed tail lowering only a few inches. "Unlike you, I have watched security," he growled, flashing a set of bleached teeth. "It's just a bunch of animals, like chimeras and sphinxes. They're laying in the brush about a hundred feet out of the city." He walked up to the cloaked figure, his own one rippling behind him. "Anything to report besides the fact that we have a much harder job now?"

11/9/2015 #9

The guests all entered and looked around in amazement, greeting Draco with the same awe filled expressions. Be them creature or human, they all came in groups of families and friends and dressed their best, chatting excitedly amongst themselves. After awhile and when less guests arrived, wings beats were heard before Selene swooped in. She landed breathlessly in front of the doors, taking a minute to catch her breath. She'd dressed up for the occasion, wearing a strapless red gown and her hair down in a fancy updo. "Sorry about that! I'm not too late, am I?" She asked, nervously fiddling with her ring.

"That's what you think. They've got more than beasts like those…they're not dumb enough to leave it up to them." She said with a roll of her eyes. "The dragon's in charge, after all. Their little celebration should be starting any time soon and they've got an idea that something is wrong. However, I know that Castro won't try and worry anyone. They're all exhausted from working so hard." A small smirk appeared as she continued on. "Not like you'd understand. You're just the muscle, right?" A chuckle left her lips and she walked towards the three, unconcious victims, scanning them with slight curiosity.

11/9/2015 . Edited 11/9/2015 #10

Draco was just helping an elderly couple get situation when Selene swooped in. "No, not at all sweet heart," Draco told her, glancing at the ring he personally made. There was no diamond, but a tiny sapphire he found deep in the mountains and cut slowly until it shone as brightly as a diamond. "You look beautiful by the way," the dragon said as he took her arm within his own.

He growled, clenching a large paw into a softball sized fist. He snarled, his tail lunged straight toward the chick and was prepared to sting her. "Shut up and listen," he told her.

"First, find out who in that celebration is the most important," he said, planning the events as he spoke them. "Then alert the others. We move in in thirty minutes," the manticore told her, smiling. "We are to attack swiftly and silently. Make sure to tell them to make it look like the dragon did it."

11/9/2015 . Edited 11/9/2015 #11

Selene let out a sigh of relief as she ran a hand over the sapphire on the ring, smiling politely at the elderly couple. "I was worried I was. I've barely got any sleep getting ready for all this." She said, blushing from Draco's compliment. "Thank you. You look rather handsome yourself."

"I suppose there's no arguing about it? Save the threats for people the boss says are…disposable." She chuckled before letting her expression return to its calm and serious state. She nodded at the manticore's words as a scheme unfolded in her mind. "I've got a few ideas. Plenty of world leaders decided to drop by and Castro is always there. So, done and done."

11/9/2015 #12

Draco smiled, giving her a quick peck on he cheek. "Thank you, but compared to you, I look like garbage," he told her as they walked.

"I don't care how you do it, just as long as someone stains that fancy carpet," The manticore grunted, sheathing his claws before he walked toward the unconscious people. Slicing the thick rope with a single flick of claw, he smirked in the direction of the banshee. "Do you like the honors of helping them?" he asked with an air of menace.

11/9/2015 . Edited 11/9/2015 #13

"That sounds a lot like what you said on our wedding day. You're still pretty blind if you think that I'm any more attractive than you." Selene said, smiling warmly as they walked.

"Now there's a promise I can keep. There's nothing more satisfying to a banshee than death…only because we're so good at predicting it." She laughed darkly before turning her gaze to the other three people. "Not much left for me to do after that infamous toxin of yours. I wonder if they'd believe one of their beloved chimeras harmed them or a shapeshifter simply lost control…?"

11/9/2015 . Edited 11/9/2015 #14

"Of course I'd say it again," Draco smirked, throwing his free hand into the air. "not even a dragon can compare to the beauty and grace of a harpy. Not even an angel!"

The manticore smiled at her. It was a cruel grin, more of a sneer, that was scarcely tell-able. "Good to hear," he commented before he turned back to the trio. Smirking, he gave each individual another vicious sting and a few slashes against their clothing with his clothes to make it seem like they were, in fact, attacked by a beast. "There," he growled,"Now let's get out of here. We got a murder to do."

11/9/2015 #15

"You're just too sweet for me, though you're exaggerating. After all, you're a strong, valiant dragon. What can compare to the charm I said yes to?" Selene chuckled and pecked his cheek.

She watched and, while her face was hidden, there was a dark malice in her eyes that accompanied her sickening delight. "Then we best be off. This occasion is to die for." A laugh left her throat and soon her form became that of a crow once more before she took off ahead, a screech echoing in her wake.

11/9/2015 #16

"Maybe perhaps, a better looking dragon," Draco offered, rubbing his cheek and wrapping an arm around her. "You always know what to say with me," he told her with a twinkle in his eye just before he fixed a stray strand of hair out of her face.

The second the banshee flew off and screeched, The manticore started climbing the nearest building. Slamming his iron strong claws deep into the concrete and stone, he scaled up to the roof and began jumping from roof to roof after the banshee-crow.

11/9/2015 #17

"There's only one dragon for me, so this 'maybe perhaps' doesn't apply." Selene said, smiling and leaning her head on his shoulder. She blushed faintly and nodded in thanks. "It's what I pride myself in. Though, I could say the same about you, Mister Name Master." She replied with a chuckle.

Said banshee glanced over a feathered shoulder to make sure he was following behind before continuing on, eyes locked on the mansion. It had since gotten darker out, but that didn't stop her until she hovered a bit at the roof of the mansion that Vincent had turned into a garden to look back at the manticore. It wouldn't take long for her to find the ballroom windows.

11/10/2015 . Edited 11/13/2015 #18

"Well that's good," Draco sighed, taking her sweet scent, one with a hint of perfume. He gave her an inquiring look before telling her,"And technically, you are Miss Name Master." He waved to some people who said hello and waved and stuff to be polite, but his mind was o his job, and, more importantly, his loving wife.

The manticore had a hard time following the banshee-crow, with her wing-beats almost lost in the turbulence of their movement. But he managed to follow her rather quickly, and shortly after her landing, was climbing over the wall. "Good job there," he growled, spiting a black feather out of his grizzled face. "You almost lost me." There was a faint hint of pride in is voice when e told her.

11/12/2015 #19

"Touché." Selene chuckled, waving to a few people who passed by and greeted them. She couldn't help but let her eyes wander around the ballroom, packed with people who'd seated themselves at the tables surrounding the main floor in the center. It was incredibly easy to spot the human representatives and leaders Vincent had spoken with over a period of time before then. She tried not to worry about how the night may go and focus on Draco. "So, how was work? Anything interesting happen?" She asked.

If it were possible, the crow would have smirked. She turned back to her regular form as she landed before working her way over to the manticore. "That may or may not have been my intention. Thank you…Caron." She replied, her calm tone laced with smugness as she plucked another feather from his hair. She paced the rooftop garden with slight impatience, occasionally glancing over the side. "Now, back to business. The others must be making their way here as of now and all the guests have arrived to the celebration. It's a matter of time before their festivities begin."

11/13/2015 #20

Draco sighed, his eyes looking off towards a pair of little nymph children play, running around their parents' legs as they chased each other round and round. "It was worrying," Draco confessed. "We... have reports from our griffon friend in the sky that an unknown ship sailed close to the island's coastal caves. He reported that he saw no one leave the boat. A hellhound pack reported smells of several individuals in the woods, but couldn't locate where they went. And our chimera friend is missing and we have reason to believe that he went after the sounds of screams. I've sent out a pair of armed yetis to investigate that along with a drakon from the mountains. If anyone can sniff out our friend, its the drakons."

He sighed and turned to her, smiling warmly. "Now enough about security. How was work for you?"

Coran smiled a evil sneer, slamming his two fists together in a dull thump. "Let's get this party started," he rumbled. "But remember: kill the most important person there and place the blame on the head of security. He is the only one there who knows anything about us. He must be out of the way."

11/13/2015 #21

Selene listened in silence, a worried look growing in her face as the gears turned in her head. She wanted to find a way to explain everything or an answer as to why these things had happened, but found herself in the dark. 'I'm sure it isn't anything to worry about.' Even as she thought it, it was more of an attempt to convince herself it was true. She was snapped from her thoughts at Draco's question, smiling bashfully. "Exhausting, to say the least. Being second in command for nearly everything takes it out if you. I had to check on the guests, make sure transportation was running smoothly, check if everything for tonight was ready, double check for the rest of the week's activities…too much for one harpy." She answered with a tired sigh. "It's why I've barely slept the past few days."

"I like your style." The banshee chuckled darkly, a malicious smirk appearing on her face. Her gaze wandered to the far off tree line, as if she were looking for something. "I'm sure my distraction will be ready in a few. Now, I've a party to attend." Her laugh was chilling as she leapt from the side of the roof, turning into a crow as she headed for the entrance only they knew of.

11/14/2015 #22

"Yeah, I know," Draco told her with a slight frown. "You were gone from the house a lot. I felt pretty bored and alone." He gave the harpy a quick peck on the cheek and smiled, saying,"But I know that Vincent needs you badly in these important times, so I can't complain." He went quiet and just stood by his wife's side, unaware of anything disastrous.

"Give them hell," Coran gave her the thumbs up as she flew off. Once she was out of sening range, he crept over to a window and watched from a corner, his hand touching the very tip of the glass.

11/14/2015 #23

"I know, I'm sorry I had be gone so much." Selene said softly. She'd been busy to the point where she only really saw her husband in the mornings and when she came home late at night, but by then he was usually sound asleep. Luckily, once all the celebrations were over, things could go back to normal with work and she could enjoy her time back at the house she and Draco shared. "Thank you for understanding." She sighed and smiled, watching the lights in the room dim as the guests all turned their attention to the doors. Standing there was Vincent in a new black suit with a rose tucked in the pocket of his jacket and his ever present smile. "Hello and welcome everyone! Sorry keep you waiting for so long, I do hope this party makes up for it." He proclaimed as he walked to the center of the room, nodding his respect to the human leaders. He stopped at the long table they all sat, picking up a glass as he turned to the guests. "Tonight, I've gathered you all here in thanks. Without the cooperation and support of you all, this peace between two rivaling groups might have never come to be. We're here to celebrate not the accomplishment of myself and a few stuffy men in suits looking over a piece of paper…though I won't deny, that's what happened." A few people in the crowd laughed before Vincent continued. "We're celebrating what we as people, be us human or creature, have done. I'm glad to have lived to see the day peace was brought between us and see you all here in my humble home, all in sake of invitation and gratitude. For that…I thank you. Now cheers before I start crying." Laughs were shared along with a collective 'cheers' and applause.

Meanwhile, a certain banshee had snuck into the ballroom when the lights dimmed and her bird form was now perched within an elaborate chandelier. She peered down at Vincent in disgust, wanting to get the job done now more than ever. She glanced at a clock in the room and smiled, counting down slowly in her head. 'Three…two…one…' That's when the ballroom went pitch black and her scream pierced the air.

11/15/2015 #24

"You're welcome," Draco whispered right as Vincent began speaking and grew more and more impressed as the man spoke. No wonder he finally brought peace between us all, the dragon though as he clapped along with the crowd. And that's when hell arrived. When the lights went out and a deafening scream filled the air, Draco shoved Selene and those who sat with them down. "Get down!" he roared, his mouth glowing before a torrent of flames ushered from his gullet. He caught a quick glimpse of a figure before his fuel ran out and the room went dark. He then became terrified.

Coran chuckled, rubbing his hands together as the banshee screamed. "He he he... Showtime," he sneered before he nodded to two other cloaked figures. With a unnerving smile, they rushed off and joined the banshee, silent as the winter night breeze.

11/15/2015 #25

Selene covered her ears at the bloodcurdling scream, covering those around her with her wings once Draco shoved them to the floor. They were frightened, looking around in confusion and fear as they wondered what was wrong. She looked up to see the figure illuminated by Draco's fire before the room became pitch black once more. The scream died down and the room was hushed…save for incredibly soft wingbeats. They were soon followed by feet touching the ground and heading in the direction where Vincent and the others had been standing. No one dared to move or make a sound, scared of what may happen if they did. Selene gradually crawled across the floor towards the sound of the person.

The banshee smirked to herself, finding the scene around her all too amusing. Anyone her form brushed by shrinked back to avoid her as she made her way towards the leaders. 'Hmm…where to begin…' She thought, her smirk growing. It didn't take long for her to choose.

11/16/2015 #26

Draco didn't crawl, like Selene wisely did. No, he just stalked toward her, growling quietly as he clenched his fists tighter and tighter. His anger from the war resurfaced, fueling his body. It was the same anger that made him fight for his parents' lives. It was the same when he torched those men into ash. And it was the same now.

Coran couldn't actually see what was going on, but he had the jist of it. The soft, rhythmic shake of the glass gave away the banshee's position and the more distinct vibrations told that she was being followed. He smirked. "They won't know what hit them," he laughed through clenched jaws.

11/17/2015 #27

Selene could hear what was undoubted Draco as he walked by her, eyes wide as she tried to stop him as quietly as possible. They didn't know what was going on or even who they were up against, thus worrying her further as to what this could lead to. Against her better judgment, she stood up and followed him, tensed and prepared to fight whatever this unknown threat was.

The banshee clearly heard Draco, knowing he couldn't be any of her own men. They were much too quiet and knew beter than to sneak up on her. Besides, she knew they would be doing what they'd intended to soon enough. She turned away from the leaders, now all cowering closely together with Vincent, and to the person following her. Leila smiled to herself, a devilish grin that widened as the glint of a knife appeared from her sleeve.

11/18/2015 #28

Draco was just barely aware that Selene had followed him, and made no effort to stop her. He could use some backup as he stalked toward the figure. Clenching his fists even tighter, he crouched low, a predatory mind set in his eye as he slunk toward her. He was unaware that she carried a knife with her as he launched his large bulk at her, a silent exhale leaving his body.

Coran smiled, almost to the point of allowing the smile to be seen as he felt the scene below. "Soon not just one man, but two, will be out of the way of our plan," he almost-chuckled, digging hi barbed tail tip into the ground below him to get a better feel of the scene.

11/19/2015 #29

For a split moment, Selene thought the problem was over. She knew not much stood in Draco's way when he was so predatory in stance and thought others kit be in danger. Her eyes had adjusted slightly to the dark and the silhouette of the person was visible, though hard to tell who exactly they were. She didn't stop Draco when he launched himself and only moved forward a second too late.

Leila smirked as time seemed to go in slow motion for her. She debated her options with amusement before going into action. She leapt over the table and sunk her knife deep into one if the leader's abdomen, twisting the blade before she threw and extra at Draco that was aimed between his shoulder and throat. She knew that even if it didn't hit him, it would most certainly lodge itself into the harpy standing behind him.

11/20/2015 #30
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