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Sia Doll

So, one of the things I've very excited for in the new movie is that all of Snoopy and Woodstock's audio is the original recordings by Bill Melendez, but one thing I'm curious about is how they're going to do the parents.

I assume they'll stick to the trombone noises, but I wonder if they're going to use Bill's archived lines like they did for Snoopy/Woodstock, or if they're going to use new sound effects for it.

(Fun Fact: The 'Wah-Wah-Wah' noises are actually all written lines! The original scripts for the t.v. specials have written out lines, but Sparky veto-d the parents speaking. However, they couldn't have the kids react to nothing, so all of the lines were actually Bill speaking the written lines through a Trombone!)

7/15/2015 #1

I really hope they put in the Wah-Wah-Wah noises, the same way they're going to use Snoopy and Woodstock's voices.

The only reason I can thing of that would make them not do it would be that "it wouldn't make sense to the kids" or "the kids wouldn't get their adults", but I understood they were adults, and my younger siblings understood it, so there really is no excuse if they don't do it. xd

7/15/2015 #2
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