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Hi everyone! This thread is to help people find scripts for movies they might want to parody. To start off, I need help finding the final movie script for Anastasia. All I can find is this weird early script of the movie. I need your help!

7/19/2008 #1
Jaybie Jarrett

Oh coolness! Well I've seen the movie multiple times I think I can whip up a script for you I have the lyrics to the songs too! Just curious though what's your cast? I love the movie!

7/21/2008 #2

Anastasia: Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force)

Dmitri: Danny Fenton

Vladmir: Chuckie Finster (All Grown Up)

Bartok: Daxter (Jak and Daxter)

Rasputin: Dr. Draken

That's all I got for the moment.

7/21/2008 #3
Jaybie Jarrett

Okay well I did find a script at a fansite called Anya's Journey. Try googling that. By the way nice cast!

7/22/2008 #4
Julie Riley aka Julayla Beryl

Interesting cast. That's just like me looking for scripts of certain movies and shows that I want...though the only way I do that is using the movies themselves to do that.

7/22/2008 #5
JB Slade

We've been looking for something to help us do American Tail. All we really need is the dialogue. Can anyone help?

7/24/2008 #6

I think I have a solution for you JBSlade. If you own the dvd of An American Tale, you could probably use that as reference for your story. I tried looking for a script for you, but no luck. Hope my idea helps.

7/30/2008 #7
JB Slade

Ah well neither of us have it and we can't seem to find teh DVD. But when we get the money we'll buy it. Thanks

8/2/2008 #8

I need help. I enjoyed working on my little mermaid parody so much, that I want to make another. I'm skipping the second TLM ( because I disliked it.) , so I want to do the prequel ( The third one.) It comes out later this month. After it comes out, can anyone make a script out of it ( stage directions and dialogue)? I would very much appreciate it.

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/5/2008 #9

Also, I'm looking for a script of Happily N' Ever After.

8/6/2008 #10

Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a script to Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

8/20/2008 #11
King Spritzee

I'm looking for a script for Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. I tried Googling it, but no luck. Help with that would be appreciated.

9/28/2010 #12
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