Isla del Paraíso (Mythology RP)
Millionaire, Vincent Castro, has recently purchased a large private island for the use of a reservation or 'safe haven' as he puts it. The inhabitants of Isla del Paraíso aren't regular tourists or natives…they're creatures of myth and folklore from across the globe who've sought refuge from human eyes. They have arrived either on their own or by invitation by Castro himself, all in fear of human persecution. It's here where they can all come together and live in peace. The question is, will it work?
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"I know I am, that's why you love me," Draco chuckled jokingly as he was moved from one branch into another and into Selene's welcomed embraced. And as she spoke, he glanced over her shoulder to see where their house, the same cottage they honeymooned in, was. He was also impressed. It was probably about a hundred and fifty yards away in a decent sized meadow. "Alrighty then... You better stay close though," he told her, flapping his wings lightly, showing how one was much more sluggish than the other. /----------\ Coran had the audacity to smirk at Leila's words. "Is that affection I sense from the infamous Banshee?" The old Manticore chuckled, adding in a much quieter tone so only she could hear,"and good luck on your mission too. I want you back alive when this is over." (OK then...)
1/23/2016 #121
"And you'll never let me forget it." Selene laughed lightly. She found it hard to believe that he'd made it that far from the hospital, seemingly exhausted and pained from his injury, and still joke around with her. It actually made her smile. "I don't plan on leaving your side for awhile after that. So, as of right now, that isn't an issue." She replied. Carefully, she dropped down from the branch and urged Draco to do the same. Once they were both on the ground, she stayed right as his side as they walked back home. /-------\ "Don't push your luck, Coran." Leila growled, though her hint of a smile showed that she wasn't all serious. In a way, she did care but her ways of showing it were less than affectionate. At his hushed words, she shot him a thankful look. "Don't expect any less from me. Promise you won't turn soft on me, alright?" She teased, smirking, as she looked out the cave's entrance. She hoped she'd return to that cave alongside the others more than shed admit.
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Draco smiled as he slowly followed her down the tree. "I'm glad, then," he said just seconds after they touched the ground and began walking home. As they walked, he had to hold onto her to keep from falling. That was how exhausted and bruised his was. /---------\ Coran gave her a smile full of lion-like teeth, the four large canines menacing in his jaws. "Nothing about me is ever soft," he told her jokingly. "Nothing from my stinger, to my hips, and up to my greasy platinum blonde hairy scalp is soft. I'm tough as nails and ever harder." He was unaware at how she felt about the mission as she gazed out of the cave .
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Selene didn't mind that Draco held onto her to keep going and helped him every step of the way back to the house. She had relaxed since finding him, but her concern made her note to check his injuries once they were home. Speaking of which, the cottage itself slowly came closer and closer in sight until they were standing right in front of it. She unlocked and opened the door with a small smile as she led her husband inside. /---------\ "Glad to hear it. Missions like these aren't for anyone soft and I don't want to try and drag you back here." Leila said. For once in her life, she seemed to be calm and at ease, which she never usually was. Perhaps it was the idea that things might be over after that. "Seriously though, I do expect you back here and in one piece." She chuckled with a serious expression.
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Draco purred in thanks as she led him to the couch, which he happily sat down in, reveling in its softness. "Thank you Dear," he thanked Selene, leaning over to give her a quick kiss. He innerly hoped she wouldn't be late for work. /---\ Coran flexed his hands, his twin sets of two inch, pure black claws curling out of their hidden areas. "Have I ever returned from a mission in more than one piece?" He asked her rhetorically, chuckling along with her.
1/25/2016 #125
"You're welcome, sweetheart." Selene said sweetly, smiling at his purr. She returned his kiss without a second thought, caressing his cheek with a hand gently. "Don't move a muscle, alright? I'll be right back to check your injuries." She said, pressing a kiss to his forehead before she moved away to grab the appropriate medical supplies they had in the house. /------\ Leila rolled her eyes and laughed, a real, genuine laugh that left as soon as it came. "I'm gonna head off, try and get a head start. Don't do anything I wouldn't do and…be careful." She said as she began walking towards the entrance of the cave.
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"Gotcha," Draco replied with a light yawn as he watched her go. As he laid back on the cushy couch, he couldn't help reflecting on their relationship to this point. Selene was always there for him, even at his darkest moments, and yet he hardly ever had the chance to repay her for that. He smiled. He'll just have to fix that. /--\ Coran waved her goodbye, saying, "Best of luck." And when she was gone, he turned to the group and yelled,"Alright, get ready! We go in five! "
1/26/2016 #127
Selene gradually held a pile of supplies in her arms as she went through the house, smiling at the pictures she passed on the walls. Their wedding picture, them in front of the house, Draco tackled to the ground by their chimera friend…each one had a place. She loved looking back at those moments. She shook her head, knowing she'd gotten distracted, and walked back into the living room. "What did I miss?" She said, somewhat jokingly, talking about Draco's smile. "I'm going to need you to sit up so I can clean and rebandage the wound." She added softly. /------\ "Right back at you." Leila replied over her shoulder before a crow stood in her place, soon flying away. "On it!" The Royo called back, moving along at a quickened pace.
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Draco quickly hid his smile at her question to that of a serene look. "No, you didn't miss a thing," he told Selene sweetly as he sat up, propping his wounded side with a wing as he did so. "OK..." He breathed to steady himself," I'm ready." /----\ Coran stood there, silently counting the seconds as they ticked by in his old and wise mind as he watched the group hurry along. '296... 297... 298... 299... 300' "Okay Greenhorns," the Manticore growled, returning to his fierce and orderly mindset as quicker as his tender side left," Let's move them hamhocks! Move move Move!!"
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Selene carefully sat on the couch next to Draco, placing her things on the coffee table as he propped himself up. "Tell me if anything hurts, alright?" She said before unwrapping the bandages that hid his wound. The wound itself wasn't that big or dangerous in appearance, but she knew the damage it had caused. He'd have to live with that scar for a long time. The harpy tentatively ran her fingertips across it before cleaning the wound as best she could. "There…wasn't so bad. You can lay back down if you want." She said with a smile after she'd rebandaged it. /------\ Everyone in the cave seemed to move much faster once Coran's fierce mindset had returned, packing up gear and moving as high their lives depended on it…which itself wasn't too far from the truth. Leila, on the other hand, flew quietly towards the hospital. 'I'll be lucky if those two aren't being lovey-dovey or talking about hybrids.' She thought with slight annoyance. Her pale eyes widened when she saw the broken window and swore loudly, though it sounded more like a bird having a fit. She landed outside the now broken window and listened in to try and hear what had happened.
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Draco nodded in understanding when Selene prepared to pull the bandage. But being prepared meant nothing, really. He was consumed in intense pain when the stab wound was shown to the elements, dried blood breaking and peeling off his scsly skin and onto the bandage as a fresh replacement oozed out. (Sorry if you lost your lunch imagining the scene) He nearly yelled at her to stop, but only growled in stifled attempts to hold back the pain. And once she was done, he sighed in relief. "Thank you Dear," he cooed lovingly to the harpy as he laid down with his head resting against her hip. /-------\ Coran growled as everyone moved evan faster than he normally made them, which by itself was incredibly fast paced. 'Good' he thought with a light smirk, a paw imbedded in a cave column to view the scene. 'The quicker we move, the quicker we finish this and go back to our "normal" lives'. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, nurses and cleaning crew were busy shuffling through the room, cleaning, gathering medical equipment, rearranging the chairs and pillows, etc, all the while gossiping about the events. The nurse that answered Selene's call was currently telling a slime woman what happened as the slime mopped the floor. "...And I picked up the phone, see, and just in time as Mr. Ironheart had flsmes going right above my head. I almost lost my beautiful petals, oh my yes. And so I tell her..." She kept on talking, completely unaware that she was being overheard by a rather shady creature.
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His sigh of relief let Selene relax for a moment as his growls had made her worry she'd hurt him in some way. Of course, she knew the wound itself couldn't have felt fine while she'd worked to clean and bandage it, but pat of her had been concerned about making it worse. "You're welcome." She said, smiling warmly at Draco and running a hand through his hair. "Do you need anything else?" She asked. /------\ "Sir, we're just about ready to head out. Once you give the orders, we'll get started." A naga reported as she slithered over to the manticore. Back at the hospital, Leila looked prepared to kill someone…and that could happen, depending on how her day goes. 'He couldn't stay here and make my job easier.' If looks could kill, several hospital staff would've been gone in the blink of an eye. The crow-formed banshee perked up when she heard the direction he'd been flying. 'Of course…' Leila smirked and took off towards the Ironheart house, cawing as she launched off of the branch. There was about to be a very unwanted guest. (Poor slime woman, having to clean.)
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Draco considered her question as her delicate and slender fingers ran through his lengthy hair, a dull purr vibrating the couch. A small smile danced upon his lips as he suggested in a sweet tone,"A daughter would be nice." He looked up at the harpy with innocent, sparkling blue eyes expecting her surprise. /----\ Coran smiled. "Excellent. We move immediately. Grab your crap and get your legs moving," he chuckled at his home as he patted the naga's shoulder with half-sheathed, clawed paws. Meanwhile at the hospital, the slime maintenance lady hummed a slime tune as she gathered up the debris, unconcerned with seeing a black Feather join the mix of particles that now we're in her jelly like, light blue, semi liquid form. (Slimes are like living sponges though... Why else would Vincent hire them hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(' U ')mmmmmm?)
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Selene froze, eyes wide with surprise and her cheeks tinted red. She could hardly believe what she'd just heard. "A d-daughter?" She asked as she looked down at his big, innocent eyes and smiling face. "L-Like now?" It wasn't that she didn't want a daughter, far from it, but his request had caught her off guard. She hid her blushin face behind her hands. "Why do you do this to me? I mean, I'd love to and you know it, but…you're way too cute sometimes, you know that?" She mumbled, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. /-----\ "Of course, sir." The naga said with a nod before slithering back to tell the others to move. The banshee, on the other hand, struggled slightly on her way to her targets. She'd run into a few gryphons that had almost gotten her and it had slowed her down. For the time being, she'd have to walk towards the house. "I swear, the boss better be happy with all of this…" She growled under her breath. If she heard one bad word when she returned, she was going to lose it. 'First they aren't at the hospital and now this!' Leila trudged ahead though, not letting any obstacle to stand in the way of her mission. (I thought she was getting slime everywhere and having to clean that up too. THAT would've been bad.)

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Draco nearly turned white in embarrassment at her words. It made him feel awkward. So, to reassure her, he told her, "No, no, no, no.... Not right NOW! I don't think that it would be good if y'know happened before you had to go to work." He sighed and kissed her brow. "Maybe tonight, if that's okay with you." /------\ Once everyone was told to go, Coran was already at the cave entrance, growling in annoyance. Youngsters these days. Meanwhile the slime sighed, her blue form nearly gray with all the dust and debris in her body, as she walked out of the destroyed room. (I know right! '3' Vincent would probably not be happy if that happened)
2/3/2016 #135
Selene let out a deep breath of relief she hasn't even known she was holding back. By now, parts of her face must've been cherry red. If he was embarrassed, she looked ready to faint. "Oh thank god. You nearly gave me a heart attack. You're right about work and I'm not saying that that made me late. Like I said, I love you, but not right now." She said with a nervous laugh. She relaxed slightly at his kiss. "Only if it's fine with you. After everything you've gone through, I'd gladly wait until you're alright with it." She replied, allowing her smile to return. /----\ Leila hurried through the forest with an irritated expression. Being slowed down only cost time that she didn't have. Any other day might've been fine, but she had her orders that needed to be carried out as soon as possible. Her pale eyes lit up when she spotted a familiar cottage. She quickly changed into a crow and perched beside a window, peering in at the couple. (He'd probably be freaking out like "no my beautiful floors! I've failed everyone!" or something like that XD)
2/4/2016 #136
Draco smiled almost as brightly as her's did, enjoying the fact that many, a couple months down the road, he'd be cuddling against a newly hatched fledge-hatchling . So, with a gentle rumble, he told her, "If tonight is okay with you, it is okay with me. It's your body that'll have to hold the child, not mine." He added, in an attempt to lighten the mood with a chuckle, "last I checked, I was a fire breathing dragon, not a seahorse." /-------------\ Coran was currently yelling at everyone at the slightest lapse in pace of any other disturbance as they made their way down the cave ridden shore. It was mutterd that he was extremely edgy today. With good reason. All their lives depended on today's actions. (Ikr! XD)
2/9/2016 #137

Selene was beaming at the fact that he seemed just as eager to have a child. She laughed lightly at his humorous attempt of lightening the mood, hugging him gently. "Then I guess it's settled. I almost can't believe it…having a baby…you sir have made me a very happy harpy." She said with a slight giggle as she pecked his cheek.

Leila wanted to gag at the couple. The moment she could get to even one of the two would be great for her. Luckily, with the time, she might be able to get one or the other once the harpy set off for work.

The group continued forward whilst muttering amongst themselves, and not just about Coran. If things didn't go well, lives would be lost and the boss wouldn't batt an eye over it. They had to succeed if they wanted things to return to normal for them.

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Draco smiled at the peck, glad that his wife's day was gonna be one of joy. He was glad to know that, in a couple months or so, that a child will be their own just waiting for love and parenting. Pulling her in for a quick kiss, he furrowed his brow and told her," I know, I know, I'm a very lucky man to have a wife like you , but if we want the baby, you have to go to work." He gave the "I-won't-take-no-for-an-answer"look as the dragon added,"Someone's gotta make money so we can raise the child to our best capabilities."

Coran's fear was what drove him forward, despite the looming odds of being ripped apart if they failed. It was what made it to where he had the courage to stand up and protect Leila from being killed. It was what brought him to this job. Fear brings out the best and the worst in people.

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Selene smiled at his kiss before she stood up from the couch. She raised an eyebrow at the look he shot her before rolling her eyes playfully. "And don't you forget that fact. As long as you don't need anything else, I'll go. There's food in the fridge and, if you need anything else, just call me, alright? If you can't get ahold of me, you can still call Vincent or one of my coworkers and they'll know what to do." She said as she walked over to the front door. Just as she opened it and was halfway outside, she turned back with a smile. "Oh, and just remember," She blew a kiss in Draco's direction, "I love you." With that, the harpy shut the door behind her.

Leila flew circles around the house, trying to find some sort of entry but to no avail. She was about to give up when she noticed Selene leave the house. 'May as well get rid of the other.' She thought with a grin. While there was no way she could get to the dragon, the harpy looked virtually defenseless. 'Poor thing…he'll have a funeral before a baby shower.' She squawked quietly and flew in the direction of the harpy, who was now distancing herself from the safety of the house.

"Town's up ahead. Looking pretty quiet, too." A werewolf commented, sharp eyesight looking ahead suspiciously. The group tensed up, getting closer and closer to their goal. "You're getting paranoid. That Castro guy made sure everyone wouldn't be freaking out, remember?" Someone else said as they marched forward.

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