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So, for The Peanuts Movie, the producers have decide to show us what the Little Red-Haired Girl's face will look like.

washingtonpost com/news/comic-riffs/wp/2015/07/09/exclusive-1st-look-thanks-to-peanuts-movie-heres-your-new-little-red-haired-girl/ (Sadly, I couldn't make this link clickable. Remember to add the . when you copy-paste it!)

I would like to hear what you guys think of them showing her face in the movie!

A while ago, I was reading some YouTube comments before this before this picture was released, and a few people were saying that they hoped they wouldn't show the Little Red-Haired Girl's face. However, I actually think that it's pretty cool that they're going to show her face, if only a little bit.

They've already showed her face before, in some TV episodes, and most people were fine with that. They're also giving her a voice actor, which is Francesca Capaldi, and her voice was in the trailer, and no-one minded. Which I personally think is a good thing! I'm glad that she's finally getting a voice.

I feel like this movie is meant to re-establish everything, and close up on some things at the same time. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I think it's meant to introduce some things to the newer people seeing Peanuts for the first time, while also continuing some things for the people that have read every single comic strip.

So, uh, yeah. Basically, I think that the fact that they're going to put the Little Red-Haired Girl's face in it as a good thing.

What do you guys think?

7/10/2015 . Edited 7/10/2015 #1
Sia Doll

Personally, I'm against it. I think it takes some of Sparky's life out of the story.

I mean, TLRHG was a real person, and Sparky never drew her because he thought he could never do her justice (And this is also why I adamantly refuse to believe her name is Heather, she'll always be Donna to me) and because she was just as unattainable to him as TLRHG is to Charlie Brown.

This was actually one of the things BOOM comics and the Schultz museum were against to begin with, although they eventually allowed it. (Blue Skies also originally wanted to use the football gag, but have Charlie Brown kick the football, but it wasn't allowed (However, you'll get to see him finally kick the football in the upcoming tribute art book! the artist who did it was a good friend of Sparky's and got permission to draw the strip, and it's very touching!))

However, I'm very excited for Francesca to voice her! She's a very talented little girl, and her voice is very animated.

7/15/2015 #2

I just saw the movie and I really liked it. I know it's against what Sparky wanted but giving her a face and a voice gives a little more to it. I mean, if she really is unattainable that it kind of shows how she's unattainable. She's that pretty and she's great at this and that and they just can't be together.

Anyone else see the movie?

11/7/2015 #3

I would love to see the movie literally right now if I could, but it doesn't come out in Australia for two months. :L (and I want to watch it the best quality possible) But I've seen the reviews, and they say it was great! I don't mind they showed the Red-Haired Girl's face - I like they did something original. People that dislike the film because of that sort of have a stupid reason...

11/11/2015 #4
Kiss Queen Love Kiss

I SAW IT! IT WAS AWESOME! It's worth the money. Go and invest if you haven't seen it. Every one should see this movie.

1/20/2016 #5
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