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One girl with blonde hair and white outfit was fighting a gigantic blue and black thing. "Marble Screw! Max!" two voices sounded throughout the battle, a black and white electric lazer hit the thing, three girls ran out of the shadows The other girl yelled, "Black, White, Luminous!" "Echo! It's ok the others are coming!" The four Cures started to fight the monster the best they could, but it wouldn't go away. Luminous was with Echo hiding in the Shadows. Black and White laid on the floors, gasping for breath. The monster laughed loudly as hit readied it's final attack on Black and White. Luminous yelled,"Black! White!" "Precure Fire Strike!!!" "Precure Shooting Star!" "Precure! Emerald Saucer!" Three Cure voices were heard. Three other Cures pulled Black and White from 'it'. Luminous ran towards them, "Dream! Miina!" Rouge, Aqua, Mint, and Dream smiled and nodded, as Lemonade waved her hand in greeting and Milky Rose simply nodded. It was their turn to fight the monster.

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Far away from them, from a distance one couldn't easily see, a figure was looking at the fighting Cures. The creature was humming quietly, sitting down on the flying orb as he boringly stared down at them and the beast attacking. On his left hand was what seemed to be a crystal heart, it's color a dark blue, that he was seemingly playing with. "Well, this works, somehow." He hummed a little, keeping himself at good distant with the other attacks.

Meanwhile in a nearby City...

A girl with long black hair turned around slowly and faced the sky, something was happening at the Rainbow Kingdom, something was happening to the so-called Precure. She turned away from the sun, forced a smile and skipped to her classroom. Once she was inside, there was an announcement that three new temporary students were going to stay in class, there names were Hanasaki Tsubomi, Kurumi Erika, and Myodouin Itsuki (Not sure I spelled that right...). During lunch she happily ate alone, sure she was happy go-go, but that's what made everyone stay away from her, Gande Academy was small and it was only filled with cold, harsh, people. Sonya was the only one that wasn't like them, they liked her, but they also felt awkward around her.

However the new three students found themselves attached to her. "Hi! I'm Hishi Sonya, nice to meet you~" Erika grinned, "Your so happy unlike everyone else here!" Erika seemed almost as joyful as Sonya. Sonya smiled widely, "this school is filled with smiles that are upside down and many horrible histories, I'm the only one here with a smile so I'm awkward! But~" She smiled evilly, and laughed, "I'm not the only one who's like that! Welcome to the club!" She laughed with them and smiled her eyes twinkling, she didn't mention that you needed a horrible past to stay in the school permanently.

Seeing the Precures fight, seeing the monster fight back, that quickly bored him to no end. His job was a simply one: harvest the emotions of those with a weak heart, and if they didn't have a weak heart? Weaken it with wicked words enough for all to come crushing down, it would be then easy for him to pick up all the little things that had come out afterwards, maybe creating a monster in the meantime to see what happened. "It doesn't feel like this place is going to get any more interesting..." He said mostly to himself, looking around just as boringly. The others could take care of this, could they? Mostly likely since they claimed they would do anything for her Highness, so he was free to go! With toothy smirk on his face, the young man warped himself away. To where? Who really knew, most likely where he could find humans of a weak heart.

What a weird place he had warped himself to! Wait, no, he was upside down. Whoops.

Twirling himself around, the boy was now properly standing above the floating sphere and could see the place correctly. A school was the weird building he had seen before, and what better place to find negative emotions but a school? He was delighted as he slowly lowered himself to the ground, the sphere he was on gently making contact with the grassy ground he had chosen to land on, trees making a nice shadow to hide, well, nothing.

He was, after all, invisible to all who didn't not hail from the fallen kingdom, which was a why he could be around this tormented youth without being looked at. Still, he had chosen a far away place where he could look yet couldn't be looked at by animals, who could still sniff him out, as he searched for his next prey. "Now then, who is feeling down? Crushed? Hopeless? Heartbroken?" He hummed as he looked around.

Sonya giggled as Erika started speaking about Precure, "Yea Precure! They're so cool!" Erika opened her mouth when Itsuki giggled nervously, "ahahaha, what's so funny?" Sonya smiled, "It's the Precure! That word and those people are against the rules in this school!" She mentally added, Plus they annoy some crap in me for being too happy, then again that's what I am! Sonya couldn't help, but giggel at herself.


The Precure five and Milky Rose grimaced as the monster attacked them. "How do we defeat it?!" Rouge yelled towards Dream who simply shrugged, "I'm not so sure myself!" "Music Rondo!" Aqua sighed in relief, "Melody!" "We're here too!" Mint smiled, "Muse! Beat! Rhythm!" The younger girl of the three smiled, "We're here to help you out!

Back to the four girls~

The teacher introduced four more new girls. At lunch they walked over to Erika, Sonya, Tsubomi, and Itsuki, "Hi girls!" Sonya blinked, "Hmm? Do you know them?" Tsubomi nodded, "That's Setsuna, Love, Miki, and Buki." Sony stared at the girls and laughed, "New students!" She wondered, What kind of horrible history did these girls have? Why are they so happy? Are they from Rainbow Kingdom? "Sonya!" Sonya snapped her head up at the girls with a large smile, "The pork was sooo good I literally fell in love with it by spcaing out and enjoying it!" The others laughed with her, but Setsuna, she laughed lightly, and Sonya could tell that she really must have had a horrible background.

The small figure was that of a child- or so it seemed, the clothes he wore looked odd but there was no one who could comment on it. That's why he went unnoticed when he approached a window, eyes on the students eating there. "Now, now, where is tat weakened heart...?" He hummed as the humans suddenly started to fade out from the picture, becoming shadowy figures with only a shiny hearts to be seen by the child. Well, that's how it was supposed to be, all of their Crystal Hearts looked... "Weak." He exclaimed mostly to himself, a smirk on his face as he stared at each and every person there as he floated away from the window and left the sphere there as he squealed in joy. "A couple of words, a single whisper and there! It looks too easy! No wonder why Her Highness sended me here!" He chirped happily as he flew back in there, eyes setting on the weakest Crystal Heart on the room- the figure of a girl was the owner of the slightly cracked Crystal Heart that had captured his sight. He just needed the girl to get away from the others and he could start collecting, following her to whenever she went to break her Crystal Heart and harvest her feelings.

Sonya smiled widely as she hung out with the new students, she never felt happier. Erika would get scolded by Setsuna sometimes, Buki and Miki would just nervoulsy laugh it off with Tsubomi while Love would laugh really hard. itsuki just gave awkward smiles. Sonya giggled, "Do you need a tour around the city?" Setsuna shook her head, Love did too, "Nope! We been here before..." She tapped her chin, "I think..." Setsuna smiled, "Oh Love." The others laughed. After spending the day together with the girls Sonya waved her hand, "Bye~! See you at school tomorrow!" Sonya wondered, They remind me other some other people.... who? She just waved it off and walked towards her home, "Oh yea!" She mentally smiled as she spoke to no one in particular, "I need to get the groceries!"

Waiting was always such a drag; why could the ones from the Cooking Club leave their windows open so he could sneak in and take some snacks? Maybe time would be easier to bear as he waited for the ring to chime in an signal the leaving of the students inside. Silently he away for time to come and for the humans inside to leave, eagerly awaiting for his victim to appear. Once it did, he quickly started to search in the mass of people that left to their home, searching for an already cracked Crystal Heart he could harvest among the shadowy ones from the rest. He found his prey far away from the others, something that he could use to his advantage, in the way near another building- a store of some sorts? That was no good, he couldn't let her get to other people.

In the middle off the path, he flew close by and whispered many words, some of broken heartless and some of loneliness, and seemed to get something when he mentioned 'betrayal': pressing on, he got her to slowly break down as he uncovered the story of her 'friend' seemingly going with the boy she liked and on how she was being left behind. Cracking under his words, it was easier for the non-human to discover it was indeed a misunderstanding that he just was taking advantage on, but he finally stopped when she broke down crying. "Why, why did this happen to me?" His words rung in the air as the girl cried down, mistaking them for her own thoughts as her Crystal Heart finally broke- blue heart-shards and other colors coming out in many directions around the girl as she cried on the ground.

Without other word, he picked the blue crystals and put them inside the locket on his chest. He was taking his own time, not minding how the remaining crystals warped and fused nor how someone was seemingly going near the path to the store anyone could walk on.

Sonya silently hummed as she walked to the store, on her way there she saw a crying girl and a boy. "Hey you!" Sonya waved, and pointed at the boy, "You! What did you do to make her cry?!" She ran over to the girl and helped her calm down, Sonya whispered, "it's ok,everything is fine. If something is hard you have to look the other way and try harder..." The girl wouldn't stop laughing and Sonya simply ignored the boy whose eyes were baring down too. "Ummm..." Sonya took out a piece of a crystallized candy and gave it to the girl, it was from her main home, she had many of this unique crystal sweet. "Here, try this. It will make anyone happy!" The girl looked at it and reached out her hand for it-A roar filled the air and the girl, almost robotically, pulled her hand away while her eyes went to the ground once more. "Ahah, you can see me?" The boy floated away as the sphere flew towards him, he stepped over it as it floated. "You're no normal human then, are you? Only those who come from the fallen kingdom can see me..." The ground rumbled as a large figure emerged from a puddle on the ground, resembling a large butterfly with teardrops on it's large wings. It flew for a moment and created powerful gusts of winds around them. "Anyways, it's not like you can cure her that easy. You do know that, don't you?" He hummed while the creature roared once more, the girl going back to cry slightly.

Sonya stood frozen watching the boy. Then she choked, "Wha-what do you mean by that?" Sonya stared in shock as a small wolf dashed towards her, "Use this-sta!!!" "Crystal! Crystal, wait up-ra!" Another tiny wolf appeared in front of her and it smiled, "Use this-sta!" She took out a small gem hairpin that was made up of rainbow crystals. "Crystal, don't just give that to her-" Crystal ignored the other wolf, "Yell 'Love Transformation!'" Sonya blinked, she only yelled and screamed in joy at school, to cheer others up. She was actually a shy girl. She gulped, "L-love transformation..." Then she started to glow.

Sonya twirled, ribbons covered her and exploded into small sparkles leaving black and white clothes. She dipped her head and brushed her bangs, and pinned on her transformation hairpin. She placed her right hand on her hip, and her left hand in the air, while crossing her legs ever so slightly and closed her eyes as a paint bucket spilled all over her, giving colors to her outfit. She then sat on the air with an 'oof' creating a bow on her belt. She got up and brushed her dress with rainbow sparkles and made a cute pose. "The joy after the sadness, Cure Rainbow!"

She took a glance at herself and made a mental frown, now she was one of them. Then she snapped her head back up to stare in horror of the gigantic butterfly who was charging up a gigantic attack.

The child yelped, sleeve-covered hands going to his hidden eyes as he remained atop the floating sphere. "Ugh, so many bright, girly colors. I don't like them." Despise looking irritated, his voice remained the same as before- normal. Once he seemingly cleaned his eyes, his attention went to the beast preparing it's next attack and the two girls, the one who he had harvest her feelings from was way too close. "Whoops." Was his only replied as he snapped his fingers, the girl that had been crying suddenly disappearing in a small burst of bubbles and appearing not too far away from them. She had been moved out of the way as the butterfly flapped it's wings to create a powerful and dangerous gust of wind that was now purely directed at the Precure.

"Annoying colorful bugs are you, Fairies, knew there was a reason you two were around this place." The child hummed as he looked at the the two wolf-fairies with boredom. "Don't you think there are enough PreCures here?" He asked with his hands up before he shook his head. "Anyways, I'll leave this Cloudy Beast for the newbie to deal with. Think she can handle it?" As if it understood, the beast roared and continued to flap it's wings.

Rainbow was frozen in place, "The only reason she hated precure was because they didn't help her when her kingdom was in need, yet... She blinked several times before jumping high in the sky to escape the near death danger. She silently and stealthily ran behind the butterfly to attack it, "Rainbow swirl~!" She luckily defeated the butterfly, the boy's locket started to move and some pieces of a crystallized heart fell out and formed/rejoined/fixed above the girl and it entered her heart, allowing her to stop crying. Rainbow stared at the boy,"What do you mean by fallen kingdom boy? What is it that you want from us?" He left without a word, Rainbow returned as Sonya and she held her heart, it hurt her a bit to actually become a precure and fight. "You ok?" the wolf named Crystal bounced over to Sonya,"You were amazing! So you are from the fallen kingdom?" Sonya stared, "Wha?" the other wolf sighed, "Ahem, hi I am Rain, this is my little sister Crystal, we are from the reborn fairies only Rainbow Kingdom. By fallen kingdom we mean the old fairy and human Rainbow Kingdom.

Sonya stared at the two and slowly nodded, "Yes, I am a resident of the old kingdom..." Her eyes held a sorrowful and regretful gaze for a second until it glimmered with a rainbow spark as she smiled at them, "Nice to know there's a new one!" Crystal shrugged, "I guess, but it's not that nice. It still has the mean ruler...." Crystal shivers as Rain pats her head, "That's why we are here, we want you to help us get rid of her." Sonya stared blankly at them before repling, sure! I don't think I have anything else better to do..."

For his part, the boy had returned to their hideout- not because he wanted to, he still had some words to the new Cure regarding her precious fallen Kingdom and the ruckus that was going to plague her daily life, but Her Highness had called him to seemingly acknowledge the new Cure. On his part, he was bothered on how some of the shards he had harvested hear returned, though, he still have some left. "...oh well, I guess I just have to work harder." He hummed mostly to himself in front of the entrance to the throne room of the darkened castle, the doors slowly opening to reveal a dark presence on the throne room. Eyes looking at him specifically, he bowed in front of the figure slightly. "I do not think I need to inform you, your Highness, of my discovery." The shadowy figure belonged to a tall woman whose sharp eyes pierced through the darkness, her expression reveling easily how bothered she was. "Indeed, to think the Cure was hiding in such a wonderful place for us to harvest...surely, this too was predicted. We will need to take more...drastic measurement now."

The boy hummed once more in understanding: the others, who had remained here to watch over the kingdom and patrol the fallen citizens would be needed too for their new strategy to deal with the Cure. "As expected from her Highness- always taking anything into account...!" He chirped, though, the woman seemed to remain deep in her mysterious thoughts from before the boy entered. Of course, knowing well she wasn't going to say anything anymore, he quietly left her throne room on the sphere seemingly in searches for the other ones.

Rain gave a small smile and Crystal yelled, "HOOOOORAY!" Sonya smiled kindly and picked them up, "Come on you two, let's go to my home and discuss this a little more." She walked to her house and opened it, "I'm back." Her foster mother just snorted and turned away, her foster father didn't even seem to acknowledge her, however... "WELCOME BACK SISSY!"

A small girl with long hip length hair jumped down the stairs and at Sonya's face, "Hi sissy!" Sonya smiled gently and walked up to her room, "I'm going to my room, mother." She nodded to her father, "Father." The mother 'hmph'ed and the father snorted. Her sister followed her in her small and cute rabbit pajamas. "Sissy! What's that?" She slightly stared at the two fairies who stiffened. No wait... Rain stiffened, Crystal was trying to hold in the urge to jump in front of her. Sonya kindly patted her sister while holding Rain and Crystal to her chest using her other arm, "I'll tell you later, i promise." The girl smiled, "Ok sissy!"

Sonya silently went to her room and landed on her bed. Plop! She sighed, and smiled quickly when her sister came in, "Sis! One more thing, did you here that the Precure is in this town now?" Sonya stiffened slightly as her foster sister continued, "Maybe they can help you with your past! Your always smiling, I wonder if your ok..." Sonya giggled, "They can't help with the past silly! One more thing, tell mother dearest that I want vegetables today." Her sister gave her a weird look, then nodded, "K sissy." once she left Crystal tilted her head, "Who's that?" "My foster sister." Sonya smiled, "She's nice, even my parents are nice here."

Crystal and Rain frowned at her statement, it was true her sister seemed nice, but her parents seemed to hate her. Crystal sighed, "Your too happy and positive." Sonya shook her head and giggled, "I guess I am." Rain frowned, "And a pushover." Sonya replied innocently, "I am? I'm sorry." Both fairies sighed at how hopeless she sort of was.


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Sonya woke up the next morning rubbing her head, "Was it a dream?" *Snore* She looked down to see Rain and Crystsal sleeping on her bed. Sonya smiled and walked towards her school, leaving the fairies alone. "Sonya!" Sonya turned and quickly pasted a smile on her face as Erika, Tsuubomi, and Itsuki walked towards her. "Hey!" "Hi!" Sonya replied, Erika and Sonya chatted until they reached school, "Move!' a rough voice was heard, Sonya turned to face one of her classmates.

The girl had blonde hair that faded into a happy pink near the end. Sonya excused herself from her and the girl scoffed,"You're too bright for your own good, huh. Aren't you in this school permanently?" Sonya nodded, "Yes... I am." The girl frowned, "Too happy. If you're here permantely then don't you have a dark past, why are you like this?" Sonya gave a kind smile, "I don't mind if everyone hates me." Erika yelled, "What's wrong with being happy?! You look like a happy person! I can't believe that your so cruel!"

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(Yee can you make a private chat topic for the two of us here? So that we can plan our precure rp?)

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(For Heartcatch Pretty cure, meet this mascot.

???: *A Fairy who looks like Cologne floats into view* Howdy!

He looks like his older brother Cologne, but his color is green and is more cheerful. Plus he has both antennae rather than one that's shaped like a V. And to keep in the theme he is named-


Deo...Well Deo, short for deodorant, because I cant, find another name for him. Unless maybe Poman works. Now Deo who're you looking for in a partner?

Deo:....Im not looking for a partner.

But why?

Deo: Because, I still have the heart seed of my former partner whose....gone. With it, I will...make it up to her, my brother, and his partner for being weak. I will protect the Heart Trees with my life, and fight the Deserts. With it, I will fight, as the Lotus Warrior.)

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